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In Chapter 1, Austin introduced Ashley to a remote love experience with a WiFi controlled Rabbit Vibrator. She named it "Little Bunny." It ended up with a very satisfied French Maid and an iPad covered with cum. Austin had noticed two ladies watching his show through the hotel window. Everyone is in their late twenties. Be careful what you wish for! The story continues!
Austin hung up the FaceTime session with Ashley…but was still horny after that incredible show…
The little blue pill was still sending blood to his core. He didn't really need the pills. But my god, they were a better ride than Space Mountain! His tool became as hard and long as a railroad spike. And he could last forever. The only problem was, sometimes that erection did last forever. His rocket was still energized after FaceTime and in a never ending countdown to lift off.
Off to a shower and maybe finish the show in his mind and hands.
No. Better save it for tomorrow's call. He didn't want to wear it out.
Out of the shower he tied the belt closing the Hotel Robe when he heard a subtle tap on the door. And a muffled "Hello."
Through the window he sees the outline of two people through the sheer.
Was it the house detective? More hopefully it was the girls who watched before? He tightened up the robe belt and cracked open the door.
"Hi…I'm Sarah…and this is Debbie…we're from the room next door. I hate to trouble you but the bar is closed downstairs and our minibar is empty for some reason." the blond giggled.
"Because you drank all the bottles!" the brunette Debbie chuckled.
"So…I was wondering if we could borrow or buy a few minibar bottles if you have any left." Sarah batted her store bought eyelashes.
"Come on in! I'm Austin. My bar is your bar!"
Laughing, Sarah and Debbie stumbled in. They were just back from partying. Matching slippery little black dresses with plunging necklines. Featuring exposed sides of the breast was hard to ignore. Hems half way up the slim sweet legs. Fuck me pumps. Total trouble for a man still suffering from Facetime Interruptus.
"So Sarah and Debbie, sit on the couch and let's see what we have."
"Bacardi…nice…Grey Goose…Jack Daniels…FIreball…Kahlua…what a selection for a hotel mini bar!"
"I want the Fireball!" Sarah jumped in." "I know Debbie will want the Kahlua!"
"And there are snacks. Milk Duds, Junior Mints, Butterfingers and Altoids." Austin acted like a waiter while opening the screw top bottles for the ladies while scoring the Jack for himself.
"And, for desert, my favorite, the Lovers Kit." Austin hissed as he squeezed in between the ladies on the couch.
"I always wondered what was in those! My hotel mates usually bring the required supplies." Sarah noted with a sexy smile.
"Let's see!" Austin joked as he pulled each item out of the kit. "Warming Vanilla Massage oil, a small pink feather, Lover's lube and Trojan Party Colored Condom! What more could you want?"
"Maybe a handsome hunk of a love machine to use the kit with?" Sarah whispered.
Debbie tried to change the subject. "By the way, we peeked through your window so we figured you were still up."
"You were kinda noisy!" Sarah giggled
"We thought you were partying." Debbie agreed.
Austin explained how he surprised his girlfriend Ashley on a FaceTime call. He gave her a remote love experience with Nora, the WiFi controlled Rabbit Vibrator. She named it "Little Bunny." The experience ended with a very satisfied French Maid and an iPad covered with love.
"I'm sorry you heard us get a little…overenthusiastic and noisy!"
"That is so flipping hot!" Debbie said.
"Wow. Yeah! That is wild! You have a very lucky woman!" Sarah enthused. "Does she know that?"
"Why don't you tell her yourself! I'll just fire up FaceTime."
"Oh no! We can't do that!"
The FaceTime screen came alive with the live feed of his sleepy ravaged girlfriend Ashley in bed.
"Bonjour, Ashley!"
"Monsieur Austin! Need more of your little French Maid? I'm sorry I'm out of costume while I wash out the results of our last call. I hope you won't mind that I'm naked. But you need to turn your video on Mon Amor. I need to see that body I want to devour?" Ashley sexily teased him on the iPad.
"Ashley, you will always be my French Maid in or out of costume! Remember I told you we had a few ladies watching our earlier Little Bunny session through the window? Well they are here now!" Austin flicked on the video. Austin dressed in his robe was sitting between Sarah and Debbie in hot party dresses on the hotel couch.
"Say hi to Ashley and Debbie!"
"Oh my. Bonjour ladies!"
"The ladies were just saying what a lucky woman you were. So I told them to tell you themselves!" Austin bragged
'Yep. I'm the luckiest woman in the world! I owe him…big time…" Ashley enthused.
"By the way, would you ladies be willing to help me? I really owe him an amazingly hot time! Since I can't be there… And he does not have a remote control love machine… could you be my helpers, my surrogates?"
Nervous giggling filled the silence. So Ashley took control. "Let's just try it and you can quit if it's anything you don't like. OK?"
Sarah and Debbie moving in closer to Austin was all she needed to see. They set their phones on the table. And set their sights on Austin.
"OK ladies. Austin wants a fantasy threesome with me and my little girlfriend. But this could be so much better. A foursome! Three women and one very fortunate man!'
"If I was there, I would start by telling Austin exactly what me and my new friend Sarah and my new friend Debbie would like to do to him. Can you ladies whisper in his ears some suggestions? Maybe while you are investigating his merchandise?"
Alica whispered "I can see you are getting very hot and hard. I need you to know that I have the softest, warmest and wettest place you can imagine ready to take every inch of you!" Sarah's enquiring hands opened the robe and homed in on Austin's blue pill supported member.
Debbie not to be outdone whispered "I have a place I don't think you will ever want to leave. It will milk you and massage you and suck every drop of your essence." Debbie explored Austin's chest and took his nipple into her mouth for a stimulating preview.
Ashley chimed in on FaceTime. "Austin! Debbie and Sarah are my remote control Austin lovers. Let them do anything I tell them. Anything and everything!"
Ashley got deadly serious. "But remember, you are my man. No penetration! Or cumming inside. Are we clear Austin, Debbie and Sarah?"
Ashley saw nods all around. Or was everyone starting to move in a presexual rhythm.
"OK. Let's get this party started. How about some lap dances for my man! Debbie you first while Sarah can try to distract him." Ashley reached for her remote vibrator. Her Little Friend and her right hand slipped down to her hairless center. This was going to be exciting to watch!
Debbie stood up and started the bump and grind in the slinky little black dress. She blocked the FaceTime camera with her undulating sensual dance. Her long brown hair was swinging to accentuate her movement. Her dress raised and fell with the hip gyrations. Was she wearing panties? Her hands were helping the dress raise higher and higher.
She moved closer to Austin and spread her legs around his knees. She leaned forward into Austin for a sensual kiss but the camera was blocked by Debbies dancing. Her palms went down to touch Austin's thighs exposed by the open robe. The dress raised up to reveal a red satin thong!
"Hey! What is going on? Debbie, your hot ass is blocking my view!" Ashley complained. "And Austin, I thought you were going to remote control my Little Friend?"
Meanwhile Sarah had kept up the pressure on Austin. Whispering into his ear "Is your girlfriend ready to see me take your hardness in my mouth. Hell, I'll take it all the way into my throat! Does she do that?" Sarah asked as her soft small painted fingertips brushed lightly up and down his now exposed pole. All this was blocked from Ashley by Debbie's dance. But there was plenty of moaning and whispering.
Ashley could see Austin's hands on Debbie's exposed tush. One hand was bringing her closer while the other seemed to be rubbing her thong covered pussy. Austin held her entire sweet little ass in one very excited hand.
"Hey you guys! I'm supposed to be directing this remotely! This is getting out of control!" yelled Ashley.
Sarah kept whispering and sucking on Austin's ear lobe. "Oh! Your girlfriend is getting upset! Do you want to stop now? Or do you want Debbie and I to break a few rules?"
Sarah gripped his turgid tool with both hands."Oh my God. That's more dick than my two hands can squeeze! I'm not sure this will fit in me. Should we try to fit it in Debbie first?"
Debbie's eyes were locked on Austin's as he watched and felt her dance. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. Her thong crotch was boiling hot and soaking wet to his fingers. He knew he could not stop. "Debbie, hop up on me and let that thong dance on my lips!"
"Mmmm. Ready for a rider Austin?" Debbie whispered. She put her hands on his shoulders and pulled herself up onto the couch teasing him with the fragrant thong now inches from his face.
Ashley could now see on the iPad how far things had progressed. With Debbie standing on the couch, Austin was revealed to have an open robe with his naked cock being stroked by an intent Sarah.
"Do you like what you see Big Boy? Can you handle seeing a tit more…I mean a bit more…more tits? Are you hungry for me?" Sarah whispered as she lifted her dress over her head.
Ashley could not see Austin's mouth now tonguing Debbie's satin thong. But she could hear her moans and watch her thonged ass rotate and thrust into Austin's head area. She knew what he could do to a woman! This was out of control! And so exciting! But so dangerous!
Ashley could not resist easing the Little Friend vibrator shaft into her sopping wet love tunnel. Deeper and deeper it slid in without any effort. So slippery. She felt it all the way to the top. Until the rabbit ear started it's tap dance on her clit. There was no way to stop. But she needed that shaft rotating on her G spot for the big explosion. Where was that control button?
Austin was teasing Debbie's thong with his tongue. Making her even wetter. Tracing the furrow from bottom to top. Gently sucking the area covering her clit. It was easy to keep the licking in rhythm with Sarah's dick strokes. His hands moved up to steady Debbie's swinging tits while he was devouring her. He teased his tongue around the sides of the satin thong, trying to reach the promised land.
Sarah whispered in Austin's ear again. Her face was inches from Debbies thrusting thong covered wet core. "Hey, I'm feeling a little left out. Should I help you lick Debbie? I could pull her thong off and we could both have a real snack?" Austin's oral assault on Debbie went into overtime! How flipping hot is this?
"Or would you prefer I snack on you? My hands may need a break!"
Before he could answer, Sarah decided and started her descent. Licking alongside Austin her tongue traced the edge of Debbie's thong. Her tonguing followed Debbie's leg down to where it was next to his leg. Her tongue hopped over to his knee. Austin jumped. Up his tense thigh Alica progressed. Debbie continued to enjoy Austin's sensual enthusiasm that was being stimulated by the slow tongue teasing trip up his thigh.
The lips arrived at Austin's flagpole. Wet lips and hot breath circling the base. He could not see what she was doing but oh my God could he feel it! The tongue came out again to trace the vertical monster from base almost…almost to the head. Austin reached into her open dress top to tease the prominent eraser hard nipples.
Ashley could see this happening when her vision cleared from all the Little Friend stimulation.
"Austin! I said no penetration! And put on a condom to avoid temptation!"
Sarah whispered to Austin."I told you your girlfriend would not be able to watch this. Let's see what she thinks when I put a condom on you."
Sarah reached for the love kit and the Trojan multicolor condom. All could hear it torn open.
"Thanks Sarah for doing that. Remember we all agreed no penetration!" Ashley sounded relieved.
Sarah took the condom and settled it on Austin's cock head. With a smile towards the FaceTime camera she rolled it down his shaft with her mouth. All the way to the base. "How does that look? Maybe I should check if it's fitting properly?" Sarah took him again into her lips and slowly slid the condom covered rocket into her mouth. And then into her throat. Austin could not help but thrust into that incredible mouth and throat. The things he could feel even through the condom were mind altering.
"Monsieur Austin! I can't watch this! Isn't your French Maid enough to keep you happy? I'm signing off!" Ashley cried. The screen went blank.
"Hey Baby, oh Baby, Mon Amor. Don't go. Come back." Austin begged. It was hard to get the words out as he licked Debbie's thong. No turning back now! He was already guilty in the court of Ashley.
But Ashley really just turned off her camera and microphone. Austin and the girls were now being watched secretly by Ashley. She had to know what happened!
Ashley's FaceTime image going blank was like a starting gun for the race of who could cum first!
Debbie exclaimed "Come on Austin. Give me some relief! Don't stop now that your girlfriend has left! I love your teasing but get rid of the thong!"
"Oh! Let me help!" Sarah volunteered as she unsnaped the thong and put it to her mouth to taste. But what she wanted to taste was Debbie's naked snatch. So smooth. With a tuft of pubic hair trimmed into a downward arrow. And that is where Sarah's mouth was headed!
"What are you doing! I'm not into girls!" Debbie challenged.
"Oh, I'm just getting you ready for Austin. You do want some of that magnificent monster, don't you? It's pointing right at your love lips!" Sarah said.
"My boyfriend wants us to have a threesome with a hot woman like you! I'm just…I don't know…mmmm…seeing if I could…do a hot chick like you. It seems to be a good time to try!" Sarah explained.
Not hearing an objection, Sarah continued her plan to follow the muff arrow and devour Debbie and get her ready for Austin.
Sarah's lips traced the edges of the shaped muff. Debbie was breathing heavy. Sarah's tongue touched the muff. Debbie began hyperventilating. She was making involuntary gasps as she anticipated a woman's love.
Then Sarah's phone rang! She jumped up. "Shit! It's my boyfriend. Oh no! I've got to go to our room next door so he doesn't hear what is going on! But…I'll be back!" Sarah ran out the door saying" Oh hi baby! I was just out getting some ice. Then I can turn on FaceTime."
Suddenly alone, Debbie and Austin laughed. "FaceTime Interruptus! It happens every time!" Austin lamented.
"Not this time Austin! I plan to give that condom a work out!" Debbie stood up, turned and sat again in his lap. "You do like reverse cowboy, don't you?"
"That works for me!" Austin moaned as her naked bottom settled on his wrapped manhood. His cock slid along her soaked lips and protruded from her thighs like a rock hard tubular balloon.
"That will never fit inside" Debbie cooed as she grasped his turgid tool. Austin flexed and moved his cock rubbing along her teasing lips. So soft. So slippery. So ready to plunge in.
Ashley watching secretly could not believe her boyfriend would come so close to fucking this girl he just met! But it was so hot to see her exposed lips opening and sliding around Austin's throbbing condom. Ashley knew when Austin was teased like this he could not resist plunging into that hot pussy. But it was so hot to watch. And the Little Friend was working overtime to make her cum.
Austin's hands grabbed Debbie's saucy tits and twirled her nipples into even harder points. He dropped his right hand down her taut belly to plunge into her crotch. His cock was partially in the way as he scratched along his tower to move it aside. His middle finger found her furrow and the soaked opening to her love. His middle finger sunk into her pulsing pussy.
His finger sawed in deeper reaching for her G Spot. His thumb danced on her clit. Debbie's sensual response had Austin's hand banging her box faster and faster and colliding with his wrapped broomstick. Debbie was reaching and grasping roughly that hard cock. Austin could not believe that a hand job in a condom with a girl grinding on your lap could feel like fucking her bareback.
"Do you want to fuck me?" Debbie whispered as she pointed the cock towards her spasming center. She moved down on him but was blocked from inserting his cock because his fingers were still in her crotch.
"I have a girlfriend!" Austin complained.
Ashley watching secretly moaned "Yeah Baby. That's the way to say no! If I was there I would pull her off and jump on you and fuck you while she watches!" The Little Friend was grinding and vibrating her into a stupor.
"She will never know!" Debbie argued. "You know you want me! Can't you feel how ready I am? Move your hand, split those lips and come inside! I'm going to make you explode! You're wearing a condom so it's safe!"
Tired of begging, Debbie grabbed Austin's hand and pulled it out of her pussy. Her long fingernails insistently scraped up and down his pulsating condom covered cock.
Ashley watching remotely saw it happen. Debbie's scraping fingernails accidently cut a hole in the stretched condom but neither Debbie or Austin could see it.
"Oh No! Stop Monsieur Austin! It's not safe!" Ashley warned but no one could hear.
As Debbie stroked the ripped condom cock she did not notice the condom collapsing and ending up as a rubber band lower on his shaft. His head and most of the cock was exposed and covered with condom lube and pre cum.
Debbie pushed the rock hard dick towards her dripping core. She raised up and slid back onto the cock tip. Just holding her lower lips on the tip, lubricating the projectile with her juices. Using the head as a flesh and blood vibrating dildo. God, she loved hard cocks and really loved the reverse cowboy position.
And then it happened. Austin entered Debbie.
Austin moaned. "You are so slippery, so soaked, so tight. This condom is so sensitive it's like it's not there. One slow long slippery thrust. All the way! Is that all you can take? I still have a few inches to spare."
Debbie moaned. "You are so thick. So long. You won't fit. I feel every part of that gorgeous wide long rod. What a thrill to be filled with so much flesh! Keep going!"
Ashley moaned. "He did it, that bastard! And the condom is broken! I can see her juices all over his cock with every thrust! Why am I watching this? Why am I so turned on?"
"Now it's my turn to do some riding!" Debbie leaned forward, put her hands for support on Austin's knees and started grinding. She rose and fell on his shaft. Each stroke down wrapped her buttocks around his protruding cock and balls. Her secretions dripped down onto his balls. Austin's cock was thrusting. Her internal muscles were rocking and rolling his beast!
Their fucking rhythm was rocking the hotel couch and banging it against the wall. Their moans and loud dirty talk were bound to wake up the neighbors.
"I wish I had no condom. I could drench you with all my come. You feel so wet! It's like I'm barebacking your pulsing pussy. It makes me want to flood you so you drip my cum for days!" Austin was losing control.
"We can't! I've got a boyfriend too! He would never understand!" Debbie begged.
"And I'm not on the pill. Should I take off the condom and let you come all over me? Or in my mouth?" Debbie offered.

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