Reaching the top

Oh what a day. My car in the garage. Its raining. Walking to the bus in the rain. Not a easy task when your wearing a short skirt, high heels. White blouse and umbrella in the wind.

” Oh shit. ” Broken heel. I take them off throwing them in the bin to look up and see my bus driving off.

” Fuck. ” I say out loud. It was the last bus. I look around to solve the problem. I see a car I recognise. My boss. Mr Tompkins he sees me and pulls over.

” Get in. ” He says pushing the door open. ” I get in. I just want to get out of the rain. My umbrella breaks. I throw it to the pavement as I close the door.

” Fuck. ” I say. ” What a day. ”

” Rough one aye. He says ”

” Yes, car broke down, my jacket is in the car. I’m wet. ” I said.

” I was wet. My feet wet. The rain wetting my white blouse. My bra outline visible through my blouse. My skirt just covering my dignity. Lucky I’m wearing dark underwear under my skirt.

He turns on the heater.

” This should dry you out ? ” He says weaving his way through traffic. My husband working out of town, so he couldn’t pick me up. Mr Tompkins alone tonight his wife, his business partner away for the night at her mothers.

” Cant fuckin believe this day ” she says. ” What a shit day. ”

” Well I totally disagree. We got the Norman contract you were working on. He says he was impressed with your patience with him and your attitude. ” Mr Tomkins said.

” We got it, we fuckin got it. Oh shit. So cool. How long have you known ? ”

” About 10 minutes. He rang after you left. We fly to his office on Thursday to sign the paperwork. ”

” Oh great, we need to celebrate. I’ve been working on that for months. ”

” Well lets go by you some shoes and a jacket and we will go to dinner to celebrate. Im sure my wife and your husband who are away wont mind. ” He said.

” No they wont. ” She said.

We go to the mall. He buys me a $259 pair of high heels. Also a new blouse. I almost feel like a new woman. We go to a local restaurant and have dinner.

” Might have to get a taxi ? ” I say smiling at him.

” I usually stay in the apartment. ” He has a one bedroom apartment in town that he accomodates clients when they are in town.

” Room for two ? ” I ask him.

” We do have a pull out couch. ” He says. ” I will sleep on it. You can have the king size bed. ” He says.

We eat and drink.

My name is Lisa. I am size 14 with a D cup bust. Long dark hair. Green eyes. Married for ten years. I am 33.

My boss Phil is 62. Tall grey hair, slim body. Blue eyes. A gentleman.

We finish dinner, slightly drunk, but not drunk enough to not know what we are doing. We walk across the road to the apartment block. Catch a lift to the 15th floor. He opens the door. The cleaners have really done a good job from the clients who left today at 2 o’clock.

We put our things on the table. He pulls out the hidden bed. I walk into the main room. The modern decor. Expensive art on the walls. My yearly salary would pay for the one in the main room. It has alarms on it if its ever taken off the walls.

We sit and have another drink. I start to feel horny. I shouldn’t. Its my boss. I’m in a one bedroom inner city apartment for the night with my boss. I see his eyes casually look me over. All I have is what I’m wearing. There is robe in the wardrobe.

I decide to take a shower. I go to the bathroom to undress and get into the shower. I put a shower cap on my hair. A disposable one. I lock the door. Don’t want any accidents.

He says he will make a coffee. I let the warm water run over my naked body. Knowing he is out their. Hes sleeping on the couch. The rain pours outside. It feels romantic. I rub my pussy, my clit, my fingers find their way into my pussy. I am so fucking horny. I fondle my breasts.

I orgasm. Hard to do it quietly. Almost impossible for me really. But I had to grit my teeth. I get out and dry myself looking in the mirror at my naked body. I imagine my boss on top of me fucking me. But do I want that ? ” I put on my underwear and bra. I put on the robe picking up my blouse and skirt. I walk out of the bathroom smiling at him as I take my clothes to the bedroom putting them on the chair knowing I would be wearing the same underwear tomorrow.

He showers. I sit on the couch. My legs crossed in the knee length white robe. I listen to him in the shower knowing he is naked.

I wonder if I could fuck him. I have perfect opportunity to do it. Alone with him. My husband away. His wife away.

I am so pleased to have got the big contract for the company. My boss buying my new heels and blouse and dinner.

I feel I have to fuck him. Do I want to fuck him ? ” I sit drinking my coffee thinking. My pussy knowing what it wants. It wants sex. But my brain thinking not to. Its a regular battle between my pussy and brain.

I have men flirt with me always, perfectly aware I am married.

But having sex with my boss. That’s different. My boss. The sex with boss fantasy. Shall I do it ? ” .

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