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– CHAPTER 4: Love –
Lest you think the relationship between me and my little sister snowballed from there and we started sucking and fucking every chance we could get, let me assure you that didn't happen. In fact, despite stating an interest in getting blowjob lessons from our big sister, it would be another week before she even put my dick into her mouth again.
Michelle continued to sleep in my bed every night, although she now arrived before I went to sleep instead of slipping in beside me in the middle of the night. When I told Alex what we were doing on Monday morning, my big sister couldn't seem to make up her mind whether she should initiate our incestuous hookups BEFORE bed to ensure she didn't encroach on Michelle's cuddle time, or deliberately arrive LATER at night so that Michelle would be forced to watch, run away, or maybe even join in.
Alex's eyes glittered at the idea of her baby sister joining in. I certainly got harder at the idea. And that's how Alex started giving me a handjob right there on the couch, which turned into a blowjob, which turned into climbing into my lap and fucking me right then and there. Michelle wound up yelling from the top of the stairs, "Will you two keep it down! I'm in a fucking virtual class and I don't want everyone hearing my siblings having sex in the background when I go off mute!!"
We got quieter. We didn't stop fucking or anything, but we got quieter.
One thing that changed over the course of the next week is that Michelle and I started spending a LOT more time together. While we had always shared mealtimes, played games together, and had our evening workouts, the bulk of our days had been typically spent on our own. I would play video games, watch porn, and surf the internet. Michelle would chat with her friends, read books, and… whatever. But now that previously "independent" time became additional "together" time.
Seriously, other than attending virtual classes, Michelle and I spent all our time together. Instead of doing her homework in her own room Monday afternoon, Michelle brought her laptop to my room and sat on top of my bed, silently doing her work while I silently did mine at my desk. Three times, she asked if I could take a break, inviting me onto the bed so that she could wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me like there was no tomorrow.
It was nice.
I didn't paw at her breasts or otherwise attempt to initiate anything sexual, although I'll admit to grabbing her ass quite a bit. We made out for about ten minutes at a time before returning to our work, and I have to admit it was the most enjoyable time I'd ever had while doing schoolwork. So the next day, we did the same. And the next day. And the next.
The dress code also slackened quite a bit around the house. Michelle started going bra-less as soon as classes ended, advertising her arousal with perky nipples that dented the front of her thin shirts. Alex's big tits needed a little more support, but she started skipping her bras every now and again as well as a way of teasing me while also advertising her intention to seduce me sooner than later. And don't get me started on the way the girls stopped wearing pants or shorts every now and again. Twice, Alex didn't even have panties on underneath her oversized shirts.
Even when not doing schoolwork, playing games, or watching TV, Michelle remained glued to my side. We ordered in-line skates and Michelle asked me to teach her, which added almost an hour a day together. I stopped playing video games and had already stopped watching internet porn. She texted her friends but no longer wasted hours chatting with them. Instead, we'd sit on the couch talking about… whatever. Or we'd cuddle in bed talking about… whatever. And if the conversation ever started to wind down, one of us would pucker up to start a new makeout session that would last until… whenever.
Michelle started saying "I love you" a lot more. I was happy to return the endearment, and initiated the phrase a few times myself. She always glowed whenever I did that. She also started getting a lot more touchy-feely around me. When watching TV, she'd lean against my side and pull my arm around her shoulders or midsection. Alex, of course, had already been doing so, so whenever the three of us were watching together I found myself happily in the middle of a sister sandwich. In the kitchen, Michelle started grabbing my ass as she passed behind me. Turnabout was fair play, so I happily did the same. Once, I even slid my hand into the back of her shorts and got a palmful of bare buttcheeks. Michelle squealed, spun around, and slapped my hand. I immediately got nervous that I'd crossed a line, initiating a higher level of intimacy that she wasn't comfortable with. But as soon as she got over the surprise, my little sister turned around, thrust her ass at me, and intoned in a husky voice, "Do it again."
Kissing me on the lips in greeting became commonplace, usually just a peck but sometimes more. One time on Tuesday, she walked into my bedroom, rolled my chair away from my desk, climbed into my lap, and shoved her tongue into the back of my throat. I got so turned on that I grabbed her ass, stood up from the chair, and walked us over to my bed. We wound up hot and heavy in a makeout session on my bed, and she even grabbed my hand and shoved it up the inside of her shirt so I could fondle her boobs. A minute later, my hands were in the back of her shorts, grabbing handfuls of ass while grinding my erection into her pelvis. But the moment my hand started wandering around to the front of her crotch, Michelle abruptly tore her mouth away from mine and rolled off the bed.
Staggering almost drunkenly to the open doorway, she yelled at the top of her lungs, "LEX!! Get in here! ALEXANDRA!!"
Thirty seconds later, our big sister came racing into the room, eyes wide and darting around looking for danger. The use of her full first name had probably freaked her out. "What? What? What's wrong?"
Still gasping, Michelle pointed back at me and managed to grunt, "I need you to fuck him. Otherwise I'M gonna fuck him."
Alex snorted. Standing up straight and arching an eyebrow, she folded her arms across her chest and replied in a neutral tone, "Maybe I should stay right here then."
Laughing, my big sister started pulling her shirt off. "Fine, fine. Twist my arm, why dontcha."
And that wasn't the only time Michelle called in her big sister as a pressure release valve to "take care of me". I'd pretty much stopped watching internet porn by this point, what with spending all my time with one sister or the other. Michelle kept me at a near-constant state of arousal from our frequent makeout sessions, and at least twice a day I would find myself badly in need of sexual relief.
Not that I would go ask Alex to service me or anything like that. She was my sister, and my OLDER sister at that. If SHE wanted me to come fuck her, that was one thing, but I was never really the aggressor and would sometimes get wound up with pent-up horniness waiting for the next time my gorgeous big sister graciously allowed me to violate her nubile body.
Thankfully, Michelle could usually sense when I was getting a little too wound up. Even though -I- would never ask Alex for sex, Michelle had no problems either calling for our big sister to come take care of me or yelling to Alex that she was sending me to her.
Once though, on Thursday, of my own accord I walked into the big bathroom in our parents' room while Alex was taking a post-workout shower. Earlier that evening, Michelle had climbed into my lap after we'd finished our latest workout video, holding my head in her hands and cramming her tongue into my mouth. She even went so far as to remove her tank top and sports bra, feeding her nipples to me while I suckled on them like a ravenous baby. Michelle didn't have Alex's massive mammaries, but her perfectly shaped B-cups were just so… perky… and her nipples were super-sensitive, to the point that my feasting had her creaming so hard she nearly came.
I sensed that if I really wanted to, I could've fucked Michelle that night. She was so turned on that she would not have resisted me. But I knew better than to cross that line without prior approval. "Whatever you're comfortable with" had become a familiar refrain, and I had done my best to let Michelle lead the way. Tearing my mouth away from hers, I dumped her onto the couch cushion beside me and quickly stalked away to go upstairs.
Alex saw me enter through the transparent glass doors, took one look at the expression on my face, and beckoned me inside. But the animal inside me had already gone wild, and instead I yanked my big sister out of the shower, planted her flat on her back on the carpeted floor of our parents' room, and slammed my meat sausage into her cunt in a single thrust. My big sister didn't cum that time – I basically rabbit-fucked her until I pulled out and blew my load all over her tits and face, not that she minded. Alex pulled me into the still-running shower, we both cleaned up, and then we went back to her bedroom so I could make it up to her.
An hour later, Michelle fell asleep with me spooned up behind her, my left hand extended across the mattress beneath her pillow and my right arm hugging her closely. She'd pulled my right hand beneath her pajama top so that I cupped her left breast in my palm. We both were happy.
"You're smirking," I commented with a scowl on my face.
"Because I've got you right where I want you." Michelle replied confidently.
"I'm not in check yet."
"Emphasis on the word 'yet'."
I sighed, surveying my options. She'd caught me in a trap, her knight in position to take either my queen or my rook. I couldn't save both of them, so the obvious move was to get my queen out of danger, accept that she'd take my rook, and plan accordingly. Ordinarily I would have done just that, except for Michelle's damn smirk. I knew her, knew the way she played. She didn't have a great poker face, which told me she was smirking because she had seen something I hadn't noticed yet. Somehow I knew, just KNEW, that if I saved my queen and gave her the rook, it would somehow lead to my final defeat.
I REALLY didn't want to lose. It was a Saturday evening, and Michelle and I were winding down the last part of our day. We'd already done our workout and showered, the plan was to go to bed after this, and I didn't want the sour taste of defeat in my mouth while trying to sleep.
And yet, I couldn't sacrifice the queen so easily. So I stared at the board, rubbed my chin, and stared at the board some more, trying to figure out what the hell she was going to do.
"Tick, tock, tick, tock."
"Gimme a minute."
"I've given you five minutes already. Maybe we should start playing with a clock."
"Hang on, hang on."
"Time to put up or shut up."
My little sister sighed. "I'll give you thirty seconds to make your move or I won't let you hold my breast as we fall asleep."
I blinked twice and promptly saved my queen.
Michelle laughed and made her next move. Two minutes later, she checkmated me.
Growling, I rolled my eyes and started resetting the board. "Another round?"
"Didn't we say we were going to bed after this?"
I lowered my eyelids and growled. "Another round."
"Sure, fine." She was smirking again. "Hey, does this mean I can now threaten to withhold sexual stuff in order to get you to do things for me?"
"We're not really doing 'sexual stuff' yet," I pointed out, complete with finger air quotes. "Other than the boob thing, you'd have to threaten to stop… what… cuddling with me at night? Kissing on my bed during homework breaks? Grabbing your ass in the kitchen? All of those things I think would hurt you just as much as hurt me, if not more."
Michelle's eyes flashed something dangerous, and she intoned quietly, "Maybe I should give you another blowjob, just so I have something to 'take away'."
I blinked twice but managed a lopsided grin. "That's an interesting hypothesis. I think we need to conduct further experiments in order to draw viable conclusions."
My sister reached across the board and shoved me in the shoulder, chuckling and shaking her head.
I looked up into the corner of the room, grasped my chin, and pretended to be deep in thought. "Or perhaps, -I- should attempt to withhold certain privileges you have recently exploited upon my humble personage. For example, I COULD start to lock my bedroom door and make you sleep alone again."
"Stop it."
"I could stop doing our wonderful makeout sessions and you can go back to sending underwear DMs to random guys in a desperate plea for attention."
"Stop it!"
"And you DID say you still had a boyfriend. Maybe you should start having video chat sex with HIM-"
"-because I can always just go to Alex knowing that SHE will put out for-"
"I said STOP IT!" Michelle actually threw a pawn at my face, and it bounced off my forehead.
Still laughing to myself, I finally turned to face my little sister and found that she was NOT laughing. Her eyes were moist, and she looked genuinely hurt. My jaw dropped, and confused, I started to mutter an apology, but Michelle quickly stood up and walked away, wiping her eyes as she went. A moment later, her thundering steps echoed down the hallway as she practically raced up the stairs, shortly followed by the sound of her bedroom door slamming shut.
A minute later, Alex came into the room and folded her arms across her chest. "What the hell did you do?"
I blinked and raised my hands, palms up. "I don't know!"
Arching an eyebrow, Alex did a quick survey of the room and then nudged the chessboard on the coffee table while taking a seat in the wing chair recently been vacated by our little sister. I still sat on the couch. "Well I'm pretty sure she's not mad over losing a game, so I'll repeat: What the hell did you DO?"
Grimacing, I told her the story about Michelle threatening to withhold sexual stuff in order to get me to do her bidding, followed by my joking around that I'd do the same.
Alex leveled her eyes at me. "But did she seem to get that you were joking?"
I grimaced again. "Apparently not."
Alex sighed, kicked her feet up onto the coffee table, and shook her head. She looked thoughtful for a moment, then blinked and gave me a serious look. "When are you going to sleep with her?"
I furrowed my eyebrows, not understanding. "We've slept together every night this week."
"I mean fucking," she stated plainly.
I pursed my lips, leaned back in my chair, and shrugged my shoulders. "I have no idea. Maybe never. I think Chelle's still hung up on the incest part, to be honest, and as much as she may want to, she can't quite wrap her head around crossing that line with her big brother."
"That's not it," Alex disagreed, shaking her head. "We've talked, a little. I don't spend nearly as much time with her as you do, but we've talked. It's not the incest thing. If it were, she wouldn't have blown you Sunday night, or been doing everything else the two of you have been doing the whole week."
"Maybe's she's just not ready." I shrugged again, pondering, but then suddenly jerked upright. "Waitaminute. You don't think Chelle is a… a…"
Alex arched an eyebrow, guessing where I was going with this. "A virgin? No way."
"What else could it be? She IS a teenager."
"She's a senior. High school seniors that gorgeous aren't virgins." Alex rolled her eyes.
"How do you know? Neither of us has been home for the past two years, pre-pandemic. We don't know what she has or hasn't been doing while we were gone."
"She's got a boyfriend," Alex pointed out. "And high school senior boys don't stick around to stay boyfriends if their girlfriend isn't putting out."
I arched an eyebrow and said sarcastically, "You mean the way Chelle's boyfriend calls her all the time and drives by the house every few days just so he can see the love of his life through the window? THAT boyfriend?"
Alex frowned and thought about that. "Okay you may have a point…"
"Look, I'm not saying she IS a virgin. It DOES make sense that she would've lost her cherry at some point in the last couple of years." I shrugged. "I'm just saying, it would explain a lot about her hesitation, that's all."
Alex pursed her lips and mused on that, only now considering it as a real possibility. "Well…" she began. "I suppose it would. But then THAT would mean…"
Her voice trailed off as she suddenly looked up at the ceiling in the vague direction of Michelle's bedroom. She blinked twice, shook her head quite vigorously in the negative, but then her expression softened as she seemed to re-consider her own thoughts. Blinking twice again, she stared off into space for a moment, and at last turned her attention to me.
I expected her to say something. She didn't. Alex just continued to stare at me, and the silence went on long enough that I started to get nervous.
But finally, she spoke. "I love you," she stated rather robotically.
I arched an eyebrow, not understanding, but I readily replied, "I love you, too."
Leaning forward, Alex put her elbows on her knees and frowned before repeating, this time a little more seriously, "I LOVE you."
I popped both eyebrows, feeling very much like a lab rat under a microscope. But I took a deep breath, thought about everything I felt for my big sister (including but not limited to the amazing sex), and replied quite warmly, "I love you too, Lex."
Alex suddenly slapped her hands together and actually pointed at me. "Holy shit! It makes perfect sense!" She sat up straight and grinned widely. I could practically see the light bulb that had gone off above her head.
I blinked, not understanding. "What?"
My sister got out of the wing chair and came to sit beside me on the couch. Placing her hand on my leg, she enthused like a giggling schoolgirl, "Chelley's in love with you!"
I jerked my head back. "WHAT?"
"Well, infatuated at the very least. It makes total sense! She SAID you had no idea how long she's been fantasizing about banging you. I'm guessing she was crushing on her big brother even before you went to college. She snuck into your room to check out your package. And when she found out you were banging me, she didn't have any issues with the incest. Her instinctive first question was to ask what sex felt like!"
I frowned. "Everything you just said points to Chelle wanting to have SEX with me. She's a horny teenager trapped in a house where I'm the only human being with a penis."
"That's what -I- thought." Alex shook her head. "But then how else do you explain this entire week? All the cuddling and the makeout sessions and the way she'll randomly hold your hand at the dining table. Think about it! You two are basically having a high school romance right now! But really, it's the 'I love you's' that cinches it for me. I mean, I love you squirt, I really do. But I'm not IN love with you. There's a difference in the way I say it versus the way SHE been saying it for the past week. Chelley's in love with you. AND she's a virgin."
Now it was my turn to exclaim, "Holy shit!"
"Dude! You gotta go up there!"
"What, now?"
"Yes, now!"
"And do WHAT?"
"Go up there and fuck her! Wait, I mean…" Alex closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and stated a little more primly. "You need to go 'make love' to her."
I scooted a foot away from my big sister on the couch and held up my index finger between us. "Wait… wait…" I stalled. "You can't be serious."
"Of course I'm serious."
"She's MAD at me right now."
"Make-up sex is the best."
"She's a VIRGIN."
"Who wants you to be her first."
"If she wanted that, she could've had me anytime."

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