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Hai friends. My name is Sunil. I am from the God’s own country Kerala now at Chennai doing my MCA. This is for the first time that I am writing a story. It’s been a long time since I have thought of publishing this, but due to several reasons, I was not able to do so. Anyway, here it is. It’s all about my cousin Rekha and me. Let me first describe her. She is a beautiful girl having long hairs and big eyes. Overall she is slim but her boobs! My God, it’s really great. It’s as big as Shakeela’s (Malayalam Actress) boobs.

I used to tease her by calling her Shakeela. Big boobs in a slim body are a pleasure to watch. This incident happened hardly a year back. At that time, I was in kerala, doing my final year B-com. We used to talk through phone for hours. One day, we happened to talk about sex. It was me who first started this topic. I told her that, I went for an XXX movie along with my friends. She suddenly asked me that how I could watch such a movie sitting with my friends. Won’t I feel any shame? I told her that it’s very interesting to watch such a movie with friends than watching it alone. At first, she felt very shy to continue this topic, as it was clear from her voice. But I realized that she was very interested in this topic. Then I asked her whether she had seen any such movies and her answer was “NO”. She was expecting a lot from me but I deliberately put an end to that topic and started talking something else. Then we used to talk about sex more often but only through phone. When she comes to my house, I would be talking about something else.

One day, Rekha came to my house to attend my father’s birthday party. We all enjoyed the party very much. It was our summer holidays and as she had no college at that time, my mother insisted her to stay in my house for two – three days. I was very happy in knowing this and I started preparing some plans in order to seduce Rekha and have sex with her. In the evenings, my parents use to go for walking regularly and will return only after an hour. I knew that Rekha would not accompany them, as she is a lazy girl and hates walking. So for one hour, Rekha and me would be alone in my house and so I planned to invite Rekha to my room and proceed further. At sharp 5 PM, my parents went out for walking. They called Rekha but she refused to go with them. My room was in the upstairs and I was sitting and hearing their conversation from my room. As soon as they went out, Rekha closed the door and switched on the TV and started hearing some songs. I waited for a few minutes and then I called her loudly and asked her to come to my room. She switched off the TV and entered my room. I was sitting on my computer chair with my PC switched On. She came and sat on the bed, which was near to me. I put my PC to “Stand By” and started talking to her. I started irritating her saying that she is the one who must go for walking, as she is very fat. She told me that she is not at all fat and said that it is me who is fat. She then told me that she has started doing skipping in the mornings. Suddenly, an idea struck on my mind. I was very keen to start the topic on Sex. I told her that it would be very nice to see her doing skipping and asked her what will be the dress she will be wearing while doing skipping. She understood that I am referring to her big boobs and began snapping me on my shoulders and cheeks. I suddenly caught hold of her hands tightly. She started looking onto my eyes passionately as if she is ready to do anything. I understood that and I took off my hands from hers’ and started laughing. She also started laughing but only after a small gap. Then I told her that I have just downloaded some photos of Shakeela from a website and asked her whether she is interested in seeing it. She asked me that would it be fully naked.

I told her that it will not be fully naked and told her that she can very well see it. Then I woke up my PC from the “Stand By” mode and opened Shakeela’s folder. I clicked the slide show button and started opening the photos one by one. In order to view the photos, Rekha got up from the bed and came near to the Monitor. She was standing on my right side. Her eyes were concentrating on the monitor and she had completely forgotten the surroundings. I turned my head towards her face but what I saw was superb. Her dupatta had fallen down and her boobs were just near my face. There were only few centimeters gap between my face and her boobs. As she was bending towards the monitor, her cleavage was clearly visible. My cock suddenly started growing and within seconds I fully lost my control. I got up from my chair, stood right behind Rekha and wrapped my hands around her belly. She suddenly gave a loud noise and turned towards me. I closed her mouth with my right hand holding her ass with my left. My cock was rubbing her pussy and her breasts were pressing hard on my chest. She looked at my eyes for a second and slowly closed her eyes signaling me that she is ready to have a sex dwell with me. I took my right hand from her mouth and started massaging her ass with both of my hands. She started moaning and was sweating a lot. I slowly started moving my lips towards hers and started kissing her passionately. Then I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and starting exploiting each and every corner of her mouth. She hold her hands tightly around me as I began to taste her saliva. Oh……. It tasted great. The kissing continued for about 5 minutes and by the time it ended, my hands had reached her breasts. I saw her lips had become red in color and her eyes had been filled with water. I started pressing her breasts and she started to moan louder.

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Then I started to un-hook her churidar. I un-hooked it at no time and I was mesmerized in seeing her breasts. It was very big in size and it was ready to jump out from her white bra. I put my hands into her bra and started to press the nipples. The nipples had become very hard as I pressed it from inside the bra. Suddenly, she caught hold of the big bulge in my pant. Some current passed through my body when her hands touched my cock, as it was for the first time my cock is being touched by a girl. I quickly took my hands out of her bra and helped her in putting off my pants. I put off my pants and my underwear in a flash. She was very eager to get hold of my cock. She began to move her hand over my cock. I was out of the world. That was the most unforgettable moment in my life. Then I took off her bra. Oh my God !!!!!!!!! What a pair of boobs !!!!! The thing, which I had been so eager to see for the past few years, is now in front of me giving me all rights to do anything I want. I quickly started sucking her nipples. I slightly bite her nipples and she moaned for every biting. I sucked her nipples for few minutes. Then I realized that she wanted the extreme from me. So I stopped sucking and sat on the bed along with Rekha. Then I made her lie on the bed. I took my shirt off and put off her churidar’s bottoms also. Then her fully wet brown panty was in front of me. I smelled it and ohhhhhhhhh it was great. Then I looked up to see Rekha’s face and saw her closing her face with both her hands due to shyness. I sucked her pussy from outside the panties. She gave some sexy sounds when I began sucking her pussy. Some juice, which was there in the panty, went into my mouth and tasted great. Then I lowered her panty to see her lovely pussy.

What I saw was thrilling. The pussy was as red as an apple with lots of hair around it. I slowly touched her pussy. It was very hot. Then I inserted my tongue into her pussy and started sucking it. Continuous flow of juices made me mad and I started sucking it harder. She was asking me to suck it harder. Suddenly I stopped sucking and went up and started to kiss her lips. Then I told her to take the ‘69’ position. She had no idea about this position. Then I told her to lie on the bed straightly. She quickly obeyed my order. Then I went into the ‘69’ position over her. Then she understood it. She at first began to kiss the tip of my fully erect cock. Meanwhile I was sucking her pussy. Then I stopped sucking and told her to take my cock fully into her mouth. At first she hesitated and then she took half of it into her mouth. I was in heaven when she sucked my cock. Then gradually she took the tempo and fully swallowed my cock. It continued for few minutes and suddenly a stream of juice entered into my mouth. I realized that she had come. This feeling made me come at once. Then we both began exchanging our juices. After coming to the normal position, we both started exchanging our saliva again. After few minutes I regained my erection. I told her that I want to enter into her pussy. But she didn’t allow me to do that. I told her that I would use condom and she agreed. I put a condom onto my coke. Then I made her lie on the bed. I told her to spread her legs and she did the same. At first I inserted my first finger into her pussy. It swiftly entered inside. Then I inserted another finger and it made her moan a little. I quickly understood that she is going to struggle very much when I enter the real one into her pussy. Then I slowly started inserting my cock into her sweet pussy. At first, half of my cock went inside hers. This made her scream a little bit. Then I took my cock outside and with a lot of force, inserted it again into her pussy. This made her scream terribly as the whole of my cock entered into her pussy. She shouted at me to take it out immediately. I suddenly closed her mouth with my mouth and started pressing her boobs.

I slowly started to go up and down and she slowly started getting use to it. I gradually increased the speed and she started moaning again. She whispered on my ears that it is very nice. I increased the speed and reached the maximum. She started kissing me all over my face. Her boobs were flying in air and it was a real pleasure to watch. Then I suddenly came on my condom and after few seconds she pushed me upwards indicating that she also came. I took my cock out of her pussy. There were some bloodstains over the condom. She was lying on the bed fully exhausted and she was sweating a lot. I looked on the clock and found that the time was 5:45 PM. I told her that my parents would be reaching home in 15 minutes time. She slowly got up from the bed, as she was tired. Then she came near me and hugged me tightly and told me not to tell this to anybody. I promised her that it would be a secret forever. Then we exchanged few kisses and started dressing each other. After that, we went downstairs and sat on the sofa. I switched on the TV and started watching a nice movie in order to pretend in front of my parents that we were watching that movie right from the beginning. After that, we managed to have sex on another day also. Now she is in kerala and I am in Chennai. It’s been 5 months since we both have had sex. I visit Kerala once in a month. We still speak through phone everyday.

Now she is planning to come to Chennai along with her parents for her higher studies. Then, they all would be staying in my flat only and if God permits, we could have sex for the third time