Rachelle’s Birthday

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Rachelle's birthday was quickly approaching. Since we finally started having fun I figured I'd take it in my own hands to make her birthday very special this year. A lot of things have changed for Rachelle since our first time having sex. She has since fully committed to being my personal submissive slut. She dresses how I want when she sees me. She made a naughty twitter page and shows off on it. She sends naughty snaps while at work. She even admitted to her best friend she is curious about woman and told her she has always wanted her.
Her best friend is also a friend of mine. We had fun a few times. Only ever oral sex. Man can she suck a good dick. She is built much like Rachelle. Similar height and build. Both if them have giant amazing tits. Aimee loves to suck cock but I could never get her to let me fuck her.
I set up a date with Rachelle for her birthday at my place and tell her it's just her and I. Little does she know I convinced Aimee into coming and helping me please Rachelle on her special day. Now it's not a surprise for Rachelle when I use toys on her. Between nipple clamps, dildos, butt plugs and clit suckers we have used a number of things together. So when she arrives at my place and is told she is going to be wearing a blindfold it's just another request she agrees to. There is nothing Rachelle won't do to please me and that is the sexiest, best feeling in the world.
Rachelle goes to the bathroom and comes out in thong only and has the blindfold on her head. She follows me upstairs and quickly jumps in the bed. I already have restraints in place and as she lays in the middle of the bed I attach them to her wrists and ankles. I pull the blindfold down over her eyes and grab a toy from the drawer next to the bed. I pull out an egg. I reach down between her spread legs and can feel the moist fabric of her thong. I turn the egg on, pull her thong to the side and place the egg just under her clit before putting her thong back. She moans softly. "I'll be right back" I say leaving her strapped to the bed with a low vibration driving her crazy. I quickly exit the bedroom.
In the next room sits Aimee. She has on a short plaid skirt and a white button down blouse. I tell her Rachelle is ready but doesn't know she is there. She smiles an evil smile and stands up. I crack her ass hard and she looks at me with fire in her eyes. She smirks and walks into the bedroom where Rachelle is moaning and biting her lip. Her hips are wiggling as she tries to get the egg to drop into her pussy. Her thong is visibly wet.
Aimee walks to the bed beside Rachelle, reaching out and touching her tits. Each of her hands find their own tit and she begins to hold and squeeze Rachelle's giant breasts. I stand and watch as Aimee takes her time playing with Rachelle's tits. Squeezing them hard before moving to her nipples. She lightly pinches each of her nipples. One, then the other, then both at the same time. Aimee bends over holding her long hair in one hand and takes Rachelle's nipple into her mouth. Rachelle lets out a deep moan as Aimee sucks her nipple hard.
Seeing the two of them together has my cock has hard as it's ever been in my life. It pushes against my shorts as I watch Aimee let the saliva covered nipple slip from her mouth. Her hand moves from Rachelle's breast down her body and over her thong covered pussy. Aimee rubs her fingers over her clit through the wet material. Rachelle bites her lips hard. I walk up behind Aimee as she continues to tease Rachelle's clit. I reach around her body and begin to unbutton her blouse. It's as if she doesn't even notice I'm doing so she is so fixed on Rachelle. I undo the last button and Aimee moves her arms, letting her shirt fall to the floor almost out of instinct. She continues to run little circles around Rachelle's clit. The moans are now loud but Aimee doesn't care.
As I undo Aimee's bra she moves her hand from Rachelle's pussy. Her bra slides down her arms as she reaches down to remove her skirt. Aimee is now total naked in front of me. Her tits seem even bigger then I remember- 38DD at least. Her pink nipples hard. Begging for attention. Her pussy smoothly shaven like always. I grab both her tits with my hands and grind my cock against her ass. Her hand quickly slips between us giving me a squeeze.
Aimee lets go if my cock and returns her focus back to Rachelle. She slips her hand under her thong and pulls the egg out. Rachelle's moan is that of both relief and disappointment. Aimee quickly slides her hand back under the thin wet material and her fingers find Rachelle's clit. Sliding it between her thumb and middle finger as she pinches slightly. Rachelle again moans loudly. Aimee continues to work Rachelle's clit as I begin to work Aimee's nipples.
I pinch and roll her nipples in my fingers, causing her to bite her lip not wanting to let her moans escape her mouth. I continue to tease Aimee's nipples while she slips her fingers into Rachelle's dripping pussy. Rachelle's hips buck as she screams ohhh god as she cums hard on Aimee's fingers. Aimee continues to work her fingers inside of Rachelle's pussy. Her hips still locked high in the air as her body continues to explode inside.
Aimee pulls her fingers slowly from Rachelle's pussy and puts them to her mouth. Aimee sucks the juices of her best friends pussy slowly off her fingers savoring the first taste of her. As Aimee pulls her fingers from her mouth she climbs onto the bed straddling Rachelle. For the first time Rachelle realizes it's not just her and I. Before she can say anything Aimee leans forward and kisses her hard.
As Aimee pushes her tongue into Rachelle's mouth their tongues begin to battle with eachother. I step down to the foot of the bed and reach up to Rachelle's hips. I pull the thong hard ripping it off her body. Looking up between them I can see their tits rubbing eachother and both their pussies wet and needy. I slide up the bed. My fingers find Rachelle's eager and dripping pussy and my tongue finds Aimee's wet pussy. Both of them moan into each others mouth as I please them.
The two of them continue to make out as I continue using my fingers on Rachelle and my tongue on Aimee. I have two fingers pushing into Rachelle, wiggling them as my hand hits her pussy lips. I'm pumping my fingers in and out if her wetness as fast as I can and deep into her. My tongue is working Aimee's pussy as she lays on Rachelle. I slip my tongue in and out as if her gather her juices as best I can. I slide my tongue down to her clit and rub it back and forth over her. Both of them are quickly approaching an orgasm. I continue working each of them for a few more minutes trying to keep the speed I have with each.
Rachelle cums first. Her pussy tightens around my fingers as I continue to fuck her with them. I pull my fingers from her and grab Aimee's ass with both hand. I pull her checks apart allowing me to push my tongue deeper into her pussy. She begins to cum hard in my face. Aimee pushes her hips back grinding her pussy against my face as she cums on my tongue. As she finishes cuming I pull myself from behind her. I grab Aimee by the hair and pull her towards me. She leans back as I grab her tit and whisper "ride her face and face me" into her ear.
Aimee quickly moves around the bed placing her pussy over Rachelle's mouth. Even blindfolded it doesn't take Rachelle long to start licking and sucking Aimee's pussy. Aimee lays down and begins to kiss just above Rachelle's clit. She slowly runs her fingers up and down the outside of her pussy lips. Rachelle begins to buck and wiggle her hips as an attempt to beg for her pussy to be pleased. I slide in between Rachelle's legs and my hard cock touches her pussy lips. Aimee sticks her tongue out letting the underside of it touch Rachelle's clit as I push my cock into her mouth. I pull my cock from Aimee's mouth and begin to slide it between Rachelle's pussy lips as Aimee begins to lick Rachelle's clit.
My cock finds Rachelle's entrance and slides easily into her. Her body stiffens as my cock begins to slide into her as Aimee flattens her tongue against her clit licking it forcefully. Rachelle cums before I have the full length of my cock inside her. As I get deeper in her Aimee pulls her head up giving me more room to fuck Rachelle's dripping wet pussy. Aimee lays her head on Rachelle's thigh and watching my cock slide slowly in and out if her best friend. Aimee slides her hand over Rachelle's hip and finds her clit with the tip of her fingers. She begins to work small circles around Rachelle's clit.
Aimee bites her lip and moans as Rachelle begins to work her tongue again back inside her pussy. Her eyes never leave my cock as I continue to fuck her best friend. Aimee has sucked my cock a number of times but has always been to scared to fuck me due to how big my dick is. Watching her face I know today is the day I'll finally get to sink my cock into her pussy. First things first though.
I begin to pick up the pace as which I'm fucking Rachelle. As I continue to pump into her faster and harder Aimee begins to rub her clit faster. I can tell Rachelle is close and having a hard time focusing on eating Aimee's pussy by the lack of moans coming from Aimee. I start to slam into Rachelle as hard as I can. Her moans muffled as Aimee's pussy is still against her face. Rachelle beings to buck wildly as she again slips over the edge and cums. Her pussy tightens around my cock gripping it hard as I continue to pound into her. As she continues to cum her pussy continues to clamp tighter and tighter. With a grunt and one last power thrust into her I cum inside her. As I blast rope after rope of cum I begin to pull my cock out of her pussy. The last blast of cum lands just below her clit after my cock pops from her now cum leaking pussy.
As soon as my cock leaves her pussy Aimee is again face down licking Rachelle's honey pot. This time with the added bonus of my load. Aimee has always enjoyed my cum so it comes as no surprise when she quickly begins to suck my load from inside Rachelle being she already licked her pussy clean if the shot of cum that landed below Rachelle's clit. I proceed to move to the other side of the bed so that I am now looking at Rachelle's tongue eagerly working aimees clit as the both begin to wiggle around the bed as each is brining the other to an orgasm. Sounds of moans and my cum being slurped out of Rachelle's pussy fill the room.
Listening and watching these two big titted beauties who I've dreamt of this moment of for so long quickly has my cock hardening again. As my dick continues to grow I slide my hand up the inside of Aimee's leg until I can feel the heat coming from her pussy. Rachelle continues to work her clit with her tongue so I slide a finger into her wet pussy. I work just one finger into Aimee and she begins to moan loudly into Rachelle's pussy. My cock now fully hard again I kneel behind Aimee and pull her back forcing her onto her knees pulling her pussy from Rachelle's mouth. Rachelle quickly grabs my cock stuffing it into her mouth for a few seconds before letting it slide out. She uses her tongue to push me towards Aimee's pussy entrance.
As I begin to push my cock slowly into Aimee's tight wet pussy she moans a deep moan I've never heard her make before. Rachelle slides towards me taking my balls into her mouth as I push my cock deeper and deeper into Aimee. I slowly work my shaft into Aimee. Half because I don't want to hurt her and half I love Rachelle sucking my balls. I pull my cock all the way out leaving just the tip between Aimee's lips. I put my thumb in my mouth covering it with spit and push it against Aimee's tight asshole. She jumps with surprise but doesn't stop me. As I continue to push my thumb into her ass I shove more of my cock into her pussy. I continue to push this time until my balls bump against her.
Now that I'm fully into Aimee's pussy I push with my thumb until it slips into her ass. Holding my thumb in place I begin fucking Aimee slowly as Rachelle still sucks my balls. Aimee again has her head on Rachelle's leg and her fingers now working her pussy. As I fuck Aimee she matches the speed with her fingers inside Rachelle causing her to moan with my balls in her mouth. Finally being inside Aimee and Rachelle moaning on my balls is pushing me to the edge much quicker than I expected. I begin to slam into Aimee hard. Her pussy struggling to take my cock as I hammer into her. Her pussy juices begin to flow down my shaft and onto Rachelle's face. Both of them are beginning to shake.
I can feel my balls begin to tighten and know both Aimee and Rachelle are close to cumming. I pull my thumb from Aimee's ass and grab her hips. I pull her back into me as I slam forward into her. I see Rachelle's legs stiffen as she begins to cum. Aimee beings to shake harder as I force my cock deep into her. Rachelle somehow gets her hand to my cock and grips it with her thumb and index finger right behind Aimee's pussy and squeezes hard. Aimee's pussy clinches hard on my cock as she starts to cum. That plus the pressure added by Rachelle sets me off. My hips fire forward and my hands pull Aimee's hips into me. I begin to cum hard into her pussy.
Spent, I pull my cock from Aimee and lay on the bed. Aimee breathing hard rolls off of Rachelle. Rachelle to breathing hard pussy juices from Aimee on her face. No cum from me left to be found in or on her.

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