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As a lifetime owner of a penis, I have often marvelled at the utility and practical functionality of this appendage. For example, it forms the basis of a conduit connecting my bladder to the outside world. I could not even begin to count the hundreds or even thousands of litres worth of discomfort that this appendage has been able to effortlessly alleviate.
This useful appendage can also create new people, seemingly out of thin air. After a temporary stay in my wife's uterus, my penis' creamy output was able to produce two daughters who have gone on to become intelligent, confident, take-no-shit-from-nobody, independent women. By far, its crowning achievement.
It also has its recreational uses as well. Indeed, when aroused and encased in a warm moist environment, like a vagina for example, coupled with suitable stimulative motion, it can be the source many a pleasurable sensation.
Case in point: The subject of my current rumination is deep inside the vagina of a woman with whom it is well acquainted, although it was not always that way. My sister Wendy and I grew up in the same household as normal siblings do. And to clarify, we are not step-siblings or half-siblings, we are full blooded brother and sister, same-biological-parents-siblings. We just never 'played around' when we were kids.
Our somewhat unconventional sexual relationship started once we had reconnected long after our families had come along. Even with the full and enthusiastic consent of our respective spouses, who were themselves embarking on their own unconventional sexual adventure, my penis and I found the idea to be slightly challenging at first. However, once my penis and I had experienced the sweet taboo of ejaculating inside our sister's vagina, we were both hooked for life.
There was a hiatus of incest-oriented copulatory activities between my sister and I for several years in the aftermath of the tragic loss of her husband. However, after recently deciding to corona-quarantine together with my wife and I, my sister expressed interest in reacquainting her vagina with my penis and I, an interest we were all too happy to accommodate.
"I think she's getting ready to come." my wife Audrey said from next to me.
"Huh? What?" I said somewhat distracted turning my head to face her.
"I said that I think that Wendy's close to coming." Audrey responded.
I looked back at Wendy's face and saw that she did in fact have her eyes closed, concentrating with brows deeply furrowed. Audrey was probably right, I think that my sister was close to coming.
"What were you . . ." Audrey commenced, "Oh, tell me you weren't doing your internal penis monologue again!"
"I can neither confirm nor deny." I responded as my sister slowed her riding and began to grind herself pleasurably against my favourite appendage.
"Had you reached the part about the temporary use of my uterus?" Audrey asked.
"Oh fuck yes." Wendy said brow still furrowed.
"I told you she was about to come." Audrey said smiling.
"Oh fuck yes!" Wendy repeated with a little more intensity.
"See, she's coming." Audrey reiterated.
"Yes I can see that, thank you." I said, "It's like the walls of her vagina are dancing a jig in there."
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck yessss—ssss. Oh!" Wendy said as she slumped forward onto my chest.
"OK Wendy, my turn now." Audrey said pushing gently on Wendy's shoulder.
"Give me a minute will you? That was a big one." Wendy panted.
"Don't you dare let your little buddy go soft in there!" Audrey said poking me now.
"I haven't come yet, so you should still be fairly safe." I said trying to reassure her.
"Just make sure that you stay ready for action." Audrey said in that tone of hers.
As Wendy laid there gently panting for another minute or so, I kept discretely thrusting up into her just enough to maintain my erection. When Wendy finally rolled off me and onto the other side of the bed, Audrey quickly straddled me and made short work of impaling herself on my 'little buddy'.
"Oh, that's it!" Audrey said as she lowered herself to take in my full length.
"My vagina." Audrey said in a mock narrative voice imitating a female David Attenborough as she stared to ride me up and down, "Source of pleasure, source of new life."
"What are you talking about?" Wendy asked.
"She's trying to mock me." I replied on Audrey's behalf.
"Oh, is that all?" Wendy asked.
Wendy and Audrey exchanged a look and giggled at each other.
"So, did you enjoy yourself?" I asked Wendy.
"I always enjoy watching Audrey mock you, you should know that by now." Wendy responded.
"Very funny, you know what I mean. Were you satisfied?" I asked again.
"Yes, dear brother, I was very satisfied." Wendy said leaning across to kiss me gently on the forehead, "Thank you".
The three of us were still exploring what our 'new normal' would be. From time to time, the girls got into this mood where they were both really dominant and I became little more than a blood supply system for their private living dildo. This was one of those times. Don't worry, I gave as good as I got. For now, however, the girls were in charge.
As Audrey started to ride me apace, she said to Wendy, "Why don't you do a little face sitting? I'm sure that Ben will be happy to oblige."
"Can I play with your tits if I do?" Wendy asked.
"You certainly can." Audrey replied pushing her chest out slightly.
Wendy, for the most part, shied away from too much sexual contact with Audrey. Audrey was far more open-minded when it came to other women, but Wendy definitely had her boundaries. Hearing Wendy's request piqued my interest and I was curious to see what might eventuate.
Unfortunately, before I could see anything, Wendy straddled my head and lowered herself into position. She was in a fairly awkward position, almost a sixty-nine, but she was upright and facing Audrey. She wiggled down a little further until my tongue could easily reach her inner lips.
I reached up and around with one arm and was able to just reach my sister's clitoris with the tips of my fingers. I rubbed it gently as she slowly ground herself against my face.
"They feel firmer than mine do." Wendy said.
"Can I feel yours?" Audrey asked.
"Of course." Wendy responded.
"I don't think so, they feel about the same to me." I heard Audrey respond after about a minute.
"Yours are so much browner, though." Wendy countered.
"But yours are getting there, and your nipples are much harder than mine." Audrey said.
"What do you think Ben?" Wendy asked.
"Do boad hab boodyfool breads." was all that I managed to get out.
"Lift yourself up for a moment, let the man speak." Audrey said.
As Wendy lifted herself up slightly, I said, "You both have beautiful breasts."
"Very diplomatic." Wendy said as she lowered herself into position once more.
Audrey has stopped almost all motion, so I started to raise my hips upwards so that I could stay hard.
"You only fed your boys for the first six months, didn't you?" I heard Audrey ask.
"That's what my paediatrician told me to do." Wendy responded slightly defensively.
"It wasn't a criticism, I was just asking." Audrey replied in a calming voice.
"What about your girls?" Wendy asked seemingly unangered.
"Hannah was just under eighteen months, but Romana kept feeding until just after her second birthday." Audrey replied.
"Was it a conscious decision on your part or did they wean themselves?" Wendy asked.
Just as Audrey was about to answer Wendy, the house phone started to ring. We all had mobile phones of course, but our absence of pockets resulting from our constant nudity meant that we did not carry them around with us inside the house. Knowing this, our friends always called the house phone as we had several handsets throughout the house.
"Can you please get that Wendy?" Audrey asked.
Without answering, Wendy lifted herself off my face, made her way off the bed and picked up the cordless handset on the bedside table. Walking back over to the bed, she handed the phone to Audrey.
Audrey nodded in thanks as she answered the phone, "Hello?"
I could hear the muffled sound of the voice at the far end, but I did not recognise it.
"Oh hi Sally!" Audrey said as Wendy climbed back onto the bed.
"Oh just our normal morning." Audrey said in response to the unheard question.
"No, it's my turn now. She went first." Audrey replied.
"No no, that's OK. I can multitask." Audrey said.
"OK, that's fine. We'll see you then." Audrey responded.
"OK, bye." Audrey concluded as she disconnected the call and threw the phone onto the bed.
"We've got an extra hour to ourselves. Sally said that Caroline's running a bit late." Audrey announced as she returned to full speed.
"Is anything wrong?" Wendy asked.
"No, Caroline's appointment this morning was pushed back. Nothing serious." Audrey replied.
"OK then. I think that I'm going to have my shower now." Wendy announced.
"OK, we won't be too much longer." Audrey responded.
As Wendy left the room, Audrey leaned down closer and said, "I'm getting pretty close. How are you going?"
"I'm getting close too, but I'll hold off the best I can." I replied.
Grunting with exertion, Audrey rode me like a mad woman possessed until I could not hold back any longer and shot forth my load within her.
"Not long now, not long now." she repeated several times until she finally declared, "Fuck yeah!".
"No prizes for guessing what that means." Wendy said from the doorway startling both Audrey and I.
"That was a quick shower." I said.
"I left ten minutes ago." Wendy responded.
"My how time flies when you're having fun." Audrey said still catching her breath.
I knew that there was a box of tissues on the bedside table closest to me so I reached back, grabbed it and offered it to Audrey. She took about four tissues and held them close to her lady parts. She lifted slightly as she slid them back as my softening penis withdrew with a satisfying slurp.
"We just changed these sheets yesterday, I'd like to keep them clean for a few more days." Audrey said as she stood, tissues still in place, and leaped off the bed towards the ensuite.
"I'll get some breakfast going while you two shower." Wendy said as she turned her back.
I heard the toilet flush and the shower start. My ladies were done with me for the morning and just left me laying there. I gave Audrey a few more minutes in the shower before deciding to join her. She left the water running and I held open a towel for her before I entered the shower.
After breakfast, I spent some time in my office working on what I was temporarily calling 'The Resort Series'. Audrey, Wendy and I had agreed upon which of our many adventures I would cover and it was now up to me to start typing. I'd roughed-out some of the sequencing in the first instalment when I heard the sound of tyres rolling across our driveway. The lack of engine noise was to be expected as Sally and Susan drive a fully electric car. I pressed ctrl-s and prepared to receive our first guests in who knows how long.
"Ben, they're here!" I heard Audrey call from the entry area.
"On my way!" I responded as I left the office and headed into the hallway.
"I did not realise that I'd be this anxious." Audrey said looking down at her freshly painted toenails wiggling her toes nervously. Today's theme was botany, highlighting leaves, flowers, seeds, etc.
"It's only Sally and Susan, they've been here hundreds of times." I said trying to calm her.
"Where's Wendy?" Audrey asked.
"Right behind you." Wendy answered and she exited the kitchen.
I motioned for Audrey and Wendy to exit first and I followed close behind them. As we approached the car, I saw that Sally was already outside helping Caroline disembark. Susan was still in the driver's seat fiddling with the controls. Josh, Caroline housemate, exited the car as we approached.
Josh knew that we were nudists and from all reports, also was nude around Sally, Susan and Caroline when he visited. That still did not stop him from looking at Audrey and Wendy for just a little bit longer than naturist etiquette allowed. (Who can blame him? Even at their advanced age, Audrey and Wendy were still absolutely stunning.) As I approached him, he clearly redirected his gaze to my penis and then to the fist that I had offered him in greeting.
"Hi Ben." he said as he complete a classic, socially-distant 'fist bump', "You have a nice place."
"Thanks Josh. We're glad that you could make it."
I saw that Susan was now out of the car so I extended my fist as she approached me.
"Fuck that!" she said pushing my outstretched arm to the side before giving me a hearty hug.
Susan had a very slight build which often helped disguise the amount of brute strength that she also possessed. I was hardly able to take a breath when Susan stood aside and Sally took her place. Luckily, she did not break a rib, but I'm sure that I heard one creak just a little. As Sally released her grip, Caroline stepped forward for a more sedate hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.
"So much for social distancing." I commented.
"Technically, it is a risk I suppose. However, Hannah and Damien spend enough time at either your place or ours, we'd all have it by now anyway." Susan said.
"Ohh!" Caroline exclaimed pointing at Audrey's feet, "Botanical specimens? Right?"
"Right indeed." Audrey responded as she gave Caroline a big maternal hug.
Once everyone had been suitably greeted, Audrey pointed towards the house and said, "Shall we head inside?"
"Come on Ben, help me put on my birthday suit." Sally said as she grabbed my hand and lead me towards the house. Once we got inside, Sally lead me straight to Romana's room.
Even though Romana had moved abroad many years ago, we still referred to the room in question as being hers. We use it to accommodate occasional overnight guests and for casual visitors to disrobe and store their clothes. I actually chuckle to myself occasionally because that is exactly what the previous owners of the house, Phil and Sally, used the room for. It was also the room in which Audrey and I became reacquainted all those years ago.
"I've been waiting for this day since the first lockdown was announced." Sally announced as we entered the room.
"Yes, it has been somewhat quiet around here for some time now." I replied.
"The first thing that I'm going to do is head down to the creek and have a swim." Sally said enthusiastically.
With that said, Sally turned to face me and extended her arms to the side. I knew what this meant immediately as we had played these roles many times before. I stepped forward and unbuttoned her blouse, deliberately and methodically, counting buttons as I progressed.
Once the buttons were undone, she turned her back to me and reoriented her arms rearwards allowing me to remove her blouse. I folded the blouse and placed it neatly on the bed.
"You're very good at this." Sally said as I stepped back behind her.
"I'm just glad that I can help." I said.
As readers of my previous memoir chapters may remember, Sally's breasts are absolutely massive. She's posed naked in girly magazines and worked as a topless waitress and had been generously remunerated for her ample assets.
One major downside of her ample cleavage is the difficulty that she encountered finding bras that fit and are comfortable. It's true that Sally is a nudist, but she also has a business to run and neither her clientèle nor staff would probably be able to get any work done if she left her breasts unrestrained. I'm not even going to mention the potential workplace hazard that Sally's unrestrained breasts may pose.
Luckily, during one of her early business trips abroad, she stumbled across a custom lingerie boutique. In spite of the language barrier, she managed to get herself measured and fitted with what she describes as 'the most comfortable and exquisitely fitted bra' she's ever worn. Thanks to the internet, she can order them online now, but years ago she used to place her orders by mail months in advance.
Because these bras were designed for support and comfort, they had extra wide shoulder straps and four ultra-secure clasps at the back. Even though she was more than capable of removing her bras by herself, she always seemed to require a little more help when I was around.
"Freedom at last." she said as she felt me release the clasps.
Sally turned again to face me with her arms extended forward this time. I took hold of the shoulder straps and removed her bra sliding it slowly along her arms. I folded the garment carefully and placed it on the bed on top of her blouse.
Sally held her arms out wide and allowed me to cup her breasts in my hands. There was no way in the world that my hands could come close to full coverage so I settled for playing with her nipples. I leaned in to kiss her right nipple, but was interrupted.
"Oh, I'm sorry." a voice said from behind.
"Don't worry about it. They're just goofing off." Caroline said as she pushed Josh into the room.
"I've even come home one time to find them fucking in the middle of our living room." Caroline said as she removed her dress and placed it on the bed next to her mother's clothes.
"You said that you were sleeping at a friend's house that night." Sally said looking at Caroline sternly.
"Yeh well, plans change sometimes." Caroline said as she took off her underpants and threw them on top of her dress.
With her dress removed, it was obvious that Caroline was well and truly into her third trimester.
"Not long now?" I asked.
"No, I can hardly wait!" Caroline responded rubbing her belly.
Even though Sally was in almost every sense of the word Caroline's 'mother', Susan was actually her biological mother. So, like mother like daughter, Caroline's breasts were normally fairly modest. Because of the lockdown, I had not seen Caroline for many months and this was the first time that I had seen her belly protruding to such and extent. Her breasts too had started to swell in preparation for their role in nourishing new life.
"Meet me outside when you're done." she said to Josh as she left the room.
I turned my attention back to Sally and focussed my attention on the zipper at the side of her skirt. It wasn't totally stuck, but it took some effort to loosen and then undo completely.
"So you two have had sex?" Josh asked.
"That's right." I responded without fuss placing Sally's skirt on the bed.
"Susan too." Sally said.
"What?" Josh said slightly confused.
"Ben has had sex with Susan as well as me." Sally replied, "Oh, and we both just loooove, playing with Audrey too."
"They do, you know." I said turning around briefly to face Josh.
"So you've had sex with three of the women here today?" Josh asked.
"Four, actually." I replied turning back to face Sally, squatting down in front of her.
"Four? You've had sex with Caroline too?" Josh replied with shock at my revelation.
"Caroline? No. She's like a third daughter to him." Sally said as I raised my hands to her hips.
"Well that only leaves. . ." Josh said trailing off as the implications of what he was about to say coalesced in his mind.
"Indeed it does." I said confirming his suspensions and removing Sally's knickers at the same time.
"No offence dude, but that's messed up!" Josh responded.
"What? Sally's pubic jungle?" Susan asked as she entered the room.
"No Sue. Josh just found out about Ben and Wendy's unorthodox activities." Sally said bringing her wife up to speed.
"I thought we told you about that. Sorry, my bad." Susan said pointing to her sports bra.
"They're brother and sister!" Josh said.
"They're also consenting adults. No coersion involved, no risk of pregnancy, they even have or at least had spousal approval." Susan said lifting her arms for me to remove her top.

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