Quick for Sis Ch. 02 – Last Week

tagIncest/TabooQuick for Sis Ch. 02 – Last Week

Right after their parents discovered them fucking like strangers in a hook up, the siblings did not learn at all.
"Emmett, I'm gonna cum!"
"Fuck, I'm..close..too, Erica!"
Erica fucked her brother with her full weight on top of him. She pounded her pussy down on his pelvis as he held her ass tight. His massive organ got her wet enough to finally fit his whole damn thing.
"Don't forget..to pull out!" She reminded.
"Just..get off me in time."
Their feet were shaking, along with their bed creaking and moving back and forth in little sways.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum, sis!"
"Oh, kids!" From the doorway a flash of light caught their eyes. It was their mother!
The two siblings came inside of each other, at the same time. The shock of their mom discovering them again was at the exact time they were about to slip off. But when their mother took a picture of them, their attention short-circuited and their bodies betrayed them. Now, Erica had a belly full of her brother's semen.
Like a thief in the night, their mother was gone. All that's left were two confused siblings staring at each other in the weirdest afterglow ever. None of them could break the silence. Erica scrambled off him and headed straight to the bathroom. Not bothering with her being naked waist down because of a more urgent, life or death situation.
Emmett got up and followed her. He opened the door and saw his sister trying to drip out his own semen. She tried to take the shower head to clean his seed off. "Wait! Don't!" He stopped her arm.
"Are you fucking dumb?"
"Look, just hear me out. You need to let it drip down on its own. Using water might *push* it up!"
"I don't give a shit! I don't want your cum in me!"
He kept his hold on her arm, "I'm serious! Just squat and let it drip down in the tub. I'm sorry, okay!"
"This is all your fucking fault! This never would have happened if you never stuck your dick in me in the first place! Just go away! You're a worthless, disgusting brother!" As soon as she said that, she felt regret for her own words.
She tried to take it back, "Emmett, I'm sorry…"
"I get it. I'm leaving you alone."
He walked back to his room. The place where they had sex. Quickly, he remembered having a morning after pill. He went back to the bathroom and knocked.
Erica opened, "Emmett, please. I'm sorry."
"Take this," he put the pill wrap on her hand. "It's a morning after."
"What? Uhh… Thanks."
"It's fine," he headed back to his bedroom.
"Emmett, I'm really sorry," he heard her voice behind.
"It's fine, sis. I'm sorry too about what happened. I'm just… Tired. "
He closed the door, turned his lamp off and went straight to sleep.
+ + + + + +
It was last week when things quickly got sexual between the siblings. Erica and Emmett were betting on which team was going to win in each game of the finals. Since they were growing up, they've had a tradition of making bets. Their competitive sides always brought the worst out of each other.
For this game, her bet was simple. Either she blows him or he eats her out. At first, this escalation of their betting gone sexual was a shock to Emmett.
They've never done anything more sexual than just their old days of playing doctor and curious show-me-yours days during puberty.
But Erica goaded him into it.
"It's because you're scared aren't you?"
"No, I'm not!"
"Scared to lose to your sister! What a wimp!"
"Oh, it's on now! Get ready to suck my dick. Literally!"
At the sixth game, Erica's team got an upset victory bringing the finals to a tie.
Emmett couldn't believe it. Now he would have to tongue fuck his own sister *inside* her pussy.
+ + + + + +
At first, he thought she was just making him feel as awkward as she could. Like an incestuous game of chicken.
When she called him to her room and showed her bare pussy, that's when he realized he was in deep shit.
"Come on, Emmett! Fair is fair! It's not gonna eat itself."
"Are you fucking crazy? I'm your goddamn brother!"
"Yeah, and water is wet while fire is hot."
"Then why are you still making me do this? Do you have a crush on me or something? Look, sis, you're cute but you're-"
"Dipshit! I don't have a crush on you! I just want your tongue. Unless you want Mom and Dad to know about Cindy."
Emmett realized just why his sister wanted his tongue. Cindy was a cheerleader from their school he brought home once. It was late night and their parents were out of town. He thought Erica must've been away too at her friend's house as it was quiet when he brought Cindy home.
That night, he got his second taste of pussy ever. Literally. She squirted a glass of her fluids full force at his mouth. She liked his skills so much that she let him fuck her right away. Also the second girl he's ever stuck his dick in. Sadly, he didn't last long just like his first time. He was glad Cindy was understanding because at least he stilk took the time to her cum.
"So you know about Cindy? How much did you see you lil' perv."
"Enough to know that you're tongue's better on my lips down here instead of talking to me about dumb wrestling shows."
"Fuck you, Erica. You won't change my love for All Elite Wrestling."
"Oh, I don't want a fuck, Emmett. But maybe if it's your mouth fucking me."
"Are you serious? You're still going with this?"
"Either this or you run around naked right now around our block with me filming you. Wear a disguise if you have to."
"…I give up. I'm eating your muff."
"Correct choice."
Emmett knelt down in front of her bed, meeting his sister's tender spot just a grab away.
"Let's make this quick."
"Oh, do whatever you want with your tongue. Just make me cum and get out of here."
"Are you really sure about this? Can't you get some other guy?"
"None of the guys I slept with like eating a girl. Dumbasses. At least they have good cocks."
Emmett shook his head, "Bad time to say that with your pussy close to my face. Maybe there's a good reason why." He sniffed at her moistness. "You did clean yourself, right?"
"What do *you* think? I just showered. You can taste it yourself."
Emmett looked like he was about to head to her spot immediately. Instead, he lifted her shirt up and kissed her waist. She blushed at his unexpected contact. "What was that?"
"I like to tease before I get my main course." He licked a straight line across her ivory tummy. Erica tried her best not to show any kind of reaction this early.
"Ohhh!" She yelped a sweet sound, failing to hide how good her brother's gentle tongue was with just one soft lick.
All her lower hairs were shaved clean. "You prepared yourself just for this?" he asked.
"You shaved 'cause you knew we were doing this."
"I always shave! This isn't something special!" She replied with a scrunched nose. Although, faint red blushes on her cheeks almost gave away the truth.
In a zigzag path, he licked side to side, slowly reaching towards her clit. Her eyes narrowed and twitched. She almost let out a moan before her even reached her damn snatch.
As soon as he did, when his tongue reached the hood and her pink dot, there was no way she could hide what she felt.
"You can call me Emmett, sis." He couldn't resist an egoistic jab.
"Shut up! You're not done!"
"Yeah, yeah." He gave a small, soft, puckered kiss to her clit. Her face got as red as her dot as he continued to give her love. Or was it just lust for Erica? Emmett wondered.
He moved to her slender thighs. He kissed them and made his sister's knees weak and trembling. She wanted to tell him to go back to her pussy, but her pride didn't want to admit how eager she was for him to reach between her lips.
He licked her at her thighs. Up and down. That trick again! Erica damned his skilled tongue. She got tingles down her legs and knew she was about to get wet. He switch to her other thigh. He's still good!
She fought valiantly to hold back her whimpers of joy. It was put to the test when her brother went for her pussy lips and licked one full stroke through her entire gash. And went back down the same route with the bottom of his fleshy tongue.
She closed her mouth tight and tried hard to moan quietly. She cursed her body for betraying her. All she wanted was a boy to lick her up, but she never thought her brother of all people would be the first AND be good at it.
Her juice finally came out and moisted her lips, mixing with the spit he already marked her with.
He looked up and wanted to say something to his sister.
"What?" She kept her facade of a demanding sibling.
It would have been so sweet to hold up to her head that she got wet from her brothers lickings, but he remembered that he was the one who agreed to this set up, albeit forced. Two wrongs won't make a right.
He lurched his head down and returned to her wet folds. Erica's moans followed.
He kissed her pussy like the pro he was, treating his sister's pussy like he did Cindy's with affection and just the right spice of naughtiness.
His head turned sideways, fully making out with her lips, pressing into them with suction, forgetting for a moment it was his brat of a sibling he was tasting. Her smooth, bare pussy helped his forget. He licked his tongue side to side, covering top and bottom ends.
She still wouldn't yield to the fact her brother was a good muff eater. She shut the lips on her mouth as tight as she could so he won't her her moans. But every second that passed made it harder for her to contain. It wasn't going to take long, but she desperately wanted that to be untrue.
Emmett felt his sister try to hide her body's creaks and urges. He had to end her uppity attitude this night. Time to use his ace in the hole. He turned his face back up and put his nose firmly on her clit. With that, he spread her pussy lips with his tongue and, for the first time, made the plunge inside her hole.
"Mhh! MHH!"
Up and down he went with his tongue folded like a U-shape. Then, he added his nose, rubbing on her clit in sync with his lickings. A double attack!
Oh, no! Erica knew she wasn't going to last anymore! Her hand moved itself toward his hair and ran her fingers through. She tried. She held it in.
She was on the edge!
Emmett licked deeper in her crevices, going where no brother should go before.
That's it! She broke!
Her pussy gushed a geyser, hitting him straight up his nose and open mouth.
She shrieked, then swiftly closed her mouth with her hands.
Emmett choked on his own sister's fluids and move immediately off her still jetting cunt.
"Fuck! Stop!"
He grabbed a pillow and used that to block her juice.
"What the fuck, sis! You squirted on me! You could have said something!"
"I… I'm sorry! I didn't know I could do that!"
"Ahck! Your pee is up ny nose!" He tried to sneeze out his nostrils and wiped her essence off. "I'm gonna smell you in my own damn nose for a week!"
"I'm sorry!"
She took her tissues immediately and rolled some for Emmett.
"Oh, I am sooo taking the next game seriously. WHEN I win, I'm going to make you do something worse."
Without any more last words, he got out of her bedroom and went straight to the bathroom.
She could have asked what he meant by that. She knew deep down what he meant… But if she was honest to herself , she would have admitted… it turned her on knowing what he would do.

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