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tagIncest/TabooQuarantined with Manisha Bhabhi Pt. 03

Hello My Dear Readers…
Thank you so much for all the positive reviews to the first two parts of the story.
I really did not expect this series to bring in a lot of appreciation, and I am extremely grateful for your support.
I fully understand that the delays are affecting the progression of the story, but I believe I have come back with a decent episode.
I have tried my best to carry the emotions of the characters forward in the most convincing manner, and also make sure that the sub-plots added do not slow down the narrative.
Also, my style of writing had become a little too complicated for my own liking, and I am trying to keep it as simple as possible from now on.
This tale is set in India, and the same is narrated by 21 year old Kapil.
The following was initially written as two separate episodes, but I felt it made more sense together, and I hope all of you will like it.
As it is an immediate continuation, reading the earlier parts may make this more interesting.
Happy Reading!!
"Yes, Kamlesh… Everything is fine… He is still sleeping… Haha!! Yes… I slept very well." I could hear Manisha Bhabhi talk on the phone.
It was 11:45 AM, and I had just woken up, after hearing the sound of her phone ring, feeling very heavy.
"Take good care… Okay?! Stay indoors, Kamlesh. Please…" my sister-in-law continued talking to my stranded brother.
I was still feeling the after-effects of last night's extremely raunchy events – I just could not accept the fact that I had my brother's wife rubbing her booty against my manhood.
"Oh, come-on… I miss you… You have no idea, Kamlesh…" Manisha Bhabhi said, in an assuring tone.
I was relieved I did not have to wake up to another improper sight of my elder brother's wife, and was elated she had her husband to deal with.
"And, No!! I am not angry at you for staying at Sonam's place. We have already talked about this… I hate her… But, there is nothing much we can do now… I fully trust you, Kamlesh…" she added, before cutting the call.
I was only coming back to my senses, and it was no surprise that the first thing I did was check out my member – I was sure I had leaked, and was seriously asking myself if I had a wet dream.
But being fully aware of the sensual event, I could have simply just confirmed that my aroused bhabhi had driven me to an orgasm!!
The truth was that I had fallen asleep, almost unconscious, right after the early sequence of heated moments – Yet the wetness in my white boxers, even hours later, made me wonder if she had twerked her way to pleasure more than just once!!
It would have definitely been too much for me, and there was no way I would have survived the pressure – And there was all the chance that I had ejaculated more than just once!!
"When did you wake up?? I thought you were going to rest the whole day!!" Manisha Bhabhi asked me, walking into the room, just about when I had started hoping that I turned invisible to her.
Kapil : Oh… Hi… I mean, Good Morning, Bhabhi…
Manisha : Yes… Yes… Very Good Morning, Kapil… Sorry I wasn't here when you opened your eyes. Hahaha!! I was talking to Kamlesh…
Kapil : I could guess that… How is he?? I hope he is fine there.
Manisha : He is perfectly alright… I don't think we need to worry about him. He is in the comforts of his ex-girlfriend's luxurious apartment… Haha!!
Kapil : Err…
Manisha : Yeah… He is very very fine… Hhmm… So, you tell me… How are you feeling?!
My elder sister-in-law did sound a little bothered about the fact that my brother had found shelter in his former lover's house, in Delhi.
But soon resumed talking, with a sheepish teasing smile, further reminding me of our encounter – Or rather, encounters!!
Manisha : I think you haven't noticed it yet!!
Kapil : Huh?! What!! What is it, Bhabhi??
Manisha : The food!! What else?! Your breakfast is on the bed, Kapil… I have made you your favorite – Egg Sandwich. I hope you like it…
Kapil : Bhabhi Ji… Why… There really was no need for that… I feel bad for making you do all this.
Manisha : Oh… Come on, Kapil… Anything for my Darling Devar… Now, start eating!!
Kapil : Thank you so much… But, I will have my meal on the dining table, Bhabhi… I don't want to make your bed dirty.
Manisha : Noo… No way!! I don't want you to leave this room… In-fact, I don't want you to get out of the bed.
Kapil : Bhabhi?! Why??
Manisha : Because… If Kamlesh was here, he would have been on the bed the whole day. He loves moments like these… You know… Breakfast On Bed… Your elder brother enjoys such pleasures…
Kapil : Hhmm… But…
Manisha : And, so… You too should be given the opportunity to enjoy everything your brother gets… You are here replacing him… And, I am going to give it all to you… How much ever you try to resist, I will make you do everything he does…
Kapil : Bhabhii!!
Manisha : Nisha… Call me Nisha… Haha!!
Kapil : You have got this all…
Manisha : What!!
Kapil : Bhabhi… I mean… Wait!! What are you doing?! Wait… Where are you going!! Are you angry?? Did I say something…
"Hahaha… Relax!! I will take a quick shower and come back… Okay?! You stay right here, and finish your sandwich!!" Manisha Bhabhi said, walking towards the bathroom, before I could even ask if she wanted me to leave the room.
I had lost myself in the slow yet sensitive conversation, and had no idea that she had a fresh towel & a new pair of clothes in her hand, all this while, and was ready to take a bath!!
However, what I did notice was that she had been kind enough to let her black tights get back to covering her legs – I was glad my elder sister-in-law was decent enough to not expose herself in broad daylight.
Still, the reality that I knew she had her assets covered with a black bra & and a pair of yellow panties, had more than once led to images of her wearing only the very same set of intimate wear to flash in my mind.
It injected in me extremely animalistic feelings, but also immediately making me regret with shame as I started to feel tempted to think how wonderful it would have been if she stripped any further!!
Almost 24 hours had passed since I had my last meal, and I was hungry – I was about to grab my plate, and start eating, when she turned around, just inches away from the bathroom door.
"Kapil… I know you often skip lunch… But, there is chicken in the freezer… And… Do you like my breasts?!" Manisha Bhabhi asked, pushing her middle finger, in between her jugs, provocatively.
Kapil : What?! What!!
Manisha : Oh… Kapil… Stop over-reacting for everything… Please!!
Kapil : What did you just ask me, Bhabhi?!
Manisha : Kapil… Haha… I was asking you about the Chicken Dish I cooked the last weekend… It's called the Juicy Breasts… Did you like it??
Kapil : Ohhh…
Manisha : What were you thinking?! Hahaha!!
Kapil : Err… I… I am…
Manisha : Hahahahaha… My Sweet Brother-In-Law… You are so cute… But… Tell me… What were you thinking?!
Kapil : I… It was nothing, Bhabhi…
Manisha : Well… Did you like it?? I can make it for lunch…
Kapil : I really liked it, Bhabhi… It tasted very good… But, you don't have to bother cooking for me… I am fine… I can take care of myself…
Manisha : Don't you worry about that, Kapil… I am delighted to know that you liked my breasts… Haha… And, this time it will be extra juicy… You will love it when you touch my breasts!!
Kapil : Manisha Bhabhi!! Can you please stop saying that??
Manisha : What?!
Kapil : I mean… You know!!
Manisha : Ohh, Okay… I am so sorry, Kapil… I thought you won't mind… Maybe, you did not really like the dish…
Kapil : Bhabhi… It is not that I did not like what you cooked..,
Manisha : It is fine, Kapil… I get it… But… How about I make something spicy for you, then?? You do know I can make it really hot for you…
Kapil : Bhabhi… Please!!
Manisha : What?! Haha… What is wrong, Kapil??
Kapil : Nothing…
Manisha : Tell me, Kapil…
Kapil : No… Nothing!!
Manisha : Well, then… Promise me you will savor what I serve you!!
Kapil : What is this, Bhabhi?!
Manisha : Promise me you will eat the whole of my… I mean, the whole of the meal… Promise me you will feast on it!!
Kapil : What are you trying to…
Manisha : Just say yes, Kapil…
Kapil : But…
Manisha : Now, do you want me to make Kamlesh ask you to feed on what I offer you?! Hehehe…
Kapil : Fine… Okay!!
Manisha : Say yes…
Kapil : Yes, Bhabhi… I will eat whatever you want me to!!
Manisha : Bhabhi?!
Kapil : Ohh… Yes, Nisha!!
Manisha : Hahaha… Great!! You won't regret it!!
I sure was shocked, but I also knew I was excited listening to my sister-in-law's enticing words.
I was rock hard, and as good as being intoxicated, and almost stuffed the entire sandwich inside my mouth, watching her open the bathroom door, looking straight into my eyes!!
I knew it was an experience I was never meant to have with my elder brother's wife. I knew this was not right. But, there was nothing I could do.
Manisha Bhabhi entered inside with a teasing smile, and closed the door with a naughty laugh, leaving me completely stunned!!
Just seconds after she went into the bathroom, I could hear the sound of her clothes being taken off, and the shower being turned on, and the noise of water falling on her body.
And how much ever I tried to, I just could not stop myself from imagining her fully naked wet self!!
I was really turned on after hearing her repeat the word 'breasts', and I was now even starting to picture being asked to feed on her tits, sucking milk out of her busty jugs.
And my imagination did not stop there. I was also visualising myself in the shower with her, loving her wet melons with my mouth!!
I was slowly starting to stray, and I knew I had to deviate my mind – I just had to make sure I stay sane, and I urgently shifted focus to the screen of my mobile phone.
As soon as I unlocked the device, I was greeted by close to 400 message notifications from my girlfriend, Nivetha!!
In between all the sexual tension created by my elder brother's wife, since the announcement of the lock-down yesterday, I had completely forgotten about my girl's existence.
I had not even asked her how she was going to cope with it, given the fact she was at her grandparent's place, in the outskirts of the city – It actually bothered me that I had not even wondered if she was safe there.
I was worried she would be rightfully pissed at me…
I was expecting her to be upset…
I knew I would have to spend a lot of time making up for my obliviousness – But instead, I was shocked, shamed and angry, the moment I read the contents of her texts!!
My best friend, Rana, had been mercilessly flirting with her, for the whole of the last two weeks, and she was not liking it.
She did tell me about his sudden perversive behavior, but I felt it was mostly harmless – Also, it was after-all through him that I first met her, and hence, I did not try to intervene!!
But, Rana had just crossed the line here. He had dared to send Nivetha a picture of his bare throbbing penis, greatly disturbing her, and even I felt equally let down.
It was unnecessary, completely indecent and just unforgivable!!
I tried to call her straightaway, but she just declined the call – I knew she was not going to talk to me, unless I made her feel better.
I kept messaging her, trying to desperately console her, begging her to talk to me, when I heard Manisha Bhabhi call me.
"Kapil?!!" Bhabhi had almost shouted, forcing my attention towards the bathroom door, right away.
And as I watched, I saw the wooden door being slightly opened, and my sister-in-law pushed her head out, just a bit, revealing her shining face and damp hair.
I was stunned, and I looked at her with all the emotions I was not supposed to feel being generated – I found myself gladly keeping the mobile down, as I continued to stare at her, in a mesmerized manner.
"I am so sorry, Kapil… Forgive me for asking you a very improper favor… I forgot to…" she started talking, breaking me from the spell.
"Whoaa!! I mean… What?! What is it, Bhabhi?! What were you telling me?!" I asked her, hastily, trying my best to give her the impression that I was still sober.
"Ohh, Kapil… My bra!! Are you listening?! I forgot to take my bra!! Can you be a good boy, and please take it for me?!" she requested to me, in a very taunting way, but yet sounding extremely casual.
I was just startled – That was the last thing I wanted right then!!
I knew I was going to react very strongly against her unacceptable insensitive conduct, but only until the moment I realized that I was already out of the bed, and very keenly obeying her orders.
I felt my mind driving my body towards her wardrobe, as if I had been long waiting for the opportunity!!
I had no idea where she kept her bra, but I just kept searching for her intimate wear, inside the cupboard, as if my entire life depended on it.
I had just found the surprisingly large & fully occupied bag that had her inners stored, and was about to shove my hands into the treasure, when I heard her clearly scream.
"Kapil!! Dude… Fine… I know what you are trying to do. I know why you are taking so much time… They are sized 34E!! That is my size!! Now stop wasting time going through the rest of my stuff, and finding more of my private details… You will get another chance!! Lol!! I will give you one, later… Haha!! Now… Just bring my bra to me!!" she demanded, humbling me in the most enticing tone.
"I was not doing that. I swear!!" I tried telling, rushing towards her, grabbing the very first brassiere I could get hold of.
I really wasn't trying to do what she thought I did – I was spellbound, I agree. But, I wasn't trying to confirm how big her assets were!!
I was a little lost, but I was still a loyal younger brother – I would never want to know anything about what my elder brother's wife hid underneath her attire!!
Yet, once she revealed her dimensions, I also found myself acknowledging the fact that I had guessed the size of her bust very very correctly, very very early into this!!
"Whatever!!" was all she replied to my genuine claim of innocence.
And as she snatched her pink colored cotton under-garment from me, she skipped looking into my eyes, keeping her head down, but also had a very obvious sly smirk on her face.
"Thank You, My Love!!" she said, as her hands withdrew behind – However, the door still remained to be not fully closed!!
I knew I needed to leave the space that very second – Both physically and mentally!!
One more minute in there, and I would have very well found myself on the other side of the door!!
Moving out of the room, I took my mobile from the bed, and decided to get back to calling my girlfriend – I had serious issues to take care of, despite the mental stress Manisha Bhabhi was gifting me.
I knew I was feeling worn out, irrespective of the impact her moves had on me, but I was still considerate enough to understand that Nivetha deserved my attention.
She needed me more than ever now – Rana's unpleasant exposure would have definitely dented her spirits, and I had to help her.
In-fact, I too needed her more than ever now – Talking to my girlfriend was the only way I could forget my own worries!!
As I dialed her number, I was glad she had not switched her phone off – It was ringing!!
And, I was just a few mere seconds into the romantic caller tune, when I once again caught the familiar intriguing cry of my sister-in-law!!
"What is it this time?!" I quizzed myself, irritated.
"Where have you gone, Kapil?! Come here… Now!!" I heard her yell, even as I continued walking back to her room.
I was still glued on to my mobile, and had not realized what Manisha Bhabhi had in store for me – Until, I saw her standing in front of me, in the most unexpected state!!
"Ohh Fuckk!!" I gasped, in utter shock, noticing the door to the bathroom was left wide open!!
And, there stood my brother's wife, with her back turned towards me, wearing a neat pair of white colored tights, over her legs – But, on her upper body, all she had to cover her modesty, was the very same pink bra, that remained conveniently unhooked.
"I guess you got me one of my older bras, Kapil… I don't use it anymore!! It just does not fit me… I don't want to ask you for another pair, now… I guess that will not be very right… Hehehe… So… Can you please help me to hook the metal clips?!" she asked, turning her head around, a little, letting me know she had a wicked grin on her face.
"Fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!!" I muttered relentlessly, unable to take my eyes off the gorgeous view she was offering me, hardly listening to what she had said.
How ever unbelievable it was, this also was the most beautiful sight I had ever witnessed!!
Her perfect curves… Her thick fleshy skin… Her voluptuous figure… Her juicy body…
Add to it all the moist drops of water, sticking onto her, and she was so easily elevated to the status of a Sex Queen!!
"Hook my bra for me, Kapil… You have to do it!!" she kept repeating, and I happily acted according to her orders!!
I did not resist…
I could not say no…
I just let myself be overtaken by the carnal aura she spread all over…
What followed were 1 minute & 45 seconds that would be on any day be listed as the moments I will never forget in my life – Yet, they were just too fantastical to recollect, and note down in a piece of paper.
I tried my best to not touch her as I played with the hooks, taking a lot of effort to tame my emotions – Because in my mind, I was ploughing her so hard, I had her begging for mercy.
One wrong move would have destroyed everything!! Anything was possible!!
I did manage to calm myself down, but I was never fully in control – I was dreaming about kissing in the back of her inviting neck, biting her shoulders, as I groped her boobs.
All I know is that I was so close to turning!! But, I just did not!!
"Is that okay?? You sure it is fine, now?!" she asked me, as I finally finished hooking the bra for her.
Kapil : I… I hope so…
Manisha : Hope?? Even after taking all the time in the world, you say you just hope so?! Yeah?! Well… What exactly are you hoping?!
Kapil : I hope it is fine…
Manisha : Haha… Kapil!! You should confirm it is okay… Don't you have any idea how important it is for a woman to have her boobs held neatly!! Haven't your Mom told you anything about it?!
Kapil : Oh My… Why?? Err… What?!
Manisha : Kapil… You need to make sure the bra is is hooked tight enough!!
Kapil : But… It was already too tight. That is why you required my help.
Manisha : Haha!! Yes… But, there is more to it!!
Kapil : What else am I supposed to do??
Manisha : Hhmm… Okay… So… You got to check my rack!!
Kapil : What?! Bhabhi Ji!! What did you just say?? I don't think I…
"Ohh Kapil!! Hahaha!! How can you be so naive?!" she exclaimed, turning around for the first time since the tantalizing last few minutes, revealing the front of her irresistible upper body, protected only by her surprisingly transparent plunge bra, that gleefully exposed more than just a lot of her deep busty cleavage.
"What do you think, Kapil?! Does it look good?! Are you liking what you see?!" she questioned me, cupping her breasts, that were already battling to pop out of her under-sized bra.
This was clearly the most vulnerable position she had ever been in front of me – Yet she seemed to be the one in power, more than any time before!!

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