Rekindling Old Passions Pt. 09-10

tagGroup SexRekindling Old Passions Pt. 09-10

Trent thought it was a bit odd that Matt invited him over for dinner when he received that text last night. Trent wondered if Matt was ever going to mention what happened between them or will it be an unspoken agreement that they'll never broach the topic like it never happened. He wondered if Matt would tell him what happened between him and Clara when he got home.
Trent was originally supposed to meet a few of his college buddies that night. He texted and said he didn't feel well. He probably shouldn't have bailed on them. He probably should have ignored Matt's text altogether but the curiosity and hopes of how this dinner invite would turn out was too tempting to resist.
Trent rang the door bell and he could have been knocked over with a feather when he saw Clara open the door.
"Hey, Trent come in!" Clara acted nonchalantly like she wasn't wearing some slutty get up that was out of character. He did notice she seemed to blush not only on her cheeks but on her chest too. That made it even more obvious to stare at her very hard nipples poking at the material of her dress.
Matt came into the foyer. "Hey, Buddy. May I take your jacket?"
"Uh, yeah, sure." Trent was wondering what game this couple was playing. He held up the bottle of wine he brought before taking off his jacket. "Is a bottle of white ok?"
"Sounds good to me. Clara, sweetie, why don't you pour us all a glass. We'll be in the living room." As Clara walked away Matt gave her a smack on her tight well rounded ass.
Trent dumbfounded followed Matt into the living room to sit on the couch. Matt sat on the chair across from him.
"Dude." Trent said with his grey eyes looking like they were asking a million questions he couldn't put into words.
"What?" Matt's blue eyes sparkled feigning innocence.
Clara came into the room with three glasses. She gave a glass to Matt and then to Trent. She sat down next to Trent and they all took a sip of their wine.
"The food is already here. You want to eat right away?" Clara said casually.
Trent was too confused to be hungry. He turned his gaze to his friend, "Can we skip the bullshit here?"
Matt's face grew serious, "Yeah. Ok."
Clara's face became filled with embarrassment. "I should go get changed." Clara moved quickly to stand up.
"No!" Trent was surprised to see the cold stare and strong tone Matt gave his wife. Trent thought cold made him look sexy. "I didn't tell you to do anything. Sit Down."
Clara sat back down. Trent couldn't help but notice the way her dress moved higher on her thighs as she did so.
Matt turned back at Trent with his expression softer, "I told Clara about what happened between us. About what I've been feeling for you. We also talked about Clara and her…entanglement that occurred. We are trying to get pass it. However there are things I need Clara to do to make me feel secure that I can trust her."
Trent interrupted, "So by fixing how she was running around with some other dude you have her dressing almost naked in front of your friend who you almost fucked?" Trent glanced over at Clara whose gaze was cast down and then back to Matt's steadfast glare.
"Not exactly. We have come to an agreement that she has to do what I say. No matter how filthy or degrading. I've had fantasies about her being with other men. Lately I've had fantasies exclusively featuring you with my wife. I also fantasize you and me together. The three of us together." Matt paused and continued, "I know you feel something for me. We have a sexual chemistry but I think we connect on another level." Trent couldn't object to that statement. So many times he wished he was with Matt when he was having a meaningless screw or even cuddling with a fuckbuddy.
"I know you find Clara attractive so I was hoping we could all be together sexually. I don't know where this would go. Clara and I are a package deal. And I don't mean you have to be sexual with her to be with me if you don't want that but understand I'm not leaving her and she will always be my number one."
Trent wanted to kiss Matt. Attack his body and then grab Clara to join them. He would love to feel him. Her too. This is one of his biggest fantasies come true. He wanted this. His cock wanted this but he also didn't want to get his heart hurt. Looking over at Matt and his intense sensual expression and then over at Clara who looked like a high priced call girl that was worth every penny had Trent wanting to jump in head first and worry about the consequences later.
"Fuck." Trent sighed. "I want to try whatever fucked up thing this is. Matt, I've wanted to get on my knees for you since the first moment I saw you." He turned to Clara and reached for her hand resting on her knee. "I think you are incredibly sexy." Clara turned to look at him and he could see her eyes were deep pools of desire.
Matt joined them on the couch sitting next to Clara. Her body was turned towards Trent. Matt kissed at the base of her neck and then licked up to her ear lobe. Clara closed her eyes in bliss and Matt whispered, "Who owns your body?"
"You." Clara said barely above a whisper.
"So what does that mean?" Matt's voice was harsh.
"That you can do whatever you want with it." Clara opened her eyes slightly and looked back up at her husband. Trent thought this might be one of the most sexiest things he's ever witnessed.
"So if I want to loan out your mouth," Matt slid his hand up her throat moving it up to her mouth where he shoved three fingers in. Clara made a gagging sound at the rough intrusion, "I can give it to anyone I want." Matt moved his fingers in and out of Clara's mouth and spit started to dribble on her chin with her red lipstick smearing but she managed to reply with "uh huh." He removed his fingers and reached into her dress and used his wet digits to circle her already hard nipple. He squeezed and pulled making her moan. "And your tits. I can let anyone borrow them."
"Yes, fuck, yes." Clara was breathing hard and Trent thought he could explode at the lewd things his usually mild friend was saying and doing to his wife.
"Trent?" Matt looked into Trent's eyes.
Trent was barely able to squeak out a "yes?"
"Do you want to suck on my wife's nipples. She loves them being played with. You can be as gentle or rough as you want to be." Clara moaned when Matt pulled on the nipple he had between his fingers. He then slid her dress straps down and the top of her dress so her breasts weren't covered any longer.
"Yes." Trent grabbed Clara and pulled her to him so that she was straddling his lap. His mouth latched onto one nipple. He sucked and licked while Clara looked down at his handsome face running her hands through his blonde hair. Clara started grinding her wet panty covered sex on the bulge straining against his jeans.
Trent went from one breast to the other. He put his hands underneath her tits so that they were raised and pushed against each other. He licked his way from one breast to the other then back again.
Matt had rid himself of his clothing as Trent feasted on his spouse's chest. His large manhood was hard as a rock and he began to lightly stroke it. Clara tilted her head backwards a bit and Matt put his hand through her hair and pulled her head back even further so he could kiss and lick her neck.
Clara and Trent were grinding into each other. "Trent, you have way too many clothes on." Trent stopped the attention he was giving Clara's chest and was in complete awe of the gorgeous man that was standing beside him. Matt lifted Clara off his lap.
Trent wasted no time peeling his clothes off. Clara and Matt watched him. Matt put his hands underneath her panties. "She's so wet for us." Clara's breaths were heavy. Trent walked over to them. Clara's back was pressed up against her husband while Trent pushed into her front. Matt was still lazily fingering Clara when he and Trent started making out. Their tongues exploring their mouths. Clara loved being sandwhiched between these two men and being able to feel their respective erections pressed against her. After a few minutes of this Trent broke the kiss so that he could kiss Clara.
"Trent. Sit on the couch," Matt's voice being so commanding turned Trent even more on, "Clara, take care of his cock for me."
She went straight to her knees in front of Trent and got right to work on his cock. Matt sat down next to him so he could kiss him again. Trent was in an euphoric trance with the man of his dreams kissing his lips while his wife gave him a phenomenal blowjob. Trent had to feel Matt's cock so he gripped it in his hand and started to jerk him off. Their moans filled the room.
"Do you want to come all over my wife's
tits?" Matt's voice sounded raspy.
"Oh God yes" Trent smiled at the suggestion and gave Matt another hard kiss.
"Babe," Clara released Trent's dick from her mouth when she was addressed by her husband. Clara was a little disappointed because she enjoyed tasting and exploring the second cock to have ever been in her mouth. "Trent's going to come on your tits." He looked back at his friend, "Hey, pal, may I come in your mouth after I make you come on my wife."
Trent couldn't believe how filthy Matt could be and it excited him beyond compare, "fuck…shit…yes." they shared a quick kiss and Trent groaned when Matt's strong grip was around his cock.
It was slathered with Clara's spit. Trent loved the feel of Matt's hand working on his shaft. Clara obediently held her breasts together while Matt pointed Trent's dick at her. Trent wasn't going to last long with Matt's hand on him and Clara looking like a well used cocksucking whore.
"Your come is going to look so fucking hot all over my wife's big tits. I want you to give her a big load. She wants your come on her. Give her all you got."
Trent couldn't hold it any longer. His cock spurted out streams of semen all over Clara. It covered her breasts up to her neck. She looked even better than all his fantasies. Matt grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her so she could lean into a kiss with him. Matt then leaned down and licked some of the come off her breast. "Shit you taste so good on my little slut wife's skin."
"Goddamn, you are sexy." Trent said to Matt before looking down to Clara, "you both are and you know how to suck cock."
Clara smiled at the compliment. "Thank you."
"Let's continue this upstairs." Matt effortlessly picked up his petite wife. He motioned for Trent to follow him as he carried Clara to their bedroom.
Clara caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror when Matt put her down. She couldn't help but feel ashamed of herself. She looked like a dirty used up whore with Trent's come all over her and her red lipstick faded and smudged. Her dress was crumpled around her waste. She still had her red shoes and black thong on.
A part of her liked feeling Trent's seed drying on her skin and another part thought she was disgusting and should clean herself up. She however wouldn't until Matt gave her the ok to do so.
Matt knelt in front of her and pulled her dress along with her black thong down her legs and she lifted her legs one at a time so he could completely remove them from her. Trent noticed the little red jewel peaking from between her ass cheeks.
He went to move closer behind her to place his hand on her tight ass. Clara could hear a smile in Trent's voice, "Your ass looks good with something sticking out of it."
"I've only put a small one in her. This is the first time she's ever had anything in her ass." Matt stood up and looked down at Clara. "She's realizing her little hole feels good with something in it. Isn't that right, sweetheart?"
He looked over to the handsome faced man with the body that would make a Greek god envious, "You're supposed to let me come in your mouth."
Trent's mouth was practically watering at the thought of tasting Matt's big cock in his mouth.
"I want Clara sitting on my face while I'm in your mouth." He kissed Clara and then Trent before going to lie on the king sized bed. "Clara, you have permission to come when you are ready."
"Thank you, babe." Clara said smiling feeling her arousal grow again. She went to straddle his face and Matt thought he could get high off the smell of her dampened sex. He pressed his nose into the trimmed hair that was soaking wet.
Meanwhile Trent went to work on his prick. He relished the taste on his tongue as he licked the drop of precum that was leaking from his tip then down his shaft where he licked and sucked his balls. After a few moments he licked all the way back to the top and took the whole length in his mouth to deep throat him.
Matt groaned into his wife's pussy which in turn gave a delightful sensation to Clara's core. Matt was licking and sucking the swollen clit of his wife. She started to grind on his face. She was increasingly unable to control her moans. Matt pulled out her plug and inserted two fingers into her dirty hole. He thrust in and out with much gusto.
Trent looked up to the erotic act being performed which made his attentions on Matt's cock to become even more vigorous. Matt's hips started to gyrate into Trent's mouth. Trent moaned around his member.
Matt moved his tongue down to her slit penetrating her and lapping up all the juices gushing out of her. After enjoying that for a bit he would go back to sucking her clit and then back to sticking his tongue in her hole.
"I'm gonna come all over your face," Clara's climax over took her and she screamed in ecstasy while her whole body shook. His wife finding her pleasure mixed with Trent's masterful deep throating took Matt over the edge. Trent in turn was gifted with a sweet powerful emission from his new lover's cock. Trent being the expert cocksucker that he was captured every last drop.
Clara gave a satisfied chuckle as she lifted herself off her man's face. The three of them were breathing heavy. Trent crawled up to lie on top of Matt. He kissed him deeply. He would break the kiss occasionally to lick around his face to savor the wet reminisce of Clara's hot cunt and then back to Matt's sweet mouth.
Clara laid on her side watching these two men make out. Her husband having his strong arms around a probably even stronger man was a beautiful sight to behold she thought.
Clara broke the silence. "I need a shower. I look like a hot mess," she said.
Trent laughed, "Yeah you're hot alright."
Clara and Matt had a luxurious bathroom. A roomy walk in shower that could easily fit the three of them and probably even one more person.
They had every intention of only washing the sex off of them and taking a break from sex. However Trent was already semi hard again before they even got in the shower. Clara got down on her knees to take him into her mouth which got Matt's engine revving. She took turns sucking her lovers' cocks. She would stroke one when the other was in her mouth. They both exploded in her mouth. First Trent then Matt. She enjoyed comparing the taste of them and the slight differences in their cocks and how they fit in her mouth. Her husband had a nice long prick with good girth. Trent was only slightly shorter but thicker. She felt Trent stretched her jaw a tad wider than Matt's cock.
After they cleaned up, they realized they were starving and remembered the sushi waiting for them. Clara was glad she had thought to put the food in the fridge when she had gone to pour the wine bottle earlier in the evening.
They ate their fill and drank more wine. They insisted Trent stay the night. Their teenage daughter wouldn't be home until way into the afternoon.
"I'll make French toast," Clara bribed
"Well I can't say no to French toast." Trent smiled. He really didn't need a lot of convincing though.
Trent felt very content falling asleep with them. Clara's soft body was sandwiched between their two hard bodies. Trent thought he could get used to this.

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