Rathinirvedam 2002

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While reaching bed room Pappu was very much ready for the next episode but every body needed respite and rest and I wanted to make sure he didn’t burn himself out too quickly. So I kissed him on his cheeks and told. “My sweet boy. Don’t worry. Just wait till night. We need some rest. So sleep near me without doing any naughty things.”

He buried his face between my thighs to feel the perfect coolness there. After few minutes his tongue and mouth started to move around my love mound. To prevent from doing naughty things I dragged him strongly to my chest and given those breasts to his mouth just like a mother feeding baby. Turning slightly, I directed my left nipple down into his hungry mouth. Then I fed him my right breast; back and forth he went from one to the other, rolling the stiff nipples in his hot mouth. He sucked both breasts simultaneously like a baby who has been denied milk for many hours. While sucking my breasts he commented with naughty look.

“Chechi, I tried a lot before also. But why I am not getting any milk?” Oooh, what an exquisite pain, which excited me to even higher level of horniness. I immediately offered the other breast to him saying. “This tit is feeling jealous.” He took the right breast and repeated the treatment my left breast had received earlier. Then he took both my boobs and squeezed them together, giving small loving bites to my nipples and laving them with his tongue. His small bites on my erected nipples made really horny. But to my surprise at the same time I felt that I am feeding a small baby. He didn’t push me any further and as I ran my fingers through his thick hair. I had a very warm feeling as I felt the closeness of this naked young boy. Really it was nice to hold his strong nude body close to mine since it was my first experience. I was longing for such an experience. Slowly we went to a deepest sleep.

I awoke after a few hours of the soundest sleep and looked at the clock. It was 9. PM. I felt a slight chill and realized that I didn’t have a single thread on my body and the cool wind from outside was softly flowing over my back and buttocks through Big window next to our spacious bed. I don’t know when the bed sheet moved away from our body. As I turned on my back the cold wind made my nipples erect. I felt funny since it was passing over my belly through my bush and the hair quivered. My senses were still not fully alive, I wondered why I was stark naked. As I saw Pappu’s strong body by my side, my heart was filled with joy. Pappu lay sprawled out on my spacious bed next to me and was obviously in very deep sleep. Then I remembered about the heavy rain of day without thunder and lightning and I couldn’t remember when he separated from my body. I wanted to express my joy. I was humming some tunes that came to me instantly. I again felt horny to think that I have more to go. So, when am I going to invite my forbidden lover again? What am I going to do at night? Invite my sweet boy again? Then? What am I going to do? I must have him again – that’s what my body tried to say with a sense of determination. When? I just can’t wait! I tried to impose self-discipline on me. But failed utterly. My face was flush with heat. I worn my nightgown and stood quietly beside his sleeping form to watch him I suddenly became aware of the gentle ache between my legs. The taut muscles rippled in his arms and chest and I began to feel the pangs of desire start to grow again in soft regions down between my thighs. I just remembered about the strength of his cock again and again. It was so much bigger and thicker in its aroused condition. Its perfect size reminded me of some soft porn films I have seen with my friend Rekha. Definitely he was the proud owner of a perfect cock. “Oooh my God, really it is a big one. I only touched it first 4 years before but until now never tasted. I think definitely it doubled within these years. I want it. I love this thick and long cock to taste and suck like a lollipop.” I thought myself. I lost my sense and started showering kisses on his throbbing cock.

As I looked at his youthful body, I couldn’t control my excitement and kissed him passionately with my wet lips on his forehead and cheeks.

“Why did you kiss me so nicely?” he asked. “I just felt like it. Just because I love you. Kutta.” I said coyly. Saying this I kissed him again, this time on his eyes and in his neck. I placed my head on his chest and my boobs nudged his sides. He ran his fingers through my hair and his other hand moved over my back. I asked him, “Have you kissed any girl other than me?” He said, “I have no girlfriend at all.”

After a long pause, he said, “Will you kiss me?”

“I kissed you just now, didn’t I?” I faked innocence. He moved my head from his chest and held my face between his hands. Looking intently in my eyes, he said in a serious note.

“I am no longer a boy Chechi. I am now a grown up man. I want to be kissed the way a man is kissed by a woman.”

I smiled and told him, “As a grown up man, don’t you know that a man kisses a woman, not the other way round?” Hearing this, his eyes glittered and crushing my body in his strong arms he kissed me on my lips. My hands were in his hair, my fingers entwined in the curls. My whole body was red-hot; I felt I was on fire. His condition was not different. I am greeted with a kiss, a real kiss, full of passion, love, and lust. We become intoxicated with each other. Kiss meets kiss. Bite meets bite. I kissed him back allowing his tongue to explore the dark recesses of my mouth. His left hand ran his fingers thru my hair and pulled my head back slightly and I felt the unmistakable desire to succumb to his advances right then and there! My arms went around him and pulled him to me. As I got shaken at his passionate aggression, my lips parted and I stuck my tongue in his mouth. My darting tongue made him wild and as his tongue moved in my mouth, his one hand squeezed my bare arms and his other hand pressed my butt. By now his strong and youthful body turned me crazy and I was desperate to devour every inch of it. I started kissing all over his body like a hungry animal. His hairy chest ignited fire in me and I moved my lips and nose through the hairy area. I licked his tiny nipples with my tongue, tickled them with my nails, sucked them with my lips and bit them with my teeth. He moaned very strongly. With the restless movements of us, I knew that we were moving dangerously fast again to the inevitable end.

I never experienced such vigor before and felt as if I was being swept away by a tidal wave. As the kiss continued, my passion grew stronger and I touched his strong manhood, which was almost pulsating like a hot iron rod. He whispered in my ears “Chechi, I want to know what you can do with your luscious mouth. Enikku chechiyude chundugalkidayil pottitherikkanam. Aaa chundugalude lalanathil enikku oru paninir mazhayayi paithiraganam. Please Chechi. Chechi, I want to burst myself in your mouth violently. Please.” I paused a bit and raised myself up and grabbed his cock. It was so ramrod straight; I had difficulty in pulling it down. I couldn’t control myself and I started showering kisses all around his monster. As I finally grabbed his manhood sprang out. Wow, what a gigantic size it had! And it was so thick! I tried to encircle it with my fingers, but failed. I felt the size and strength more than before. It was pretty and had thick veins on it, which looked so exciting. The foreskin was completely moved and the pink head was shining. It was so inviting that I felt like immediately taking it inside me. With a lot of efforts I controlled my temptation to delay to taste it little and but couldn’t. I had to open my mouth really wide to gulp it. I could only take in a couple of inches and almost gagged. Holding it in one hand, I swirled my tongue over it and moved the fingers of my other hand over it like a spider. With little flicks of my tongue I bounced his cock around my mouth while sucking on his prick like an enjoying a lollipop. My tongue ringed his cock first in one direction and then reversed to go in the other. While doing this my fingernails tenderly scratched his balls and drew patterns across his wrinkled skin. Slowly I shifted my attention to his balls. First I simply licked every inch of the surface. The skin was extraordinarily soft and silky to me as it gilded over the balls. Slowly by taking both balls to my palm I ran my tongue from one ball to the other and back again rapidly. I sucked, bobbed and caressed his ball to the accompaniment of his moans. My mouth returned to his rapidly swelling cock. Coming to the tip of his cock-knob my tongue circled its outline, skimmed across his velvet prick skin and darted to his tiny cum-slit.

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I gripped his cock tighter, working it faster. It was too much for him. He looked down, watching me suck on his hard meat. I made his huge erection more slippery by saliva to suck faster and harder and the full length slid more easily into my mouth. He was meeting violent movements of my mouth with his own small thrusts, by rocking his hips back and forth. “I am going to come,” He cried loudly. I moved my hand from his back, and brought it round to cup his cock to get tight grip. His soft moans gradually turned stronger and within minutes he started screaming, “I can’t hold it any more, Ente Chechi.” I realized that he was scared that he would cum in my mouth. But I precisely wanted that and continued. It was always my fantasy and I wanted to taste his cum again and again, after enjoying it for the first time finally a cry gone out of his throat. “Oh. Chechi. I am coming. I can’t hold anymore, ohhhhhhh.” Very soon warm liquid started coming out in shots and hit the wall of my throat. It was such a strong sensation that I couldn’t describe in words. Within seconds my mouth was full of creamy warm liquid that had a very exciting taste. I tried to swallow all of it, but couldn’t. Some of it dripped out from the sides of my mouth.

I told him that it was perfectly normal. After hesitating a bit, I told him that I did want to taste his cum and that’s why I didn’t withdraw my mouth. He gave me an amazed look and asked me if all women like to do this. I told him. “My close friend Rekha is a Doctor and she is doing it. She explained to me that oral sex is not at all bad if we keep us neat and clean. This part is just like other parts. Since I have not done this before I am sure to say that I enjoyed it.” As I was cleaning his cock, now a little softer, I asked him how he enjoyed this.

“I still can’t believe that this is happened to me now. I couldn’t imagine something so pleasurable, even in my wildest dreams. Chechi it is a long cherished dream came as true.” Saying this, he kissed me on my cheeks. Then again he pulled me in his strong arms and kissed me deeply in my lips. His kiss was so passionate that I immediately lost control and the kiss turned wild. I was more astonished than I was by the fact that I had managed to deep throat him even in my first attempt. I said, “Ooh, I love that, I love the taste of your come, it tastes so good. Kutta, My God! I actually managed to take you in my throat all the way! Pappu, your juice is very tasty. Really far better than ice-cream. Moreover I was enjoying it such a thing for the first time.”

“You are something else, Chechi,” He told me. Let Pappu continue narrations about our next game.

Pappu: I couldn’t hold off any longer and felt my orgasm start. It was going to be a strong one. I could feel my come start at the base of my cock and shoot up the length of my shaft and into her eager sucking mouth. My whole body shuddered and my knees got weak as I pumped load after load of my come into her mouth. She kept pumping my cock with one hand, fondling my balls with the other, as she sucked and swallowed with her mouth. It seemed like Chechi just couldn’t get enough and I couldn’t stop pumping come into her waiting mouth. “Wow, you really put out a lot of come.” she said quietly as she stood up. “I almost couldn’t swallow fast enough. Want to taste you?” she said, and kissed me before I could say anything. She held my face as she kissed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I could taste quite a bit of my thick come still on her tongue as my tongue moved against hers. She pushed a little of my own come out of her mouth and into mine. She hadn’t swallowed that last bit. “It’s called snowballing.” she said breaking the kiss. “Do you like the taste of your own come in my mouth?”

“Yea, it’s kind of a turn-on.” It really was a turn-on and I was surprised that I liked it. I leaned over and sucked one of her pointed deliciously sexy nipples deep into my mouth.

She sucked my lips violently and I tasted my own come. She murmured. “I will not allow you to sleep today. I want to enjoy everything today itself.” “My God she was not finished yet”. I thought. “Now I want to see our love making in mirror Pappu.” Then she pulled me near to the dressing mirror. I came near her and put my hand on her shoulders and loosened the gown knots. She responded to that by coming close to me. I pulled a stool there to sit. She moved around it, supported by my arms, and sat on my lap. She sat on my lap suddenly, and I shifted her hips back so that my cock was pressing against her ass cheeks. She got the idea, and twisted around and kissed me vigorously. I kept my eyes affixed to her big tits, not making any move on my part. I reached out with my hands and grabbed her perfect tits, not merely fondling them as I had originally planned to, but squeezing the flesh as hard as I could possibly squeeze. It made her moan and gasp and I felt her entire body shiver. I kissed Chechi’s chin, then licked her neck, and delicately kissed her nipples, first the left, then the right. “Pappu, Kutta we have time as much as we need.” She pulled me more close to her and pressed her lips to mine and gave a long passionate kiss. While kissing me violently, I placed my hand on her boob and squeezed it gently. But not gone further. I was just letting her to beg more at this point. I wanted it to go on forever and ever! Then all at once, I then took her both breasts in each hand and crushed it all force. “I feel your cock! It is hard and strong. Aaaa! It is nice!” She was screaming” Pappu, keep fucking me! Give me maximum you can and I will give you back it in ten folds! Whatever you want! You can fuck your Rathi Chechi any time you want! Pappu come inside me. But I want to get fucked like a wild stallion. I have seen this in some films and now I want to feel the how it is. Come to me from back with all your force.” I just obeyed her and we reached near the dressing table. She put her arms in front of mirror in dressing table and lowered almost into a doggy Position.

She shivered badly she was out of control now and moaned loudly. Then it was the turn of my cock. I held her firm buttocks with both hands and tried to put my throbbing cock in. The head of my dick touched that hot wet tunnel and I wanted to drive each and every inch of my huge cock into her on the first thrust. But the feel of her hand guiding me reminded me of her plea for tenderness so I was able to hold back. I slowly pushed the red knob of my cock head into her. Her hands guided my cock properly into her. As I pushed into her hot cunt she thrust her buttocks at me, taking more and more of my meat, until I was fully inside her sweet pussy. I slowly started the movements. The soft walls of her cunt clung to my shaft, stretching as her hot hole slowly gave up my pulsating meat. Since it was a new position she was very tight. I fucked her in long, slow, steady strokes. With every stroke Chechi raised her buttocks to meet my thrusts.

Chechi felt me start to shoot into her, and she gave a wild scream as her perfect buttocks leaped and jumped even faster in a frantic stretch drive into her own climax. Then all at once she stiffened up, with my spurting cock buried to the depths inside her. She was shaking and moaning, and I could feel her cunt muscles spasming and grasping at my emptying baby maker. For a long time we hung there together, trembling violently as our mutual orgasm swept our bodies, lifting us up to the heights of sexual ecstasy. At last, Chechi heaved a great sigh and just collapsed down. It was very happy to watch her sweat soaked body especially her heaving buttocks! A tremendous release came over me as well, leaving me drained but gloriously very happy. Both of us were fully wet with sweat and it mingled each other. I continued kissing down her shoulders and her arms then moved over to suck her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. I joined the two boobs together and took both nipples in my mouth together and sucked. “I love it”. She cried. I sucked wildly, changing my hungry mouth back and forth between her breasts, licking the tits with my rough tongue. After a few minutes, she rolled and lay on her back by moving me. I dropped my head to her tits and once more nipped her nipples with the edges of my sharp teeth. We don’t know how long we were lying there, wrapped with each other. After many minutes we moved back to bed and then we don’t know the time when we went to sleep since we never bothered about it.

Rathi: Let us conclude here now. We hope readers will enjoy our real experience by taking it into its real sense. May be little different from other stories since both of us have written our true and real feelings. This is the first time I am writing to any site about my experiences. As somebody written net is a good media to express our ideas by keeping ourselves in hide. And that too with Pappu. We have taken many days to write and edit this story. I hope you can relate to it, since it was very rare sort of opportunity which comes in every woman’s way, but, only a few lucky ones can grab it. If you think it is nice write to us openly your opinion with out hesitation. Please express your feeling wholeheartedly in this e-mail address: [email protected]