Ramanpreet Kaur of Toronto Ch. 02

tagGroup SexRamanpreet Kaur of Toronto Ch. 02

"Derek, I can't believe you're actually bisexual, you love this dick too much," Abdirahman said to his lover Derek Shoreman, and the tall, light-skinned, lean and athletic biracial brother looked at him, his face suddenly flush. Abdirahman loves it when Derek gets upset. What was Abdirahman trying to say? Derek didn't care for this kind of talk at all. A lot of men who secretly sleep with both sexes and lead straight lives tend to be rigidly against the very concept of male bisexuality for some reason. What the fuck is up with that?
For most of his adult life, Derek Shoreman had been aware of sexual and romantic feelings for both sexes, and both the heterosexual world and the LGBT community despised him for being a bisexual man. Derek is openly bisexual but avoids LGBT events and LGBT politics since he doesn't feel comfortable or welcome among them. For the most part, Derek deals with women, or closeted men. Derek Shoreman couldn't believe that Abdirahman, a secretly bisexual Somali man living in the City of Toronto, Ontario, felt this way about him…
Derek, who is still reeling from the fact that his Jamaican former girlfriend Kirsten Jacobsen cheated on him with half of the sportsmen at the University of Toronto, tends to be emotional at the worst possible times. Abdirahman is a skilled lover in the bedroom, many women and a few men will testify to that, but the Somali hunk is also a master manipulator. That's why Abdirahman has Derek Shoreman, college-educated and successful brother, wrapped around his finger…
"Abdirahman, you're married to Choukri and want to start a family with her, and you're fucking me, and yet you don't believe in male bisexuality?" Derek retorted, and Abdirahman shrugged. Apparently, the Somali dude saw nothing with this at all. Derek put his clothes back on, and headed out of the two-bedroom apartment which Abdirahman and his wife Choukri shared. As an insurance saleswoman, Choukri often had to travel for her job, and this proved a boon for Abdirahman and Derek's bisexual adventures…
"Come on, Derek, don't be like that," Abdirahman said, and Derek exited the apartment, not caring what the bisexual Somali dude had to say. Derek hated himself for being attracted to men like Abdirahman. Tall, dark-skinned, handsome and masculine, with a deep voice, Abdirahman looked and sounded one hundred percent straight. That's what Derek finds himself drawn to, when he deals with men. Derek avoids effeminate males like the plague. They did not light his fire.
"I won't be back," Derek shouted, and he heard Abdirahman laugh, for they both knew that Derek would be back. Earlier, the two bisexual men did things that almost defied the laws of physics. From the moment Derek walked into Abdirahman and Choukri's shared apartment, the Somali hunk unleashed a sexual cyclone upon the tall, seemingly fearless yet innately shy biracial brother. They had themselves a grand old and decidedly wicked time.
"You love this dick," Abdirahman told Derek, as he sat on the couch, and the two of them got busy. Derek got on his knees before Abdirahman and sucked his long and thick ebony cock as though his life depended on it. Abdirahman is a Somali man who sees nothing wrong with fucking other people, both women and men, since his wife Choukri is away from home a lot. If Choukri doesn't stick around to tend to her wifely duties, Abdirahman feels justified in fucking other people. Turnabout is frigging fair play…
"Hmm, nice," Derek said, and he sucked on Abdirahman's balls while stroking his dick. After Derek finished polishing his fuck stick, Abdirahman put the light-skinned, pretty-faced brother on all fours and showed him what he was made of. Donning a condom, Abdirahman put some lube on Derek's ass, and then pushed his dick into his ass. Time for this light-skinned bisexual dude from the suburbs to experience the full power of Somali masculinity…
"Take this dick," Abdirahman told Derek as he gripped the brother's hips and slammed his dick up his ass. A lot of light-skinned dudes are soft and are drawn to strong, masculine, dark-skinned men, and Abdirahman always takes advantage of them in such situations. Abdirahman rammed his dick up Derek's ass and fucked him until he cried out, tapping out from getting too much dick up his ass. After Derek surrendered, a smirking Abdirahman pulled out of him. Whether male or female, bitches were made to get fucked, and Abdirahman was made to do the fucking…
After Derek Shoreman left the apartment, Abdirahman took a shower. He was still horny, so he called another one of his freaks, a female this time. Derek went for a walk around the City of Toronto, Ontario, and took in the sights and the sounds. The greater Toronto area has a lot of mixed race folks, since interracial couples are everywhere, and Derek feels right at home there. When Derek was younger, he and his parents, a white Canadian man and a Jamaican immigrant woman, used to get stared at a lot wherever they went. Over the years, the Toronto area changed, and both interracial couples and biracial people gained more acceptance. Isn't that cool?
Derek decided to call his best friend, the feisty and fearless Indian BBW known as Ramanpreet Kaur, whom he met during their halcyon days at the University of Toronto. Ramanpreet was not answering her cell phone, so Derek continued with his walk. A few days ago, Ramanpreet and Derek had sex for the first time and it was really awesome and freaky. The Indian gal was freaky even by Derek's standards. Derek wouldn't mind a repeat of that intense sexual experience with Ramanpreet, even though he had no desire to give up the fellas…
"Hey big daddy," Ramanpreet Kaur said to Abdirahman as she showed up at his door, wearing a crimson and gold sari. Abdirahman looked at the tall, curvaceous Indian gal and grinned. Ramanpreet was Derek's best friend, and the light-skinned bisexual punk had no idea that she was fucking Abdirahman behind his back. Abdirahman fucks anything that moves, and the freaky Indian chick with the fat ass was just another tasty morsel for him to enjoy…
"Welcome, sexy lady," Abdirahman told Ramanpreet as he kissed her, and welcomed her inside. The two of them went straight to the bedroom, and got down and dirty. Abdirahman lay on the bed, and Ramanpreet grabbed his dick and sucked it. Abdirahman smiled at Ramanpreet as the Indian gal sucked his big dark dick. The freaky Indian chick and her bisexual best friend were getting fucked by the same man and Abdirahman was the real winner, since he swore them both to secrecy. Isn't that cool?
"Hmm, I can't wait to feel your cock in all my holes," Ramanpreet told Abdirahman as she polished his big Somali dick with her tongue. Abdirahman caressed the back of Ramanpreet's head as the curvaceous, big-bottomed Indian gal sucked his dick like there was no tomorrow. As soon as Abdirahman got hard as a rock, he wanted to fuck Ramanpreet but she wouldn't let him stick her until he ate her pussy. Never a man to back down from a challenge, Abdirahman spread Ramanpreet's thick thighs and got down to business…
"Delicious," Abdirahman told Ramanpreet as he buried his face between her thighs and ate her pussy. Ramanpreet closed her eyes as Abdirahman ate her pussy like a hungry man. The Somali brother was an intense, passionate lover. Oddly enough, Abdirahman reminded Ramanpreet of Derek Shoreman, her favorite bisexual man and erstwhile best friend, whom she fucked a few days ago. Nah, Ramanpreet dismissed such a thought, since Abdirahman is a macho straight man, while Derek is good in bed but kind of soft…
"Hmm, just fuck me," Ramanpreet told Abdirahman, after he ate her pussy until she was all orgasmic and tingly. Ramanpreet got on all fours, and shook her big ass for Abdirahman. The Somali hunk grinned and stroked his big dark dick. With a swift thrust, Abdirahman buried his dick inside Ramanpreet's pussy and began fucking her with deep, passionate strokes. Ramanpreet moaned deeply as Abdirahman gripped her hips and fucked her roughly, just the way she liked it.
"Oh yeah, give me that ass," Abdirahman bellowed as he fucked Ramanpreet, gripping her long dark hair and yanking her head back as he made that big Indian booty jiggle under the force of his thrusts. Abdirahman likes to completely dominate both women and men in the bedroom, regardless of race, culture or religion. Ramanpreet shrieked and began grinding her big ass against Abdirahman's groin, wanting more of him inside of her. She got so into it that she let one rip. That's right, Ramanpreet farted, and it was loud, long and stinky. How will Abdirahman react?
"Oops, sorry," Ramanpreet said sheepishly and she turned around to look at Abdirahman, who looked horrified. Abdirahman pulled out of Ramanpreet's pussy and looked at the tall, chubby and big-bottomed Indian woman like she had two heads. As Ramanpreet got to her feet and tried to explain herself, Abdirahman glared at her angrily. The Somali hunk had done a lot of freaky things with both women and men, but he had his limits. This nasty bitch has got to frigging go!
"Ramanpreet, you are a disgusting bitch, you farted on me, get out of my house," Abdirahman said angrily, and Ramanpreet, horrified, did just that. She put her clothes on, looked at Abdirahman, apologized one more time and left. Ramanpreet took an Uber home, and when she got there, she found Derek Shoreman on her couch, looking drunk, miserable and forlorn. The two best friends looked at each other, and without a word, shared a heartfelt hug.
"I'm glad you're here, Ramanpreet, I made a mistake, got involved with a bad guy, and now I want to end it, I need your strength and your help," Derek said to her, and Ramanpreet nodded. The young Indian BBW looked at her best friend, the tall, lean, Afro-sporting bisexual dude who'd always been in her corner since their halcyon days at the University of Toronto. They would always be there for each other, and nothing could ever come between the two of them.
"Of course I am here for you," Ramanpreet said to Derek, who smiled, and then, impulsively, he kissed her. Ramanpreet was surprised by Derek's kiss but she kissed him back. They sat there, and after many drinks, they told each other everything. Having shared the truth, Ramanpreet and Derek exchanged a laugh. They'd both been had by the same man, Abdirahman the deceiver, and it was both funny and sad. If Abdirahman weren't a liar, he could have had fun with both Derek and Ramanpreet…at the same time. Liars are losers at the end of the day.
"To our friendship, and our bedroom fun," Derek told Ramanpreet, and they grinned, and kissed. Derek went to use the bathroom, he'd had to piss for a while but his heart to heart conversation with Ramanpreet couldn't wait. Best friend to best friend stuff, as it were. When Derek emerged from the bathroom, he found Ramanpreet standing in the hallway, stark naked, with a decidedly phallic object jutting from between those thick brown legs of hers. Derek scratched his head and grinned nervously, and Ramanpreet smiled at him.
"Do you like my new strap-on dildo, Derek? It's modeled after the penis of Lexington Steele, our favorite porn star," Ramanpreet said as she caressed the dildo lovingly. Derek stood there, looking at this tall, sexy and curvy Indian gal with the Amazonian body, fantastic derriere, and soul-stealing farts. The fact that she'd added a dildo to her sexual arsenal turned Derek on immensely. The bisexual stud couldn't wait to try his lady friend's new toy, this much was clear to both of them.
"I'll tell you after we try it together," Derek replied, and Ramanpreet grinned, and grabbed her favorite guy. Derek found himself on all fours, face down and ass up. As Ramanpreet came up behind him, the sexy, bossy Indian gal caressed his butt and lubricated him. With a gentle thrust, Ramanpreet entered Derek's ass, burying her dildo inside of him. As Ramanpreet began fucking Derek's ass, the light-skinned bisexual brother suddenly realized that women do a lot of things better than men. Ramanpreet fucked Derek's ass harder than Abdirahman ever could…and he loved it!

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