Renjini Aunty my milkmaid

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I’m going to tell u about an incident which happened when I was 18. I was brought up in pathanamthitta district in a family with lot of restrictions. The only information of sex I had was through my friends and a few magazines. After I finished my studies, and was yet to get a college a very sexy incident happened. One day my parents were gone to attend a marriage of a very close relative. On the first day when I was alone my friend rang me and asked me whether I could come to his house. Since my parents were not at home I had no problem with that and I went to his house. When I reached his house he said no one was at his home except (rohith). After having a small time chatting with him I asked him whether he could show me some nude pics of girls which he always told about earlier.

He said yes and opened his computer and went to some porn sites. I was so excited to see a girl nude for the first time in my life. While we were watching the sites the calling bell rang. When he opened the door I saw it was the aunty who brought milk. She was 35 year old and she had a sexy body. Her skin was little dim and she had huge boobs. She was wearing a sari and was sweating very much. I was very excited and I tried to see her possessions. When she bent to pour the milk her sari’s pallu slipped down and I saw the outline of her breasts. By this time my cock was at full stretch and I was very excited. Then suddenly she looked into my jeans and I suddenly realized my cock was visible. I slipped out of her eyesight. After she went, rohith taught me how to masturbate. He first shook my cock and did it on my cock and then I did it on his. After I went back I masturbated another time thinking of renjini (milk aunty).

The next day my parents called me and said that they were not coming that day and will come only after staying for a day at my family house. At 2’oclock renjini aunty came with the milk. My excitement started stirring. As she bent down to fill the bottle that was kept on the step, she purposefully slipped the pallu of her sari down. I could see her boobs outline very clearly. As she turned around to leave she fell down as though she slipped. I asked whether she was all right and she said she had a sprain in her arms. I saw this was my chance and put her arms around her shoulders and took her in. I put her down in my bedroom and asked whether she needed any help.

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She asked me whether I had any ‘kuzhambu’ and I said yes. I gave the bottle to her. She said she couldn’t do it and asked me to do it. I hesitated at firs and then she said: “why should u be shy? U are not doing anything wrong. ” I took the bottle and started massaging her ankles. My cock was hard as a stone and was straight up. I was trying hard to keep it hidden. As I massaged her she kept on moaning and that made me lose my control. I was so desperate and I squeezed her ass very firmly. But suddenly she got up and slapped me on the face and I was terrified. I said I’m sorry and said I cant control it. She said if someone knows about this what will happen. I said I don’t know. She then after a minute or so of silence took my hands and put it on her breast. I understood this was the green signal and I slowly kissed her on her lips. She opened her lips and I bit her tongue. Suddenly I had a very strange feeling in my heart. She started biting my tongue and we tasted each other’s saliva. I was confused very much and then she got up and took off her sari. I was surprised on seeing her standing up but I was in no mood to ask that. I slowly put my arms inside her blouse and squeezed her breast. She moaned like ”ahh……….. Onnu sharikku njekkataaaa……. ” and so on. I slowly unhooked her blouse and then slowly put my hands under her pavada. Then I slowly unhooked that also. Now she was ling there with her bra and panty. She was sweating very much and smelled good too. I said ”aunty-iyute aaaa manam enikku valya ishtama” and started kissing under her arm. And then I slowly bit her under her arms and she cried with pleasure.

Then I removed her bra and licked her breasts. Her body tasted salty and I started chewing her nipples. Then I slowly turned around and smelled her panty. It smelled beautiful and was wet. I slowly removed her panty and started licking her pussy. It had lots and lots of curly hair and I was mesmerized to see her love spot. I parted her under-lips and then started licking the walls of her hole. I slowly inserted my finger inside her hole and started doing it. She was screaming with pleasure. By now I was in position such that my face was between her legs and her face between my legs. She was slowly pressing my cock. She asked me whether it was coming and to tell her when it came. When I told her it was coming she put my cock in her mouth and started chewing it. Then it burst out. She licked my cock clean. After that I started licking her pussy hard and she ejaculated in my mouth. After that I started kissing her ass. After playing with her ass for sometime I started drilling her hole with my cock and I bit her nipples very hard. And slowly… slowly it burst out. After that we started licking each other.

She licked my asshole and I liked her ass hole. After this incident another incident happened when my parents were away. This I will tell u [email protected]