Rema’s Dilemma

tagIncest/TabooRema's Dilemma

'Dev Uncle would never know the jewel he has with himself, would he?' Anand thought to himself as he drifted to the thoughts of his lovemaking with his aunt (his uncle's wife) Rema while his uncle complained about his wife before him. Dev could be called a sort of a misogynist. He always saw women as a breeding animal which was one of the reasons, he loathed his wife Rema. He always mocked her inability to conceive and would laugh about it but Anand never found them funny.
Dev's negligence towards his wife had benefitted Anand and Rema as they never found any element of guilt in their carnal exploration. They made love whenever they got themselves alone, especially the nights when Dev has duty. Dev was a police officer and the nights he has duty has the consequences of him blaring about the women he had teased for walking alone at nights. (He'd call them whores, for he believed they are women thriving for a cock.)
But when Anand weigh the benefits of the love making sessions he has during those nights, against his Uncle's repulsive talk in the morning, he found that Uncle's night duty better.
It was one of those nights, when Dev went out for his night duty. Anand suggested that they go out for the night, have dinner from outside. Rema firmly objected the idea, but eventually gave up to Anand's persuasion. It was finally decided that they wouldn't go out somewhere grand or fancy as people might recognise them, instead they went the next town. Anand had brought her a stunning blue kurti for her and with no Dev from objecting her from the traditional saree, she went out with it.
The ride was long one and they had their dinner in merry. Rema had forgotten the last time she had went out night like this. With the music on, she looked out letting the wind fluttered her hair. Nothing was clearly visible but the full moon provided shadows for her to imagine the world moving away from her.
'Thank you…' she spoke.
'For what?'
'For this… for everything…' she replied.
Anand just smiled and after a thought asked. 'That's it? Just a thanks?'
She gave him a look. 'Let's see after we reach home. You have been a bad boy recently.'
Anand laughed at the comment and Rema turned back to see the view outside. The road was deserted. They lived at a deep isolated area, which piled on her misery. Apart from a heartless husband, she was deprived of making friends in such a forsaken land.
'Hey could you look down…' Anand called out to Rema. 'I think something is growing down there.'
She gasped for a second as she turned because Dev had unzipped himself with his dick was peeking out from it.
'What?' astonished by his behavior, she asked.
'Its growing, I don't think it'll able to tolerate it till we reach home.'
'You… you bad boy…' she complained although a part of her desired it.
Anand still focused on his drive spoke. 'You want it don't you? Tell me you don't and I'll put him back in its place.'
Rema looked around. The road was still lonely. Maybe a bus or car may go but none would get a glimpse of her blowing her nephew in his car and thus with a grin, she lowered herself to take him in.
'Ah… Yes…' he purred as he felt her warm mouth wrapped his cock. He focused on the ride but her warm mouth was a distraction that he wanted to hold on to. He pulled his left and caressed her hair.
'Keep concentrating on the road. I don't want to be dead and be caught with my nephew's dick in my mouth.' She spoke as she pulled out to take a breath.
He laughed out. 'I'd like to see the look on Dev Uncle's face though. He'd call you a whore'
'Hey… that's a mean thing to say to a lady when she is…' she trailed off from complaining.
'When she is???'
She gave him a look again and with a smile continued her blowjob.
Anand felt him shivering with pleasure and hence he took a detour from the road to park themselves at a lonelier spot. Rema who had been tasting him through the drive looked up when she saw him slowing down.
'What happened?' she whispered, fear lurking in her as if they might have been caught.
'I can't drive anymore…' Anand replied with a grin. 'Come over. I want to take you now… or wait… let's go back.' Without awaiting her reply Anand squeezed himself through the seats and comforted himself in the backseat. Rema, however, took her time. She wiped away the drool that fell around her lips and looked around. Still not convinced, she got out and searched around again. All through her life she had lived in an isolated land and never found the blessing it had saved up for her. She felt safe and then sneaked in through back door with a giggle she couldn't hide.
Anand was out of his clothes when she came in and he lunged forward to kiss her. She tasted of their dinner, of his cock and her saliva. They exchanged their breaths and he pushed her to the seat while he pulled himself backward to watch her lie. His hands went beneath her kurti and stripped her off her pants and panties. Ream folded up her top as he preyed down on her savoring the odor of her wet dripping cunt.
'Let me have my desert for the night.' He whispered and he started tasting her. Rema couldn't suppress her moan as his tongue and fingers played with her pussy. 'Oh… my God…' She felt him draining her off her water content with each of his eloquent movements. She played with her breasts, squeezing and pinching. The desire for his tongue on her nipples made her take of her top and top while he still continued his cunnilingus.
Car was not the most comfortable place to pleasure one another but it was definitely one of the best erotic experience that Rema had never thought of. Although she was completely immersed in his savoring of her pussy, the uncomfortable seats reminded her of the outside world from which anyone might peek in to catch them making love.
Anand crept forward and kissed her while gently rubbing his dick against her. It was then her fear came alive as they heard a jeep pull behind her. Frightened by the prospect of getting caught, Rema rummaged around for her cloth although Anand tried to calm her down. They had thrown their dress to front at the heat of the moment and Anand who was on top found his shirt in hurry and covered her that. He gently pulled down the window so that only his head would poke and the lady would be hidden.
Rema's heartbeat was escalating at a pace she never knew existed. She looked up to see her nephew manning at time of need. Getting her a shred of cloth to cover her and then hiding her behind the windows while he took the lead although she knew, all these efforts would be in vain as the man would probably drag them out and their sexcapades would shatter that moment. She was almost at the brink of tears as she saw Anand's face changing. He was smiling.
'It's Dev uncle.' He whispered. A cloud of calmness floated around at that statement although she wondered why that was good. Maybe it was because the act wouldn't go public as she had hoped but knowing Dev, she knew that he wasn't the one who would hold back from calling his wife a tramp in front people. But Anand's smile was strengthening. If any man knew how to deal with her husband, it was Anand.
'Hey Uncle…' he called out.
Dev didn't take time to recognize the voice. He had already guessed from the car. He walked forward. 'Well… what you doing here?'
Anand didn't reply to that, instead he just smiled and pushed himself into her. 'Mmm…' she gave a slight moan at the unexpected entry.
'Ha ha ha…' Dev roared with laughter. 'You have become the man I was hoping…'
Ream took a moment to think and then it struck her. This would be a scenario her husband would cherish. He always thought of women as breeding materials and thus here was his nephew following his steps breeding his wife. She marveled at Anand's quick thinking and let her be taken by him more and more.
'Have you told Rema you are out?' Dev enquired.
'Yeah… I called her I'll come soon… but now…' Anand look down on Rema and continued'…Now… I don't think I am going to cum any soon.'
Anand saw his Uncle's bewildered expression and corrected himself. 'I meant… I'll call her and say Ill be late.'
'Oh… Okay… Its okay… The woman can stay alone… Its not anyone is going to knock her at night.' Dev sighed with disgust.
'Yep… Except for me… Maybe I'll knock her up tonight…' Anand winked at Rema with that comment.
'Bad boy…' she mouthed.
'Hey, you do know how wrong that sounded right?' Dev questioned his nephew.
'I'm sorry uncle…' Dev managed to speak still continued to thrust more into her… 'Its her… this woman…' he replied his uncle indicating the fuck session.
'Huh… Wow… Enjoy son… I don't remember the last time Rema had been of any use.' Again, dev sighed in contemplation.
'Yep… You really are a unlucky husband.' Anand bend down and kissed her lips 'That jerk is really unlucky to have you and still not cherish you like I do.' He whispered to her.
'All right, you guys continue… I'll stay out here for some time… It's not a safe place and its not like I have much to do either.' Dev called as his wife and nephew fucked behind the door, a few inches away from him.
'Sluts, whores… going out at nights like this… I hope Anand defile her to the fullest. Tramps like that are a disgust to our society and culture.' Dev whined to himself as he found himself a spot in his jeep to guard his nephew 'man becoming ceremony' from others.
The desire for her escalated in him after that scenario and he fucked her with more intense. Rema tried to hold her moans as she felt the frictional pleasure of their flesh meeting. The virile young cock getting deeper and deeper into her while her husband oblivious to who his nephew was ploughing guarded for their safety. The kinkiness of the act flared her orgasm and Anand sensing her distress, closed her mouth with his fists. The pain and pleasure was building in her at a great rate that she couldn't hold and she bite his fingers. Anand grunted with pain but kept his movement go more into her. Rema writhing before with the pleasure of his cock was driving him insane and with the boost he gained from he thrusted more and more into her.
The car was shaking with their hardcore session. Dev chuckled at the view, feeling a sense of pride in his nephew's sexual ability.
Anand flipped his aunt over and began taking her from behind. Rema now on her fours on the back of the car peeked through the window to see her husband sitting on the jeep with a grin fixated on his face.
'See him??? Do you see him smile?' Anand groaned from behind.
'Yes… Yes… Fuck me… Harder… I want him to watch me…' Rema rambled.
'Yes…' Anand continued to grunt steadily increasing the pace of his movements.
'Oh…. Mmm… Yes…' Rema now didn't care… Anand was squeezing her breasts. For some reason, the pain of his pinching of her nipples and the penetration of his cock into her were quickly transforming into globules of pleasure which was filling her head with elated blood rush.
'Oh… I'm going to cum…'
'Me too Rema…' Anand rarely called her by name and whenever he called her by name during their make out session, a stream of orgasm would erupt in her.
'Cum in me Anand… Fill me up with your cum… Fill me up with your cum in front of my husband… I want him to see how a woman be pleasured and I shall walk before him with your cum dripping in me…' Rema lusted for his cum.
Rema's unexpected high orgasmic response astounded Anand and streams of cum oozed out from him. Rema's cunt was swelling up with loads of her nephew's hot loads of cum and she felt them streaming her. The sensation of pleasure still burning in her.
Anand turned her again. He hadn't seen his aunt such wild before. He was still taken back by her. Raising her legs on to his shoulders he viewed her pussy dripping with his cum, tiny droplets still lingering around her outer lips. He gave a gentle blow and kissed her pussy.
Rema took her back to settle back to the world, the real world. Anand was still on top of her and they kissed for a few seconds.
'What now?' she asked.
'Honestly??? I don't know…'
But Rema didn't care. She just wanted to be with him. For the first time in her life, she felt unnerved by her husband's presence.
'Stay here…' he finally said and squeezed back to the driving seat. He dressed himself up but when Rema stretched from behind to take her dress, he pushed her back. 'Stay there… Naked…' and then he turned on the engine.
Anand turned the car and pulled it to near his uncle. It had starting to rain. Rema now naked sat back hidden behind the closed windows. Anand pulled down his windows to thank his uncle and drove off.
Dev was consumed with pride. He tried to peek through the back window and saw the outline of a naked woman, although a part of him whispered that her shape was familiar… He waved the thoughts and turned his engine on. Duty calls…
The rain had become heavy by the time they reached home. Anand parked his cark outside the garage for that was his uncle's spot. His spot was a 20-meter walk to the door, still inside their courtyard. As soon as he stopped the engine, a wicked thought blossomed in him and quickly grabbed Rema's clothes that were on the front seat. 'Bye…' that's all he said and ran to the house.
He waited by the steps for his aunt. It was midnight and the being situated at secluded area, the probability of neighbors catching a naked woman prancing through her courtyard was very mere. The heavy rain lessening the probability even lower and with that thought Rema opened the door. The rain hit her hard but still she ran. She felt the ruthless rain poking every part of her naked body but she wanted this challenge.
Anand watched her run naked through the rain. Her hairs, now unruly but dripping with raindrops settled on her shoulders. Like a runner who breaks the ribbon after his race, Rema lunged forward after reaching her house to kiss Anand. They immersed themselves in a passionate wet kiss before their house….
Dev left her as soon as she was found pregnant. He never repented for blaming her throughout their marriage instead called a whore for seducing his innocent nephew. He tried to persuade Anand with him but he didn't. 'You are caught in this bitch's trap. I hope you understand your mistake and change your mind before it's too late.' He advised Anand before they left him.
Support never came from their family or relatives and with the help of their friends, they fled to another state. Anand found a job soon and they settled themselves to the new city and after 9 months, Rema gave birth to a beautiful boy…

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