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This is a story about my aunt and her history. Indian wives, ninety percent, don’t go to work. They stay home and call themselves housewives. But fate was so cruel to me that I was destined to give up the so-called housewife status to work and earn for my family. I had to support my only daughter .

I tried all possible means to earn. I tried as a sales girl. The owner of the shop, taking advances, pressed my breasts one day, squeezed my buttocks another day, that and all I allowed, but when he wagged at me his skin capped penis one day I was scared. I gave up the job. I tried my luck as a house maid too. The men folks there, the land lord, his college going son and the land lord’s father-in-law, all of them wanted to have sex with me, to the back of their women folks, that of course I understood, but when they exposed me their pricks I was panicked. I stopped going there. I survived as a rag picker.

On that day, I went into the streets, as usual, picking rags. After quite some time, I became aware of a young man following me. I felt a chillness running through me. I sped up and moved towards the lake, where security persons would be posted. That man chased me not, but in his leisurely phase followed me there also.

“Where are you heading towards, sir?” a security man intervened him, “Nobody is allowed in the lake area before 6 O’ Clock.”

That young man, then, backtracked. I felt relieved.

At sunrise, I was in the market area, searching through the vegetable wastes. And suddenly there I noticed him, the young man who followed me in the early hours. He was watching me. No, it seemed, he was admiring me. I observed him through side glances. He was tall, young and also handsome.

I took to the road towards my hut. He followed me there too. My follower was on my tail. I reached the bridge, then got down from the road and went up towards my hut. Once I climbed the plateau, where my hut was, I turned around and looked for him. He was standing there near the bridge. I knew, being a man of high strata, he would not follow me in to the slum.

I went inside my hut. My six year old daughter was sleeping still. I came out. My eyes strayed towards the bridge. The man who followed me was nowhere around. Then with a sigh of relief, I stuck on to my morning routines.

I came down and stepped on the road. Brahma-kumaries, gents and ladies in white robes, had already started their morning walk around the lake. I walked north, took a narrow path and climbed the hill and went behind a rock. I sat down lifting my saree and skirt. After relieving me of my bowels, I moved a bit forward and started washing my ass with the water I carried in the bottle. Only then I noticed him, the young follower, standing on the high platform of the nearby rock-garden, watching me intently. I felt shy and covered my head and of course the other uncovered parts. I left immediately and went straight into my hut.

I went behind my hut and washed myself behind an enclosure.

Drying out myself I entered back into my hut. I woke up my daughter, made her ready and gave her some roti to eat.

All these activities would have taken me an hour. But when I came out of my hut I could see him, that young man, standing there near the bridge. I was alarmed. I hesitated first, but made up my mind to face him. When I stepped on the road, over the bridge, I threw a glimpse at him. He met mine with a piercing stare. Something got snapped inside me.

I didn’t go to the town, where I intended to go, but walked on the opposite direction. As I expected, he was behind me. After five minutes walk I took a diversion and went in to the hilly terrain behind some bushes. He took some time, to avoid others observations, and arrived at my side.

“Kya hai? (What is it?)” I questioned him annoyingly, “Kya chaahiye? (What do you want?)”

He was off guarded. He blinked at me pathetically as a fool. I felt a bit sorry for my rudeness.

“I don’t know. I have no intentions” he answered me in Hindi. “You have a great structure. That’s all I can see. You draw me like a magnet. That’s all I can say.”

I didn’t know whether I was appalled or delighted, but I said in vexation, “Can’t you see that I am a dirty rag picker.”

“But, best things in life come from worse background.” He announced, boldly.

His eyes were grazing at my body. I felt as if I was naked. But the point is that I experienced a hot wave through my body and a wetness welling up in between my thighs.

‘Seven years, since we left Ahmedabad,’ I reckoned, ‘Thought of sex never crossed our mind. Now this rascal had rekindled it.’ I took aside the ‘pallu’ of my ‘saree’ to sponge out the perspiration on my face. It exposed the jutting of my breasts in my tight fitting blouse. He looked eagerly at my exposure. His right hand moved to his crotch and pushed down something there.

That, when I observed, stirred my body hot, further increasing my juices to flow. I became more anxious then. I didn’t want to lose him.

“People are climbing over there” I pointed out to him the trekking people, who were climbing on the near by mountain. “They could very well notice us.”

“I too would like to climb, if you permit” he quipped with a mischievous smile.

I wanted to pull out his cock, then and there, and stuff my cunt with it. Instead, I gave him a simple meaningful look and walked ahead. I found a hideout not very far. Behind a big rock there was a small space covered with a patch of grasses. My saree I removed, folded and spread over the grasses. Coming behind me, he was eagerly feeding his eyes on my physique, curved out in my tight choli . I sat down. My heart was racing. He was looking at my heaving breasts. I looked up at him.

He hesitantly placed his big hand on my shoulder. That was enough for me. I caught that big hand and placed it on one of my breasts. Taking the clue, he himself placed his other hand on my left out breast. He squeezed them and pulled me towards him. His face was so close to me. His jet black eyes were boring through mine. I closed my eyes, enjoying his eager gentle squeeze at my breasts.

He brushed his lips against mine. I opened mine a little. Then I felt his wet lips fully on mine. He pushed through my lips and entered my mouth with his big fleshy tongue. I received it readily and sucked at it. Then he took my tongue in to his mouth and played to it with his own tongue. Eagerly I played with him.

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I opened my blouse. There was no bra to interfere. I surrendered their bareness unto his open hands. He cupped their already congealed fleshiness and started squeezing them as one kneading aatta to make roti. My nipples became painfully erect and were getting mangled under his palms. Leaving my lips he took my breasts in his mouth and started sucking them and their nipples one by one. He was at them for quite sometime that it only increased my passions, evaporating my patience.

I myself downed his pants, inserted my hand into his brief and pulled out his manhood. His mottu lund sprang up in my hand like an angry snake. I was fascinated by its size. It was like a granite piece in its hardness and color. Its well exposed bulbous head was shining like a peeled off onion with its fish-mouth already oozing pearls of pre-cum. I smeared his pre-cum with my fingers over his cock-head. His cock impatiently stabbed at my palm.

I opened then the buttons of his shirts. His broad chest was covered with shiny black hairs. His stomach was flat.

I climbed on his lap and embraced him, entrapping his erect cock in between our bodies. I pummeled his hairy chest with my stiff nipples and jutting breasts. He encircled me with his muscled arms, crushing me against him and fucking his cock up through the tightness of our embrace. His moving cock was spitting its oozing pre-cum at the valley of my breasts.

“Now, show me your cunt” he whispered.

I separated and laid myself on my back. I pulled loose the rope, but didn’t push down my skirt. He pulled down my skirt and tossed it aside. I didn’t wear any panties. He caressed my naked body from toes to temple with his fingers, which sent shivers all over my body. He moved up slowly and made me hot to want more and more of him.

He massaged my thighs. Then he kneaded the fleshy mound of my shaved cunt, running his fingers now and then all along the crack, manipulating the labial swelling and teasing the pleasure button. I couldn’t bear the sensations. I myself widened my thighs and offered my cunt to his access, willingly. He kneaded and kneaded my cunt as one kneads a mango fruit to make its pulp into juice, before he bites open its skin to suck out the juices. Then he pushed his middle finger into the slushiness of my crevice. His finger being so thick and long, I felt as if a cock had entered my cunt. I lifted my buttocks a little and fucked back at his invaded finger, exposing my eagerness shamelessly.

Elated, I opened my eyes. We looked into each other. His eyes were sparkling and speaking so many love-tales. “What do you want me to do with you?” he asked.

I inserted my fingers into his dense hairs, held him by his hairs and jerking his head, urged him, “Fuck me. Fuck me now, immediately.”

As time went, waves of pleasure rippled through my body. Tossing my head this side and that side, moaning and groaning, I lifted my buttocks and pushed the gash of my cunt at his face. Suddenly my abdomen convulsed and the dam inside my cunt broke down to bath his tongue and mouth with the floods of its juices. My buttocks collapsed on the floor, but he didn’t let me go. He lapped at my cunt for some more time, till he satisfied himself with his performance. Only then he raised his head and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Then he laid himself on his back. He lifted me up and made me sit on his thighs. He wanted me to fuck him from ‘woman on top’ position. That too I never did in my life before. Not only that, we never experimented varieties in our sex acts. I admitted him so. But he insisted. His cock was pointing the sky in its full glory. He made me mounted on it. He caught his cock by his right hand and placed its bald head in the entrance of my cunt. Then he pulled me by my hips and made me slip down on his cock. His cock filled my sheath with its hugeness. My buttocks rested on his balls. Yah Allah, his cock stretched the whole length of my vagina, entered the tight cervical ring of my womb and pervaded the secret depths of my fertility chamber. I remained there, stuffed with his hugeness, stunned.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Your cock is unbelievably big” I hissed.

“But your cunt is unbelievably hot and juicy” he hissed back at me.

I blushed at but enjoyed his rhetoric. With his instruction and guidance, I started my up and down movement. When he appreciated my quick learning I went red, but jumped up and down on his pole encouragingly. His cock was hitting me deep. I was bathing his shaft with my juices. Just in five minutes fucking, I reached my pleasure peak. I collapsed on his chest and kissed him affectionately.

I lifted my buttocks up and enjoyed his merciless jabbing. My cunt was overflowing with its juices, drenching down my thighs and buttocks. A rhythmic sound as ‘plug-klug-plug-klug-plug-klug’ was produced out of our cock-in-cunt movement and echoed by the nearby rocks. Within few minutes my body rocked again and I let out a groan and climaxed.

Immediately he disengaged himself, rolled me on my stomach, pulled up my hips to raise my buttocks and entered my cunt, from behind, with the stiffness of his massive manhood. I felt as if I was busted in by a stallion. He brought his hands around my thighs and caught my breasts. He never let my breasts free. Squeezing them he started moving his cock in a deep and shallow movement. The deep movements were real attacks, in which his thighs slapped against my buttocks while the tip of his cock hitting against a far wall somewhere beyond my navel. My cunt was begging for mercy, but the savageness of his cock was heedless. Burying my face in the folds of my saree there under, I was moaning and groaning continuously. My cunt was full of pleasure buds being stimulated unbearably by his powerful long swimming cock. Peak after peak my body was rocked by the waves of pleasure. I was about to lose my consciousness, but then he increased his speed and… And so deep inside… His cock erupted…again and again… And flooded my cunt with his hot thick semen until it overflowed through the puffy lips of my cunt. He collapsed on me and I collapsed on the ground. We were lying there like that, breathing heavily and sweat pouring down from his body bathing mine.

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