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Hello My Dear Readers…
Quickie very well means Quick Sex, but I am not sure if that is exactly what happens in this story.
Instead, by using the said Title, I have intended to publish a Short Story, narrated at a Fast Pace, that can serve as a Quick Read.
If you have been keeping a watch on my Submissions, you will notice that this is the Second Installment in the Series, and the idea is to continue the same as an Anthology of Random Unconnected Sexual Encounters, with young Neil featuring as the Protagonist.
I have tried my best to make this as interesting as possible, and I hope that all of you will like the attempt.
Happy Reading!!
Neil was a hit among the women in his family – They all found him charming, funny and lovable.
But, it was only his unmarried single aunt, Kajol, who considered him her favorite!!
She was 40 now, and had taken a vow to not marry, when she was just 18, after her then boyfriend ditched her for her best friend!!
Kajol did lead the life of a hardcore feminist, till she turned 30, but her starving body soon tempted her into doing things she once thought she never would.
She was currently a proper modern day slag, who slept around, and had fun with every man who wished to have a piece of her!!
However, she never dated, and she never had someone she could consider her own – There was nobody among her partners who she could trust to be there for her, in times of a crisis!!
That is exactly where Neil comes in to the picture – It was he who was her go-to man, or rather, go-to boy!!
The youngster was always happy to be of assistance, and helped his elderly aunt with the groceries, and the cleaning of the house, and if required, even made himself available to drive her drunk wasted body back to her abode!!
There was never anything sensual between the two, and Kajol considered Neil as her own son, even though she often felt he was hotter than what the other ladies in the family thought he was!!
The adolescent too had a lot of love for his aunt, and treated her with a lot of respect, despite being constantly reminded what an easy tempting loose woman she really was!!
Rightfully, it was a surprise, but nothing to be shocked about, when Kajol showed up in Neil's bedroom, in her red lingerie!!
The above conclusion was not simply because they always secretly lusted for each-other, but also because of the fact that the event was only the after-effect of a very special task, the young lad participated in, upon the mature female's insistence, a fortnight ago!!
It was Kajol's birthday, the week that followed, and she wanted to celebrate the same in Goa, visiting the Only Nude Beach in India, and spending quality time on random beds.
But before she got there, she wanted to get an even tan, and the only person she could request to put lotion on her back, was her teenaged nephew!!
Neil was a little hesitant, yet agreed shortly enough to the demand of his mother's younger sister, and as soon he reached her place, for the activity, the duo headed to the terrace, where Kajol very frequently relaxed in the nude, letting her bare self be kissed by the sun!!
She was soon lying on her stomach, on top of the Outdoor Lounge Chair, set in the open space, and was ready, with the back side of her loose white t-shirt pulled all the way up, leaving her bra visible.
He was all set to start rubbing her, but just before his slippery lotion-containing hands caressed her body, she asked him to pause, and without any second thoughts, turned around, got up, and quickly took her top off, also removing her bra the very next second, and in the process, instantly causing the stunned onlooker's stimulation!!
Kajol immediately, very hastily, put her tee back, and repeated the process of settling down on the chair, for the rub, sternly stating that she did what she just did only to avoid getting tan lines!!
But by then, Neil had completely lost the plot, and it clearly showed – He had been greeted by the sight of his aunt's uncovered boobs, and they were round & huge & firm & sexy, just how he always imagined them to be.
He could hardly contain himself, and the aroused look on his face confirmed to the seductress that he was in the right mood to gift her a bottle of his own white lotion!!
Having said that, even though with a lot of difficulty, they were both able to somehow maintain decency, and not do anything taboo during the moments that followed, and complete the job!!
They duly went their separate ways, and the incident seemed as good as forgotten!!
However, Kajol knew her sister's boy deserved a satisfying treatment, for all the services he had done over the years, especially that particular tan day, and as a token of appreciation, she brought her booty to his residence, just minutes after her return from Goa!!
She was so happy that the young dude had helped her achieve a perfectly tanned body, and she was adamant that she reward him appropriately, even if it meant being a shameless ho in front of him!!
Playing with the straps of her red colored kinky corset, standing at the door, Kajol lustfully giggled, as Neil looked at her in carnal delight!!
It did not take much time for him to tell her she looked like a total MILF – She loved the compliment, and straightaway replied that his statement only indicates he wants to fuck her!!
Without waiting for him to utter another word, she climbed onto his bed, prepared to indulge in the wildest of fantasies!!
Neil had just come out after a shower, and barely had himself covered, and Kajol only had to strip him out of the white towel, wrapped around his waist, before gleefully proceeding to lick the head of his throbbing dick, with her thick pink lips, as he laid back, in pleasure.
She was soon taking the whole of his big cock in her mouth, and did not even mind when his tool gagged her – She was a pro, and she was enjoying gratifying her new lover!!
The lad, already feeling pushed to the extreme, found himself desperately wanting to start doing the hussy right there!!
Unfortunately, Neil lived with his parents & grandparents, and having sex at home was never a probable scenario for him, and even Kajol knew that.
She had easily sensed her nephew was highly excited, but was also more aware of the dangers the family members presented, and tactfully suggested to him that they move to a more discreet place!!
After all, it had been some time since she herself had come upstairs, and her kin were soon going to start looking for her, and even before they caught the unexpected pair in the act, they were going to spot the kurta & tights, she had conveniently let go off, on the passage that led to her nephew's room!!
Kajol was smart enough to understand that trouble loomed, but also had enough experience to know how she could still have safe uninterrupted sex with her youthful mate!!
With a lot of secrecy, she guided an exposed Neil to the terrace of his own house, picking up her deserted clothes in the process, before advancing to enter with him into the tiny store-room, at the corner, that was once used as the Servant Room!!
Kajol had earlier spent time in there, with a partner she could however never reveal, and was certain that the space was the best for their immoral incestful activity!!
The area was full of boxes, but more importantly, was also occupied by a small old cot, and though in a very dirty condition, it was going to serve the purpose.
Neil was in no position to care, anyway, and had his eyes fixed on the teasing show his mature aunt was putting on for him – She looked so supremely seductive in her sheer outfit, and he was ready to explode watching her model for him!!
Soon enough, her trimmed muff and ripe gorgeously shaped melons were happily disclosed, for him to love & play with, as her very well tanned 35-27-34 sized naked body was displayed in its full glory!!
The erotic view got him harder than ever, and pretty promptly, he found himself flat on his back, on the wooden cot, with her riding his rod, looking straight into his eyes.
She too was in a greatly turned-on state, and her dripping pussy easily accommodated the comparatively inexperienced monster, as she vigorously bounced on top of him!!
Kajol was very soon on the receiving end of pure sexual ecstasy, she had been missing during her recent encounters, and Neil started to touch her so deep, she was forced to feel herself, in her enticed frame of mind.
Her hands grazed her alluring neck, before moving on to grope her own busty tits, and pinch her long erect nipples, and then finally rub her swollen clit!!
She moaned & groaned loudly, as the boy stud began raising his pelvis, to push himself more into the interiors of her front bottom, at the same time also spreading her ass cheeks with his hands, to slowly push his middle finger inside her tight rump!!
Kajol squealed, and right away jumped out of his pole, but found herself being instantly pushed down, and taken in the G-Whiz Position, on the same squeaking platform.
Neil was the one in control here, and his aunt loved being at his mercy, as he drilled her relentlessly!!
She still supported him, by keeping her legs bent at the knee, making the already scintillating activity more thrilling, and her breathing soon turned faster, as she neared an orgasm!!
The mature woman eagerly lifted her head, to witness the speedy thrusts of the youngster, with her left hand placed tightly on top of her silky smooth brown hair, and watched as the hunk humped her, with his 9 inched rod.
But very soon, her skull fell back on the hard surface that the cot offered, with her mouth wide open in venereal awe, and it was obvious to the 19 year old that his aunt had climaxed, and he had done her good!!
"Cum Inside My Slutty Pussy!!" she humbly ordered, sounding exhausted after the exhilarating affair, and biting her lips, as her enchanting penetrator continued to show aggression.
Neil loved the thought, but was not very sure about ejaculating in the inner regions of Kajol's love-hole, due to the hard truth that he was well informed of the multiple abortions she had gone through, in the last two years, and was constantly reminded of the possibility that it could be one of her fertile days!!
However, his unmarried companion was adamant that she had her way here – She was definite her nephew had been such a good boy, and had earned the right to this unique opportunity, and she insisted him to shoot his load straight into her womb!!
As she felt his juices releasing into her beaver, she slyly announced that she would not mind even if she ends up being impregnated, and pulling her digger further closer, she passionately kissed him!!
Kajol's cunt now looked like an ocean full of cum, with slimy fluids starting to leak out of her cavity, upon the withdrawal of Neil's meat, and he proudly observed the result of his venereal doing, until his horny aunt shocked him, by confessing that her first time in the secluded room was with his own dad!!

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