Razia darling

Hi I am Vijay again. And this is my story to iss. Earlier I had submitted the encounter with Ruksa (who was my neighbor). This time this is with wife of maid (maid was working in our village with our grand mother’s place).

This all happened when I went to my grand mother’s place on vacation. There was maid named Riyaz who was working with them for at least 5 years. In my grand mother’s place there were grand mother, my mama (mom’s brother) and his wife and their kids who were going to school.

when I went to my there I saw a young beautiful lady working in their house ( her age might have been 20-21) who really attracted my attention and asked my grandmother who is she?? She told that she is wife of Riyaz and looks after house hold work. I didn’t told anything but hat a glimpse of her boobs while she was cleaning floor and made me really horny. They were staying in the backyards of their house

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As my grand parents were having paddy field and it was in village, if anything required they should have been go to near by city, there was no frequent traveling facility, Riyaz use to go to city whenevr it was required and purchase the things for them. The day I saw Razia, I was thinking of her to have her to my bed, but every time one or the other people use to be present there whenever she comes to work. Even then I was trying to talk with her. And use to masturbate every night in thinking of her. She was talking with me very frankly but never crossed her limit. This made me even eager to have her. After one week that time has came. Everybody in my grandparents were left for nearby city for a marriage function for one week which was around 150kms from their place and I told them, that I will stay here only and will look after activities here. But they didn’t agreed, after lot of persuasion they agreed and left the place.

Next day, Riyaz, went to city to bring the some material and also pesticides for field. As there were limited transportation, he use tome in the evening only. But in the evening heavy raining started. And I was waiting for Riyaz desperately when he will be return. It was around 9.00 pm but still he didn’t came back. At the same I got remembered that, Razia was alone and thought to see what she is doing, and just gave torch light to her house and asked whether she is comfortable there or she can come and sit here till Riyaz returns, I told her that if need I will bring umbrella to help her to come here. But she refused for umbrella and came to verandah of our house in heavy rain itself. That made still more sexy as she was wearing black saree and pink blouse and without bra. And after coming to verandah she started to squeeze her saree from down side and I was looking at her, she got shied and just turned to other side and started to squeeze. I have her towel and told her to dry herself. Time passed without any talk in between us. After some time she put that towel on wire for drying and was sitting on verandah, I told her to make tea so that we will feel little hot in that clod weather of rain, and she went inside to make tea.

As she went inside, and started to make tea, I also went inside after around 5min. And looking at her, she was looking more beautiful as her hair was lefty spread. I slowly went to her held her waist from behind, she got surprised and told what are doing??? Please leave me please. I didn’t left and also told (almost pleaded) “please, please only once please, please allow me, she got little soft and told, “if anybody comes now,???” I told her that nobody will come now “and started to remove her saree from her shoulder, and slowly dropped the pallu and moved my hands down to the top of her beautiful boobs. I rubbed gently on the top of her boobs, which were popping out of her blouse and then moved down and held her boobs in my hands and gave it a gently squeeze. She gave little moan she took a deep breath and her boobs filled my palms. I was thrilled and had a huge hard on. I couldn’t stand this anymore and started squeezing her boobs. She was moaning gently. I got even more excited and started unhooking her blouse. Very soon, her blouse was off and then I removed her saree fully. I rubbed her on her belly, around her navel, and was trying to remove her petticoat, she got shied and told not to remove it as her husband never raided her with complete naked. I told her that, when u complete then only we will have good experience of sex. And took her to my bed room. She told that, she will put saree in thread so the, it will get dried if it kept on thread hanging. I said ok. And after that we went to bed room and before I just confirmed that all the doors are properly closed.

As we entered in the bed room, I just made completely naked and shy was trying to hide it from her bare hand. I could see her beautiful naked boobs with big chocolate colored nipples standing erect on them. I pinched her nipples gently with my fingers and she let out a loud moan. I was now very excited and turned her around and kissed her. We kissed passionately for some time she was now totally naked. I hugged her tightly and every part of her body was pressed against mine. She also hugged me very tightly and the feel of her soft breasts on my chest was incredible. I immediately picked her up by her waist and she wrapped her legs around me, as I was also only on my underwear.

I started to play with all her parts and started getting hotter and started to say, please enter in me. I told her to remove my undy and she pulled it down. After seeing that, she almost screamed and told “this much long??? Almost double of my husband” I asked her to take it into her mouth, but initially she refused but after somu persuasion, she agreed and started sucking like very experienced lady. I told, “Razia, tum to bahut chaloo ho, she told, when a lady gets hot, she becomes more chaloo. And started to suck more fastly,

The I told her to lay on bed, and slowly I tried to push it inside, but it didn’t went inside as her pussy was very tight, she started screaming in pain, but I didn’t stopped and gave a fast jerk and it went completely inside and to stop scream of Razia, I locked her lips with my lips.

After waiting for some time I started moving my gaand slowly aur mera Lund ko aur andar karne ke liye apne kamar ko ek aur jor se jhatke ke saath andar karne ke baad dhire dhire hilane laga to razia ki muh se aaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ki awaj nikalne lagi tab maine razia ke tane huye chuchio ko choosne laga kuchh der ke baad apne muh se ajib masti bhari awaj nikalne lagi. Ab main samajh gaya ki razia ko bhi maja ane laga hai. Aur razia thoda dhireeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh naaaaahiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaah ki awaj nikalne lagi.

Ab main raiz se pucha maja aaraha hai to razia muskura rahi thi.mera pura lund razia ke chud me chala gaya tha. Ab main razia ke dono pairo ko fold karte huye aur jangho ko faila diya aur uske upar let ke apne kamar ko hilane laga to razia bhi pure masti me apne baho me mujhe kas liya aur mere saath dene lagi kuchh der ke main jor jor se jatke lagane laga to razia bhi mere pura saaath dene lagi aur ahahha uhuhuhhhhh karte siskarane algi uski awaaz se kamara bhar gaya . Is tarah main razia ko pure adhe ghante tak chodte raha. Tab mere lav bahar ane ko taiyaara ho gay . Par uss se pahle hi razia 3 bar zhad chuki thi. Jab mera lava bahar aane ko ready ho gaya to maine razia se pucha, kahan chhodu?? Under ya bahar, to woh boli, under hi, apka garam ras mere under chahiye, to maine apna speed aur badhaya aur ek jor ke jhatke ke sath uske upar so gaya. Tomere under ka lava uske under jor se jaathe hue last mein boond boond bankar girne laga. Hum dono waise hi apne 15 min soye rahe. Bad me dono uthkar bath room jaa kra ek duje ko dhoya. Aur under aakar kapde pehan liye. Woh mere side baithi rahi, aur maine poocha, kaise lagi??? Woh sharmati hui aur muskurati hui boli, jindagi main pehli baar kisi mard ke saath maza liya. Mai bola aaz rat bhar mere sath so jao, woh boli, aj ke liye itna hi bas, jab bhi mauka milegi, to mai a jaoongi. Aur woh apne backyard ke ghar chali gayi.

Uske baad mein bhi main uske bahut bar chhoda, kabhi ghar main, kabhi kheti mein.kabhi baat room mein. Aur uski gaand jab mara to wo to bilkul pagal ho gayi thi. Abhi bhi time mila to mai specially razia ke liye hi jaata hoon. Razia ke help se uski bhabhi ko bhi choda tha kabhhi kabhi dono ko ek doosre ke samne hi choda jo bahut different experience tha. Mere wajah razia ko 2 bachche bhi hue jo bilkul mare chehre se milte hain. Par kisi ko aaj tak doubt nahi aya.

So apko ye meri experience kaisi lagi???

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