Random Seductions Pt. 5

<p><font size="3">I set out to win the bet so that, above all things, I would have my way. I had most of the bet won, now just to get them al to the office and playing with each other at the same time was all that was left but I decided to play some more along the way.</font></p><p><font size="3">My Aunt and Uncle were out of town for the week so I set in motion my plan to get things going so that the next step would be at Mr. Lane’s office. Aunt and Uncle knew all that was going on so I could tape everything for use later if I had to. </font></p><p><font size="3">&quot;Mr. Lane?&quot; I had called his home. &quot;Yes.&quot; he said. &quot;This is Teresa, I need you to come over Saturday at noon.&quot; I said. &quot;But Teresa&quot; he was whispering, &quot;I will have to make an excuse to go out alone.&quot; &quot;Good&quot; I said, &quot;Make one and be here at Noon or the news is out of the bag.&quot; I said and hung up. Then I called Mr. Williams, &quot;Yes Teresa, what ever can I do for you?&quot; he said relaxed. &quot;Well, I am alone for the week and could use some company Saturday, how about 1?&quot; I said. &quot;I will be there.&quot; he said. &quot;Good sweetheart, just come on in the front door and down to the rec room in the basement.&quot; </font></p><p><font size="3">My Aunt and Uncle left at 9 Saturday and so I got showered and freshley shaved pussy and found my sheerest gown. At noon Mr. Lane was at the door and I let him in and he saw me, &quot;Damn, you are so hot for such a young woman.&quot; he said and his bulge grew. I dropped to my knees and had to have his cock right away. &quot;Oh fuck, let me suck that.&quot; I remember saying and I had him in my mouth. Soon he was on the floor and I was sucking him deep and fast. I needed his cock. He filled my throat and I got up and led him to the rec room downstairs. Roscoe sat in the corner, He is our German Shepard that stays with us for protection and well, for taking care of Aunt Claire and I when we needed it. He sat in the corner and I told Mr. Lane to go over and make himself known to him so he would be friendly. He sat there letting his neck be petted. </font></p><p><font size="3">At 5 till one I went upstairs to meet Mr. Williams, &quot;Stay here no matter what you hear, I have another guest.&quot; I said and soon Mr. Williams was at the door and I attacked him as he came in. His cock lasted longer and still I swallowed him down and sucked his juices. I led him downstairs and the two men almost shit seeing each other and recognizing each other. THey stamered and finally Mr. Williams said, &quot;Well, it looks like we are both here under Teresa’s control so we may as well enjoy it.&quot; I had Roscoe at my side and was petting his ears. &quot;Okay gentlemen, strip and have a beer or wine and sit down, I am going to entertain you and also get things ready for he office meeting. &quot;What does she mean, Office?&quot; Mr. Williams said. She is getting our wives and us all together in my Office soon and we are all going to share sexual fun with each other.&quot; Mr. Lane said. Mr. Wiliams said , &quot;Oh, so that is why my wife has been so hot lately.&quot; &quot;All my fault&quot; I said, I have already been to bed with both of your wives several times. They both looked at me then each other then laughed. &quot;Now for the entertainment.&quot; I said and laid on the mat on the floor. </font></p><p><font size="3">&quot;Roscoe. Come here boy.&quot; I said and he came over. I pulled him to me and kissed his mouth and he began kissing my face and I let his tongue go into my mouth and really kiss. &quot;Oh damn, this little girl does it all.&quot; Mr. Williams said. &quot;Yes, I do.&quot; I said and reached under Roscoe and found his shaft, already coming from the furry hiding place. I massaged it and he began geting really hot and then I laid back and patted my wet pussy, &quot;Come one boy, give Mommy a licking.&quot; I said and he began licking my wet pussy…I laid there and moand louder and louder until I sprayed his face and he licked my juices from himself. His huge cock was out and ready for me now so I got on my knees and hands and patted my bottom, &quot;Come one boy, come on.&quot; He mounted me and quickly found the pussy with his cock and slipped in. &quot;Oh yeh, I am gonna have all I want today.&quot; I moand and he began humping my pussy. His knot was soon hitting the entrance and I relaxed and in it went. &quot;Oh yeh, now give me a good fucking&quot; I moaned louder now. He drove into me and was fucking me really fast and soon my pussy was spraying all over the place, soaking him and the mat under us. </font></p><p><font size="3">He finished and I let him slip out and grabed Mr. Williams, &quot;Fuck me, fuck me now.&quot; I yelled at him and he was behind me filling me with cock. I grabbed Mr. Lane’s cock and began sucking him fast and deep and was going wilder than I had thought I would. After I had several orgasms they filled my pussy and mouth with their cum and we laid on the mat. &quot;Come clean Mommy up Baby.&quot; I told Roscoe and he came over and began licking my pussy and got the cum from it all the time making me hot aain with his tongue. I laid there legs spread apart and said, &quot;Okay, more cock, now.&quot; to them and they got down and this time took to the opposite ends. They soon filled me again and still I was in need of more. I reached for the phone, &quot;Bill, yeh it is me, he anyone over at your place? Really? You guys wana come over and fuck me? Okay, hurry.&quot; I said and the two men began to get up. &quot;No, you stay here, you got more left.&quot; I said and a couple seconds Bill from next door had 6 men there, all had been working on his house and he brought them in. &quot;Okay guys, everyone gets naked and everyone fucks me till they can’t fuck anymore. Who is first?&quot; I said and they began shedding clothes. First one then another drove into me, mouth, ass and pussy aall got fucked hard and deep and I was filled and covered with cum. It was dark when I laid on the floor and said goodbye to everyone, Mr. Lane and Mr. Williams last.</font></p><p><font size="3">I was slippery with cum and I kissed them both, Next Friday, 5PM be in Mr. Lane’s office with your wives. Be ready to have fun but no mention of it to anyone till them, understood?&quot; I said. &quot;Understood.&quot; they both said and they left. I laid on the mat and slept long into the night, Roscoe licking me all over and waking me up with a nice hard dog cock. &quot;Okay boy, do it again.&quot; I said and we did.</font></p><p><font size="3">Part 6 coming up.</font></p><p><font size="3">Love</font></p><p><font size="3">tess</font></p>