Quarantined with My Sisters Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooQuarantined with My Sisters Ch. 03

*- CHAPTER 3: Michelle -*
"But I *never* mounted myself on him before he even woke up. You HAVE to tell me what THAT was like."
The statement had been directed to Alex, but my big sister was in such a state of shock that there was no way she'd be responding anytime soon. She'd been kneeling while rubbing my dick, but she'd fallen backwards onto her butt and now reclined on her hands, mouth agape. Her jaw actually flapped up and down a few times, but no sounds were coming out.
Michelle bit her lip and looked at me nervously. Actually, she looked at the bulge in my gym shorts which had not yet deflated, and *then* looked at me nervously. After a long, pregnant silence, she seemed to figure out that answers wouldn't be forthcoming just yet, and after blushing once more and staring at her feet, she jerked a thumb back toward the stairs.
"You know, I think I'm going to go take that shower now. I'll let you two… uhhh… recover… a bit. And then we can talk… later… Yeah…" Michelle turned away, turned back to give us another nervous smile, and then finally walked away.
Neither Alex nor I said a thing for the next few minutes. I sat up and wrapped my arms around my knees, looking over at her with a questioning look. But she remained as she was, staring off into space with an expression that suggested she was contemplating suicide. In the end, I scooted over to the front of the couch close to her, leaned against it as a backrest, and reached out to draw my big sister to me.
She resisted at first, crying softly in shame and didn't want to touch me. But I persisted, and all of a sudden she collapsed against my chest, letting me hug her tightly. And that's when we heard the shower start upstairs.
That was the signal that we could finally talk, and almost immediately Alex mumbled, "I'm sorry. This is all my fault."
"No it isn't."
"I knew it was wrong," she blubbered as the tears started streaming freely. "You're my little brother and I shouldn't have taken advantage of you but your dick is just so *beautiful* and I couldn't get it out of my head but I *knew* I shouldn't be doing it and I did it anyway and it felt *soooo* good and then after we fucked I kinda just thought well it's nothing we haven't already done before so would it really be so bad to keep going and now Chelley knows and I just don't know what to do!"
"We'll figure it out."
"No, this is MY responsibility. MY fault."
"Bullshit. I was a more than willing participant."
"But I'm the elder sibling," she whimpered.
"It takes two to tango, and I'm not some immature, easily-influenced teenager. I'm a 20-year-old man fully capable of taking responsibility for my own actions here."
"Do you really regret what we did?" I asked softly, stroking her hair. I braced myself for her affirmative answer, already weighing how to help her feel the way I did, because I *didn't* regret a thing, even though we'd gotten caught.
Alex didn't respond right away. Well, she started to, but stopped herself and squeezed me tighter. I stroked her hair, giving her time to compose her answer. And about a minute later, she turned her head to look up at me with those big, beautiful eyes.
I smiled down at her, and then reacted just in time to feel her press her lips to mine once more. We kissed without sexual passion but with all of the love, just as strong as I'd felt from her when my world was filled with light just before Michelle had returned from her supply run. The kiss didn't last long, but it did wonders to put my mind at ease, and from the look on Alex's face it had done the same for her as well.
"No, I don't regret what we did," she said softly while staring at my lips. A moment later, she flicked her eyes back up to mine. "At first I was going to say yes; we got caught and I was feeling ashamed. But what we did brought us closer together, closer than I ever imagined we could be. I love you."
I smiled. "I love you, too."
Alex sighed somberly, and then furrowed her eyebrows. Pursing her lips, she turned a bit in my grasp so that I still held her, but she was facing outward, spooned into the crook of my arm. "I just don't know what Michelle's gonna do."
I stroked her hair, pointing out, "At least it looks like we don't have to worry about her calling the cops screaming bloody murder – or *worse*, calling Mom and Dad."
"I sure hope not."
"She won't. I already know that," I assured her. "We all have to live together. Calling Mom and Dad would be the kind of catastrophic response that could destroy the family. She'll give us a chance to explain ourselves before she does anything drastic."
"Explain what? That I got so horny I couldn't help fucking my brother?"
"It's the truth, isn't it? And it's not like your horniness has been some big secret. We could hear you bitching to Emily about it for *weeks*. Truth be told, Chelle is probably as horny as you were."
"You think so?" Alex shrugged and added, "Her door isn't any thicker than yours."
I smirked. "Maybe she's just quieter than me… or *you* for that matter."
Alex giggled and then furrowed her eyebrows. "I hadn't really thought about that." I could almost see the gears turning in her head.
Leaving her to her thoughts for a moment, I let my head fall back and thought back over everything that had happened as well. And when I got to the part of Michelle surprising us, I glanced back down at Alex and asked, "Hey, what happened? I thought you were on alert to make sure she didn't come back downstairs."
Alex grimaced. "I got distracted. I wasn't watching the stairs anymore. My mind was… back then… to when your towel fell. I'm sorry."
I exhaled and went back to stroking her hair. "Doesn't matter anymore. What's done is done. We just have to figure out what we're gonna do now."
"We have to talk to her, obviously."
"And I need to let her know I'm not gonna stop fucking you."
I blinked and glanced down at her. "You're not?"
Alex frowned and looked up at me. "What, you wanted to stop?"
"No, no. I just…" I blushed. "It's like when Mom first caught me masturbating. The very *first* thing I did was promise I'd never do it again."
Alex snorted. "That obviously is a promise you didn't keep."
I sighed. "I just meant, if Michelle made us swear to never do it again or she'd tell Mom and Dad, we kinda would HAVE to stop, wouldn't we?"
Alex shook her head. "I couldn't stop even if I wanted to, not any more than you were able to stop playing five-on-one after promising Mom. You make me feel too good and I'm not going back to FaceTiming my loser ex-boyfriend and diddling myself with vibrators when your gorgeous dick is in the next room."
I blinked. "Good to know. The trick is how to ensure Michelle will be okay with it."
Alex nodded, looking thoughtful. "We're family. She loves us. She'll… understand."
"I'd like to think so. She may be weirded out by it, but hopefully she'll come around."
Alex grinned. "That's just it: she *wasn't* weirded out by it."
"Just now." Alex sat up straight and turned to face me. "When she eavesdropped from around the corner that I sucked you off and fucked you, she didn't run away and she didn't charge in screaming with disgust. The first thing she did was admit she'd snuck into your room to give you a handjob and then demanded I tell her what fucking you was like."
I mused on that. "Okay…"
"You're the one that said Chelley's probably as horny as I was. Think about it: she snuck into your room to check out your package. Even -I- can tell when she's ogling your butt or your abs. She may not come out and bitch about it like I do, but if she's been feeling the same kind of pent-up frustration I was, she may be coming to the same conclusion I did that YOU have the only functioning cock in the house."
I frowned. "What are you getting at?"
"Isn't it obvious? I think you should fuck her too."
I blinked twice. "Wait, what?"
Alex shrugged. "Well for one thing, she can't tell anybody about us if she's boinking you, too. But pragmatism aside, Chelley is clearly hot for you."
"But she's my little sister! I can't-"
"So what? You're MY little brother," Alex interrupted with a smirk. "I get that little twinge of guilt – the one that says you've become a child molester or something – because I felt it too. But you're the one who just said ten seconds ago you were a grown man fully capable of taking your own responsibility. Chelley's fully capable of taking HER own responsibility, too."
"She's a teenager."
"YOU were a teenager three months ago," Alex retorted while rolling her eyes. "Besides, it doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's asking for, and her needs are just as real as ours. And what other choice do we have? I'm not going to stop fucking you, and it wouldn't be fair for me to monopolize you and make her keep going without for the next several weeks or months or even *years*. None of us know how long this thing is gonna last."
"Wait-wait-wait. You really want me to start fucking her?"
"Don't pretend like the idea doesn't turn you on." She patted the bulge in my shorts that had started growing once again. "Chelley is *hot*. She's got the same kind of figure as Pamela Reif – only taller, don't you think?"
I groaned as Alex's patting motion turned into fondling, but groaned again in a weaker tone, "But she's my little *sister*."
Alex laughed. "Yeah, I kept saying that for… well, for about a *week*. 'But he's my little brother. I can't molest my little brother. How could I be such a dirrrty, nasty slut to take my little brothers BIG beautiful cock and…' Well, it'll take you time to wrap your head around it, but you know I'm right."
"Maybe," I hedged.
"C'mon. Aren't you tempted, just a little bit, to go upstairs right now and join her in the shower?"
My erection flexed of its own accord, bobbing upward beneath my sister's hand like a flower reaching for the sun.
Alex giggled. "I'd say that's positive confirmation."
"From the way you're getting all revved up, I'd say it's positive confirmation that YOU'RE excited by the thought of me fucking Chelle." I sighed. "Not that I'd actually do it."
"No, of course not. I call dibs. You have to shower with ME first." Suiting action to words, my big sister stood up first and then extended her hand down to me. "C'mon, squirt. I think I need to feel you soaping every last inch of my skin and then doing a taste test to make sure my pussy's clean. We can use the big shower in the master bathroom."
My eyebrows popped and my eyes open WIDE. "You serious?"
"What? No need to hide this from Chelley anymore. And -I- for one intend to take advantage of that fact as soon as fucking possible."
Taking my very first shower with Alex was a very good way to distract me from thinking about Michelle. Despite my assertion that I was a grown man not ten minutes prior, I acted like a kid in a candy store wanting to sample every delectable treat I could get my hands on. And Alex let me get my hands on *everything*.
I went straight for her boobs, of course, only too eager to lather up my hands with plenty of bubbles and go to town polishing those big D-cup globes. Her bubble butt also got a lot of extra attention. But I was determined to also soap up every last inch of her skin, just like she wanted. I rubbed and caressed and fondled and squeezed to my heart's desire, and yes, I got down on one knee and did a taste test to make sure Alex's pussy was clean.
Alex, of course, was doing the exact same thing to me, although her hands seemed to wander over my pectorals and ripped abs more than my dick. I knew I was in much better shape now than before the pandemic. It had been easy before the quarantine to zone out playing video games with my buddies and just be lazy in general. But here, at home, with nothing better to do, my daily workout routines with Michelle had definitely toned up what needed to be toned while bulking up the rest of me. Alex returned the favor of making sure my dick was clean, and I'd never seen a prettier sight than that of Alex's gorgeous face on her knees before me with a mouthful of cock and the shower slicking back her hair.
We thought about trying shower sex, but she was much shorter than me and the geometry didn't quite work. I mean, I'm sure we *could've* made it work, but it would've meant me stooping, lifting her up, or pinning her to the wall, and neither of us was inclined to do so just for the sake of doing so (yet). Instead, we shut off the water, got in a lot of grab ass drying each other off instead of drying ourselves, and started making out right there in the bathroom. But then flashing me an impish grin, Alex rolled up her towel and draped it around my neck, tugging me with her as she backed out of the room.
I hesitated, though, when she pulled backed out of our parents' bedroom and into the hall. We were both still naked, after all, and the idea of walking out like this felt a little exposed. With an impish giggle, she leaned in, kissed me, and pinched my ass, chirping, "Tag! You're it!"
Purely on impulse I started chasing when she ran away. I hesitated once more at the doorway though, checking to make sure the coast was clear. Alex laughed, scampered back to me a few feet, almost within reach. That's when I said "Fuckit", dropped my towel, and chased her, screaming, all the way down the hall back to her own bedroom by the top of the stairs.
She came to a dead stop in front of her bed, so I tackled her onto it. I immediately pinned her body beneath mine, literally pinning her down by planting my hands on her boobs and pushing her into the mattress. My lips pinned hers a moment later. And less than two minutes after that, aided by her hand jacking me rapidly, my prick pinned Alex's pussy, too.
My big sister moaned into my kiss while she wrapped her legs around my waist. I flicked both of her nipples with my thumbs while caressing and squeezing those beautiful breasts. I walked my lips across her jaw and along her neck. And all the while I carved my cock around the inner walls of Alex's tight twat.
"Mmm, fuck me, little brother," my sister crooned.
Only then did I slowly retract my dick, until just the head still remained inside her. And then I filled her again.
And again.
And again.
I started moving a little faster the more we kept going, not pounding her or anything like that but chugging along at a steady clip. Alex moaned and thrashed her head side to side, cooing how much she loved the feel of my body on top of hers and how amazing it felt to have my dick plugging her up.
"I love this so much," she groaned. "I love *you*."
Happily, I kissed her once more before replying, "I love you, too."
I don't know when Michelle came into the room. She may have been in her bedroom when we ran down the hall and followed immediately. She may have stayed outside for a while, working up the nerve to come inside. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that she was there, seated in Alex's desk chair, not only watching but shoving a hand down the front of her pajama pants and *masturbating* while she watched. And because she was watching, Alex simply HAD to put on a show.
I didn't realize this at first. I was too concentrated on the sister beneath me to know there was another sister in the chair, and when Alex noticed Michelle she certainly didn't tell me. Thinking back, though, I remember a time when my big sister got really quiet and she stared off to the side for thirty seconds or so. I was busy focusing on the way my cock drove in and out of the snug snatch surrounding my shaft. And after those thirty seconds, Alex started to get a lot more animated.
"Mmm, so big inside me," she moaned, eyes glittering while she gripped my shoulders a little harder. "So deep… So full…"
"So hot," I grunted right back. "You're so fucking hot, Lex. I can't believe I get to fuck you."
"Anytime, anywhere." she moaned back, humping her hips to meet my every thrust. "I'm your personal fucktoy." And that was only the start of it.
Showing off her flexibility, Alex raised her legs and crossed her ankles behind my neck, inviting me to fold her in half and really lay down the lumber. When she dropped her legs back down to the sides, she planted her feet flat and arched her back to thrust her big bosoms beneath my chin and really crunch her abs to writhe and wriggle beneath me. And eventually, she rolled us over so that she could be on top…
… and THAT'S when I realized we had an audience.
My eyes locked with Michelle's. She froze immediately, caught red-handed as it were with her hand inside her pants. I'd also locked up, something Alex noticed, and our big sister chuckled at her younger siblings' awkward tension. So rather than immediately impale herself, Alex took long, deliberate strokes with her right hand all the way up and down my thick cock, really putting it on display for our little sister. And only when Michelle's eyes had gone as wide as saucers did Alex finally mount herself and make a big show of moaning blissfully as she sat herself all the way down.
My big sister fucked me more athletically than she ever had before, putting her tight and toned body to use. She was also louder than ever before, keeping up a constant stream of dirty language guaranteed to make my blood boil and fuck her even harder.
"Fuck me, little brother!" was a common refrain, if a little obvious.
"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" came out of her mouth quite a bit as well.
"Grab my tits! Squeeze 'em. Maul my fucking titties and make me cream!" was at least more specific.
"Spank me! Hit me! *Hurt* me! Grab my hair and yank it! Hit me! Hit me! HIT MEEEEE!!" woke me up a bit, but did result in me giving her quite a few healthy smacks to her juicy round bottom while I pounded her doggy-style.
"So good! So fucking good! My little brother is such a fucking stud! He's fucking my poor pussy so gooooood! I love it! I love it! Such a fucking BIG, beautiful dick! My little brother's beautiful dick is stretching my poor pussy and I fucking love it! I love it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! You're gonna make me cum! I'm gonna cum on my little brother's horse dick! FUUUUUCK! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! I'M CUMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!!"
Indeed, Alex was cumming, and so was Michelle for that matter. By now I was blasting my pelvis into Alex's bouncy butt from behind with her body profiled to the side so that Michelle would have a most excellent angle on all the good stuff. I had a great view of my little sister in the desk chair, her face ashen as she tried to fight off her impending climax, to no avail. And when Alex screamed in absolute ecstasy, Michelle screamed right with her.
Almost the whole time Alex screamed her nasty obscenities, she did so while staring straight at our little sister as if to say, 'Here it is. You wanted to know what it was like? THIS is what it's fucking like. And it's AMAZING.'
From the look on Michelle's face the entire time, I was pretty sure she got the message.
To be honest, I was showing off, too. I took long in and out strokes, crunching hard to make my abs bulge. I clenched my pecs and flexed my biceps, putting extra power into each thrust that practically pushed Alex off my prick with every plunge. I wasn't fucking for my big sister's pleasure. I was fucking to make it look good for my *little* sister. And I did it all while staring straight at her as if to say, "Here it is. This could be *you*. I'm fucking Lex the same way I'm gonna fuck YOU. And it's gonna be *AMAZING*."
From the way Michelle panted, her eyelids heavy, I was pretty sure she imagined I was fucking her, too.
Finally, it was time for me to blow. At first, I gripped Alex's hips super-hard, intending to hold her in place so I could rabbit-hump the hell out of her before blasting my load into the back of her womb. But a surge of… well… EGO… flooded through me. And with a wicked grin, I yanked myself out, forcefully flipped Alex over onto her back, and took a big step forward to plant my right foot flat on the mattress just past my big sister's shoulder. With my left knee back where it had been, this *really* opened up my crotch to Michelle's direct view.

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