Rani mother

Hi , you all incest lovers on ISS. This is my seventh of incest and probably the best one. You have already read mine “ hot booby pushpa”, “ a mother’s story” and “ Brahmin mother”, “flowers of incest” and “a motherly reward” . This story was found in the diaries of and nineteenth century lesser known Hindi writer kam Chandra shukla. Here I reproduce this classic work of incest set in nineteenth century to you. I have just polished it but the theme and content remains original.

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Hello friends , my name is kaka and this is a true story of incest with my mother. My father’s name is om parkas dogra and he works as a part time agent in some state government run agency. Most of the times, he would be home and when he went he wouldn’t come for weeks. I had one elder sister and she got married a few years back. I do some work in computers and earn my living. We don’t have much money because of the stupid nature of job of my father. I am 26 years of age and my mother Rani is 52 years now. We stay in a proper concrete house but we also have a cow which my mother looks after as she is a housewife.

My mother is a vivacious kind of women and she is pretty popular in the neighborhood, and she could even win if she stood in the local elections. She keeps asking other people casually and she has a very sweet motherly voice of a woman. She even cuts the grass for the cow herself and every other day she could be spotted walking the narrow lanes of sujanpur with a thatch on her head, while her ass and braless boobies spin and wobble. Not that she doesn’t wear a bra, but that sometimes she does away with it as it might be early morning or late evening usually. My mother brings water from the nearby hand pump in the morning and my neighbor’s son, who teaches at the local college, is usually there to catch a glimpse of the wonderful milky boobies of my careless mother. I have even overheard him talking about the braless wonders of my mother Rani. He knows that since it is morning, my mother will come without bra and her melons could be seen and spotted under her thin homely suit with a vest, at the most, under it. My mother is also a religious lady and she does all kinds of fast. As a housewife, she cleans up the home giving me enough opportunity to look at her motherly twin treasures, and she also likes to keep it spick and span. Since my father cannot afford much, she usually puts on suits which are cheap kinds, and while at home she puts on the old used suits. I remember all her suits by heart and I have also seen, smelt and masturbated on her thin vests which had a floral pattern, and bras which revealed to me that my mother’s humongous fun balls are in fact 38dd, and of course her panties which she wears all the time- all her panties are dark and shady in color and they smell like heaven. Everyday, I take bath after my mother so that I can use her wonderfully fragrant panties lying under her clothes in the bathroom. My mother is five and a half feet tall and at the age of fifties, she has a body like a thirty year old and the face of a fairy. I have seen her unintentionally, in practically all states of undress, when she changes clothes at home. Our bathroom is a little away from home, so my mother changes in the living room only. Since we have two rooms, we have given one to a tenant. That means, my mother changes her clothes in front of me in the same room. There is a small curtain behind which she hides but off and on some part of her body is usually visible. I have seen almost all her parts excluding her rapturous bush which is usually hidden in a panty. She has an extremely gora badan and she looks like a full ripe woman who knows how to give ecstasy in sex. Alas! She is married to my father who is a good for nothing fellow. He will smoke his cigarette, read the newspaper and waste his time in the day. And what luck, she gets my beautiful mother to fuck at night. Often, I have seen them fucking but they rarely remove all their clothes. Mostly, my mother would be nude only at bottom while my father would only lower his pajamas to his knees. Sometimes, I would get up early in the morning to catch a bottom nude glimpse of my mother as she had sex the previous night and even her panties would be off. Quite often, I didn’t have much luck as my mother would cover herself in a bed sheet but sometimes it was hot and she let the sheet go revealing full view of her rotund and faceable ass. I didn’t know when it started and my mother became my sex object.

Rani, as she was called by everyone, was not much educated. She didn’t even read the newspaper. But she had something kinky about her. The very sight of her gave men their hardest erections. She had full proportioned boobs and them so tight and was almost immune to sag even at the age of 52. Once, I saw my vivacious, talkative and voluptuous queen mother, milking the cow. I was standing besides her as she milked her in a tumbler. The milk was shooting from the cow before collecting in the pan thereby drenching my mother from the front. Since it was late evening, she had done away with her bra. I stood by her talking to her as father was not at home. As usual, she was dressed in one of her old suits at home and it left little to imagine after seeing her in those worn out clothes. Slowly, my mother started to get wet by milk and her fabulous boobies started to take shape on her suit. Her vest was also clinging now to her boobies and every stroke of her to take milk was making the boobies even more prominent. I was getting hard watching all this when my mother filled the tumbler and got up as I told that at home she wore used and sometimes even a little torn suit. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the suit thinning itself to a point that her boobies were making perfect shape and even some milk dripped from the corners. She was so wet that I could even see her almost faint almond color areola and her nipples standing upright on those huge sag less melons which were the doors of heaven. I had a sudden rush of blood to hold them in my hands to feel their enormity. It was as if my whole being cried in ecstasy, my filial feelings rose to the fore and asked me to repay back the motherhood by holding those pitchers which once fed me, and merge once again with my mother. I wanted to in fact contain her enormity, the limitless motherhood which sprang in the physical shape as her boobs. I felt the first stirrings of incest in my head as I saw and beheld those melons of food and pleasure, almost making full and round circles, wet and clinging to her old suit which had become transparent by now. My mother rose after collecting the milk and I saw her rotund ass wobble and sway like a deer, while she walked past me to the kitchen. She was still so wet in kitchen and I had a real treat as she went down to collect something baring her beautiful breasts right up to her magnanimous areola and bean like nipples. She then came out of the kitchen and went to the only other room we used and took the towel in her hands. She first wiped her hands and then she started to wipe the area of the suit near her breasts. Since the suit was a little old and worn out, while wiping my mother accidentally tore it in the front. My heart was in my mouth as I got the first glimpse of one of the heavenly pair. Her suit had ripped from the center vertically and her one full breast was out and I was feasting at it. I could seem the milky white skin of her tight round breast. O my heavenly mother’s breasts were so round that it looked artistic, such a magnificent shape was out of this world. My mother had such round breasts that would give jitters to a teenage virgin girl. Her areola was again perfectly round with no blemish and she had the perfect bean sized nipple which was erect due to wetness.

Since it was evening time, my mother’s skin was glowing under the florescent lamp. She started to wipe her breasts now even though her suit had torn a bit more from the top revealing her little flabby tummy and her deep round bellybutton which I mistook for pussy first. She looked so sexy wiping her there and then, she looked at me, staring at her. I tried to avoid eye contact with her and looked away but in the corner of my eye I could still see her smiling towards me as she wiped her breasts which were nearly in the open now. My mother softly wrapped the towel around her huge motherly treasures and took the shirt of the torn suit out. I was just watching this as a silent spectator when my mother changed into another suit.

That night, I was watching some t v lying beside my mother. I was watching some movie on HBO when a girl appeared on the screen in a nighty. My mother hardly understood any English but she just watched them with me sometimes trying to understand through the action. She was lying across me tightly wrapped in a bed cover. My mind immediately raced to suggest my mom to wear nighties. I sort of fearfully asked her,

“maan, ye jo t v par ladki ne pehni hai isko nighty bolte hain aur isko ladies raat ko sone ki liye pehnti hain. Kya tumhe ye achi lagi maan.” I looked at my mother’s breasts making beautiful mounds in that white sheet over her bosom.

“beta, isme se to bada shareer nazar aata hai…isko pehn ke sharm bahut aayegi.”

“are maan . Sharmane ki kya baat hai…yahan aur kaun hai mere siva aur sirf raat hi ko to pehanani hai tumko nighty.” I sort of tried my best tp persuade her. Finally she nodded and I promised to get her some nighties from the city.

Next day , I left in the morning and went to Delhi where I bought a lot of incest porn besides buying sheer transparent nighties for my mother. Out of the three I bought , only one was a little decent. I also bought my favorite underclothes for her. I bought her stockings and garter belts besides a sizeable collection of highly revealing and erotic designer panties. I was always such a panty lover. After getting everything, I quickly headed to my home with my mind full of images when my mother would adorn these fantasy outfits. All the way on the bus, I was hard and I reached home in no time. My erection and my thoughts seemed to melt the time away.

As I reached home, it was morning time. I took bath and went to sleep after taking some food cooked by my mother Rani. When I got up in the afternoon , I found my luggage frisked a bit and I was just thinking about it when my mother , the beautiful queen mother Rani, appeared from the bathroom dressed in the most skimpiest and transparent nighty of all while holding lot of bra and panties in her hands. As she walked towards me, I pinched myself to remind me that I am awake and not dreaming. For their walked my mother as a fashion model for lingerie walks. She had also put on some purple netted bra and satin panties almost see through again, and she was laughing holding those undergarments in her hands. She came into the room and threw the bras and panties at bed and walked in front of the mirror. Then she turned towards me and asked me how she looked. I said that women do not usually wear undergarments with nighties. She said since it was day time she might think of removing them at night. I smiled at my mother while she climbed on the bed besides me and we started to watch t v for a while.

I was thinking everything evil inside my mind as the t v screen flashed before my eyes. I was not watching the t v but I was fantasizing about my bomb shell mother who will undo her bra and panties at night. Till now, she might not have known about the transparent material of her nighty but at night she will definitely see that it is revealing all her body. And that too to her son. Will she remove them or not! I was thinking all these vital questions while my mind was soaked in delirious ecstasy as my mother, the woman of my dreams was lying beside me in a fancy outfit hardly covering her thighs even. I looked at her. She was watching the t v and she could hardly notice my eyes prying at her with extreme lust. I could see purple bra which had high cups making the boobs of mother just out at top. They appeared so round and white that my mother appeared like some Victorian matronly figure. The nighty then separated at her waist revealing a hint of her satin panties and an exotic skin of her thighs. My cock had already flagged itself and I turned the t v off and told my mother that I wanted to sleep. My mother was also yawning and went to sleep in the afternoon in no time. I watched the big breasts of my mother heaving with her breath in front of me. She was breathing soundly and this was a sure indication of her sleep. Inside my underwear, my cock was erect like a bamboo. I watched my mother for sometime and then started to masturbate seeing her heavenly body particularly her white legs which had only a few hairs at the back of the legs. I came in no time and I was asleep too.

That night, after dinner we went to the bed again. My heart was in my mouth as I reached the bedroom with my mother. The moment for her to reveal herself to her son had come. But, she came and sat watching the t v. She showed no inclination to do away with bra and panties, it seemed. I was getting rather disappointed and bored and then , with t v so I asked my mother that I was feeling sleepy. She then turned the t v off and also switched off the light. And then, I got the most pleasant of all surprises. My mother sort of opened her nighty at the front from the belt and then removed her bra and panties while she was sitting on the bed with her back to me. Moonlight was creeping in and I could see the silhouettes of my mother’s curvaceous body. Then, my mother turned around and after tying the belt of her nighty went to sleep. Since it was darkness, I could hardly see anything much but faint outlines could be made in the dark. Whole night, my cock was on fire and I had to wait till the wee hours in the morning to could some glimpses of the fiery body of my dream woman.

In the morning, I was getting better view with each passing minute as the light was increasing. My mother had folded her legs and was sleeping facing me. The belt had also opened and she was in a disheveled state so much so that her complete ass cheeks were visible. While at the top, her magnificent breasts could be clearly seen under the thin nighty which had a few open buttons too, and they revealed her naked white pearly flesh. My cock was flagging itself like a mad bull now and blood rushed to my veins as my mother turned in sleep. Now she was lying on her back with straight legs. Her nighty, which was open at the center due to the open belt, was held in place only by a few buttons near her enormous breasts which jutted roundly despite her sleeping position. Her silky waist was fully visible and her maddening bellybutton had come to my view, for the first time in my life. It was here that my umbilical cord had been tied to my mother. I had been provided food from this place. Then I looked down at the few visible hairs peeking between my mother’s legs. She was all nude at the bottom since the nighty had been completely displaced. Still I could not see my birth place as she had lying with straight legs now. But I was content for the top view only. Imagine a fully grown son sleeping besides his mother in her nighty, and that too that the nighty is showing even her unusually large almond colored areolas, those breasts so round and fleshy that even the small mole on them is also visible on her nighty. What could a man do then?

I looked at the face of my mother sleeping so innocently. She used to stay very plain at home without make up mostly. She was looking fabulous in her sleep. Then, I went close to my mother and placed my hand on her flat belly while watching any movement on her face. She was sleeping like a cat, shying and without any movement. Now I looked at her artistic shapely breasts which had fed me and had withstood ages without showing any sag. O those wonderful melons of lust, which had the power to induce madness in the most holy of men, o those pitchers of milk which were my life when I came into this world and now they are taking my life as I watch them, o those mountains of the most holy flesh which have gotten better with time and have even not been mauled by my dirty useless father, o those footballs which are the official partners of incest fantasy, o those twin mounds of motherly joy and ecstasy with a huge areola and painfully thick seductive nipples, those very fountains of milk which are forever young , o my mother looked so beautiful as if her tits were her essence. I was deeply motivated now to see them fully nude. But I was also afraid if my mother would wake up. I carefully and slowly undid the few buttons at the top thus revealing her marvelous glory to me. I nearly came in my pajamas seeing my mother like that. Her skin was glowing in the morning light and her body was tight everywhere, no loose flesh hanging down anywhere, and her tits were really a mammoth size and their rotundity was also mind boggling. No fifty year old woman is supposed to have such awesome mammaries. I looked at my mother nearly fully nude now but deep in her sleep looking like an angel from the sky. Every inch of her supple luxuriant body was oozing with sexiness and it seemed that she had been made solely for the purpose of lovemaking. She appeared like a fairy in exile only to return back after mating with her son. I was lost in all these thoughts when I heard a cock croaking in the neighborhood and it was a sure sign that my mother would wake up any moment now. I quickly tied her buttons back and covered her with her nighty before throwing a bed sheet over her.

My mother got up after some time and quickly changed into some other suit as she probably could see her body in the morning displaying itself so sexily to her son in her nighty. Then later she served me breakfast. I went to my job and came back home in the evening. Now my mother was dressed in the normal suit and it was only while going to bed she changed into a nighty. After wearing the yet another transparent nighty, my mother quickly switched off the lights. She told me in bed that she will wear her nighty only for sleep and not like western people as it shows her body shamelessly. I told her to relax as there was no one to see her that way. My mom smiled and we went to sleep. Again , I woke up at my midnight time and knowing fully well that mother is asleep , I undid her belt of nighty and removed that flimsy cloth and saw those twin heavenly mounds. I wanted to touch them, play with them and maul them but I was afraid if my mother would wake up then? So once again after watching them to my hearts content, I masturbated besides my sleeping momma and made her up properly before going to sleep.

Somehow I was not satisfied by watching her body in the dark. I wanted to see her fully and there was only one place where this was possible and that was our bathroom. Since the bathroom and toilet are outside the house, they are also adjoined to the other room we have. I made a proper hole in it and covered it with a poster. It was the photo of lord Shiva so no one will remove it.

In the evening, my mother went inside to take a bath. I quickly followed her and removed the poster from the hole. I could clearly see across the other side. My mother had removed her clothes and was just standing in the new skin color bra and black lacy panties. Then she rubbed her hand over the panty and I could see a wet spot appearing. She slapped her pussy a number of times over the panty and then in a jiffy threw both panty and bra on the floor. She turned on the shower and started to take bath while my hand was already on my cock savoring the potential erotica of her tits dangling and wet with water. She rubbed soap all over her body and then washed it taking her own sweet time. Outside I was pumping my fist. I soon came and spread my semen on the floor while my mother had finished her bath and was toweling herself. Her full nude body was a sight of nearly heaven itself. If ever there was any salvation, it was in my mother’s boobs. If ever there was any heaven, it was in my mother’s velvety body. I quickly cleaned up and came back to my room putting the poster at place. My mother then went to milk the cow as he trampled over my milk carelessly.

This also became a routine. So I was having two daily glimpses of my mother’s body, one in her sleep and other while she bathes. But, day by day it was becoming difficult for me to contain my urges. I just wanted to hold her body and feel her motherly chuchies. I could not touch her as she might very well wake up. And that would be the end of it. I never wanted to loose whatever little I was getting. I was near heaven yet I was in pain. The sea was baring its bosom to me and yet I could not drink a drop of water. The expanse of feminity laid itself on a bed to be ravished yet I could not strike, for she was my mother. Had it been any other woman, I could have easily done what I wanted to. But how could I even think about it. What a pervert I have been thinking about doing nasty things to my mother. I sometimes felt that I am going to rot in hell for this. But sooner I was convinced beyond doubt that for the touch of my mother’s bubbas, I was ready to forgo anything. I could withstand any amount of pain for my mother’s boobs. This was not because her boobs had nurtured me, helped me grow, but it was because watching her boobs gave me the highest possible erections and I might even die if I touched them. A mother’s bosom is the area where a young one finds solace and peace from the world but here my mother’s boobs had maddened me with lust. I must do something for them. They became the sole fixation of my dirty perverted mind. At night, in my dreams I saw them hanging from the sky beckoning me to kiss them and fondle them. Then I got an idea.

This went on for quite some time and then I got some sleeping tablets one day and mixed them in my mother’s food and then we went to bed. As mother changed herself into the easy braless nighty, I smirked to myself knowing what was going to happen tonight. On the other hand, my mother was unaware of my vinous plans and quickly removed her panties too before sleeping. My mother was unknowingly assisting me. Soon, the sleeping tablets showed their affect and my mother was yawning and she told me to switch the lights off and go to sleep, which I did for a while.

I waited for a good half and hour first so that my mother could drift into deep sleep. Then, I switched the lights on. I called my mother’s name near her ears but she gave me no response. I shook her body but she was lying dead as a corpse. Now, I was convinced beyond doubt that my mother was sleeping badly under the effect of sleeping pills. Half of the battle had been won. I looked at my mother for some time before touching her. She was looking so beautiful and innocent in her sleep. Her nighty was a little wavered to cover her body and although it was covering her breasts yet it could not hide the color of her areola and nipple under its sheer cloth. My mother had the face of a karishma kapoor and the boobs of tera Patrick. They looked as huge as my hands touched them first time since my childhood. I quickly undid her nighty at top revealing those wonderful melons of lust to me . O my god, this was heaven. I softly lifted them in my hands and pressed them as one presses a soft pillow. O mamma, you were doing magic to me. My queen mother’s tight boobs defied her age and her face made her almost like a newly wed. Yes ! She was my newly wed queen mother. I bent towards my objects of fantasy and rubbed them on my cheeks kissing them in their fleshy valley before sinking my head in the heavenly pillows of my mother. She was fast asleep and then I picked her hands up and placed them on the back of my head while I was kissing her booby glory. I looked in the mirror as the light was on and my mother looked to be having sex with me in the mirror. In fact, it was a horizontal frontal view so one could actually see her hands on my head as if she is also enjoying and it is happening according to her will. I quickly got an idea and since I had a digital camera I took pictures of the reflection in the mirror.

When it was an hour past, I was sure that my mother wouldn’t wake up before morning so I undid every single piece of cloth on her and took her nude photos. Then, I removed all my clothes and got in bed next to my mother. I hugged her tightly and sort of made her hug me. Every moment I was watching her face, but it was not showing any reaction. Then I bent down and took her nipple in my mouth while squeezing the other melon of lust. I also took some bites of it before going to the friendly vivacious face of my queen mother Rani and kissing her everywhere right from neck to eyes to temples to ear and also eating a bit of her juicy lips. Suddenly, I felt her nipples getting stiff under my chest. When I looked down, my god, they had swollen and looked like cherries on the cake of my mother’s areolas. I teased the nipples out of their flesh and played with them until her swollen nipples really got big enough over her ivory chuchies. My body was also sliced with the body of my mother making my head boil now. My cock was bathing under the touch of the golden soft thighs of my lovely mother. I held my hands on her back now and pressed her closely to my body. I could feel her coming alive as her breathing stiffened a bit.

Then I went down to her pussy and the saw the whole where I came from the very first time in my life. It was covered with the dense outgrowth of her silken pubes, now here they were in a huge number unlike one or two hair which I found usually on her panties in the morning. I bent down to her choot and smelled the heavenly aromatic stink of her sweat urine and maybe a little cum too. I kissed my mother’s pussy after smelling it to my heart’s content. Then, I lapped up her puffy cunt lips which had spread like petals, and begin to lick my mother queen’s pussy. I shoved my tongue in and I was getting full pleasure but she did not discharge. After that, I moved over to my mother’s huge chuchies, taking each in my hand and I placed my cock in their valley and begin to tit fuck her. Soon, I could take it no longer and spurt my semen over her huge mammaries. I then, carefully wiped her and clothed her properly before going to bed.

Next day, my mother got up and behaved very normally. She could never suspect what her horny son was up to at night. I never got to try that again since my mother was very careful in eating that incident onwards. Meanwhile, time continued to roll on and my father used to visit us sometimes and he would stay a month long. I was quite surprised as my mother did not wear her nighties in front of my lazy father. But soon, he left and we were left to ourselves again and once again I was watching my mother in all her glory. When my father was home, he rarely fucked Rani Ma and soon he had left. Nothing much happened until the marriage of my cousin sister pallavi when I had to accompany my mother to a village near hamirpur.

My mother’s younger sister sashimi lived in a village and pallavi was her daughter who was getting married. In fact, pallavi had a physique very much like my mother and one wondered how her chuchies would grow after her marriage. My maasi on the other hand, sashimi was also very sexy with golden skin and nice assets. Pallavi was one of the few people who were very close to me. In fact we had played a lot of fun games when we children and I often had a deep maddening desire to feel her chuchies. But time went on , and now she was getting married.

It was quite late when we reached there and soon we were shown the bedroom after having a bit of food. In fact, all the elder ladies were sleeping on the floor and my cousin was sleeping on the bed. When I came into the room, it was pretty dark and I just stumbled next to one of the women on the floor. I had found the space so I went to sleep soon. I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a little cold. I sat and saw the dim figures in the moonlight. Two ladies were lying next to me in a sexy revealing atmosphere but I couldn’t se much because of the darkness. I thought probably my cousin was lying on the bed. Her clothes were also in disarray and because of darkness; I could only see the contours on her body. I climbed on the bed and went next to her. I almost took her in my embrace. I felt her hard and massive chuchies on my chest. She was also reciprocating and her hands reached on my back and begin to take off my shirt. I quickly undid her blouse from the front. O my god, her huge chuchies swung to life. I held them in my hands to feel their weight. Their was something similar to them I could not exactly remember. Then I kissed them on their valley and then I went up and felt the chain around her neck. She was not supposed to wearing any mangal sutra, what was this. Who was this lady letting me fondle her, it was definitely not her cousin pallavi. Then she went up and looked at her face closely. O my god, it was his own mother Rani. Was her dreaming. He said, in a feeble voice, “ma Rani, aap…I am sorry mother, I didn’t know it was you”

“O beta, why do you stop now, continue what you were doing to your mother. There is no need to feel sorry. After all, I am your own mother and you can do anything you want to with me. Come, manoja don’t stop now..” And she hugged me to her bosom sending currents right through my body and brain.

“haan ma” I could barely whisper as my mother took my hands over her nipples and said, “ keep quite now and suck my chuchies, others might wake up so do not make any sound” I took her nipple in my mouth and begin to suck while my mother undid mine and her bottoms. My cock was already erect from the foreplay and my mother quickly took it in her choot. O my god! I could not believe it. I was inside my mother. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have any time to even think and enjoy what I was doing. She was shaking her hips nicely and I was playing with her motherly chuchies all the while. Since it was my first time, I quickly ejaculated but no sooner than giving my mother Rani an orgasm. Then, we rearranged or clothes and went to sleep.

I spent the whole day in the marriage trying to digest the fact that it was my mother I had a brief sex with.

To be continued…

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