Rainy Day! | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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One morning I woke up and immediately noticed, due to the noise, the great storm that was hitting our area.I had to revise plans for the day and that led me to stay home. I was alone as a mother, she had already been traveling for a few days for work.Around 10:00 am my aunt called saying she was home too and if I wanted to keep her company.I accepted right away, settled down and ran, so as not to get all wet, I went to her.I found the keys on the door and went inside.A: “I’m upstairs to finish something for work, come up” she said from upstairs.I went to her, but did not see her in the room. I walked down the hall and found her in the room where she works, trains and relaxes.In this room there is a large window overlooking the countryside, my aunt was lying with her back to the door, to look out, and she was working on the PC.I immediately noticed that the window was open, my aunt loves the storm and wanted to hear the noise it caused.She wore black leggings, a red T-shirt, white stockings. Her legs were bent and her feet were suspended in the air, she made them move in a very sensual way, especially for a foot lover.I approached her and greeted her by patting her ass and stroking her hair.A: “5 minutes and I’m done” she told me.I sat on top of her next to her and stroked her up and down. I took off her socks and began to massage and caress her beautiful feet, this time with red nail polish.A: “As much as I like you to lick my feet, you’re really obsessed” she told me laughing, M: “Yes aunt, I can’t help it” I retorted smiling.Aunty finished working, closed the pc and put it on the floor near the sofa, she got up and hugged me.I made her lie down, washed her leggings and panties in one go, threw them on the floor and threw myself between my aunt’s legs.I licked her pussy while with my finger I penetrated her alternating her pussy and anus.Silence reigned in the house, only the sound of the heavy rain came through the slightly open window.I got up, took off my pants and sat on the edge of the sofa looking out. Aunty knelt down, with one hand she grabbed my balls and with the other she started jerking me slowly.She a few seconds and she, still holding the balls with one hand, she took the cock in her mouth. She gave me a beautiful blowjob, which lasted a few minutes which seemed like an infinite time to me.She stood up, pulled me back a few inches and stood on top of me slipping his cock into her pussy.Aunt’s legs and feet were on top of mine, she started moving up and down making her come first, but also me.I didn’t take off her shirt but, with my hands, I went to squeeze her buttocks and make her increase the pace.After a while I let myself fall backwards taking my aunt with me, and I started to make the rhythm using my pelvis continuing to penetrate her.She withdrew after a while, got between my legs and sawed me with her feet. M: “You’re really good aunt”, I exclaimed.Aunty smiled, lay on her stomach and gave me a blowjob again, during which she lifted her legs and, from behind her head, I saw the soles of her feet that drove me crazy.The rain did not stop and the noise was predominant inside the room.Aunty got up and squatted, I got on my knees and I started licking her. I prepared her anus and after a few minutes I penetrated it forcefully.While I was fucking her both mine and her hand played with her pussy.After a while she came thanks to our hands and with her moans overcoming the noise from outside.I went on for a while longer fucking her ass while holding onto her shirt.I climaxed, took out her cock and rested it on her toes. I flooded her plants with all my enjoyment. Aunt as soon as she felt the heat of my cum she gasped.I kissed her buttocks and admired her ass that until a few seconds before her I was fucking.Having nothing to clean her feet with, I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.We settled in and Auntie put on one of her bodysuits and mid-calf socks.We went down and had lunch shortly after.Without even realizing it, after lunch we sat on the sofa and fell asleep.Around 4:00 pm the storm, which had worsened since the morning, woke my aunt who immediately woke me up too. The upstairs window remained open so it was as if the thunder had been inside the house.Outside it was still raining non-stop, my aunt made some tea and we drank it on the sofa.Aunty extended her legs towards me and placed them on mine as I sat.I finished my tea and massaged my aunt’s feet. I took off her socks and brought her feet towards my mouth, I kissed and licked them again.As soon as my aunt finished her tea too, I loaded her onto her shoulders, went upstairs to the room from the previous fuck and threw her on the sofa. I immediately took off my pants, opened the buttons of my aunt’s bodysuit and thrust my finger into her pussy to make it wet well.I penetrated her without thinking too much and started moving faster and faster. We both moaned with pleasure.A: “Get up and I’ll do it” she told me. I took off and lay down next to her. She lay down and in the morning she gave me a blowjob showing me the beautiful soles of her feet.She sat up and took his cock between her feet starting to stroke it.I stopped her after a while, grabbed her feet and pulled her closer to me.I started licking her feet while she massaged my cock with one hand.After a while I took her feet out of my hands and she impaled herself. Aunty loves this position and gives her best.Several minutes at her own pace which brought her to a very strong orgasm. Her legs trembled as the orgasm ended.A: “Let’s try this”, she got up, opened the door of the window even more and leaned on the railing in a sensual way. I followed her, I took her leg, holding it high and penetrated her.It was also very exciting because we were practically out.At that moment a strong downpour came and we decided to go inside.We entered and aunt immediately put on doggy style, I immediately penetrated her ass with a sharp blow.Aunty was moaning and screaming a little more than normal. After a while she was moaning a lot and I understood that she liked her a lot.I took off my cock, with one hand I masturbated her pussy and with my cock I slammed on her buttocks to then insert it immediately and with a sharp stroke.I did it again a few times bringing aunty to orgasm, although much less strong than the previous one.A: “That’s enough,” she told me. I lay down and had her put her on top of me doing a 69.We progressed very little. I didn’t tell her that in a few seconds I’d cum, I cum in her mouth pouring my enjoyment.She swallowed and I continued to lick her.After a while she got up and stood next to me. We hugged and talked a bit.I dressed and went home happy and carefree.

Thank you.