Retirement village Romeo | straight story from Proud Nephew

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Last month my uncle died he was the last my late father’s siblings and at 76 the youngest. I was required take care of all the arrangement as he had outlived his children. Also, I was closest relative living nearest to him. Everything had been arranged already but I was the contact and as family had to check everything was done as arranged. At 45 I was the youngest of my mother’s children. My wife was a great help, I wasn’t a regular visitor as I’m busy running my business. I was surprised by the number of old women who attended his funeral, and all seemed a bit sadden by his passing. A male nurse who had to accompany some of the retirement village guests, told my uncle was the local Romeo of the village. Being found many times in other female guest’s beds with them. All his lovers were divorced, widowed or never married. He actually died after being returned to his own room after one such night with a female guest. He had a heart attack and couldn’t be revived but had a large smile on his face.

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