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*- CHAPTER 2: Alexandra -*
"You okay, bro? You seem a little… distracted. Did you not get a good night's sleep?"
Michelle looked at me with genuine concern as she joined me at the dining table. I had been staring off into space, holding my spoon a few inches in the air above my bowl of cereal, and I belatedly realized I had been grinding my teeth a bit. I blinked a few times and looked at her, shaking my head in the negative. "Uh, no, nothing like that. I slept great actually."
It was true. I had slept like a baby. Well, not like a *baby* – waking up three times in the middle of the night screaming for milk or having wet underwear. Truly, that's a strange idiom. But I digress…
I'd been doing that a lot this morning. Digressing, not wetting my underwear. One moment, I'd been pouring milk into my bowl of cereal. The next, I'd been remembering what Alex's lips felt like as she nibbled on my mushroom head like a fuzzy caterpillar. Which is a really strange metaphor that I don't understand. And I'm digressing again.
"I'm fine," I lied to my little sister. "Just thinking about a quiz I have in ten minutes."
'I'm wondering if Lex hates me for what we did last night while simultaneously reminiscing about how supremely talented my sister is at giving blowjobs,' I didn't say.
"Uh-huh," Michelle replied noncommittally. But she took her seat and said nothing further, digging into her own bowl of oatmeal.
"Morning, rugrats," Alex greeted us with a perky grin as she tore into the kitchen like a tornado. Moving more quickly than I could believe, she grabbed coffee grounds from the pantry, stepped across the kitchen to the coffee maker, poured the coffee grounds into the coffee maker, put away the bag, crossed to cabinet, pulled out a big coffee mug, crossed to the sink, filled the mug with water, returned to the coffee maker, poured in the water, placed the mug under the spout, and hit the start button. And while that seems like very long run-on sentence, it doesn't actually take very long to read, and yet somehow Alex managed to execute all those steps in even less time.
"Bye, rugrats," she called in a sing-song voice as she exited the room to go back upstairs.
Michelle and I exchanged amused looks. "When was the last time Lex called us 'rugrats'?" she wondered aloud.
I arched an eyebrow and thought about that. "She was probably still in high school."
Michelle chuckled and shook her head. "I'm just glad she seems to be in a good mood. You'd think she got laid or something last night."
I promptly choked on my next bite.
Alex really did seem happy this morning, as her perky-hyper mood continued when she returned downstairs to collect her coffee. Seriously, if the girl was moving that fast to begin with, why the hell would she even need the caffeine?
I'm digressing again.
The point is: I started to relax about the whole 'Does my sister hate me' thing. I had been at the sink rinsing out my bowl when she picked up her coffee mug, took a sip, and actually winked at me over the rim. I smiled in response, a reaction that only made her even happier, and I could've sworn she waggled her butt at me as she left the kitchen to go back upstairs.
It was a good thing Michelle had already left by then, taking her oatmeal and a glass of OJ up to her bedroom. Her class started five minutes before mine.
So with my mind much more at ease, I headed up to my own room to start classes for the day, worried less about whether or not Alex had irreparably harmed our relationship, and wondering more about what would happen next.
But I would have to wonder quite a bit longer. While Alex continued to spend more time with us, the same as she had done for the past week, there were no more late-night visits to my bedroom. She made no comment or reference to our illicit blowjob. She talked to me the same way she had always talked to me. She hugged me the same way she had always hugged me. And if I hadn't been abso-smurfingly certain that the blowjob did indeed happen in real life, I might've started wondering if it wasn't some kind of wet dream.
The rest of the school week passed without incident. On Saturday, the three of us masked-up and took a 4-mile loop trail through a canyon filled with spring wildflowers and topped out at a nice bluff with a view. Sunday, we played a few board games and watched a movie together, all three of us, and then video chatted our parents (and grandparents) just to check in. And Monday we went right back into the school routine.
I never said a word about what had happened.
Alex never said a word about what happened.
I wanted to ask her about it. I wanted to talk about it. But for some reason I could never bring myself to broach the subject. My big sister seemed inclined to let the whole thing pass as if it had never happened, as if we'd never crossed that line. Maybe if we both ignored the whole situation long enough, if we pretended like everything was completely normal, everything WOULD actually go back to normal.
So I jerked off to internet porn and read erotica. Alex video chatted with her friends. And if I listened carefully enough outside her door at night, sometimes I could hear her moaning as she pleasured herself. I didn't walk away quite as quickly as before – sometimes I would linger and listen for a little bit. But apart from moments like that, as time went on, I thought less and less about the blowjob that never should have happened. Maybe it really WAS just a wet dream. I came to realize that it had been a one-time thing, destined to never be repeated or mentioned ever again. And with that realization came acceptance.
Which is why what happened next came as such a surprise.
Something tickled my balls, and with a start, I jerked awake.
"Mmph!" somebody groaned, and as I sat up, I realized I'd just shoved my dick an inch into a girl's throat. She took it like a trouper, gagging only slightly and keeping her head down, breathing heavily through her nose until I pulled back. And then she resumed rhythmically pumping my shaft in her hands and sucking on the mushroom head as if I'd never interrupted her.
My eyes fluttered for a brief second, giving me just enough time to see my sister's head bobbing up and down in my lap. A fleeting concept of an idea about saying something briefly fluttered into my head, but she chose that moment to deep-throat me, causing bursts of pleasure to explode in my brain, and all I could do was set my head back down on my pillow and groan in exquisite agony.
Sometime later (I have no idea how much later), conscious thought managed to bubble up through the haze of pleasure into my mind. I was able to direct my right hand to rest atop my sister's head, just holding it for a bit before sliding down to stroke her hair and caress her cheek. I heard her moan at my touch, the vibration of her voice causing wonderful things to happen to my dick. And then she caved in her cheeks to give me even more intense suction.
And then the sensations were gone. I wasn't yet awake enough to process the passage of time. She could have left me for thirty seconds or she could have left me for an hour; I really don't know. All I really know is that the next time I felt her physical presence, the weight of her body had shifted the surface of the mattress. Her thighs were pressed to the outer sides of my own. There was moisture pressing against the tip of my cock, a different feeling from the inside of her mouth. And then suddenly constricting, concentric pleasure was pushing down around my shaft, reminding me of the way she had deep-throated me before and yet so very, VERY different.
"Soooo… biiiig…" she moaned softly.
That's when my state of awareness finally woke up enough to inform me that I was having sex. For the first time in two months, I was having *sex*. I knew with absolute certainty that I was balls-deep inside a hot, moist pussy. And it felt so, SO *good*.
"Holy shit," I muttered softly.
Surprised? Yes. I was shocked more like it. But I didn't question it. Why would I question it? I was getting *fucked* and I wasn't about to do or say anything that might result in NOT getting fucked anymore.
My eyes fluttered again; this time remaining open. I didn't sleep with nightlights or anything like that. Illumination in the room came from the tiny LEDs of electronic devices like the power cable plug on my laptop and the clock on my nightstand, so it wasn't pitch black, but I still couldn't see more than a hazy outline of the figure that undulated in my lap.
I had other senses, however. Strength poured into my limbs and I slid both hands up the bare skin of my sister's thighs. I held her hips for a few seconds, gripping them for leverage to thrust upward a couple of times. She whimpered as I did so, clearly enjoying the sensations, but I didn't let my hands linger. I slid my hands further upward, feeling the fabric of her shirt against my knuckles as my fingers slid underneath it. Moments later, my palms cupped her breasts, big D-cups that confirmed her identity as Alex for me. She moaned and raised her own hands to cover mine, our skin separated by her shirt. But she directed me to squeeze and fondle her mammaries, something I did with a happy sigh. And after another minute, she reached down and ripped her nightshirt over her head, leaving her completely naked as she writhed and wriggled atop me.
'This is FUN. Why didn't we start doing this sooner?' I asked myself, still not daring to say anything aloud lest I break the spell. Instead, I was happy to go along for the ride as long as she did.
I was still tweaking her nipples, rolling the tips between my thumbs and forefingers, when she suddenly bent forward and kissed me fiercely. This motion knocked my hands out of the way, but I was perfectly happy to grab hold of her juicy round buttcheeks and squeeze and fondle those instead. Alex's tongue tangled with mine and she moaned into our liplock. She fucked me with a little more urgency, speeding up and pressing her clit down harder against my pelvic bone. She wrapped her arms around the back of my head, pushing forward so that instead of her big boobs being crushed against my chest, her big boobs were now mashed right up against my face. I could barely breathe, being smothered by my sister's mammaries. But if I was gonna die tonight, oh what a way to go.
Neither of us said a word for most of that fuck, apart from her initial statement about how big I felt inside her and my 'Holy shit' exclamation. There were no whispered endearments or whimpered requests to fuck her harder, squeeze her boobs, or anything else like that. As much as I wanted to, I didn't tell her how amazing it felt to be inside her, or how beautiful she looked riding my dick. We simply held each other, grunting and groaning as we humped each other in the dark like crazy teenagers trying not to get caught. Because when I thought about it, we really *didn't* want to get caught. Michelle's bedroom and mine shared a wall, after all.
Alex came first. Gritting her teeth, she bit down *hard* to stifle a scream while squeezing my head so hard against her tits I literally couldn't breathe. Her hips slammed down hard, keeping me at full depth while I planted my feet flat on the bed to provide leverage enough to keep pumping her. But eventually her trembling body went limp and she collapsed flat on my chest.
My turn.
I gave her fifteen seconds or so to recover, not enough for her but an eternity for me. Then I swiftly rolled us over, a movement that disengaged our loins, and then paused to strip my pajamas off completely. But within moments, I fisted my cock, centered it on her cunt, and slammed myself back inside.
She groaned as the sudden penetration but remained passive beneath me. All four limbs were splayed out to the sides as I hooked my arms beneath her shoulders and started laying down the lumber. I luxuriated in the feel of Alex's snatch surrounding every last inch of my solid shaft, but seeking to get even deeper, I reached back to grab hold of her legs, hooking her knees over my elbows before leaning over her to start pounding her once again.
Eventually, Alex's eyes were able to focus on me once more. Again, she didn't speak. She merely stared at me, eyes hooded with obvious lust. But she did silently mouth the words, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," taking care with her lips to shape every syllable so that there would be no doubt of her meaning.
I fucked her.
I REALLY fucked her.
I didn't care one whit that she was my sister, that we were committing incest, and that what we were doing was considered morally wrong by polite society. I just knew that I loved her, that fucking her felt wholly and completely RIGHT in my heart.
And yeah, physically it felt fucking *good*.
Much like that night she gave me a blowjob, Alex seemed satisfied now that she'd had her monster orgasm. She didn't need another one and instead focused on pleasing me. She stared up at me with an expression of mixed wonder and curiosity, like a child staring into the vastness of the night sky trying to count the stars. She reached up with both hands to rub my pecs, traced her fingers down across my washboard abs, and finally held my shoulders while continuing to look at me with deep adoration. At the same time, I could feel her clenching her cunt muscles and doing her best to match my rhythm with her own, thrusting her pelvis forward to meet my every thrust.
We didn't get the timing right every time. We were not familiar with each other's cadence, and I couldn't predict what she'd do next. I actually got a little frustrated with her and grabbed both of her legs, hooking them over my shoulders as I got to my knees and grabbed her hips to try and keep her pinned in place so I could just jackhammer her at my own pace.
Turned out, she liked that quite a lot. Alex clenched her eyes shut, grit her teeth, and started tossing her head left and right while I went to town on her poor pussy. She whimpered and moaned, an aria of arousal that fed my motor, giving me extra energy to keep up the pace far longer than I would have normally done. Her hands had originally been holding my shoulders, but now they flopped back beside her head, half-propped against the headboard.
I could feel myself getting close, and only then did it occur to me that I had no idea if Alex was still taking her birth control. After more than a month isolated in the house during a pandemic, why would she? So I grunted in worry, "Are you safe?"
"Yes… yes… yes…" she moaned with her eyes still closed, but the rhythm of her responses matched my thrusts, so I wasn't sure if she'd actually answered my question.
"Lex…" I warned, getting closer. "Do I need to pull out?"
"Cum in me… I wanna feel it," she crooned.
That wasn't exactly a confirmation of birth control, but I was too far gone to care anymore. Gritting my teeth, I put every ounce of energy I had into pounding the hell out of my big sister's little pussy, rapidly reaching the point of no return.
Her lower lip quivered, her chest thrust upward as she arched her back, and all of a sudden she was stifling another scream. Alex's cunt clenched down HARD at the same time as the brand-new climax tore through her body. The incredible sensations milked my cock for its creamy cum, and my balls responded to fulfill her silent request. Both barrels fired, blasting away with heavy spurts of spunk that swiftly stuffed her snatch with steaming-hot semen. Alex shuddered suddenly, as if she could feel each impact deep inside her, and she couldn't stifle a loud moan as the sensations swallowed up her sanity for just a moment.
I couldn't control the volume of my groaning either, fireworks of pleasure lighting up my brain as I poured what felt like gallons of sperm into my big sister's body. Twice more I jerked, digging my toes into the mattress to try and cram another two centimeters of cock into Alex's cunt as I spurted the last few times. And then I collapsed, letting her legs fall away to the sides as I buried my forehead into the pillow beside my sister's head and crushed her big bosoms beneath my chest.
Alex kissed my cheek, wrapped her arms around my neck, and raised her legs to cross her ankles behind my butt, hugging me tightly. She hummed quite happily while I continued gasping for breath, only now feeling a sense of disbelief that we'd crossed this line and actually committed incest.
But I didn't regret it.
Not one bit.
It just felt… *right*…
Because I loved her.
No, I didn't LOVE her love her. I mean, I wasn't "in love" with her or anything like that. But I loved my big sister. I'd always loved her. And I always would.
So I told her that. "I love you, Lex."
Turning her head to face me, she flashed me a brilliant smile and murmured back tiredly, "I love you, too."
And then we slept.
Alex was gone when my alarm went off in the morning, the stickiness of dried fluids stuck to my inner thighs and my nudity beneath my blanket the only evidence of our nocturnal activities. Actually, there was a slightly damp, slightly crusty spot on my bedsheets where our mingled jism must've leaked out of her overnight. I debated whether or not to wash the sheets or leave the spot there as a reminder that I hadn't imagined the whole thing (Yes, I washed the sheets).
Getting out of bed, I went through my morning routine, dressed, and went down to get breakfast before class. Michelle had no reason to comment about my distracted state because I wasn't distracted in the slightest. My mind wasn't wandering with ruminations about the consequences of my actions. I didn't find myself "digressing". I simply went about my day feeling completely at peace with where I was in my life.
No regrets.
No second-guessing myself.
It had just felt so *right*.
I loved her.
She loved me.
We weren't going to try and get married or anything. But for now, in the middle of this pandemic, I knew I had found a way to support my big sister and keep up her spirits, immunocompromised or not. And I felt good about that.
Alex, on the other hand, didn't look quite so peaceful. When she came down to start her morning coffee, she couldn't quite look me in the eye. Michelle remarked that SHE looked distracted, and Alex just waved her off muttering something about not getting a full night's sleep. And then my big sister was gone.
And NOW I started second-guessing myself.
I waited until a time when I knew Michelle had a Zoom class and Alex didn't. After listening just outside Michelle's closed bedroom door to make sure her class had started, I silently padded down the hall to Alex's door and knocked twice.
"Who's there?" she called.
"It's me," I said softly, not wanting my voice to carry loud enough for Michelle to hear, closed door or not. There was a pause, as ten seconds turned into twenty, and then thirty. Feeling a sense of déjà vu, I thought about saying something further, but before I could, the door popped open and Alex stood there with a resigned expression on her face. She waved me in, and I headed for her desk chair while she closed the door behind me.
"I'm sorry about last night," she began with furrowed eyebrows as she took a seat on her bed and crossed her legs. She was dressed for school in a cute blouse over a spaghetti-strap camisole, suitable for a Zoom class, but comfy sweatpants on the bottom.
I popped my eyebrows. "You *don't* have apologize for that."
She fiddled with her fingers in her lap. "I took advantage of you while you were sleeping."
I arched an eyebrow. "Is THAT what you're telling yourself?"
She frowned. "It's a *fact*. I snuck into my little brother's room, molested him in my sleep, sucked his dick, and then mounted myself on him before he could really wake up and give verbal consent. That's basically rape. Had the situations been reversed and you shoved yourself into Chelley while she was still asleep…"

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