retired Priests caretaker

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Retired Priests caretaker.

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Looking back on my life, I would never have guessed how it would turn out.
I am now a very rich man with a beautiful insatiable wife in a wonderful Mansion and still working my first and only job as a security/babysitter for retired priests, how you ask well it all started when I applied and was approved for my first and only job and i was taken into the priests fold with many priests leaving me their wealth when they leave this world, and to think this journey all started by accident.
I was a young 18 yo drop out from school, with no experience or qualifications I applied for unemployment and was sent for an interview as a security/ babysitter for a retired priests home, catering to 20 old priests aged between 70 and 90, my job was to lock up after the last priest went to bed and be available during the night if someone needed help, I was given my own room and paid $250 a week (average wage was $200 a week) so I was well paid for what i done.
The first 3 weeks were easy, lock the doors at 10pm go to sleep and open them up at 6am. I noticed that several times I would sleep past wake up time but the men were always kind and would wake me with a cup of tea and say don’t worry about it, this is our little secret.
One night at approximately 3am I was woken by the buzzer to respond to Father Brian, I walked into the room and immediately called an Ambulance, he was having a Heart attack, he returned 8 days later in fine form.
Once the Ambulance left I started to clean up his room from the rubbish left behind, as I moved his laptop I noticed he had been watching a home movie titled Brian’s 80th birthday gift, (I remembered that this was only 2 weeks ago, but couldn’t remember any party) so I thought why not have a look, as I pressed play the movie was right at the beginning, I noticed several of the other priests were in a room waiting for Father Brian to enter, when he did the look of joy on his face was fantastic, the camera then zoomed out and I noticed he was naked and Father John knelt in front of him and started to kiss his semi hard cock until it was standing erect. the camera then moved across the room with all the priests being naked until it showed the edge of the bed, on the bed was what appeared to be a young man, laying face down wearing a choir boy frock with naked legs (you couldn’t see anything from waist up).
Father Brian then thanked everyone for his fantastic present without taking his eyes of the prize, as he approached the fresh meat he pushed up the frock exposing the bare buttocks, two pairs of hands then parted the cheeks exposing a very tight pink virginal arse. Father Brian then without hesitation placed his rock hard spit covered cock right at the entrance, I was not gay but was mesmerized with anticipation that this young arse was going to be used by an 80 yo priest.
Father Brian then asked the hands holding the cheeks to spit on his cock for lubrication, he then slowly pushed the head of his cock past the sphincter until it snapped shut on his shaft, I was amazed that the boy with the arse didn’t flinch or move. the camera then moved to Father Brian’s’ face and you could see the wicked smile of lust, he smiled at the camera and then said point the camera to his arse I want you to capture this breeding episode. After approximately 10 minutes of heavy pounding Father Brian then said I’m ready to breed my bitch, the camera then zoomed on his cock and you could see his cock throbbing his seed deep inside this boys bowels.
Father Brian exhausted and drained then pulled out and said gentlemen please have fun with my bitch, just remember don’t waist your cum, make sure you seed him properly.
I noticed over the next 25 minutes all 7 priest had filled this boys arse with their seed, they then let the cameraman have a go, once he filmed his cock filling the boy the camera started to pan up towards the head and face of the boy, it was then I noticed that the boys body looked like mine, the camera then moved to the face and I sat there stunned it was me, I looked at this last shot of my face, i appeared asleep and none the worse for what happened, I had no recollection of what happened, I did remember that my arse was sore a few weeks ago but I put it down to bad food.
I put the computer away and went back to bed, while laying there the video kept replaying over and over in my mind, it was then I realised that I was playing with my rock hard cock and felt disgusted at the same time, I fell asleep after three wanks, and woke later that morning when father Stuart came in with a cup of tea for me, they had heard that Father Brian was in hospital and wanted to make sure I was OK.
The next few weeks seemed weird to me, I kept thinking that these old men were just perverted rapists, I was not only disgusted with them but also myself for constantly having hardons when thinking about the video but also impressed that I a virgin arse was able to accept so many hard cocks and still walk with no problems.
After 6 months I was starting to enjoy the job again, when I noticed that Father Mikes 75th birthday was approaching, my stomach started to do butterflies, I was nervous about them using me again but thought it was probably only a one off event. On the day of the birthday my mind kept drifting back to the video and i began to wonder if I might be drugged again, was I good enough to use again or was I just a passing fuck. I kept wondering how I was drugged the first time and a voice inside started to want to be appealing enough for them again, it was then I noticed that the Priests were cutting the cake, I noticed that a piece was placed aside and Father Francis placed some ice-cream on top of it, then handed it to me, I noticed that I was the only one with vanilla ice-cream everyone else had chocolate or no ice-cream, I started to eat the ice-cream and cake then had to answer the phone, I carried my cake with me and when I was out of site I threw it out, I returned within 10 minutes with my empty plate, all the priests noted the plate was empty and smiled, after approximately 40 minutes I started to feel a bit tired and yawned, again the priests all noticed and smiled, 10 minutes later Father Francis approached me and said you look very tired, why don’t you go have a sleep, we can lock up for you, I was curious what might happen so I decided it was a good idea, I went and lay down in bed, within a few minutes I fell asleep (I did have a couple of spoonfuls of ice-cream), I then woke up as my pants were being removed, I pretended to be asleep to see what would happen. As I was laying exposed very nervous but a little bit excited, I heard the room start to fill with voices (maybe 10) a very gentle hand was rubbing my arse with lubrication and then joy of joy his finger found my hole, it slowly entered and kept moving around, slowly stretching my hole, I felt it gently stroke my prostrate with instant sensations in my firm cock, I even let out a gentle moan that no one fortunately heard.
The finger was removed and I for the first time (awake) felt a cock at my tight hole, the head just touched my hole and was almost sucked in by my arsehole, it was a small cock (maybe 4″)but it felt great, it was slowly moving in and out until a few minutes later I felt a slight increase in swelling followed by the pulsing sensation which I knew he had just filled my arse with his seed, he stayed inside for a minute then slowly removed his cock with a slight plop sound, the void was soon replaced with a cock a little bit bigger, again within 5 minutes I felt him cumming inside me, for the next 30 minutes 4 other priests fucked my hole some gentle some rough, it was then that Father John decided to roll me onto my back lift my legs up to his shoulders and fucked me while I was on my back, he started to really pound me, I then felt a warm wet sensation on my cock, it was then that I realised that I was getting a blowjob from another priest, as Father John filled my arse I blew my load into the warm mouth, it was then I opened my eyes and moaned, all the priests just looked at me, I looked around the room and each priest just stared at me, I looked at my cock and noticed Father Brian had my cum dribbling out of his mouth, the room was silent for a few minutes until I said ( still I cannot believe I said it), so who is taking Father Johns spot my arse is hungry, within seconds I was filled again and all the priests were smiling, Father Brian then approached my mouth with his hard cock and stated 2 holes means less waiting, pushing his cock into my mouth and within a few minutes I was spitroasted and stayed that way most of the night.
This has been a nightly event (minimum of 2 cocks, maximum of 20 cocks) from Monday to Friday with weekends off for the last 26 years(with an annual turnover of 3 Priests a year and up to 20 short term priests that need respite).
This job has even helped me find my wife, one of the priests had fathered a daughter and when she had grown up she found him, over a few months she fell for me (because of all the great things and especially my kindness, that the priests said about me, and especially from her father) we eventually got married and she thought it was wonderful that my bucks party, (the night before the wedding) was held in the nursing home so her dad could be involved, so as I woke up the morning of the wedding having had all 20 priests seed me from the eve to the late morning of my wedding with her Dad being the last cock to seed my arse and the last seed I swallowed prior to the ceremony, so as her father was conducting the ceremony his cum was slowly leaking out of my well used arse, I was thinking that it would be a great lubricant for my wife tonight (but that’s is a different story)
so now from Monday to Friday the priests fill all my holes and on the weekend I fill all her holes, what a perfect life I have.