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tagIncest/TabooQuarantined with My Sisters Ch. 06

– CHAPTER 6: Merry Christmas –
"So are we finally gonna do this or what?" Alex stood in my doorway with her hands on her hips, an annoyed expression etched across her face as she glared at me and Michelle.
Per our usual Monday afternoon routine, I was at my desk doing homework while Michelle sat on my bed with her laptop. I swiveled my chair around and looked at her, my mind still on Thermodynamics. "Do what?"
Steam coming out of her ears, Alex gestured at my little sister and said, "Do I need to drag Michelle into my bedroom and lock the door again for you to take a hint?"
Michelle giggled.
My ears reddened as it dawned on me. "Oh. That," I said lamely.
Alex rolled her eyes. "You realize I STILL have this butt plug in my ass?!?"
Michelle deadpanned, "At this point, it's less on him and more of a lifestyle choice."
I blinked. "Since yesterday?!?"
"Well, not 24/7. It's uncomfortable. And of course, your new girlfriend over there pulled it out last night so she could ram a strap-on in and out of my ass until I screamed unholy murder."
"Wait, WHAT?"
Michelle's laughs got bigger.
"Your little sister got to bugger me before you did, squirt."
I rubbed my forehead and shook my head.
Alex put her hands on her hips again. "So are you gonna come sodomize me or not?"
Not wanting to waste any more time, I slammed my laptop shut and got out of the chair. But as I walked over to the door, I realized Michelle hadn't moved. "Aren't you coming?" I asked.
My little sister gestured at her screen. "I've got a lot of work to finish. You two go ahead."
"You don't want to watch?" I grinned lasciviously. "Or… join in?"
Michelle laughed once more. I loved the sound of her laugh. "You two get started without me. Maybe I'll join in later. I've already seen something plunging in and out of Alex's butthole up close and personal."
Alex didn't wait for further confirmation, grabbing my hand and dragged me from the room.
As antsy as Alex initially appeared to be, she didn't just strip naked, get onto all fours on her bed, and howl for me to yank out the butt plug and replace it with my beautiful dick. Instead, as soon as she got to her bed, she spun around, wrapped her arms around my neck, and flopped backward.
I fell with my big sister across her mattress, laughing from the adrenaline rush. She soon shut me up with her lips, humming happily as our tongues twisted together. For a couple of minutes at least, we enjoyed the simple pleasure of making out, not unlike the way I'd done with Michelle for the past week. Neither of us made a move to remove our clothes, content the way things were for now.
But eventually, her hands started tugging at the hem of my shirt. I helped her remove it and let her grin as she rubbed my pecs and scratched my abs. Turnabout was fair play, so I slid my hands beneath her shirt to play with her big boobs. And after that, the clothes started coming off.
Last to go were her sweatpants and panties, and after I dragged them off her feet, I didn't crawl all the way back up her body. Instead I separated her thighs and lay down between them, blowing on her clit before I took a long, languid lick.
She shivered and moaned, but just when I started to eat her in earnest, she grabbed my hair and tugged on it, saying, "Your sister ate me out plenty last night. I need to feel COCK."
Eyebrows raised, I reluctantly abandoned my dessert and kissed my way up her naked wonderland, from inner thighs to taut tummy (pausing to stick my tongue into her belly button while she squealed and squirmed), from bounteous bosom to the hollow of her neck. Eventually, my lips made their way along her jawline and reached her mouth. And right before we kissed, she grabbed my ass and PULLED, my lined-up cock sliding smoothly into her sweet pussy.
She really DID still have the butt plug in her ass. I could feel it stretching her anal chute next door. But for now, at least, this was enough. And I stopped to tenderly kiss this gorgeous young woman I loved so much, even if I wasn't "in love" with her the way I felt for Michelle.
So I told her so. "I love you, Lex."
She grinned and replied, "I love you, too."
Neither of us started any fucking motions. Staying like this was plenty good enough. (And I was TERRIFIED of cumming early).
Exhaling slowly, Alex looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. "I'm sorry for yesterday. My fault for starting the whole 'What's gonna happen after the pandemic?' question. I only meant to tease you both. I had NO idea Chelley would actually get possessive of you."
I shrugged. "She's a teenager in love."
"I know. But she'll grow out of it eventually."
I arched an eyebrow. "You sure about that?"
Now it was her turn to shrug. "I felt ohmigawd-I'm-gonna-die-if-he's-not-with-me-forever 'in love' a couple of times when I was her age."
I sighed. "Me, too."
"Then there you have it."
"That doesn't mean what we're feeling right now is any less real."
"Of course not. Enjoy it while it lasts. Just keep your head on, you know? Don't let her start planning a dream wedding to marry you in front of Cinderella's Castle or anything like that."
I chuckled and nodded. "Still being a protective big sister while I've got my dick inside you?" I flexed Mr. Happy for emphasis.
Alex giggled and clenched her inner muscles around me. "I never stop being a protective big sister, whether your dick is inside me or not. Just like you never stop being a protective big brother to Chelley, whether you're in a quasi-romantic relationship with her or not."
I nodded. "Just as long as you're not jealous of the time and attention I'll end up giving her. This whole thing started between you and me, and even when Chelle started sleeping in my bed every night, as long as she was holding onto her virginity, my beautiful dick was all for you. And granted, she'll be on her period for the next week or so, but after that you're gonna have to share."
Alex shrugged. "No biggie; I'm happy to share. Besides, I think our honeymoon period ended when I locked you out of my bedroom. I'm still gonna want regular doses of brother-dick for as long as we're all trapped in here. But I'm not all filled with pent-up horny rage anymore and I won't be nearly the nymphomaniac I was in the beginning. As for the amount of time, you spent all your time with Chelley BEFORE this all started anyway."
"True enough."
"Don't worry about me." She pecked me on the nose. "You'll always be my little brother. And whether or not we're still fucking next year, ten years from now, or even if we're geriatric old fogeys still bumping uglies, I'll always love you."
"Me, too."
She nuzzled her nose against mine. I was surprised at how much it felt like nuzzling with Michelle.
But a second later, Alex grabbed my head and stared straight up at me. "Enough mushy stuff. I've been fantasizing about that big beautiful dick up my ass since YESTERDAY and we are NOT stopping until I get what I want!"
I laughed. "Yes, ma'am."
"Ohhh… shiiiiiittt…" Alex groaned, bent over on all fours as she felt inch after inch of brother dick fill her up to her very core. She shivered, took deep breaths, and let her head hang down limp between her shoulders. "Fucking FUCK you're big. I should've used a bigger butt plug."
"Sorry." I stopped, only four out of my eight inches buried in my big sister's rectum.
"Don't apologize. I love it. Unnnghh! Keep going." Her voice was hoarse.
"I'm hurting you."
"No. I can take it."
"Lex, I'm serious. Lemme get more lube."
"No, I'm fine. Just take it slow, alright? Just take it… shiiiiiitttt!"
I stopped again after another inch. Fuck, her asshole was tighter than Michelle's pussy. "Maybe we should stop."
"DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE!" Alex howled before letting her arms collapse so that her face mashed into her folded arms beneath her while her ass was still up in the air, half-skewered by my cock.
Michelle's voice suddenly sounded behind me. "That sounds REALLY painful."
I glanced back to see my little sister standing in the doorway, arms folded across her chest. Even the frown on her face couldn't detract from her beauty. In particular, her long, fine hair shimmered in the light filtering through Alex's gauzy window shades, and my heart was filled with love at the mere sight of her.
But Michelle's expression and stance were anything but sexy at the moment, and the clenching of Alex's abused anal muscles brought me back to the task at hand (err, ass).
Alex muttered, "You missed seeing the entry part."
Michelle replied, "I saw the entry part when -I- did it to you."
"Not like this you didn't. His dick is bigger than my strap-on."
"Which is why he's NEVER putting that baseball bat in my ass." Michelle shook her head emphatically.
"Don't knock it 'til you try it," Alex wheezed, a silly grin on her face. "Fuck you're thick, squirt. You're gonna ruin me."
I sighed. "Half the words coming out of your mouth say you absolutely love this. The other half say I'm causing you extreme agony. Which is it?"
"Yesss…" she hissed.
I sighed and held my current position, letting her get used to it with clenched teeth until she finally exhaled and said, "Okay. Gimme the rest."
"You sure?"
"Fuck my ass, little brother."
"Yes, my butt. Fuck it!"
"FUCK MY FUCKING ASS, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Alex howled, her tone one of command. I was so used to reacting to my big sister's "big sister" voice that I rammed my hips forward without thinking about it, slamming in the last three inches all at once.
"FUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!" Alex howled.
"I'm sorry!"
"FUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!" she howled again.
"You told me to-"
Alex was cumming. It was pretty obvious. Her ass muscles spasmed rhythmically, the same way her pussy muscles did whenever she orgasmed. Her whole body shuddered and shook in the same manner. And of course, there was the whole screaming bloody murder part.
And then all of a sudden, her anal chute relaxed.
Huh. Mental note: Make her cum and relax BEFORE trying to shove my dick inside.
Alex's knees collapsed just then as well, and she fell flat face-down across her bed. I got yanked down along with her, because even when "relaxed" her butthole still gripped my dick like a third hand, and I wound up sprawled across her body.
"Fucking A…" Alex sighed rapturously, drooling just a little bit with her face turned to the side. Her arms were splayed out to the sides and angled back towards me, like airplane wings, with her palms up. And her legs were together, a position that REALLY squeezed her ass tight around the 8 inches of brother-dick lodged in her rectum.
"You okay?" I asked, genuinely concerned.
"Biggest orgasm you've given me yet. I'm so sensitive," my sister groaned. "We should've done this a long time ago."
I took a deep breath, her words finally convincing me that she actually wanted this. "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it now," I said truthfully.
"More, though. You're not moving. Fuck my ass, squirt. Fuck my ass…"
Propping myself up on my elbows, I dug my toes into the mattress and raised my hips, withdrawing several inches before relaxing and pushing down once again. And then up. And then down. At this angle, it felt like I was vertically drilling into her core, working my ab muscles like I was doing planks.
"So tight," I groaned as the pleasure built. It had never NOT felt good to be inside Alex's asshole, but I was too worried about whatever pain she felt to really enjoy myself. It really was tighter than Michelle's virgin pussy, extremely hot, and not as moist despite the copious amount of lube we'd used. That all added up to an INCREDIBLE amount of friction on my cock, which felt amazingly good and yet a little painful at the same time.
"Fuck my ass…" Alex hissed as I started to speed up a little. "Gawd-fucking-dammit, I'm gonna cum again already. Fuck my ass… Make me cum on your fucking cock in my tiny asshole, big brother. Fuckme, fuckme, fuckme."
I was fucking her. I started fucking her a little harder. And I started fucking her a little faster. But my abs were doing all the work, and even my six-pack couldn't keep this up forever. I pulled all the way out, causing Alex to whine that she felt so empty. But I quickly dragged her to the edge of the bed and stepped onto the floor. By tucking her knees beneath her, I was able to put her gaping-open sphincter at the right height. And after pressing my mushroom head back into her backdoor, I grabbed her hips and swiftly filled her with eight inches of brother dick once more.
"Oh, FUCK! I think I came again when you rammed into me," my big sister grunted. "Do it again!"
With a chuckle, I pulled all way out again, marveling at the sight of her black hole. I quickly eclipsed that hole with my dickhead, lined myself up, and slammed it all in.
"Fuck-FUCK!" Alex yelled and then started laughing.
"Shit," Michelle commented as she came to sit beside us on the bed, staring intently at the point where brother-cock penetrated sister-anus. "She's really into this!"
"You'd better fucking believe it," Alex growled through gritted teeth. "Hurts so bad but feels so GOOD. I wouldn't be able to do this every day, but as an occasional treat… Fuck, bro, I think I might need this once a week."
I chuckled and quipped, "Lemme check the calendar. Oh, wait, we're locked down in the middle of a pandemic."
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Alex continued to chant as I started pounding her faster and faster. Now that I had my legs under me, I could really lay down the lumber. Every now and again, I would pull all the way out, just for her to enjoy the feeling of going from empty to full in half a second, and for me to enjoy the sight of her gaping anus welcoming me back in.
But all that pounding was wearing me out. My legs were fine – we actually hadn't been fucking that long, and I'd had sex for far longer than this without cumming before. But my ejaculatory control was rapidly slipping away. Her asshole was just too hot and too tight and too GOOD. I could feel my neck muscles straining, of all things, as I fought to keep my orgasm at bay. But eventually I knew I was gonna lose it, and I growled, "Gonna cum, Lex. Gonna fill your fucking asshole with my sperm."
"Do it, BIG FUCKING brother. I wanna feel my fucking colon drowning in brother jizz that I'll be shitting out of me for DAYS. Fuck my ass and fill it! Fucking fill me and- FUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!"
She screamed as I slammed forward one final time and unleashed hell. A volcano erupted deep inside of me, blasting hot lava into the unholy fathoms of Alex's anal depths. Over and over I spewed scalding hot spunk into my big sister's bowels. And I yelled right along with her, howling my release until my voice gave out even while my cock kept cumming.
At last, we were both spent. My muscles gave out and I collapsed forward, catching myself on my hands lest I drop onto my sister's naked back. It took me thirty seconds to catch my breath enough to extract my dick from Alex's lewdly stretched anus. And I quickly spun around to sit heavily on the edge of the bed, gasping for air as I glanced down to make sure my big sister was okay.
She was unconscious, eyelids shut but relaxed. She had the biggest smile on her face at the same time, wearing an expression of such utter and complete satisfaction that even Michelle noticed.
My little sister looked up at me, drawing my attention. She gestured with her head toward Alex, commenting, "She looks SOOO fucking happy."
I nodded my agreement. "She does."
Michelle sighed and gave me a nervous look. "Okay, fine. I know I said I'd never let you do that to me, and I'm still not saying I will."
I arched an eyebrow, leading her by saying, "But…"
My little sister shrugged. "But I'll admit that I AM curious to find out what the hell you did to make Lex smile like that…"
DECEMBER 25, 2020
"Take good care of your sisters, now," Grandpa told me seriously, waggling his index finger for emphasis.
"Of course I will," I replied just as seriously, doing my best to ignore the innuendo in my own head.
"Thanks again for visiting!" Grandma called with a wave.
From twenty feet away as we stood on the lawn while our parents and grandparents remained on the front porch, Alex, Michelle, and I hefted the packages they'd set out for us. We wished them our final "Merry Christmas" greetings, loaded the packages into the car, and finally took off our facemasks.
Two and a half hours later, we got home, unloaded the car, and started pulling off our heavy winter clothing. I got distracted when Alex slipped her button-down sweater off her arms by thrusting her chest upwards and outwards. She noticed my gaze, grinned, and gave me a saucy look.
"Three-person shower?" my big sister suggested.
"Ooh, ooh, ooh!" Michelle cheered excitedly, already hopping up the stairs.
Alex winked and headed for the stairs as well, already knowing she didn't need to wait for my confirmation. And with a chuckle, I followed after.
Nine months ago, I never would have imagined my life turning out the way it had. One day, the coronavirus was a distant thing halfway around the world that everybody talked about, made Corona beer jokes about, and otherwise ignored completely. Within weeks the whole world got turned upside down and I'd suddenly found myself sent home from university, isolated in my childhood home with my two sisters, one thing led to another, and soon we were all FUCKING.
I had loved those first few crazy weeks when Alex and I started banging, Michelle caught us, and I took Michelle's virginity. Michelle slept with me in bed every night, although we didn't have sex while she was still on her period. She did enjoy giving me blowjobs, though, and of course Alex had to get filled up with her little brother's beautiful dick at least once a day. And to my everlasting delight, the two of them quite often decided to combine those activities into some pretty hot threesomes.
I'll always remember that time I looked over and got the shock of my life to see Alex slurping my creampie out of Michelle's cunt after we had our first fight when Alex's anal plans all went to hell that one Sunday.
I'll also never forget the moment I saw Michelle return the favor by eating her first creampie straight out of Alex's cunt the following Tuesday.
And I would be remiss not to mention that Michelle finally got around to asking Alex to give her blowjob lessons. Those were a LOT of fun, and Michelle DID get a lot better!
That's not to say the three of us were falling into bed or fucking each other over every surface of the house all day every week. We still had classes to attend, exams to study for, papers to write, and friends to keep in touch with. But yeah… other than that, the three of us were pretty much falling into bed or fucking each other over every surface of the house all day every week. Michelle's friends in particular had started questioning why she never seemed to have time for them, and when one of them asked during a group chat if she'd met a guy, her beet red blush had given her away. But overall, she'd kept a lid on things.
On the other hand, my friends didn't give a shit. I either played online with them or I didn't. If one of us dropped off the face of the planet for a week and then miraculously showed up again, nobody cared. He was back, and that was all that mattered. No questions asked.
Okay, it wasn't sex ALL day every day. Michelle and I played board games and cuddled on the couch just to talk. All three of us did evening workouts together. Alex even got a pair of in-line skates so she could join me and Michelle on our roller excursions (she already knew how to skate). We made food, shopped for groceries, and watched TV. Life goes on. The only real difference was that in the beginning of quarantine, after a workout I wouldn't have been able to walk behind one of the girls, slide my hand into the back of her Lululemon pants, and pop my middle finger into her pussy without getting slapped for it. Nowadays whenever I did that, Alex wouldn't let me take my hand OUT until I'd fingered her to orgasm.

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