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It happened at a conference gathering where I was a newly elected committee member. This lady who was much older than me started paying attention to me and would give me light slaps on the arm. She was 62. I am 50 going on 51. We had settled in the hotel where this conference was being held. Her husband didn’t come along so she bused it there. Our whole group was given a table and I was a District leader of that area so I had to come up and give a report. She seemed to be giving me signs that she was interested in me even after having been married for 31 years.

She later asked me what my room number was since I had gone solo room wise. I don’t like sharing. I prefer my private moments. So I didn’t hesitate to tell her my number. After we were done for the night, she came to my room about half an hour later dressed pretty provocatively wearing a low cut dress shirt with no bra underneath. I can tell she had nice small 36B cup saggy floppy fried egg looking jujuz. Nice stretch marks too. I was starting to feel a hard on coming on. She wore glasses too with that nerdy look to her nice short hairstyle with black curls. She was native like me. I was laying on the bed when she came over and laid right beside me. I assured her no one will know besides I said I find her attractive. With that she immediately got on top of me and began dry humping me. I returned her aggressive behavior with a long romantic kiss. She took off her shirt and man her jujuz were sexy. She went for my pants and unbottoned them. Pulled out my cock and started and suck slowly. Oh my god was she good. Perfect suction as she just went to town bobbing up and down all the while looking up at me with lustful eyes. After about 30 minutes of sucking me off I came into her warm mouth. She than pulled my pants off and glided my cock into her warm tight granny pussy and began pumping me wildly. If anything, this woman hasn’t been fucked for a long time. I let her do her and embraced her and returned her aggressiveness with some of my own. I immediately turned her over on her back and started fucking her missionary for 45 minutes.

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I began pumping wildly and she started moaning and the noises increased to hollering. I began pumping and kissing her mouth so she wouldn’t draw to much attention. I came perfusely inside her. Man we were sweating. She just laid there quivering and smiling at the same time. She looked so happy for the first time in over 30 years. No one ever fucked her like that. Not even her husband. She asked me if I could fuck her some more on and off. I said sure. We laid down our rules for the relationship. I was to act casual in social settings so as to not draw attention that she was cheating on her husband with me. I would be her side fuck buddy on and off for ever long we wanted.

I was okay with it. She said she would tell others about how good a fuck I was so I could make others in her circles satisfied. She was not even jealous either that I was going to be fucking her friends. I asked her to join in sometime. She said she wanted too because she was some what of a closet bisexual woman.

We ended up fucking 5 times during that conference gathering and since my oral report was done, we spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening fucking like rabbits. She was about 145 lbs, nice sexy rounded but flat lightly browned bubble bum. I loved pounding her sexy granny bubble bum doggystyle. I did love the frontal view though the most because of her amazing saggy floppy fried egg looking jujuz were sexy as hell. I love small jujuz like that. She told me that fucking me was one thing she hoped to accomplish since we first met. She loves younger guys. Well we’re but 11 years in age difference and you couldn’t tell anyway. She hadn’t had sex in 10 plus years. Like 13 years ago. Now she told me that I unleashed and unlocked her nymphomaniac ways because now she wants to fuck me all the time.

So now the weekend ended, we both satisfied our lusts for each other, she said she is going to find excuses for more meetings together. I personally don’t need a pussy for some time now. I can go without for almost a few months but this woman is so fucking amazing in bed, I am going to be flexible with my schedule to fit her in.