Results Of Recession

The country was in the grip of a recession and had been for two years, many factories shops and other businesses had gone bankrupt and closed down or closed down before they got as far as bankruptcy, there were no jobs available unemployment was at an all time high, people were living in poverty with lots of families surviving on hand outs and despite two new governments things just kept getting worse, crime rose to a very high level with burglary being the highest of all crimes, the small country town was hit very badly nobody in the town had a job and most of the residents relied on a soup kitchen for food, the hotel on the edge of the town that had gone bankrupt and had stood empty for eighteen months was suddenly sold and it was turned into a house for a very rich family. The residents of the town become very excited when adverts for staff appeared in the town, on the day of interviews there was a very big queue of people hoping to get a job, sixteen year old Sara was waiting in the queue and when it was her turn she went in feeling nervous and was happy when she was short listed, as she sat waiting to learn if she had got a job she saw others enter the room including Mark who was well known as a pervert who spied on girls and was well hated, Sara had hit him a few times and gave him plenty of verbal abuse, Sara knew he was two years younger than what she was and thought he wont get a job, Sara was called back into the office where she saw Mark stood by the wall, Sara was told that she had not got a job but could earn five hundred pound there and then, and when Sara asked how she was told to strip naked, Sara looked at Mark and said ” but he is here” the owner told her that was ok, Sara knew the money would help her mum a lot and agreed to do it, Mark watched as Sara undressed and once she was naked smiled as he admired her ample boobs cute bum and love tube, the owner told Sara there was another five hundred pound if she would have sex with Mark, Sara said no but when the sum was increased to an extra one thousand pound Sara said yes, Sara saw Mark undress and was surprised to see he had a nine inch erection, Sara lay on the floor while Mark rubbed her boobs and love tube, Mark moved between Sara’s open legs, Sara closed her eyes then felt Mark’s dick slide up her love tube and start to thrust in and out and after a couple of minutes started to enjoy it, Mark noticed Sara’s nipples become erect and started to squeeze them, after five minutes Mark felt Sara cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and after another ten minutes felt her cum again and not long after squirted his cum over her belly. A hour later Sara was sat in her own house with the promised money not believing how she had earned it, Sara’s twelve year old sister was happy to get new clothes and decent food for a change. Then Sara was called to the house and offered a job working on the top floor but told it would be working naked and having sex with males on that floor and told it would be one thousand pound for two days work per week, Sara agreed, the next day Sara was in the house and after stripping naked went to the top floor where she saw that it was just a big open area, she saw a few girls from the town that she knew she was surprised to see two of her sisters class mates walking around naked she then saw Mark and two of his mates and before long all three were rubbing her body and sucking her boobs and when Mark slid his dick up her love tube she was wet and climaxed twice before he was finished and after both his mates had pounded into her she had cum twice more, Sara saw one of her sisters mates sucking a guys dick and saw cum dribble down her chin, Sara then saw the Vicars son who was the same age as her sister he sat astride Sara’s lap and started to lick her nipples then rub her love tube and after a few minutes was pushing his fingers in and out of her love tube and made her cum, after a few hours Sara was feeling tired and had lost of how many times she had cum. On her way home with her mate Cindy the pair exchanged stories and Cindy told her about Jacob the seventeen year old black boy who had a dick that was about eleven inches and had made her cum five times, six months after it had opened the house closed but Sara was happy she had a very health bank account. It was early evening as Sara walked across the field, she saw Mark stood by a tree flashing at a girl she then saw the girl was her sister, Sara went over and told her sister to go home quickly and after her sister had gone Sara turned to face mark and saw his dick was still out, and said to him ” you are a dirty fucking pervert getting your cock out like this” Mark replied and said ” yeah but you always cum when I fuck you” Sara smiled at him and said ” well your not going to fuck me now” and when said ” why not you know you like it” Sara went down on her knees and took Mark’s dick in her mouth and started to suck it taking as much of it into her mouth as she could and after five minutes of being sucked Mark squirted his cum into her mouth which Sara swallowed after she stood up wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said” that is why not” Mark pointed and said ” look” Sara turned and saw Mark’s two mates stood with their erect dicks out, half a hour later Mark and his two mates were walking home agreeing that Sara was a better dick sucker than Cindy was.

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