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Two years ago, Treena and Kyle set out on a journey that would lead them to an amazing night of passion, eroticism and complete sexual gratification. Their endeavor began with a simple kiss, and concluded with an overwhelming sensation of complete and total joy that elevated their relationship as husband and wife to a whole new level, satisfying a sexual fantasy that each were initially apprehensive to attain, and imparting them with a new bond that was saturated with a passionate devotion and an unyielding love. Their expedition was filled with challenges, and on several occasions brought on fears and adverse feelings concerning such an act. But each step the couple took toward their dream reduced the hesitations and anxieties that came with pursuing this unconventional sexual craving that demanded the presence of another man, a threesome.
The selection process for their bonus partner was tedious and involved, focusing on specific details to satisfy several needs and fulfill their fantasy desires. She foreseen a heterosexual white male to embrace her petite ebony body, whose appearance was similar to her husbands and a penis comparable in size. Nothing too large that could cause discomfort and the experience to become unenjoyable. Her threesome vision included two stunning men passionately covering her dark complexion with their muscular pale bodies, directing their lust and cravings solely on her, and who made her feel special and unique. An individual whose goal was to build a relationship before jumping to the end of the story, and of an age mature enough to understand a woman's body and the sexy imperfections they are awarded.
Ultimately, they found and propositioned a man named Chris as their new "friend," based on his outgoing personality, his attractive physique, and his willingness to explore new methods of sexual pleasure. His temperament and former connection to Treena enabled her to feel safe and secure, and provided her the confidence to carry out their awaited fantasy. He knew her from years ago as an acquaintance to one of her girlfriends, and while they never had sex, had a body that she always wanted to explore in the naughtiest ways possible. With Treena and Kyle's awkward invitation, Chris could once again become companions with Treena, but profoundly more intimate than he ever anticipated.
The initial invite requested Chris to accompany them to a secluded bar, where after a few drinks, was presented with an indecent proposal engaging in complex physical intimacy and intense sexual contribution. Followed with a few days of thought, he accepted their eccentric offer, becoming the added lover to their fantasy, aiming to please and satisfy Treena in the wildest ways possible, fulfilling all that she desired in their erotic love triangle. After numerous engagements and successful experiments that ensured he was a suitable match, their final night together was magnificent and beautiful, and achieved an incredible connection of pure fantasy, passionate penetration, and orgasmic bliss, reaching a delightful and astonishing satisfaction most women never experience. Throughout that amazing night, Treena's body shattered with vibrant ecstasy as her two lovers triggered a ripple of intoxicating harmony that hurled her entireness into a euphoric state of physical serenity and endless exhilaration. It was a connection that she would never forget, and occasionally dreamt about exploring again.
One-night Treena and Kyle were lying in bed and dressed in their nightly attire, discussing the day's activities and nestled next to one another. During their casual conversation, the night of their threesome fantasy resurfaced as it occasionally did, and they began elaborating on the specifics of that evening, discussing the sexual actions they all shared with Chris, and recalling the mind-blowing relations that took place at the hotel. As his dick started to grow thinking about that night, Kyle articulated his overwhelming horniness when Chris repeatedly slammed his cock deep into Treena's wet saturated vagina, forcing a scream of satisfaction. Treena, becoming aroused as well, romanticized about Chris tasting her sweet nectar like she had never experienced before. How their three-way connection activated every nerve in her mind and body, initiating an unbelievable closeness to each of them, and propelling her into repetitive climaxes of enormous magnitude.
They sat in silence dreaming of the rich bonds they all shared that night, stroking each other's bodies with a gentle touch, staring with lust and desire, Kyle's dick continuing to enlarge with horniness and Treena's sweet spot moistening with each recollection. Kyle promptly rose to his side, propped his head with his hand and turned into Treena's gaze, and with slight reluctance, asked if she would ever consider doing it again. Blushing with a look of embarrassment, she hesitated for a brief moment thinking if she would want to travel down that road once more, then stated that she had thought about it in the past but always felt it was a one-time affair. He expressed that he also assumed it would be a single expedition, but often dreamt about he and Chris again exploring and caressing every inch of her body with lust and desire, guiding her into multiple summits of satisfaction greater than she could ever endure. He took pleasure in remembering Treena totally at peace after expelling her sopping love juice from her honey-hole from the deep penetration of Chris and Kyle's thick cocks, and craved her to experience that gratification once more. Their fleshly performance was an event so erotic and sensual that it harnessed the essence of pleasure like no other sexual encounter ever could.
Laying in silence, she thought about the experience she shared with her husband and the unbelievable outcome of the night's union, then turned and looked at Kyle with admiration and agreed to pursue another encounter with Chris, prepared to explore a second ménage á trois without the worries and uncertainties that resided in her originally. Their lips locked with a kiss of enthusiasm and arousal, completely comfortable again pursuing another fantasy of three, making beautiful heated love that night with a fire and spark of unimaginable passion.
A few days passed and Treena messaged Chris with a feeling of nervousness and hesitancy, asking if they all could again meet at a bar or restaurant to have a few drinks, perhaps enjoy a little dancing, and discuss the prospective of another sexual gathering. They hadn't seen or talked to Chris since their last erotic love experience and was unsure if he would even respond to an invitation inquiring about another threesome. But within minutes Chris replied and agreed to the meet, expressing that he had thought of them often and the incredible night they all shared, and on numerous occasions questioned if they would ever reach out again to explore another promiscuous ménage á trois.
Excited and a little apprehensive from his response, Treena became worried that the bond between Chris and her had faded, and thought about the tests they implemented on their first journey that helped confirm a connection existed. She discussed with Kyle if she would be allowed to kiss him again to see if a spark was still present. He agreed she should verify if they still had an attraction, and reminded her that jealousy was not a part of the experience and whatever actions she felt comfortable with and needed to fulfill was okay with him. Feeling eager and a little turned on, she set a date, time, and place for their renewed engagement, the first step in identifying where their rekindled journey would take them.
That weekend they all met at a small billiards bar located downtown named The Cue Hole. Kyle shook Chris's hand and exchanged trivial conversation, while Treena embraced his body with a lasting hug and a gentle peck on the lips, expressing her happiness to see him. They sat at a table toward the corner of the establishment, ordered a few drinks, and after catching up initiated a discussion on the possibility of exploring another sex-triangle romance. Chris's body was still solid and rippled with a chest that stretched his shirt at the seams, and arms that were chiseled and toned, his muscular build and gorgeous blue eyes caused a surge of wetness to dampen Treena's panties instantaneously.
Roughly six-feet tall with dirty blonde hair that was slightly longer than she remembered, with penetrating sapphire eyes and a face that was clean shaved, exposing his subtle dimples that only appeared when he smiled a certain way. Glancing down at the bulge in his pants, she recalled the memory of their first meeting and thought about the conversation of his dick size, and how it felt significantly larger than his original six-inch disclosure, picturing the girth of his penis and its slightly thinner circumference compared to her husband, but remembered the amazing feeling it provided as it slid inside her. He was still a very attractive man and dressed like he knew what he wanted, entirely single of his own accord.
Chris and Kyle sat at the table chatting and drinking beer, engaged in typical guy talk. Treena sat between them upon a barstool and imagined their previous engagement, staring at Chris's lips while he spoke. As she listened, her mind wondered to the instance Chris emerged from between her legs after tongue fucking her hole and stimulating her clit without pause, triggering an incredible climax of tranquility, bringing into focus from her lengthwise position his throbbing massive cock that begged to enter her creamy snatch.
Her mind continued with the moment Chris climbed on top of her and slid his substantial prick into her plump pulsating pussy for the first time, reflecting on the sensational feeling of his manhood stretching her vaginal canal wide. The unforgettable pounding her pussy took, and the sound of his balls slapping against her tight ass while her husband's dick slid gracefully in and out of her mouth. The erotic moans of him ejaculating his load after ravishing her doggy-style stance, bent on her knees with her ass raised high, hovering over her husband who was massaging her breasts and stimulating her nipples while she engulfed Chris's cock from behind. The incredible trance she experienced when Kyle took control and slid his 5 ½ inch dick into her love-box with ease, saturating her body with erotic delight and feverishly releasing his seed, compelling her essence into darkness and causing her body to seize with endless pleasure, while Chris lay beside them totally quenched and euphoric.
Overcome by the memories of their extraordinary sexual encounter, she interrupted her lover's conversation by grabbing Chris on each side of his face and assertively pulling his form toward hers, pressing her tender glistening lips against his, sliding her tongue into his mouth in search for a similar response. He reacted with lustful acceptance, gently clutching each side of her jawline and pulling her near, intertwining their tongues as one and locking their union together with a kiss of dirty passion. Kyle leaned back in his chair and slowly sipped on his beer observing, blushing with arousal but not wanting to interrupt their fiery reunion, remembering the first kiss Treena and Chris shared together and how natural their connection seemed to resurface.
With their lips pleasingly interlocked, Treena could sense the clear presence of their chemistry, and her attraction appeared greater than it had before. She gradually reached down between his seated position and cupped his bulge with her hand, squeezing the partially erect member that protruded between his legs. He was undoubtedly the right man to join in their threesome fun once more and satisfy her every desire and craving she seemingly still possessed for him. Parting their lips from each other and sitting stoutly back in their chairs with smiles covering their faces, silence engulfed the group as the feelings of solace and confidence reemerged.
A few moments passed and Treena broke the hush by expressing that they should revisit the guidelines and aspirations of their rekindled trio, again conveying the details of what she would be willing to do and everything she wouldn't, reestablishing the safe word of "pineapples" to seize all actions if necessary. She wanted to confirm Chris was still on the same page of directing the attraction and pleasure toward her, and that everyone's desires were communicated and negotiated to safeguard the evenings outcome. The three agreed on the particulars of their future evening, collaborating everybody's sexual ideas and the potentials of achieving new forms of pleasure. The night ended with a few games of pool and the three falling back into a rhythm of close friendship, their interactions still vibrant and full of happiness, everyone feeling comfortable and delighted to be back together.
Within a few months the trio appeared to pick up exactly where it left off, socializing and dancing at bars and night clubs, enjoying quality time during romantic dinners and reminiscing about past moments they had spent together. Everyone devoted to rebuilding the bond they once shared, and to again strengthen the confidence Treena would need to gratify two men concurrently. The thought of their rekindled threesome and the chance to reexperience this form of satisfaction stirred something dirty inside Treena, urging her to release her inner freak to amplify the sexual hunger of her lovers. She couldn't explain it, but she felt more relaxed and free-spirited than she had on her first journey, and took pleasure in openly embracing Chris and Kyle with flirtatious play, looks of desire, and subtle hints of what she was offering.
Kyle was in worship of her new behavior and loved how promiscuous she had become, relishing in her deviant actions and her new eccentric style. Her suggestive actions and spicy sexual appetite compelled a build of immense horniness in his loins and an overwhelming craving to ravish her body relentlessly. He knew that their endeavor was going to be more erotic, gratifying, and superior than their previous engagement, and couldn't wait for them to bring Treena to a breathtaking aura of orgasmic heaven.
Since their restoration, Treena's bad girl boldness projected through her sexy attire, dressing in tops that emphasized her enormous breasts with noticeable cleavage, and suggestive garments that left little to the imagination. She was an unbelievably gorgeous and sexy woman that loved to have a good time, and had a slim and voluptuous figure that screamed sexual MILF (Mom-I'd-Like-to-Fuck). Their last experience changed her and Kyle's relationship for the better, and she recognized that their renewed threesome would once again bring them to a new peak, brimming with unfathomable love and confidence, and felt completely comfortable experiencing everything again with Kyle by her side. Their union was one that couldn't be broken and was built on complete trust and honesty. Even with the flirtatious acts and uninhibited attire, she always ensured Kyle was the center of her entire world, and not even Chris and his attractive figure could break their bond.
In less than a year of their reconnected friendship, the three were eager for their evening of orgasmic indulgence to begin, and the hotel for their night of erotic pleasure was finally booked for that night. During the day Chris and Kyle ate lunch together and exchange thoughts and ideas of their foreplay strategies that could intensify Treena's hunger, and ultimately send her into a summit of mind-blowing squirt, gushing a river of love sauce from the pleasure they were to provide, a phenomenon that very few women experience and an outward sign that her orgasms were exceptionally pleasing. They wanted to make certain she was satisfied beyond her wildest dreams, and to explore new ways to exceed the expectations of their original ménage á trois. They further discussed conceivable sexual positions that would intensify her gratification, and the use of other stimulations that could potentially make her reach a new exhilarating climax and cause her to repeatedly apex from the invigorating pleasure.
They made a trip to the hotel to prepare the room for Treena, turning the temperature up slightly so her naked body would be comfortable, positioning candles throughout the room to give an amorous calmness, leaving condoms and other "play" things to be used when the time came about, and storing fruits, small snacks, and alcohol in the refrigerator to calm any nerves and provide energy replenishment.
Treena spent the day preparing just as she had done before, with shopping and simple comforts that made her feel exceptional, getting her nails, makeup and hair done. She searched for a lingerie piece that would bring her men to their knees in admiration, and kinky enough to elevate the intensity of their impure thoughts. As a memento to their first night together, she purchased a black and red stretch mesh fetish bustier with an attached high neck elastic choker, thigh high stockings that latched to the eccentric garter, and a pair of thin laced red string panties, stitched with black mesh that caressed her ass like a satisfying sin.
To conceal her sexual surprise, she acquired a dark gray long-sleeved high-neck blouse with a diamond cutout that discreetly exposed her voluptuous breasts, and fastened with a single diamond shaped button around her neck to hide the seductive bustier choker design, a black mid-high skirt that embraced her dynamite figure, a pair of black high knee leather boots, and stainless-steel dangling earrings in the shape of diamonds. Her look was exquisite and suggested she was completely prepared for a lasting night of joy and excitement.
Around 7 P.M., the trio arrived at Saint Martin's Café and Bistro, a romantic restaurant overseeing the cities lavishing river, commuting by Uber to ensure safe travels after the anticipated night of drinking and good times. Kyle was dressed in black slacks and a light blue button-down that caused his baby blues to gleam, his hair short but fashionable with a low-cut appearance, and a neatly shaped and low trimmed beard. Chris's attire was similar in fashion but wore a deep navy button-down that encapsulated his stunning muscular figure, clean shaved with his hair stylishly messy and eyes of sapphire that sparkled like the morning sun casting its beam over the ocean.
Both men projected a sexy and desirable look that would cause any woman to covet and crave them, begging for either man to undress her steadily and defile her body without pause, but Treena had them both to herself! After finishing a fantastic dinner, consuming a few alcoholic beverages, and flirting with stories of the past, they decided to Uber downtown to a dance club and watch the radiance of Treena as she moved to the rhythm, gyrating her body sexually like she was making love to the music, the last outing the three would share before their erotic evening of sensual warmth and fiery fornication would begin.
At Club Liquid, they located a cozy area of the bar to sit and take in the club's ambiance, ordering a Red Bull and Vodka for Treena and a couple of beers for Chris and Kyle. Treena loved to dance, and Kyle remembered the gratifying feeling of seeing Treena rubbing her figure against Chris as the beat played in the background, her ass pressed against his growing cock and moving it in motion to the tempo, and her plump tits bouncing with joy as his hands swept up and down her body.
After downing a few more cocktails, Treena was feeling relaxed and slightly tipsy, and as a new song began to play, stood from her barstool and looked at Chris with excitement, grabbing his hand and pulling him from his seat, dragging him toward the dancefloor. Kyle didn't dance often, but he did enjoy watching her body shake and move to the music. He sat and observed from their table, Treena promptly brushing her ass against the swell of Chris's slacks with every beat, then turning toward him to massage her body against his chest, clutching his firm ass with two handfuls and grinding her muff against his member, provoking his cock to grow slightly, while gazing back at Kyle with a look of indecent proclivity. Their connection to music was arousing and erotic, like a dance of sexual indecency, and as Kyle watched them passionately touching and stroking each other on the dancefloor, a sensation of overwhelming sexual tension was growing inside, and as Treena glanced toward him from a distance, she could sense he was ready to sexually please her every desire.

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