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This is my "Yes, I'm still alive" story. Finding time to write has been hard, and made harder still by the pandemic with the entire family home all day. I'm still working on my longer series, but I felt like I needed to unclog the pipes of creativity, as it were, and decided to just bang out a quick little stroke story. At least, I'd intended to make this a quick little stroke story, but then one thing led to another and the story got expanded a bit and… well… I don't think I'm really *capable* of keeping things short. So fair warning that this starts off a little slow, but rest assured it'll get to the "good stuff" eventually.
The complete story includes sibling incest, lesbianism, anal, and threesomes. If any of that bothers you, find another story to read. This story and all other stories I've written are owned by me, and publishing them in any form without my express written consent is prohibited. All characters depicted in this story are at least eighteen years old.
I hope you enjoy.
*- CHAPTER 1: Quarantined -*
"How long can this fucking thing LAST?"
The question was rhetorical, and not directed to me. My big sister Alexandra was barking into her cell phone while pacing back and forth in the kitchen, waving her hands for emphasis on her video call.
Although we had a "Great Room" setup, where the TV and big couches weren't very far from the kitchen and had no walls in the way, I couldn't clearly hear her best friend Emily's response, but I could tell her tone mirrored Alex's frustration. Speaking of frustrated tones, my baby sister Michelle yelled, "Lex, come on! If you're gonna be so loud, can you take it upstairs?!? We can't hear the dialogue!"
I glanced into the kitchen in time to see Alex roll her eyes and shoot Michelle a dirty look. She didn't move an inch and said into her phone, "No, it's just my bratty sister. Ignore her."
Michelle sighed and shook her head, sinking deeper into the couch. She also picked up the remote and thumbed the volume button higher and higher… and higher, until the sound was nearly deafening.
"CHELLEY!" Alex thundered.
"GO UPSTAIRS" Michelle yelled right back.
"Fucking kids!" Waving her hands for emphasis again, Alex stomped over to us and reached for the TV remote.
Michelle put the remote in a vice grip with both hands and held it out of reach while Alex bent over her trying in vain to get to it. All the while, the fancy surround sound system continued to blare at supersonic levels, and I rubbed my eyebrows just like that one Picard facepalm meme (in blatant disregard to medical advice to avoid touching my face). But seconds later, Alex's problem-solving skills figured out another solution, so she snatched up the streaming remote, hit the home button, and the noise abruptly went away.
"Why do you have to be such a *bitch*?" Michelle howled, dropping the TV remote and bouncing to her feet.
"Why do you have to be such a *baby*?" Alex spat (not literally), although I saw a trace of spittle on her lips as she got up into Michelle's face.
It wasn't easy to get up into Michelle's face. Despite being older than her sister by nearly four years, Alex was three inches shorter than Michelle. The two of them probably weighed the same, but whereas Michelle was tall and slim, Alex was shorter and curvier. That's not to say she was overweight by any means. She was super-fit and worked out at the gym religiously, but genetics had given her a generous helping of curves in her breasts and butt.
"Girls, girls," I interjected, standing up and inserting my hands into the space between their bellies and then spreading my arms to physically separate them. "Let's everybody take a chill pill. Everyone is tired of being cooped up and we're all just trying to get by, alright? Lex, would it really be such a big deal to take your call upstairs?"
"He's right," Emily squawked from the phone still in Alex's hand.
Pursing her lips, Alex shot Michelle a hateful glare before exhaling slowly, visibly relaxing as she did so. She glanced down at her phone and muttered, "Fine." With that, she turned and started heading for the stairs.
Taking a deep breath herself, Michelle exhaled and rolled her eyes before slapping me in the chest. "Thanks, bro."
I shrugged like it was no big deal and sat back down. Michelle picked up the streaming remote and turned our program back on. She also remembered to grab the TV remote and thumb down the volume as well. And we sat back on the couch to resume our TV show.
But just before the show resumed, I heard Alex's voice filter down through the silence as she bitched from upstairs, "I'm just so fucking *horny*!"
Michelle heard it too, and we glanced at each other with matching smirks. Michelle even started laughing, but then we returned our attention to the TV.
The term "quarantine" is not technically accurate. According to the dictionary, a quarantine is when those who have been exposed to a communicable disease are put into isolation to prevent them from spreading that disease to the rest of the population, but neither my sisters nor I had any symptoms or other reason to believe we'd caught the coronavirus. Still, it makes for a better adjective than "staying at home" or "under lockdown" or anything else. So everyone we knew just said they were "quarantined", even if "isolation" was actually probably the better descriptor for our situation.
None of us had spent significant time together for years prior to the pandemic. Alex was a senior in college, only months away from graduation. I was a sophomore at a different university out of state. And Michelle was still a senior in high school living at home. When schools closed, I got kicked out of the dorms and had to come home. Alex lived off-campus in an apartment with her friends, including Emily, but she was immunocompromised, which counted as an underlying condition that put her into the "at-risk" category. So our parents insisted she come home rather than continue to shack up with a bunch of college students who were far more likely to "break the bubble" in the name of spending more time with their friends.
As for our Mom and Dad themselves, they'd moved a hundred and fifty miles away to stay with Mom's parents, who were also "at-risk" due to their age and Grandpa's liver issues. We kids were old enough to take care of ourselves for a few weeks, right? Alex was basically confined to the house, but Michelle and I could get groceries, stock up on toilet paper, and get all the things that Amazon couldn't provide. Plus, knowing that we were taking care of an immunocompromised sister, we wouldn't flaunt the rules or take risks like so many of our classmates.
But it was SOOOO boring.
All three of us were taking virtual classes, but those didn't take up all that much time. Our teachers tended to hold class for fifteen minutes, point us to the class website for a list of things to do, and then everybody was on their own. I spent a good amount of time playing video games. My sisters video called their friends. And we practically lived in front of the TV.
We got to be lazy. We got to slack off. It was a little like a staycation, and doing all that was nice for about week, maybe two. But two weeks became three. Three weeks became four, five, and six. There had been no classes during Spring Break, which meant that by now we'd caught up on everything GOOD to watch on streaming channels and now were left with the crap no one would've watched if we weren't trapped in our house because of the pandemic, and a lot of those movies were BAD.
I mean, we got out of the house a little. The stay-at-home order had been lifted after three weeks, and we'd started to do a lot of hiking and biking on the weekends. It was a great way to get some fresh air while staying in areas where Alex could easily maintain six feet of social distance. Michelle and I traded off getting the groceries. We'd also played tennis for the first week before the city closed all the courts. But it wasn't enough. Not nearly enough.
And yeah, we had started to get pretty sick of each other.
I take that back: Michelle was still pretty happy to have me around. That probably had something to do with Alex turning into a righteous bitch and me defending Michelle whenever she called her out on it. But my little sister and I had always got along pretty well. Alex had been a domineering big sister since we were toddlers, so Michelle and I had long held an "us versus her" mentality. We had similar tastes in music and movies and could often be found watching TV together. We enjoyed playing board games, or at least had enjoyed them before becoming teenagers and getting distracted by teenage things. Now trapped at home for days on end, we'd rediscovered the nostalgic joy of playing them again. We even made a few TikTok videos together. Separated from our regular friends, we had naturally turned to each other for conversation.
But Alex had been in her own world, isolating herself from me and Michelle for the most part. She had the streaming apps on her iPad and preferred to watch movies in bed. She was CONSTANTLY on the phone, and some days it seemed like she only emerged at mealtimes. It was as if she had kept one foot out the door back to school, to her friends, and of course to her boyfriend. More than once I would pass by her locked bedroom door at night and hear her moaning as she had phone sex with her boyfriend. I would always quickly move on. Empirically, I knew my sister was really sexy. She had the body of an Instagram influencer, the kind that crammed overly large tits into tight sports bras and took a lot of photos of their juicy butts in tight spandex. But I would much rather jerk off to internet porn than eavesdrop on my bitchy sister like some kind of pervert.
Speaking of the internet, this one porn video website had practically become my Safari homepage. I had done alright for myself at college, with three girlfriends over the past two years, one of them lasting for six months. There had also been two one-night stands after parties with super-hot drunken sluts. I had a pretty big schlong and I knew what to do with it. Success breeds more success, and walking around with the confidence of a young man who had bedded some *smokin'* hot babes had earned me my most recent girlfriend, Avery.
Avery and I had also tried phone sex, but unfortunately, we'd both found it sorely lacking. Further, we really didn't have a whole lot in common besides sex. We didn't have the same circle of friends, didn't have similar interests in conversational topics, and to make a long story short, we both agreed to take a break from each other for as long as this pandemic lasted. If and when we were both able to return to campus, we'd meet up and see if the chemistry was still there. If so, great. If not, we'd wish each other well and move on.
For the first week after that, I probably filled six tissues a day watching internet porn or reading erotica. The week after that, I probably filled eight or *nine* tissues a day. But even that started to get old after a while, and I decided my time was better spent on video games, streaming movies, and playing board games with Michelle.
As for Michelle… Well, actually, I'm not sure what Michelle did all day. She didn't lock herself up in her room like Alex, for sure, but whenever I was in my own room playing video games or doing… myself… I didn't much pay attention to what my little sister was up to. I imagined she was doing the same things as me: reading, streaming movies, and doing… herself…
I didn't really want to think about that last part. She was my little *sister*. That's just gross.
But then one day, Michelle said something that started to change all that.
"She's right you know. You've got a great body. I even caught myself masturbating to your abs the other day."
I had been panting hard *prior* to Michelle saying those words, but hearing them took my breath away. No really, I couldn't breathe. In fact, I started choking, coughing up water that had gone down the wrong pipe and barely managed to set the bottle down upright on the counter without spilling it.
As had become part of our evening routine, Michelle and I cued up one of a variety of instructor-led workout videos on the big TV. It was the best way we could come up with to stay in shape and avoid gaining the "Covid 19" (Like the Freshmen 15, but worse), with all of the gyms being closed and all. Internet porn might get my heart racing, but it didn't really give me a full-body workout, y'know? We alternated who got to pick the video and did our best to spread around the muscle groups worked on. I tended to pick upper-body workouts and Michelle tended to pick lower-body or core. I tended to favor those featuring pretty girls because let's face it: working out is more fun staring at a pretty girl. Michelle picked her videos based on actual content.
Tonight was workout that really worked out our abs, and toward the end of it, Alex had come downstairs and gone into the kitchen to get herself a drink. Rather than take her glass upstairs immediately though, Alex hung out in the space between the kitchen and the back of the big couch, just sort of watching the video. At least, I *thought* she was watching the video, but she may have also been watching us.
When the workout vid ended two minutes later, I collapsed flat on my back and wheezed from exhaustion. I truly had NO idea how the slender fitness model could just keep going and going and *going* like the freaking Energizer Bunny, never pausing, never resting, and never even breaking a sweat. I was *soaked* myself, and I felt that awful clammy feeling of my t-shirt sticking to my skin.
"15-minute Six-pack? Really?" Alex mocked. "You want a serious workout; you should do a 45-minute."
I looked over at Michelle with a questioning look and she shrugged. In the meantime, my water bottle was empty, and I stood up to refill it. My clammy shirt annoyed me, so I whipped it over my head as I went into the kitchen.
"It's not like we only did a 15-minute workout," Michelle said defensively. "We did two 10-minute core workouts right before this one."
Alex was already heading for the stairs, but she had glanced back at me when my shirt came off. And she commented rather slyly, "I can tell, squirt. You don't look like you even *need* a six-pack workout. You've already got a great-looking core."
I arched an eyebrow at her, surprised at the unexpected compliment. Alex looked a little surprised herself, and she quickly turned the corner and went out of view.
I refilled my bottle from the filtered tap next to the faucet, started chugging away, and that's when Michelle commented, "She's right you know. You've got a great body. I even caught myself masturbating about your abs the other day."
And then I'd promptly choked.
It felt like it took a full minute of thumping my own chest with my right fist to get the oxygen going again. Even once I started breathing, I had to cough several more times to clear my lungs and felt tears streaming down my cheeks. And only then did I managed to look back into the TV room and gasp, "*What* did you say?"
But Michelle shook her head in the negative as she studiously avoided my eyes, focusing a little too hard as she put her dumbbells away. But there was no mistaking the bright pink flush of her face. "I just said I agree with Lex. You're pretty ripped," she muttered.
"Not that part. The *other* part."
Michelle shrugged and played dumb. "What other part?"
I blinked twice. I hadn't *imagined* her saying that, had I? "The part about you… I mean… uhhh…"
Michelle rolled her eyes and gave me a look like I'd grown goat horns from the top of my head. Then she shook her head again and got up. "I'm gonna go take a shower. You wanna watch another Game of Thrones episode tonight?"
I blinked twice again, letting my shoulders sag. Either I'd misheard her, or I'd heard her *correctly* but Michelle was too embarrassed to admit it. Either way, I realized I shouldn't press the issue and instead focused on answering her last question. "Yeah, Game of Thrones. Sure." Like I said, we were all out of *good* new shows to watch and by now had resorted to reruns.
Michelle gave me a tight smile and turned the corner to head for the stairs.
But dammit if I wasn't stuck with the image of Michelle rubbing herself in the shower now.
*Internet porn. Pronto,* I told myself. *With some busty slut that doesn't look *anything* like Michelle.*
It was five days later when Michelle and I cued up a new core exercise video, this time a 40-minute vid. Thing is: Upper-body workouts tire me out but don't make me really sweat. Same goes for lower-body workouts, for that matter. But the core and cardio workouts REALLY push me to my limits since they never really STOP. You can't catch your breath. And after thirty minutes feeling my sweat-soaked shirt sticking to my skin, I finally just ripped it off and kept going.
Five minutes later, I noticed Michelle checking out my naked torso. Two minutes after that, I noticed her doing it again. She didn't say anything, and I didn't react in any way to make it obvious that I'd caught her, but I couldn't un-notice her either.
And then hell, I let myself give Michelle a once over with my eyes as well. To be perfectly honest, her body reminded me a LOT of the slender fitness models, and tonight she wore a skin-tight Lululemon tee and volleyball shorts that showed off her thigh gap (she was on the Varsity team at school). I noticed that SHE noticed me checking her out, and suddenly I was blushing as pink as Michelle had been five days earlier.
When we were done, Michelle went upstairs to take a shower. I went to my desk chair to watch some internet porn, taking care not to pick anything that reminded me of my little sister. The problem was, I kept imagining that Michelle was masturbating in the shower, and despite the moving pictures of busty young sluts crawling all over each other and one lucky guy on the screen before me, I couldn't get that image out of my mind.
And I did NOT want to ejaculate while thoughts of Michelle were in my head. That was just… *wrong*.
Bottom line: I didn't get off before Michelle finished her shower. Feeling quite antsy, I really just wanted to get my own shower over with, so I grabbed my towel and went to wait for her to come out of the bathroom. I suppose I *could* have gone to use the big shower in our parents' master bedroom, but Michelle and I had *always* used the hallway bathroom. Only Alex ever went into our parents' bathroom, whether it was to shower or use the toilet.
Now let me make clear that I didn't usually wait for my sister to emerge. Usually, my post-workout jerk-off sessions lasted longer than her shower, so she was always already in her bedroom by the time I came out. Not that she walked naked out of the bathroom or anything like that, but Michelle was certainly surprised when she popped the door.
Michelle had very long, very fine hair. She was quite proud of it and took care of it religiously. When dry, it hung in a shimmering curtain halfway down her back, accentuating her willowy, lengthy body. Still damp, as it was now, it stuck tightly to her scalp, drawing my attention to her large, luminous eyes as she stared at me, her pouty lips slightly parted as if panting with arousal.
Or, you know, gasping in surprise to see her brother waiting just outside the door. One or the other.
Holding her dirty clothes in one hand, she was wearing her towel wrapped around her torso with the fold tucked into her cleavage. My eyes had darted to that cleavage for a moment and then trailed down the exposed skin of her long, lithe legs. I turned away in embarrassment, muttering "Sorry! Sorry!" for surprising her and silently chastising myself for ogling her just now. She muttered something in reply, quietly enough that I didn't catch it immediately, and went into her bedroom. I waited until I heard the door latch click shut before I turned back around to go into the bathroom, praying fervently that she hadn't noticed the massive bulge in my gym shorts.

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