Real seduction of my mammi

My name is Rohan. Let me describe about my self I am 32 5 feet 7 inches old from indore, these are incidents that happened when I used to live with my mamaji at their house for 2 years as my family was going through bad financial times so my mother decided to send me to my mamaji so that I can live their and learn some business and continue my study as well, my mamaji lived in a joint family with his two brothers, so I had 3 mami’s the eldest was kiran mami she was around 34 she was around 5 feet 3 with 34 28 38 and 2nd ranjana mami was around 30 and around 5 feet 5 and 36 25 38 the last was usha she was 23 and was around 5feet 7 inches and was slim 32 25 36 and was little dusky, they lived in a single big house where there was entrance to house from two sides as there were streets on both sides of the house and all my mamaji had their own kitchens and had own entry and exit doors on both sides of the street.

I was 17 when I went to live to their place my mamaji’s had their own businesses I was given choice to work for any one of them, I decided to work for the mamaji who owned a supermarket of medium size, so my duty was to open the shop at 7-30 am everyday as in city like indore where they business starts early morning. I had to live with the mama who had super market and his wife “Ranjana mami” she was a beautiful lady and took care of my needs with love, after the morning business hours everyday I was given 1 to 2 hour break for lunch and I could take it any time I wanted in afternoon, so everyday used to go after 1-30 pm afternoon when everybody was away from homes except my mamiji’s “ranjana mami” so it was nice time to be for lunch, one thing was great about Ranjana mami was that when ever I used to go for having lunch she used to make hot chapattis for me and served me hot food though it was the time to sleep, she used to hot the food and then put on the dining table and continued with her work.

It was small part of house where ranjana mami used to live they had 2 rooms kitchen bath room and toilet ,one room they used as bedroom and other was comman hall where I used to live and sleep.

Sometimes when having lunch I wanted to watch TV and also after having the lunch which was in mamiji room so never objected to it, to watch TV after lunch I used to lie on the bed and watch it as it was comfortable, when sometimes when cricket matches used to then I stayed at home for hours together to which my uncle never said no also he allowed me to go to colleague which I used to go once or twice a week as I took Commerce, for that I did not needed to attend the colleague daily.

This continued like this for first six months and their after started the things which changed my life, I started to observe the beauty of my mami until then I did not cared about all this as I was to adjust in their house and show that I was good boy and I was a good boy till then when small incidents begin to happen between me and my mami.

As the business grew my uncle started doing some whole sale business too and he had to go to maharastra and some parts of MP to buy goods in bulk. So when he was out I had to take care of his supermarket, I used to carry Tiffin to supermarket or eat in near by hotels, at end of day I used to come tired and return by 9pm, by that time my mami kept food ready for me, I had a habit to taking bath with hot water when I was very tired so she used to keep the heater of bathroom on so that I could take bath, so I used to give the days business collection to mami and changed my clothes in hall and went to take bath, during one of such days things began to take twists and turns, when I returned one such day the door was open and mami was sleeping on sofa in the hall, may be she was tired I did not wake her up, I started to change my clothes, I have habit to wearing lungi when I am at home, so I removed my shirt and do not wear banian I took off my pant and tied the lungi and I tie my lunig quite low to my hips as it is comfortable for me, as soon I tied my lungi my mami got up from sleep as all this things I was doing I noise of opening and closing of alma rah door woke her up, I was not wearing the shirt as I was about to wear when she woke up, she did not react anything but I could see that she was enjoyed seeing my chest and body, I asked her if the food was ready she said yes, she went into the kitchen and asked me to follow, she asked me to bring the new gas cylinder and put in the kitchen as the existing cylinder of coming to end, I rolled the cylinder and took it to kitchen I asked her help to lift the cylinder and put in place, doing so suddenly my lungi got loose, I tried to control but I could not leave the cylinder else it would hurt mami, doing so my lungi completely came off I was not wearing my shirt now I was in my underwear, seeing my lungi off my mami broke in loud laughter, I was very embarrassed and ran out to hall and tied my lungi and put on a T shirt as well

I went to bathroom and had a hot bath and came back and had my dinner and then later went to sleep after hour or so, that night I was still feeling embarrassed about the lungi incident but I was also getting little aroused thinking that it was first time that a lady has seen me in my underwear and that too from so close. Till this day in never had any negative thought about Ranjana mami, but this incident made me think other ways too about her and her beauty and their after I started masturbating thinking about her, I masturbated in bathroom before taking my bath.

Things were routine was few weeks, when one afternoon I came for lunch, and wanted to see TV as their was match between Pakistan and west Indies I said I want to watch match so I will have lunch in the bedroom, she said ok and got me food, and she said she was tired and wanted to sleep and asked me to watch match in mute I was watching match lying on the bed, she came on bed and lied down and soon she was into deep sleep, I kept watching match as it was very interesting and was a high score game, she was sleeping facing other side till then, after sometime she turned at my side in sleep, I saw her very closely that day for the first time, as ladies wear old sarees and blouses when they at home she was sleeping carelessly her pallu off her blouse and boobs I could see it was a old blouse and 2 hooks were missing from the blouse. I had for first time seen cleavage of a women with such boobs , that day I enjoyed seeing her cleavage, then after 2 hours or so switched off the TV and woke her up as she got up from sleep she adjusted her pallu and saw her blouse and hurriedly adjusted the pallu, and this time she was embarrassed, she knew that I surely saw her cleavage when she was sleeping, I said I was going back to shop, she asked me to wake her up when I was to leave so that she can lock the door, she came to lock the door and I left for shop that day.

During those days matches were going on as it was series going on between many countries, and I used to see matches in afternoon when I watched TV ranjana mami used to do some other work and when I left for shop she used to have a nap( sleep) as ladies commonly do around in India sleeping in afternoons, as I said earlier I sometimes used to go college once or twice a week, my colleague was from 12-30 pm onwards so I used to come from shop by 11-30 in morning and went to colleague to enjoy with friends, but when ever I went to colleague I did not have that much shirts to wear a different one every time so I decided to ask ranjana mami to give mamaji’s shirt so that I can wear his shirt as he was just inch or two taller than me so I said I can wear his shirts, ranjana mamiji said that she will give the shirt I wanted and asked to come to bedroom I followed her and she started to give me one of the shirts and she said I can try it, as I was leaving the bed room towards hall she said he can try the shirt here itself and see in the mirror which was in the bedroom which was of full length mirror and it would be easy to check here, I thinking a bit I said ok, I waited for ranjana mami to go out of bedroom, but she did not and then she asked me was I shy of changing in front of her, I said yes, she laughed at me she said it is not a problem I have seen you in your underwear when you lungi fell and she kept laughing with a winkle in her eyes, she said not to be shy I was still feeling uncomfortable, she said ok I will go out and you can try the shirt she was going out of the bed room as she was going out I removed my shirt as I removed my shirt she turned back and laughed back at me and stood there and asked me to change, now I put on my mamaji shirt and started to look into the mirror, it was not looking so good on me, I asked ranjana mami for another shirt, she said ok but she said she will not go out and come in again and again of bedroom for me to change the shirt, I said ok, I took off the shirt and wore the new one in front of ranjana mami this time with little shyness.

She then gave me nice body spray to put on and asked to use it, she said that I was going to colleague and should go in style I said ok, she also gave me some money and enjoy, I left for colleague, that night I was thinking about ranjana mami behavior, I thought that she was enjoying seeing me and my body and I guess I was right. Next week I decided to go colleague and as usual I came to home from shop and asked for another shirt from mamiji she agreed and asked me to come to bedroom, she opened the alma rah and asked me to choose any shirt, I took one shirt and this time I decided to change before ranjana mami so I took the off my shirt and wore the shirt I took from alma rah, ranjana mami was watching all this. I knew she liked it, that day she gave me a slip of her tailor and asked to collect her newly stitched blouses from the tailor on way back home, I obliged and took the slip and while returning from colleague a collected the blouses from tailor and came home and gave it to ranjana mami, she was happy to see the new blouses as she has bought some new sarees too and I think she was eager to try them

I left for shop then and next day I was at home for lunch, when ranjana mami opened the door, she was looking stunning beautiful, I guess she was trying her new sarees and blouses that day, I asked her mamiji are they same blouses I got from the tailor she said yes, she asked to take food on my own as she will change back. I said ok and made food hot myself and went into the bedroom to watch TV while having lunch, but ranjana mami did not change the new saree blouse, instead she was looking herself into the mirror and adjusting her hair, I went with my food in plate and said that mamiji that the saree is really beautiful and it suits you nice, she was very happy listening this, I then was watching TV and having food as well, I could see that mamiji was coming her hair and using two combs one comb she was placing on her belly stucking into the petticoat and she as alternately using them, my mami was flat bellied lady nice wide hips but she wore her saree to high on belly, I finished my food and was changing channels and watching songs, I started watching some Tamil songs, seeing this ranjana mami said why I was watching Tamil songs, I said that the heroine was wearing a nice saree that is why I was seeing the song, as you know Tamil heroines are big fat and have big figure and they wear low hip, low waisted sarees much below their navel (belly button), I said mamiji why don’t you buy such plain chiffon saree and wear it like as it is in song,

She said that she had a chiffon saree but do not wear it much, this was it there was call from shop that my uncle wanted me soon back to shop as he had to catch train to go to maharastra for buying goods, I soon left for shop, my uncle left for maharastra, again for 2 days my life was hell with work from morning to evening, that day I came back home at 9 pm as usual, when mamiji opened the door, there was surprise mamiji was looking stunning sexy as she was wearing chiffon saree. I said she was looking nice, I came to hall and started to change and now I was not shy of changing before mami as I knew she liked it and now it too liked being naked before such beautiful lady, I took off my shirt and put lungi on this time I did not wear T shirt I wear daily night I was in lungi with nothing on top, it was hot those days and that became a good reason not to wear anything on top, that day I decided not to take bath and waste time, I asked mami what movie is going on the cable she said it was a old movie I said I will watch the movie, she said ok and went to kitchen I got me the food, I sat on bed itself and took plate and had food, she was also watching movie, then I said mami again that the saree really suits her, but she should wear it in more stylish way, she did not understand what I was saying, I said she should wear as the heroines wear in movies that is below the navel and also said that you have flat stomach and it will suit her very well

She said she never tried that way, I said she should try it, and I said why don’t you try it now, so that I can give feed back on how she looks if she wears saree below navel, I hesitantly agreed and went into hall and came back lowering her saree but not much lower it was just one inch below navel, it was the first time I saw her navel it was long deep but long and I could see the skin folding inside the navel, she was looking great, she asked it was it okay, I said no, I said lower you saree at least 3-4 inches below navel, she said no, I said why, she said she was shy, who was here to see her other than me, and I said you see me daily changing the clothes, hearing this she said ok, she loosened the petticoat and lowered her saree 3 inches below her navel, and she did all before me this time did not go to other room to adjust the saree, I said she was looking stunning like this, she smiled with naughty smile and ,winkle in her eyes, she understood I was teasing her and enjoying all this.

Then she started seeing into mirror for a while and then turned at me and asked me what he likes more in her, I said for now I am liking you navel it is very beautiful as she has flat belly and flesh around bellybutton which made nice shape of the belly button, I was afraid to use the word sexy, that night we watched TV till then I did not have any plans to have sex with her or touch her, but after this incident my courage started to increase, as I said when I asked her she does not have chiffon sarees the same day she wore it that night, I though that ranjana mami is liking me, so the seducing game started from then. I went to sleep and after 2 days my uncle was back to city and I had my afternoon break back and colleague going too.

I noticed a change in ranjana mami, when ever I came in after noon for lunch she used to lower her saree below navel and exposed it. But when I and my uncle were back in night she used to wear saree normally. When I came to lunch I she always had a naughty smile welcoming me and her navel peeping out of her belly wanting me to see :), one afternoon I asked her why she was lowering her saree below navel only in afternoon when I come for lunch, she replied back saying that as I said that you look great in low waisted saree, I am doing it, it was a surprise for me, I knew she was planning to seduce me and I too had same plans but not much as she had. But after listening those words from her from then I wanted to seduce her and we became more close and chit chat a lot during lunch everyday.

From then on the mami seduction started and me too started putting small plans in action to attract her, one such noon I came for lunch and after many days there was match and this time was India vs. Sri Lanka, she opened the door and I went start to switch on TV and she came in 5 mins with food, and she said she will be sleeping now, I said ok, I put TV on mute and was watching match, she slept and this time I had a plan, she was tired and was into sleep I stopped watching TV and just kept watching her for 10-15 mins, she was lying straight, her boobs were nice well toned and to my surprise she was bra less that day and the blouse was thin cloth, I understood that she wanted me to see this, I was able to the nipples clearly and with the saree much below navel and the navel was looking really sexy when women with flat belly sleep the belly becomes more flat and looks more sexy, this was nice time for me, I got courage as I knew mami wanted me to see her, so now lied beside her I took my finger and slowing started to move very lightly on her belly and came near boobs and I rolled my finger on the blouse where nipples were clearly visible, then I rolled my fingers back to her belly as I like her belly button, I put my finger into her belly button and started poking it very slowly, her navel was dirty as she might not have cleaned, I took the dirt off slowing and cleaned is very slowly I did not wanted to wake her up, that all I did that day as I though I may be wrong thinking that my mami will like it, so I kept watching the match and after watching for 1 hour I decided to go back to shop and it was boring match as India was loosing wickets soon, I decided not to see it, I woke up mami and said I was leaving and asked her to lock the door, she got up and locked the door and I left, that night I was thinking about mami she was really hot cake to have.

Days went off and I used to have lunch watching TV in her bedroom and we chit chat, one such noon she said that she has got new sarees from well know saree shop, she got around 10-15 sarees and said that she was finding hard to select she asked me that if I could help her select, I readily agreed, I said that how do you judge a saree will suit or not, she said just putting on shoulder and seeing in mirror, I said that is wrong way, now as you have got sarees at home you should wear saree one by one and wear it and see it. She said it is really boring to try so many I said it is nothing boring and I forced her to try it now, she said ok and took one saree and asked me if I can go into hall for a while I with courage why she can try in front of me as I tried shirts in front of her, she said she cannot I said please this way I can give you feed back much better and so many sarees to try, it will be interesting if you keep talking to me and keep changing the sarees, she said ok at last, now she slowing started to remove saree knots from the waist, I said can I help her, she said she will do it, I said ok, then she was changing the petticoat as she was wearing a old petticoat now she had a new petticoat from tailor, as ladies change petticoat putting the petticoat they want to wear first and removing the already worn petticoat so that no one can see them naked, she was doing same, I did not say anything, she was wearing the new petticoat and I could see that it length of petticoat was much smaller than the existing one, I was just seeing this, the old petticoat was long as she always used to tie is much higher on her belly and this was short and to my surprise she tied the petticoat much lower but still it did not got the length to go till legs where it should be, may be she did not have idea what less length of petticoat she needs so that she can wear it low,

When she used to wear the saree below navel her petticoat used to hang out in legs, that is why she had new petticoat which was short in length, I was seeing her struggle with petticoat, she tied it any how but it was still 3 to 4 inch upwards from lower part of legs, she tied the petticoat 3 inch below navel still its was short, I intervened and said that I will help her adjust it, she was so frustrated with it she said ok, I got up and loosened her petticoat and while doing so I could see her red panty which was visible, I asked her to adjust the panty, she was now enjoying what I was doing to her, she said ok, she just moved the panty lower and now I tied the petticoat very low as she lowered her panty she lowered is so much that it was below her pubic hair which were well grown up, I took petticoat and just tied above the pubic hair a much 6-7 inches below her navel, now her petticoat was looking of current length, now she took a saree out of a bundle and started wearing it, during all this my cock became really hard and was pushing the wall of my underwear, she finished with the saree and asked me how it was looking, I said it was just okay, now she went for another saree, I asked her can I help her, she said ok, she asked me to remove the knots of the saree pins at waist, she was removing pins she put to adjust the saree, I removed the saree pin from waist and then she asked me to remove it from petticoat, I started removing it and was doing so I was touching her soft silky belly, I was burning with desire by this time, this was the first time in my life I was so much aroused, my body temperature was as if I was having fever.

As my fingers were touching her belly, she said why it was so warm, I said nothing and continued doing it, now doing so the petticoat knot also came out and it loosened it and I did not notice and suddenly the petticoat came down to ground, she was shocked in silence and me to stunned, I could see her red panty which was half way down and top pubic hair were visible clearly, now what was there, she hurriedly took the petticoat back and tied it, she did not tell anything for a while then she said she would try other sarees other day and put all the sarees back to alma rah, then she was back in her daily saree, that day went of without further any action.

But now we both knew that we were liking what we were indulging in, for one month we did not have any such incident, and again my uncle had to go to business trip and this time it was for 7 days, I asked my uncle that he ask some one else to support me in the shop, he agreed and he asked one of his friend to sit in the shop to help me, I was happy this time as I got time to go home in afternoon and I will not be tired in night,

The first day after uncle was on business trip and was leaving for shop, ranjana mami asked me to bring flowers while coming, she said she needs to go to temple and needs in pooja those flowers, I said ok, that night I closed the shop 1 hour early and came back at 8pm while coming back, I got some mithai( gulabjamun) and some pastries and cool drink and flowers off course, I came home, ranjana mami was happy to see me early and also happy to see that I got some thing to eat, I said I wanted to eat something different today, that day I took bath and came out in my lungi with no shirt on, I went and switched on TV mean while she got sweets and cool drink and pastries to eat, I said I will eat little later, I was changing channels and stopped to watch a English movie, it was action movie, she said she did not like action movie and asked me to change the channel, I asked I will put mtv she said that is ok.

She too was enjoying songs, I asked her did she know dancing, she said yes she used to take part in school competitions, I said ok, while watching songs on TV there as nice romantic song going on, I asked her can you dance like that, she was dying to show her dancing skills and said okay, she started dancing alone, and she asked me to join, I took her hand in my hand and one hand on her waist, and lowered my hand inside petticoat and saree she said why I was doing that I said it the right place to grip else I will fall, I put my hand in petticoat and started to dance, I was not good at dance, she was doing good, seeing in TV she could do nicely, then doing that I put my finger into her navel she did not say anything, the song ended in 5 mins and we stopped, we sat laughing at each other, then she started eating pastries and asked me too eat it, I ate it and she too and had the cool drink,

We started talking and for my shock she said something, she said I was nice cleaner, I did not understand, what she was saying, I said what? She said I was nice cleaner, I asked her to be clear, she said she cleaned her navel one afternoon while seeing the match, I was shocked, she said she was woke up when I was playing with the navel, but she did not say anything as she was liking this, I smiled back to her she too had a naughty smile on her face, she said can he clean her navel again today I said yes why not.

Ok she asked to start, I said ok, I went near her and put my hand on her shoulder and then moved towards the blouse and then removed the pins from the blouse and then removed the pin from petticoat, and slowly removed started removing her saree, I removed her saree and asked her will she get her navel cleaned with petticoat on, she said I can do as I wish, I said I will remove petticoat too, she said carry on, I give my body to you, do best you want to do, I removed the petticoat and now she was in her red panty, I put a old bed sheet on the bed and asked her to lie down, she lied down and asked me to start cleaning the navel, I said yes I have different way doing it, I bend towards her belly and I put my face near the belly button and with my tongue I touched the navel and there was a giggle from ranjana, she laughed but I continued poking my tongue in her navel with my saliva I made it wet and started licking it hard, the giggle went off her face now she was moaning with her body moving like a snake, she started to bite her lips with her teeth I was licking her soft navel and cleaning with my saliva, it was tasting sour due to sweat dried inside the navel, after 2-3 mins the sour taste has gone, the dirt was removed from her long and deep navel,

But I decided to continue doing this, I took the gulabjamun cup it was having the sweet liquid in it, I poured all the juice on the stomach and filled her navel with the juice, I started to lick her stomach and drank all the juice from the belly button, by this time she was bringing hot and me too was aroused, but I decided not to hurry up and do it so soon.

I said mamiji that her navel is clean now, she said that I don’t call her mamiji, just call me ranjana, it makes me feel good, I agreed and said ranjana that what else she would like to get cleaned now, she was thinking what to say, before she said anything I said ranjana how about cleaning your hair below, they have grown too long, she liked the idea of getting pussy hair cleaned by a boy, she said that how I was going to do it, I asked her how she used to remove the hair earlier, she said she used FEM cream as it was easy way to do it, but she said she is not having the cream now, I said no problem, I went to bathroom and came back with the shaving kit of uncle, she said I was fast thinking, I took the kit and got water in jug, now it was the heaven door opening for me, I stopped for a while, my breath was fast now because I was to witness a sexy ladies pussy for the first time and with lots of jungle around, as I was thinking this ranjana asked what I was waiting for, I said that I was very excited to see what I am going to see next, she said don’t worry you will like it very much, I said of course, then I slowly went towards her legs and then waist and with my hands shivering I put my hand on her waist and then panty and started lowering it slowing it was like the best moment till date for me I started lowering her red panty and I could see that the bush around her pussy was very much grown at least 3 inches then I took the shaving cream and started applying it using the brush, she was moaning ahh, ummmm, as shaving brush was brushing on the lips of her pussy, I continued it brushing it for 10 minutes at least, then she asked me stop it and use the razar I think she had a orgasm while I was brushing it as I could see the foam became little thin with her juice, I then took the razar in hands and started shaving the hair, I carefully shaved the all the hair and now her pussy was glowing as it was newly shaved, I cleaned the foam left over with wet cloth.

I could also see that her legs too had lots of hair, I said ranjana how about legs, she said I remove that too, I then did same thing with the legs and then she asked me to remove hair from armpits too, now she was looking sex goddess now when I moved my hands around her body it was more softer. She got up and I went to bath room to throw the water in jug which was having full of hair. I came back and saw her standing in front of mirror and seeing her self, she said to me would I like to see her completely naked, she was having her blouse on during all this I said yes, I said I will do the needed thing to make her naked, now it was entry into heaven number-2, boobs I removed hooks from the blouse one by one she was breathing heavily and she could not control herself and caught me by my waist, I said what happened, she said that she was waiting for this day to have sex with young boy for long time for now, I wanted all these days for her to say this with her mouth, now I was seeing in her eyes and it was full of lust as if she will eat me, I separated her hand from my waist and removed her blouse, she had a tight bra holding her melons in tact and the melons were dying to come out of her bra, but I was not in hurry. I asked her where she has kept the flowers that I got for pooja, she laughed listening this, she said it was not for pooja, she said it was just a reason to get flowers, I wanted to put on the bed and give you a surprise but you already gave surprise, now I was not surprised with her plan, I went into kitchen and to flowers from the freezer she kept in freezer so that they don’t get spoiled,

I got the flowers and I removed the old bed sheet and now I put all the cool chill flowers on the bed, now I it was time for opening ceremony of bra, I un hooked the bra with one hand and I had flowers on other hand, as soon I unhooked the bra from being the melons jumped to freedom, I took flowers and threw on the boobs.. She giggled, I said this is the pooja I wanted to do for a long time, she took me and pushed me on the bed, the cool flowers were giving nice feeling to hot body , she was still standing and watching me, she said abey Rohan abb meri bari hai tujeh nanga karne ki, here was a naked lady with big melons, deep navel, wide hips, shaved pussy, soft silky skin, lust full look, she came near to me and removed my lungi, and with out waiting a second she removed my underwear, my dick was 6 inches and thick saluting her and saying to pussy a hello.

She too was very creative lady in bed, she did not hurried on my dick, she said “abey Rohan tune mera jungle ko tau saaf kar diya, tera jungle bhi kuch kam nahi hai” I said ranjana don’t waste time in talk now, lets do it, but she was rigid lady, I said that I would cum soon now if you don’t allow me to dig your pussy soon, she said don’t worry, she opened the desk and took some tonic and tablet and asked me to take, I said what was it, she said this tonic and tablet will not allow you cum to come early and you can keep erection for much long time and it will take 10-15 mins for this to start working, I said ok and took the tabs and tonic, this were used by my uncle, I asked does uncle have to take it every time, she said yes, now she said she wanted to clean my jungle, I said I will love it, she now took a new razar and she applied cream and started brushing hair around my testis and cock she then took a razar and started shaving it, she slowly started cleaning the bush of mine, while all this I could feel that my cock was becoming more hard now, I understood the tabs were working, it really worked, now we are so slowly and calmly preparing for sex, now I stood in front of mirror and saw that she really cleaned my hair like expert, I said ranjana you too are nice cleaner, listening this we both laughed for while, now it was time to start doing things, now I went into bath room and to clean the foam as she did not clean it, she followed me in bathroom,

As I was washing my penis she was moving my hands on my buttocks and she slapped one of my buttocks, she giggled again, then she said how about having a bath together, I said it is nice idea, she opened the shower and now we were having bath together, I took the soap and started applying I started with the boobs she put off the shower for me to apply the soap, I applied soap to her boobs and started fondling them and it was one of best feeling till date, they were spongy and I was liking the soft feeling, I then applied soap in back and then I had plan to lick her pussy so I applied extra soap to her pussy and cleaned it nicely, then she took the soap and applied all over me doing so she was pinching me here and there, which I was enjoying, now she put the soap aside, she grabbed me and asked me to lie down on bathroom floor now we had soap applied to our bodies and we were grabbing each other and like two snakes we were making tangles and this was really good feeling having slippery bodies after doing for a while, I asked her it would be better in tub, mean while I started kissing her, her saliva was very tasty and put my tongue deep into her mouth and I kissed her passionately she too did the same, now we both lied in tub, the tub was not of big size we were struggling to be in tub but it was nice as it made her too close and tight and both was bodies rubbing in friction, we were kissing passionately,

She held my cock and started to rub it I took my finger and put in her pussy, as we were in tub her juice was getting mixed in tub water so after a while she asked we go into bedroom instead, I got up from tub, she was still lying inside, I picked her up like from waist and kissing her I held up in my arms and took her to bed room, she was breathing fast I put her on bed we both were wet and it was nice feeling to be having sex with wet bodies, now it was time to lick her pussy the newly cleaned shaved pussy, I was laying on bed I bent down and put my tongue on her belly and I started licking the navel and slowly went down and now I was licking the other lips of her pussy, she was now making loud noises, umm ahhhh …. Chato meri choot ko, chato na. Ruko nahi Rohan … Listening her words made more arousing now my tongue was exploring deep into the hole, I was getting a nice smell of juice from her pussy, it was sour in taste, but was tasty to lick I kept exploring and spitting saliva in her pussy and it was full of juice, while I was doing that I just turned around to see that a pastry was left over by ranjana she did not eat it,

I took the pastry in my hand, ranjana was moan in sweet pain her eyes closed, I took the pastry and just slapped it on her pussy, it was soft pastry and pushed pastry in her pussy, she was surprised what I was doing, she was amazed at my creativity she said aab kya karoge, mein bola aur kya, issey acchi party kisko mil sakti hai, now her pussy was sweet I ate all of the pastry and now she got up and took my dick in her hand she started to rub it hard now she took it in her mouth and she took it deep and again out, now she said that I put my cock in her pussy, the pussy was messy with pastry, I again carried her to bathroom .. Washed the pussy and put back her on bed, now it was the opening ceremony for my cock to enter her hole… I took some oil and applied to my cock and poured a lot of oil in her pussy and it was greasy now, I took my dick and entered her pussy it went inside with out any problem now she was moaning in pain ummm ahh hhhh Rohan phad dey mery choot ko aaj… Ruk nahi .. Rohan .. .. Jor sey maar jhatkey… I started pumping hard now my hands were on her melons and I was pressing them fast and sometimes pulling her nipples , now her moans became louder ummmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh arey rohan kya chod raha .. Hai tujheko tau medal milna chaihey chodney mey, I was enjoying her wording and also wondering that .. How can sex bring wild ness in women how ever may be women when in bed they become wild and talk like this… She said arey madarchod …. Ruk nahi … Zor sey jhatkey de na…. I was doing is faster now… Now I turned back and now I was doing doggie style the bed of was nice height so that I can stand on floor and fuck her doggie style and in doggie style it is easy to have nice fast and hard shots in the choot, now I was thrusting her fast, she said that I do not put the cum in her choot.. She said she want to drink the cum… I said ok…. Now I was out of doggie style .. We were out of bed and now on floor, and we were wild at each other … She had long nails he started scratching my back with the nails .. Actually she scorched me so hard I had a cut in back… But that did not stop me or her… I started to bite her boobs like I was eating fruit and this made her shout .. She started to shout aaaaaahhh ummmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh nahi nahi .. Kaminey yeh kya kar reha ho.. I said tum ney bhi mujeh jakmi kar diya hai.. Ab mein jakmi sher hu … Mein tujeh kha ja u gaaa. .. I did not stop me started biting all over the body … I bit on her boobs hard.. She shouted at me .. Now the love was .. Getting into rape mode… I wanted to do it like that.. I bit her .. She to bit me in my hands .. But actually both were enjoying this… I slapped twice hardly on her face…. Now we were fighting and having sex. .. My I put her legs on my shoulders and it was nice position to thrust my cock…… I was pushing in and out… Now I was to cum.. I asked her will she like to drink the cum .. She said .. Abey madarchod … Hain.. Mein bola mein madar chod nahi hi .. Mein tau “mamichod” hu … She liked this .. Now it was time to cum.. I took my dick out of her pussy and she took in her mouth in next 1 min .. I cummed loudly and it was the huge amount of cum which exploded in her mouth She drank it all and she fell down back on bed .. To too fell upon her….. And after 15 mins we both got up .. And she said it was best fuck I got .. Especially the foreplay and the way we were readying for sex… I said I too loved it very much … After that incident .. We had sex many times .. But we never directly said to each other for sex.. .but always found a way to seduce and to convey that I or she wanted to have a fuck…

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