Random meeting with Vale! | straight story from Mat&Aunty

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Hi everyone!

I was at the mall to run some simple errands. I wandered the shop windows to see if there was anything nice to take home. I didn’t find much and stopped in one of the bars in the center to drink a coffee.I sat for a while until I saw, out of the corner of my eye, someone take the chair in front of me. Thinking it was needed by someone for another table, I said M: “Please, it’s free, go ahead”.V: “Thanks and I’ll sit down as well”, I heard counter. I looked up and saw Valentina with a couple of bags in her hand sitting down in front of me.M:” What a surprise! I hadn’t noticed you”, V:”I saw yes”. We laughed.Valentina sat at the table and we ordered two more coffees.M:” Why here? You’re not at work this afternoon” I asked, V: “I have the afternoon off, like every week. I came to pick up some things for my mom. Rather, what were you doing?”. M: “I don’t have much to do, I wanted to get away from studying and I came for a walk”.V:” Well Matteo, can we have a drink with me if you want? What are you saying?” proposed the fiery Valentina. M “Sure, see you at your place”.We got up, I paid, and we each went to our cars.Ten minutes later we arrived, practically together at her house. Vale opened the gate and we parked the cars.We went down, Vale opened the door and we entered.She took off her coat, wearing tight fitting jeans, white converse and a black sweater. Her curly black hair was clipped up behind her head.V: “Sit on the sofa, I’ll be right there”. I sat down and after 2 minutes Vale showed up with two glasses of wine.She turned on the TV and sat next to me too.We drank the wine chatting about this and that.We finished the glasses, Vale took them to the kitchen and returned to the living room. She sat down and took off her converse, showing her pretty feet wrapped up in hot red socks.She placed her feet on my legs caressing them with her feet. I took one in my hand and massaged it for a few seconds.Vale got up and sat on me. She kissed me and with her pelvis she began to move sensually on me. We kissed, I undid her jeans and with one hand I sneaked up to her pussy. I stimulated her and felt her getting wet.She stood up, slipped off her jeans and returned to my arms. She kissed me again. I slipped her sweater off her by letting her big tits out contained by a black bra.She broke away from me, took off my pants and positioned herself in front of my cock. One hand started massaging my balls while the other hand stroked my cock. She gave my chapel a kiss. Her tongue went down to my balls and she stood there licking off her while she jerked me off hard.She grabbed her boobs and put my cock between them. She let go of her bra and, thanks to it, she was able to stroke me with her boobs without having to squeeze them with her hands.Barely two minutes passed and the bra was stripped and dropped on the floor. The titsjob continued for another few minutes.I made Vale stand up, turned around and slipped off her panties that matched her bra. With her face I dug into her butt and licked it all up.Vale lay down on the sofa and I went back to licking her. I licked all her holes. With her hands I fingered and stimulated her for some time.Two fingers stimulated Valentina’s pussy and with the other I went to squeeze her nipples.Vale’s moans increased and after a few minutes she cum copiously. I savored all of her moods holding even my orgasm, I was too excited. I sat next to her, she came back on top of me and kissed me.She immediately slipped between my legs, she immediately took my chapel in her mouth rolling her tongue over her while with her hands she massaged her boobs.She took the cock in her mouth making it all enter, I pushed her with my hand towards the base of my cock. She let out the cock and then took it back in her mouth along its entire length. A little drool came out of her mouth which increased as the deepthroat went on.I pulled myself up, with my shirt she wiped her mouth and gave me a kiss.M: “Come on, Vale, I can’t take it anymore” I warned her.Vale took the tip of my cock into her mouth, and with one hand began to stroke it.A few strokes and I came in Valentina’s mouth with all my heart. She continued to saw me until she got out every last drop of my seed.Valentina swallowed and threw herself on top of me.We breathed a few minutes embracing each other on the sofa.Vale lifted his head and slapped me another kiss.M: “Vale, I have a mad desire to penetrate you”, she told her, V: “I have a small problem, I haven’t taken the pill for a few days” she answered me.M: “If you want we can use a condom”, I proposed. V: ” You know I hate it, I haven’t used it for many years. But you are right. I will make this sacrifice.”saying this we got up and went to the room. Vale opened a drawer and took out a box of condoms.We found that they were still usable. I put it on the pillow of the bed and pounced on Vale.I licked her nipples down and down until I reached her pussy. I licked her full lips and the inside of her thighs making her wet.I knelt by the bed, pulled the socks off Vale’s feet and licked every single white-enamelled toe.I stopped licking  after a few seconds, I stood up and placed my cock between Vale’s feet. She stroked me with her pretty ends, also alternating the use of her instep.I reached out and took the condom. I pulled it out and handed it to Valentina. She took it and slipped it on me.I gave her pussy a lick and aimed my cock at her.I went in and the feeling was different than usual. It was the first time I fucked Vale with a condom and some sensations at first were different.V:” How long since the last time. How strange,” she exclaimed between her moans.It didn’t change much for me, I enjoyed the same and I liked it the same.I continued to fuck her hard, reaching down to squeeze her nipples.We changed positions. I lay down with my chest on the bed and with my legs resting on the floor. Vale turned away from me and put my cock inside.She did her own pace slowly bringing herself to orgasm which soon came again.Vale was squeezing and moving hard on my cock and I had to hold back.She pulled away from my cock, slipped the condom off my back and threw it on the floor and took my cock between her lips.She sucked, kissed and licked my cock up and down.V:”I still want you inside me”, M:”I’ll take another condom and come” I exclaimed. V: No, please. Let’s be careful but I don’t want to know about that thing ”. I indulged her trying to be careful like other times.She leaned over on the bed inviting me to come in. V: “Don’t come inside!”.With a bang I entered and it was beautiful. Vale moaned much more inviting me to pick up the pace and start right away.I fucked her hard squeezing her butt and inserting a finger into her tight anus.She moaned and writhed for her pleasure.I felt that at any moment I would explode. I gave the last blows trying not to cum.I pulled out the cock promptly, not even the time to take it in hand that my orgasm started.I jerked off hard and came on her back with long white streams making the last drops fall on the buttocks of the hot Valentina.V: “Yeah fuck, this is sex” she exclaimed when I lay down next to her. She came over and kissed me on the cheek.I looked at my watch and it was only 6pm. It wasn’t that late.That sense of thrill turned me on so much that I remained horny even after a great orgasm like the previous one.I took the ball, M: “Vale, I’ll keep you company while you wash, I’ll help you wash your back, what do you think?”.Vale understood that my proposal had an ulterior motive, she was right, I wanted her ass and a lot.We headed to the bathroom. Seeing Vale with my cum running down her back made me very hard.Surprisingly Vale didn’t turn on the shower but turned on the tub. Five minutes later we entered.We sat facing each other, I took Vale’s feet and brought them to my mouth. I licked those cute ends focusing on his ankles as well. While I was licking, Vale with her hands wrapped around my cock slowly stroking it.I pushed her away and she started wanking me again with her feet.I enjoyed that moment to the fullest. A great woman stroking me with her feet, immersed in hot water and relaxed to the max.Vale seemed relaxed too. Her movements were calm and sensual, her head was leaning against the wall and she still seemed very into the footjob.She interrupted that beautiful chore and lay down on top of her. She slapped her boobs into her face taking my breath away. I went to invade those pretty holes with my hands, focusing more on the anus.Vale alternated between kissing her boobs on my face. She started to moan a little and I knew it was time to sink my cock into her.Vale turned and squatted in the tub. I got on my knees and penetrated her anus.As soon as I put it on, I realized it wouldn’t last long. Vale squeezed hard and I fucked her at a brisk pace.I pulled the clip out of her hair, took it in my hand and pulled her towards me gently sinking into her rear.I began to give strong and dry blows making her also emit some screams mixed between pain and pleasure.I got to her limit and didn’t tell her anything. I came inside her to her anus surprising her. I poured all my cum deep inside her.Vale was exhausted but so was I. She stood motionless for a while and this allowed me to admire her beautiful ass.We stayed in the tub for quite a while, only getting out when the water became almost cold.I greeted Vale of her and thanked her a lot for the wonderful afternoon. She kissed me and I patted her ass.

Thank you.