Rani Fucks Top Cop

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Hello young readers. This is Rani here once again. I’m here to share my experience with Amrish, a top cop. I’m encouraged to write about my sexuality because of your lovely fucky, fucky letters inviting me for a screw. And for those who have missed my previous posts, do read ‘Rani’s first fucked’, ‘Rani cums again’, ‘Rani and her boss’ for a warm up. With a promise to keep your dicks wet without a shag, I wish to begin.
My boss, Mr.Pradhan and I have had such sucking and pressing that we can’t stay without touching each other. I curse his pals for taking away his time. But, he keeps my horny cunt satisfied and cuming. We are more than husband and wife when it comes to bedroom games. My tits are always erect for his lips, and his cock is a delight to my pussy.
His wife only knows that I’m his secretary. Well I’m truly his sexetory. We have hard drilling sex every morning as he enters his private cabin. In front of his colleagues, I’m pretty decently dressed, and I know they have sexual desires to take me to bed. Out of these is a police inspector, Mr.Amrish.
Amrish and I had a ball of a time in his apartment. He took my boobs and I muzzled his balls. Out of all the 36 men who have fucked me, Amrish is the best kisser. His lips are wild acid that melts me pussy down there. He is 35, well built and dark handsome. His wife, Poonam is a plump ugly female, who he married for the sake of money.
Amrish used to stare at my ever exposed navel every time he met my boss Pradhan. Yet he never had the guts to make a pass at me. Pradhan had made me sleep with top businessmen for business favors, and I had enjoyed with none of them. They were weak. They would cum in their pants just by seeing my cleavage, or my exposed bra and that’s it. In bed, they were hopeless. I wondered how their wifes may have become pregnant. I never got a chance to mate with Amrish.
In some of the nights where Pradhan would be screwing me, I fantasized Amrish doing it. And the next whole day, I would be dreaming of it happening. Like my other lovers, this one too became a reality.
Pradhan’s brother in law D K Bose’s wedding had been fixed. [I will share my fuck with D K Bose soon]  He was to fly down to Srilanka for it. The functions would go on for a week and it was decided that I stay in Mumbai itself while he attended with his family. In short, I would be without a cock for a whole bloody week!
After he left, I thought of taking a bold chance to mate with Amrish- my cunt crush. I called him on his cell. “Mr.Amrish, I’m Rani here.”
“Morning madam. Amrish here, “he stammered, “how can I help you, madam?”
I visualized him rubbing his cock and talking to me. Yesterday, when he came to office, I exposed my bare and flat belly to him while giving him a file. I wear a silver hoop on my navel. He was completely distracted and we both smiled.
“Pradhan has given me some documents for you. Can you come to our office now?” I asked. There was no file. It was only an excuse to seduce my man.
“Yes madam, I’m driving nearby. I’ll come.” He said before hanging up.
I was wearing a cool cream chiffon saree with a golden blouse and as usual my sleeveless blouse showed my curves. I wore my Davidoff perfume and waited.
He knew my boss wasn’t there in the office. He was not in his uniform. “Madam, aap bahut achi lag rahi hain. Aapki saree aapko bahut suit karti hai.” He commented, viewing me from top to bottom. I blushed.
I have a terrific body shape and look after it very gently. Mr.Pradhan has been praising my lovely boobs and hips every night. He uses such nice words in describing me that I want to surrender everything I have to him. Every night, he tells me how tight my cunt is. Every night, he holds my waist with his strong hands and fucks me with passion. Today, I was missing him.
Amrish brought a box with him. “Amrish, aap bina vardi ke to hero se kam nahi dikhte. Aapko to filmon me hona chahiye.” I expressed, [Amrish, you look like a hero in normal clothes. You should join films.]
“Madam, main aapke liye kuch laya hoon,” Amrish blushed. He gave me the box and waited for me to open it.
To my surprise, it was a diamond and emerald necklace. I was shocked, yet amazed with the design of the necklace.
“Agar aap ise pehenenge, to mujhe bahut khushi hogi,” he said, “Main aapko bahut pyar karta hoon. Aur aapse dosti chahta hoon.”[if you wear this, I’ll be happy. I’m in love with you, and want your friendship.]
“khareed liya,” I told him, “aapne mujhe khareedl liya, Amrish.” I went forward and gave him a hug. My crushed my boobs on his chest and planted a kiss on his cheeks. [You’ve impressed me, Amrish]
He was waiting for such a chance. His hands went to my waist and pressed me with the hug. His neck came down and he kissed me on both my cheeks. Now his hands moved on my back and pressed my tits to him tightly.
“Aaj raat, aap mere flat me….” he was encouraged to talk now, as the ice was broken. “ Meri biwi- Poonam apne mayke gayi hai aur aap bhi akeli hain. Mujhe aapko apna ling dikhana hai.” [Let’s do something in my flat tonight. My wife is at her mom’s house and you too are alone. I want to show you my cock.]
I was waiting for this to happen. But, I wanted this horny man to snatch his prey and aggressively fuck me. My tits were suddenly erect.
“Aap mazak kar rahe hai, Amrish. Main kaise aapke saath ek hi bistar par. Agar Pradhan ko pata chala to meri naukri chali jayegi. Aur aapki biwi bhi aapse naraaz hogi. Main aisa nahin kar sakti. Nahin. Nahin.” [You must be kidding, Amrish. How can I be with you in bed? If Pradhan comes to know, I’ll be out of my job. You also have a danger with your marriage. I will never do it. Never.]
He came forward and knelt before me. “aap mujhe pasand nahin karti? Kya aapka koi lover hai? Main aapko bahut khush karunga. Aapke burr me apna mota lauda dalke aapko bahut maja karaunga. Aap mujhe ek chance de do. Pleeease, Rani. Mere jaisa premi aapko nahi milega.”[ Are you not attracted to me? do you have a lover? I will satisfy you. I will make you enjoy by putting my thick cock in your cunt. Do give me a chance. Please, rani. You can’t get a man like me.]
He couldn’t control himself. He put his hands on my shoulder and began to kiss me on my lips. I resisted fakely. He forced even more. His lips came on my lips. His hands held my cheeks and head while he smooched and enjoyed my lips. He kissed me for more than five minutes. I acted like pushing him away, but I wanted him to kiss me even nicely.
Then he let go. “Rani, main aapko itni raaton se soya nahin hoon. Aap mere sapno me aati ho. Mera lund aapke liye khada ho jata hai. Please aaj raat mauka do. Phir agar nahin chahiye, to mat karna. Lekin inkar mat karna.”
[Rani, I haven’t slept for so many nights. You are always my fantasy. My cock stands for you. Give me one chance tonight. If I don’t satisfy you, leave me. But please don’t refuse.]
He again came and smooched me with even more force. This time, his hands held my thin naked waist. He pressed my hips till it pained. His lips kissed and made me go bonkers. This time, I put my hands on his neck and squeezed it like I held a baby. His tongue found an opening through my lips and tasted my tongue. I was getting wet.
Now, I pushed him away. I told him that I needed time to think. Now he could leave. He put his head down and left the office.
That was a great start, I felt. I called him after an hour and asked him to pick me up at 8pm.
That evening, I wore a short red frock that showed off my thin thighs and legs. The neck was deep, revealing the ‘maal’ I had. I wore red lingerie. I knew by now, that my lover is a hot kisser. So I wore the deepest red lipstick and colored my nails red. I kept my shoulder level hair open.
Sharp at 8, my horny lover rang my doorbell. We went to his apartment that was on the 13th floor. My horny Amrish was a romantic guy, but had all his love saved only to whores. His room was decorated with jasmine flowers and candle lit. Once we were inside, he lighted all the candles. He turned towards me, “Aap Murder ke actress jaisi lagti ho. Itni garam. Itni naram. Aapki ye nangi tangen ghayal kar gayi. Inhe haath lagane do na.” [ you look as seductive as Jacquiline Fernandes in Murder. So sexy and seductive. Your beautiful legs have wounded me. let me touch them?”]
I went forward and sat on his legs. I touched his hands and kept them on my thighs. I could feel the penis below become awake. I wanted to give him a royal screw. When I want a man, I want him totally. I want stallions who can plug well. I’m a hot girl in lust. And I always find my way to fuck the one I choose. Men who have seen me nude and fucked me have waited for second innings.
I hugged Amrish, “Amrish. Oh Amrish…. Mere pyare aashik. Tum itne romantic ho. Main to tumhari deewani ho gayi. Kya tumhari aashiki bistar par mujhe poora sukoon degi?” I smooched his lips and sucked them. He went wild. He squeezed me from my waist till it hurt. We were couples on a roll. His hands went down and pressed my ass. Our lips didn’t separate for maybe 10 minutes.
He carried me in his arms and put me on the bed. In a warrior style, he pulled away his shirt and vest. He pulled me by the legs and brought them to the edge. His hands went to my black panties and pulled it away. My clean shaven pussy was pink in ecstasy.
“oooooh, meri Rani. Tum kitni sweet ho. Kya tumhe kisine bataya hai, ki tumhari burr ke naram darwaze bade bade laoude khada karte hain. Hmmm. Kitna swacch aur kitna garam. Ufff. Aaj to maza aayega. Maine achi achi pussi ko khota hai. Lekin is pussy ko dekh ke lagta hai, ke dheere dheere jana padega.”[ oooooh, my Rani. You’re so sweet. Did anyone tell you that the entrance of your pussy have made the biggest of cocks go high? Hmmmm. So clean, and so inviting. Ufff. Today, its going to be fun. I have fucked the best cunts. But after looking at your cunt, it seems I have to show some mercy.]
These are the words I wanted to hear. These are the things that make me horny. Horny men make me wet.
“haay Amrish. Der mat karo. Agar kuch karna hai, to baaton me waqt kharaab mat karo. Ek kamsin hasina, ek madhosh mard, ek jawan raat aur us pe ye sex ka junoon. Amrish. Ooh mere Amrish. Mujhe pyar karo, Amrish.” I screamed, just lying there. His hands were massaging my thighs. They were spreading both my legs and his eyes were staring at my hot cunt. [ haay Amrish. Don’t delay. If you want to do something, don’t waste time in talks. Here’s a delicate chicken, here’s a horny stud, here’s a thirsty night and on top of it all is the lust to screw. Amrish. Ooh my Amrish. Fuck me, Amrish.]
His mouth moved further and started licking my cunt. He spread my legs even further. His tongue opened the lips of my pussy and started swirling my wetness. “oooooh. Aaaah. Oooh. Amu, my amu.” He lifted both my legs, pressing my ass on both sides. I spread them further. “wow. Ooh wow. Jaaneman. Rani. Tu badi mast hai. Aaj main tujhe bahut bahut zore zore se gand marunga. Tu mere laude ko roze pakadne ke liye pagal ho jayegi. Tu kitni sunder hai. Tera jism mujhe bahut acha lagta hai.” He continued to lick on my pussy. I was going crazy.[ wow. Ooh wow. My sweetheart Rani. You’re so good. I’m going to fuck you madly. You’re going to be waiting to hold my cock everyday. You’re so sexy. I love your hot body.]
While he was busy nibbling my pussy, my hands went down and held his scalp. I dug my nails on them and caressed his hair. I was enjoying the time of my life. I didn’t know how I would be spending seven nights without my boss, Pradhan. I felt so nice, that Amrish is filling in as a substitute. My pussy always wants a hot rod to satisfy it. I was thanking my stars for Amrish, my lover.
Amrish got up. He removed his pants. Then his underwear. He stood in front of me with his cock rocking up to the sky. It was red. No guys, I didn’t take his cock in my mouth. I’m not the types to fake anything. I don’t like it, so I bluntly refuse. My lovers respect me for it. Plain and simple.
He came forward and put his hands through my dress to press my big boobs. he found my right boob and squeezed. I kissed him on his neck. He pressed and seemed to love the shape. So his hands moved around the boob. I was kissing him on his neck. He started to kiss me too. His other hand also went inside the dress to find the left boob. In the process, he tore my dress from the bottom.
“aaaah. I screamed. Meri new dress. Faad di. Budtameez. Kameeney. “I abused him. [ you tore my new dress, you unruly fucker, you mean fucker.]
He went crazy. He wanted to rip it off, but remained gentle. I’m sure, he may have done it for the girls he may have raped. These men are powerful. They could be dangerous. But I knew just how to handle them.
“Nayi laa dunga, Rani. Tu aaj enjoy ke bare me soch. Mera mota lauda tere is cunt ko bahut bahut jhatke de ke tujhe shaant kar dega.” He unzipped my red pretty frock and removed it from top. I was now in my lavender bra. My boobs were waiting to be freed, as Amrish had sucked my cunt so much, they were taut. His hands pulled the bra from below and exposed my dark coffee brown tits.  [I’ll buy you a new one, Rani. You think about enjoying a fuck now. My big fat cock is going to satisfy your cunt by jerking you hard now.]
It looked like he was going to bite on them, but he surprised me. Once on top, his tongue came out and licked my tits. He kept licking on the outside, but didn’t touch my tits. I thought, he may now take my tit in his mouth, but he continued to tease.
As I told you, he is a sexy kisser; he teased both my boobs in the same way. Moving his lips around the shape of my boobs, yet never took my tits. “Amrish. Ye kya kar rahe ho. Mard ho. Choos ke dekho is jawan ladki ke boobe. Ek baar choosogey to pyas kam nahi ho jayegi.” I thought he may be feeling shy. [Amrish. What the fuck are you doing? You’re a Man. Suck on this young lady’s tits. If you tasted the tits your thirst won’t go down.]
His mouth opened and he sucked away on my big two tits. I loved it. My soft boobs were squeezed and sucked. Sqeezed and sucked. Squeezed and sucked. He brought both the tits together and sucked them. My hand went down and pulled his cock. My thumb could hardly reach the other fingers. He was so thick down there.
I pulled and pulled on his thick member. He told me, “ tujhe bahut tajurba hai. Kya pradhan tujhe gand marta hai? Kya woh meri tarha tumhe pyar karta hai? Kya uske pas mere jaisa mota lauda hai? Bataa Rani. Kya tu mera land pakad ke zyada khush hai?”[You have good experience. Does Pradhan screw you? Does he love you better than me? Does he have a cock thicker than me? Tell me Rani, don’t you feel better to hold my cock?]
I looked away from him. I didn’t want to embarrass him. Neither did I want his sexual passion to come down.
He lifted me in his arms, like one would lift a kid. He forced his cock into my soft pussy from below. His arms lifted my legs up. He was fucking me in a standing position. I was jumping on his cock. “aaaah. Amrish. Mujhe dard ho raha hai. Aaaah.” It was indeed paining in the beginning. Once his cock went inside totally, I yanked and yanked and pushed my cunt while kissing his cheeks.
His hands held on to my hips. He caressed my stomach. His hands squeezed my tits. He kissed away on my lips while the action kept happening. That was my first experience being screwed away from the bed. We hugged each other and let go.
He was nice. More than the screw, I enjoyed a lot his kissing. He is a fantasy guy. Through the night, he kept squeezing my soft nipples. His love was good.
At dawn, we had a bath together in the lavish bath tub. He massaged my back while I slept on him. He kept pressing my ass. I too kissed and held his cock. It felt nice to hold it. As I told you, my thumb could barely touch my other fingers- I liked pressing the cock to touch the other fingers. He felt pain, but he enjoyed it.“Rani, tum badi khubsurat aur zabardast lover ho. Tumhare jaise mast boobe aur choot ko marne me bahut maza aaya.” [Rani, you’re a beautiful and powerful fucking girl. I enjoyed your big boobs and screwing your cunt.]
Amrish screwed me for the next seven days. He brought me wonderful costly jewelry every night. And on the seventh day, we both knew that Pradhan would be back, so we wouldn’t be fucking again. He gave me a powerful screw. He kissed me really well. I have never experienced a man who can kiss me and love my body in such an erotic way.
I can’t forget the seven nights I spent with Amrish. But good things have to come to an end.