Raping Aurora part 2

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By James230 Unconscious 14 year old Aurora takes more cum than I’ve ever given.

Just a little recap from the first story, my 14 year old new neighbor, Aurora, had stopped by my house cuz she locked herself out and needed a place to stay and I guess she liked and trusted me enough to sleep over. She has terrible judgement as in the first minutes she was in my house I was setting up my elaborate plan to drug her and have my way with her.
To be fair I do believe she has a little crush on me, she’s always going out of her way to talk to me and she laughs at everything I say and gives me eye fucking vibes. I’m sure if I played it cool long enough I could probly have sex with her normally, but I didn’t feel like putting in the effort and take that risk of her parents finding out. I figured my safest bet was to just get her unconscious and fuck her that way.

I had just throatfucked Aurora for 15 minutes straight and came deep in her throat. While I was skullfucking her, her eyes had watered up a ton and had her mascara run down her face and left long dark streaks. She also has a bunch of spit and now my cum all over her face and chest. I took a little 10 minute break after I came in her throat, got myself a drink and pissed. Once I was ready for round 2 I went back up to her still looking like a mess with tears, spit and cum all over her and got on top of her in between her legs and hugged her and laid on top of her just enjoying that skin to skin contact. Aurora has amazing soft pale skin and it’s so warm with our bodies touching. I’m not even in her at the moment, just laying on top of her running my hands over her smooth body, playing with her hair and inhaling it’s amazing smell. I make out with her and can smell her perfume coming from her neck and it’s intoxicating. I run my fingers over her tits cradling and groping them and move my hands down her arms and interlock my fingers with hers. It’s all so amazing being in between her legs laying naked on top of her.

I stayed on top of her like that touching her for a solid half hour. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world right after fucking. And that’s what I’m about to do. I get off her and lay at her side and rub her pussy. I rub her little clit for a few minutes and begin to work my finger inside her. At this point I’m not sure if she’s a virgin or not and it’s time to find out. Aurora is super tight, I switched to my pinky and pushed it in, didn’t get far and I felt her hymen. This is fantastic, I get to take another girl’s virginity! I took my finger out and got back on top of her in between her legs. I very much wanna fuck her missionary style and embrace her as I fuck her little pussy.

I’m on top of her in between her legs and she’s so small compared to me. Standing at 5 feet with me over 6 and double her body weight I feel like a giant over her. I’ve waited long enough it’s time to fuck her for real. I want this to be as painless as it can so I squirted a little lube I had on my fingers and rubbed it outside her pussy and on my dick. I get my dick in front of her pussy and rub my tip around lubing it up and begin to stick my cock in her. I can feel she’s super fucking tight but the lube is allowing me to get in easily, I hit her hymen and push in real quick and break it. Right after I did her body winced for a second but she never woke up. With the lube and her natural pussy juice she’s so fucking wet it’s amazing.

Aurora is so tight and wet and I’m fucking her giving her half my cock with each thrust. Even just that feels amazing, her pussy is so fucking good. I’m doing somewhat slow thrusts into her with my hands under her ass and gripping her cheeks with my whole body weight pressed on her. I still can’t get over how tight she is, her pussy is heaven. Been fucking her nice and slow for like 8 minutes and try putting more of my dick in her. I pull my cock out just so the tip is in and push in seeing where it stops me. I could feel my whole dick was in her cuz I felt my balls directly on her asshole. Now I’m doing deep full thrusts into her small cum hole still gripping onto her luscious ass cheeks as I penetrate her unconscious body. While I’m fucking her I’m licking her face and neck all over and sometimes go and lick and suck her perfect nipples.

It’s been 15 minutes since I started fucking Aurora and now I have my arms wrapped and locked around her small body holding her as close to me as she can making sure I get as much skin to skin contact I can, so soft and warm. Having those percs in me and have already busted one nut have helped me keep from cumming fast but Aurora is so fucking hot and perfect that fucking her unconscious body like I have been is too erotic and I feel like I’m close to cumming now. The more I’m attracted to a girl the quicker I cum, I can’t help it sometimes. I hold her even tighter to me while sucking her skinny neck thrusting fast into her, so fast her whole body is shaking and the bed is slamming against the wall. I look down at her cute little face, I can see the braces pushing her mouth out a little bit, her freckles and eyes closed with those black streaks running down, she looks absolutely stunning.

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Manage to keep from cumming for 20 minutes but I’m about to blow, I brace myself onto her and cum inside her pussy with my last thrust. Her pussy is so tight and with my girthy cock in there a lot of the cum had no choice but to squirt out of her, I felt it splash my balls which then rubbed the cum onto her asshole. Just like when I came in her throat, this time cumming in her pussy was the same, I came a fucking lot. It felt even better to cum inside her amazing pussy, I came so hard and so much I started feeling dizzy. After I came I collapsed onto her in between her legs and stayed on top of her for what seemed like forever. My dick was still inside her and was slowly shrinking back to normal and was coming out of her on its own. While we were cuddling I was groping her tits, such shapely perky tits.

After a good while I got off her and went to go sit down on my chair. It’s 8pm now, I’ve came inside auroras throat and pussy and I still want more. I’ve considered fucking her ass but that would make it too obvious I fucked her as she would be in some deal of pain tomorrow when she wakes up, I’m already worried she’ll suspect something as it is, but not too worried. I see Aurora laying on my bed passed out with her little legs spread and my cum oozing out of her pussy, so fucking hot. I decide I’ll just fuck her pussy again, it’s some of the best I’ve ever had, I’d choose auroras pussy every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I wash and dry my dick and lay Aurora on her belly, pushing her legs together and put a pillow under her stomach to prop her up a little bit for better access. Auroras pussy is now staring at me in the face and cum is still seeping out. If you’re wondering why I cleaned and dried my dick it’s cuz I’m pretending I’m getting some fresh sloppy seconds if you can understand that, I love fucking cum filled pussys and when you put your dick dry in one it feels so much better it’s crazy, go try it. I mount her legs from behind and push my dick inside her pussy. It slides right it like magic, I could barely get a finger in her earlier and now she’s taking my fat cock with ease.

I pulled my phone out and started making some clips for keepsakes. It looks so incredible on my phone, seeing my fat cock disappear under her ass. Her ass looks so nice from my perspective, she definitely has a 14 year old girls ass in terms of width but it’s shaped perfectly like a heart and got a nice bubble on it. Been fucking her cum filled pussy for 8 minutes thrusting at a decent speed in the prone bone position while I’m on my knees behind her. With her legs closed while I fuck her I can feel her pussy is even tighter, but I can still fuck her easily cuz of my cum that’s in her. She has so much cum in her pussy still that’s it’s all turning to a creamy foam from my dick. After 10 minutes I get off my knees and lay on her back as I fuck her putting my whole body weight on her. I can feel her ass cheeks pressing against my body and it feel so good to have that soft smooth cushion my thrusts.

I have one of my hands placed around her throat gripping it lightly as to not choke her and the other hand is under her body and belly rubbing her clit. Still fucking at a normal speed. Around 15 minutes fucking her and rubbing her clit I can feel her pussy get even wetter and tighter, Aurora had an orgasm, I’m not sure if it’s her first ever but I’m certain she just had one, her pussy became a vice grip for a moment. I pick up my pace and fuck her faster and harder and now I have my hands and arms wrapped around her body, with her body being so small I feel like I’m fucking a human fleshlight. I can still smell auroras perfume fumigate the room and it takes things to the next level. 20 minutes of constant prone bone fucking and I’m about to cum again. I grip her body and head even tighter and cum another fat load in her already cum filled pussy. I came so much again I can feel it burst out and get all over me.

Throughout the night I ended up fucking Aurora like 10 more times until it started to hurt when I came. I fucked her in every position I can think of and came inside her pussy eachtime. Her pussy is like heroin I just couldn’t stop fucking her. When I was completely done I knew I’d have to do some serious clean up, both her and the bed. First I washed auroras whole body with a face cloth making sure to clean up all the spit, cum and her mascara marks. I picked her up off the bed and put her on the floor while I changed the sheets and then dressed Aurora back in her clothes and tucked her in the bed all nice and clean, well on the outside she is.

I’m really hoping she doesn’t wake up with too soar of a vagina and raise questions, but honestly her pussy was so worth it. When you get a chance like that you gotta take it. I went back downstairs and cooked the food I was supposed to earlier, I was starving after that major rape session. I’ve never eaten a meal that tasted so good. I took a shower and went to bed and prayed she wouldn’t know anything when she woke up…..

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By James230 #Abuse #Rape #Teen #Virgin