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By I am alone Man with nothing lose risk it all save his love

This is a work of fiction not real story and I do have speech problems which does effect my typing skills please be polite when reviewing)

My name is Mike. I’m 35 years old, I’m 5’9 and well I’m Caucasian.

My story star off with me and my brother. Me and him we were all was together until he had moved away when he was 20. One day my parents mom and dad got killed in a car crash. My brother took custody of me that same night.

Long story short I cake find out my brother was a street arms dealer selling guns and drugs to anyone he can find. Well I join too.

Fast forward im.not retired arms dealer I have millions of dollars in my bank account. I own land which I then rent out and I have investment in market. Things look good but downside there was no one enjoy it with. See my brother died two years later after we both retired and he was only family I had left and I’m now all alone.

One night I was board and horny I know from soem connections on streets there was a brothel near ghettos. I have nothing better too so I got my stuff and I went out. The building was a old small apartment building in one of the dangerous area of down which is control by small gang.

Once there I had make called to one of workers inside which then let me in. The person was a older girl who seem be in her 40s. I walk in there was a front desk which she went behind it and sat down front of computer. ” We have over 25 girls do you have age you like ” she said.

I loom at her I clear my throat ” any be fine ” she then tyoe on a computer and look up ” our girl are 18 to 25 but we do have one that..younger ” she replied.

I raised a eyebrow I was now curious ” how much she cost ” lady pulls out piece of paper look at it woth names and numbers on side of it ” our price is 100 per hour however our younger one we have goes for 200 because of her age she 10 ” I didn’t know how response to this but I never had sex with someone that young.

” sure how much for 3 hours ”

” 600 sir and if she play roughly then we charge you based on her injury ” lady then press a button I look over to door see man open it up ” show me cash ” I reach over I show man 600 dollars I have in cash. He noded his head for me follow him. I walk over to him and enter the hallway he closed and lock door.

Walking inside hallways I could hear sound of moans,grunts and screaming coming from rooms. Man then lead me to flight of stairs that goes down to basement.

Following down in dark basement I was lead to another level with rooms but there was no sounds really but only sounds were coming from upstairs. He walk over to one of the door by end of hall he look over at me ” payment ” I hand him money he then knock on door ” Alice you have another man here ” he look at me ” 3 hours we come get once timer is up ” man soon left I then walk in room closing door behind me.

First thing I see was small Mexican girl she had Long black hair that goes down her shoulders she wore a silk nightgown. She look up at me I could see her mind was blank. ” hey there I’m mike…what yours “.

Girl got up walk over to him taking my hands leading me to bed by corner ” it’s Alice sir ” she have me sit on bedshe then join sit next me ” I’m all yours sir ” she whisper. I turn she began slowly he removed her nightgown reveling her youthful petite body.

I immediately start becoming hard seeing her youthful body. She lay down on her back on bed. I join her kissing and nibble on her neck. Her moan were like magic to me. Sparking fire that I never know existed until now.

I pull balc lifting her legs up my shoulder I tease her entrance with my cock. I could see her getting flustered now ” here it comes ” I slide in her easly she whimper but soon turn into moans. Rolling my hips I began up pace.

Alice moaning moaning grunting see few tears slip from her brown eyes. I lean over I kiss her cheeks where her tears were at. She look up little shock like this was first time someone show her kindness. I began go more slow enjoying her.

” oh shit baby I’m cummings ” I reach my peak I pull put in time to shoot my load on that cute belly of hers. I watch my love juice spill all over her both us were panting quickly. We lock eyes I pull her up not caring of mess I made I kiss her.

” Did you enjoy yourself sir ” Alice ask. I stroke her hair I kis her neck ” yes I did “. Something with her just attached me to her is soemthing I just can’t explain. We stay like that for while I heart knock on door realized my time is up. I quickly got dressed I took one last glance at her and smiled. She pull up her nightgown she curl up on bed as I soon left.

That how it all started for past 9 months now on every weekend I went vista Alice paying for 5 hours with her. I have money and time. It’s not just sex i enjoy but being in same space with her was blessing for me. I came learn that she was bought from west cost and by family member later sold to thugs be trafficked. Alice didn’t open up me easly it took time but me visiting often showing her I was diffrent to other people she quick open up me.

Every night I think of my sweet Alice stuck in that apartment building used and abuse. The single thought of another man touching my Alice my sweet heart just make me…angry.

I lay in bed thinking of how she being hurt by men or women pay hurt her. And just like that I couldn’t take it anymore I needed plan.

It now 1am there nkt much people out but roaches and scum. I got out of my car I ring bell to apartment. Lady there who now was used me now open door I let myself in. She return to her desk ” would like your usual ” I simply noded to her ” Alice has John it take hour- ” before she get chance speak I pull my 1911 out blow hole through her head. Blood spill all over wall I hear one of the thugs open door.

” what fuck” before he could draw I aim certain mass shot him twice taking him down with power of .45

I enter hallways I could hear scream of girl and their customers. I see few men rush hallways I unload fast and quick. Least two thugs were down I took over by corner. I peak I see two thugs groan and moaning in pain. I reload quickly I took off my jacket reveling my bulletproof vest.

Moving forward I clear remaining area as few of girls and johns ran away. Pushing past them made it to basement. Clearing out area I thne see it aloce room. I move quietly to door I could hear sound aof another man moans and Alice too. I pound on the door I pull back and waited. I see man open it up I pull trigger to gun.

He fell down quickly I could hear him choking on his own blood. Push up I room to see terrified Alice on bed. ” Alice baby it’s me Mike ” Alice eyes widen seeing me I quickly rush to her taking her in my arms ” shh it’s ok I’m taking you away from this place ”

Alice was silent she only noded. I took her hands I had get her out of her fast. One hand on my gun and another holding Alice small hands I had move fast out this building. Pasting by dead bodies without any trouble we made it outside.

Scanning area for any thugs it was all clear. I took aloce into backseat make sire she was safe I got into driver seat and rode off without any trouble.

* years laters *

Years had now gone by and my sweet Alice was 14. Me and her move out of the city and making her fake identity as my daughter I bought some land in country side where its only me and her.

We sat in living room together her on my lap as I stroke her hair as we watch her faviort cartoon.

” So love what you want do today ” I look down at my dear Alice she simple smiled and kiss my softly on lips

” Being near you is all I want do today “she replied and that what we did today being close together

( this is not serious story I just made it for fun and please point out any errors I may have miss )

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By I am alone #Interracial #PreTeen