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Hi ISS readers this is Rahul from Bangalore. I am a big fan of this site. I have been reading stories in this site from past one year and this is my first submission to ISS. This is not a real story to be frank but it’s my imagination which I want to do with Bangalore ladies if I get a chance. Let me first introduce myself completely, I am Rahul(name changed)just 19 of age from garden city Bangalore, well built body,5′ 6″ height and 65 kg weight, for more details mail me after reading this story, my id is in the end of the story.

I came to know a lady aged around 32 I hope, but very sexy and hot, named lajja who is really filled with shy top to bottom. Seduction of this woman would be a dream of every Indian guy. Figure 38D-26-36 especially attractive by huge boobs. She is 5′ 4″ tall and a bit heavy looking lady coz of those 2 round golgumbuz. When ever she walks, hai rabba mai mar jawa can’t just explain by words, that cat walk. Her eyes are just like two starts twinkling with urge for sex and a single look at those starts would make a man go crazy about her. Her ass not that huge but very sexy to look at and to play with in is a different enjoyment which has to be experienced. I think explaining has become too much. Now let me come straight to the point, To be frank I am not a dashing or a very modern guy but I am as simple as possible and a very flexible person. When I go out I usually wear formals and go out but if I am in jeans really I look good, I am not boosting myself but its true. That day fortunately I had wore jeans and I wore simple designed full arm t-shirt and had left for my admission in C.A institute where I found a mind blowing lady(lajja) she got impressed by my looks that day and spoke to me nicely. She is basically a north Indian with whom I had to speak for my admission as there was a confirmation.

At my first sight I became crazy about this lady, which would had happened to every one who ever spoke to her. Think if this was my condition just for being 5 min in front of this lady, what would be the condition of the office staffs? Fortunately my English was fluent when I spoke to her even thought I was a bit nervous after seeing her. That day I got myself admitted. But at the same time I decide to join for the couching classes in the institute itself so that it would help me in seeing lajja every now and then. After some days the classes began for P.E-1 and I started going for classes. When ever got chance I was not missing it out to see her naked naval which was visible as she wore saree below that naval. Like this only, 3 months passed away and in those three months some how I had managed to get close to her by going to her for asking one or the other thing about the details of the course. In the mean while I used to sit close to her by which I could smell her perfume. Many times even I could view her private places through the opening of her blouse when her pallu was little misplaced. After those three months I got a chance to go out with lajja as she asked me to just drop her to her place as she was very late for some function and I left the institute with lajja on my bike. My devil mind started working and when ever I got humps or any dug places I would put sudden breaks so that her melons would press my shoulders.

Like this only I reached her house and dropped her home. But for my surprise her husband asked me to get in and have a cup of tea. I readily agreed thinking I could spend time in her house. When I was in her house I came to know one thing that her hubby was not such a good person and she was not happy with his behaviors thought that was not the right time for me to sit for some more time and I left. The next day she came with a dull face and I was thinking she might have fought with hubby so she is like that. But she had a very good friend named sita who was an accountant in the same institute with whom she would share all her feelings. That day in the after noon I went to her chamber to speak to her but I found sita also and stayed out to wait till sita comes out of the chamber. But fortunately I heard lajja saying yesterday night her hubby fucked her very badly and she had a swollen pussy which was paining a lot. She told she was not even satisfied when he finished fucking. I felt my luck kicking me badly and I decide to seduce this lady. After that day I tried to mingle with lajja in a matured way. I some times asked her about her married life and some time I also asked her why she is not having children. When ever I asked such questions I could see some sadness on her cute face. Slowly I started asking her about sex.

Initially I asked her whether I can send her some non-veg msgs, she agreed without any hesitation. From this I got a little bit courage and I started sending her extreme non-veg msgs which had intercourse jokes, jokes on pussy, facts of sex and all. She was getting naughty day by day and she also started sending such msgs to me in return. I was enjoying this very much. But one day I gained some courage and asked her whether she liked having sex and was she satisfied by her husband. I was shocked by her reaction; she left the place without saying a word and did not speak to me for 3 days. I felt very bad by her reaction. Later I was regretting for what I had asked. But to my utter surprise after some days I got an msg from her which read-“hi rahul, this is lajja. I felt very bad when u asked me that question but when I went home, thought about it, and my mind told it’s not a wrong question to be asked. From next day I could observe urge of sex in her eyes. Being so shy she was so hot, I don’t have words to explain. From that day I became very close and one surprising thing is me, lajja and sita three of us started to speak vulgar things when ever we sat for chatting. Like this only 5 months passed away. One day when we were speaking about sex life lajja openly told that she is not at all satisfied by her hubby; he always comes and just fucks her for 5 min gets satisfied and goes. He never thought what his wife wanted. He was a business man who would go on long tours for 1 month like that. So he would come some day, finish his sex with her and would leave again for tour. Lajja was really fed up on this; she needed a new sex partner which she had not expressed. Like this only one Sunday I visited her house just to spend some time with her. Her hubby was on tour for that whole weak. I thought this is the right time to fulfill my dreams if not I will loose a great chance. When I got into her house I found her in a light blue saree and the blouse was sleeveless coz of which she was looking damn beautiful. We both called up sita to accompany us in lajja’s house. We started our usual chat on sex and all. I got some courage to ask lajja, was she expecting a sex partner as she had not got satisfied by her hubby. Hesitantly she said yes I need one right now. Sita suddenly got excited by our speech and she caught hold of my 6″ cock. We both were shocked by this move of sita.

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I did not know what to do and how to react for this move, so was sitting idle on the chair enjoying sita’s strokes on my half grown cock. Really the atmosphere was getting too hot so we all entered the bedroom, put on the A.C. Lajja come on to the bed where I and sita were busy in our kissing session. After 5 min of kissing I shifted on to lajja with her lips on mine and we both were sucking each other’s lips like hungry beasts. After finishing the French kiss I asked both the ladies to kiss each other and also asked them to strip each other with all sexy acts. When they started removing each other’s dress I had my cock out from the zipper and was stroking to make it grow up completely. Both the ladies were naked in front of me sucking each other’s nipples one by one. I was arouse fully by that scene and this continued till 10 min. It was too much for me to cum but I controlled my emotions for a while as I had to satisfy both the angels who were completely nude in front of me. I started rolling my hands on lajja’s ass now, she was sucking sita’s boobs when I started rubbing her ass with more pressure she understood what was happening to me sitting there seeing them sucking each other. She came to me bent her head and took my manhood into her mouth. She started sucking it like a lolly pop. At the same time sita was sucking lajja’s pussy with her tongue in it. Both the ladies had an exceptionally good structure and spare parts (vagina, boobs and ass).Those pussy lips of both were so beautiful I felt like sucking it till I die. I was going crazy about them and we were talking and doing these entire thing. Lajja told me that if she had a chance she would had married me and would have had sex with me every now and then. But it was too late to do that as she was already married. Then I took my turn on both the pussies, I licked them on there hairs pussy first for which they started hopping and moaning. I inserted my tongue into lajja’s vagina and started tasting her pre-cum. I started fucking her with my tongue her pussy walls were very wet; she had a loose pussy as her hubby would treat her like an animal all the time. But she tasted great with her pussy. After 5 min she gave a loud moan and ejaculated in my mouth and that was the first time I had sucked a pussy as well as drank cum of vagina.

What a great experience it was, really mind blowing. They both sucked my cock to make it completely erect. I could not control any more myself from fucking both the dream ladies; I placed my cock on lajja’s vaginal lips. Just coz of touching her pussy with my manhood I was in heavens and started pushing it inside the vagina. She was very slippery and I felt very easy to slid in as she had a loose hole. I started jerking in and out very easily and vigorously but suddenly I felt like ejaculating. I did not want to finish the climax so easily, so I took my cock out and rested for some time. The heat came down a bit but I was keep on finger fucking sita at the same time sita to lajja. I kept them hot but I cooled a bit and again I came in to act. This time I took sita and placed my cock on her vagina and pushed it little and found difficult into her as she was very tight to enter. Some how I made myself in her completely but this time I used one idea I started stroking her slowly and fucked her for 10 min like that. This idea started working I keep on fucking her at the same pace as I had started it. By this the climax got delayed and I got ample time to fuck sita. It was so great to prolong the climax by reducing the speed. We both were in heavens that slow fuck continued for 45 min, what a satisfying intercourse it was. Oh god, I can never forget that in my life time. I ejaculated after such a long time and collapsed on her. After 15 min I again took action on lajja. She was really waiting for her turn and was totally arouse by our intercourse. I started entering lajja with a great force as I had again become impatient coz more than sita I was eager about lajja. But she asked me to fuck her in the same way as I did with sita. This time I kept jerking slowly into lajja, her vaginal walls were very slippery by this time so felt easy assess into her. I felt her enjoying the slow motion jerk. I was getting the feeling of the warmth inside her vagina. Heat was increasing time by time. She was pushing her ass rhythmically with my strokes to meet the dept of the stroke. We both were enjoying this very much. I spent very long time in lajja’s pussy than in sita’s. When ever I felt lajja’s vaginal walls contrasting I would slow down and again I would start so that her orgasm would get prolonged. This made her to get satisfied very much. She was so satisfied that she just hugged me with her arms when I was jerking her and she had her legs wrapped around my waste. After one hour I came in her and for my luck she also ejaculated at the same time. This was very satisfactory for us. From that day when ever we got chance we would not miss it not even in institute bathroom. Lajja and sita told me that they felt lucky to have me as there sex partner and wanted there hubbies to be away from them.

Ok friends that were my imagination. Hope u people liked it and u will ask ur friends to visit this site and ask them to read my story. Pls send me ur feed backs I will be waiting for ur opinions. This is my first story and I am writing it with out any physical experience. If there is any mistake pls excuse I and I will correct it in my next story which depends on ur feedbacks in turn.

Ladies or gals from Bangalore who have liked this story and who are interested in me can mail me. If interested in relationships secrecy will be maintained but satisfaction guaranteed. I will be waiting for ur feedbacks and reaction from gals or ladies. Love u gals my id is [email protected]

Take care friends I will be back with my other story hope it’s a true one if any gals respond to my story. Bye! Have a great time.