Return to Madness Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooReturn to Madness Pt. 02

Tom came home just after my shower. I needed to clean up after fucking myself silly with the toy. The sensation of feeling it slide into my cum slicked snatch was just what I needed to get off until later when I could do it again to help me sleep.
After making dinner and talking with Tom, I watched TV with him only to feel the urge to masturbate again. I didn't want him to see me so I acted tired and went to my room where I could pull out the toy and relive Chris fucking me and emptying his young fertile balls inside of me. The danger of knowing his seed was deep in my body sent me to a shivering climax that required me to change the sheets.
Being off my medicine was never like it was before. I recall wanting sex, but never to the extent I needed it now. If I so much as cross my legs, it would cause my pussy to get moist. Certain touches to my shoulders and hands made my nipples erect as well. My mind could only focus on getting more cock in me.
I was in bed wanting to sleep and my body just wouldn't cooperate. The sensation of Chris pumping his young load of possible pregnancy into me now dominated my mind. I looked at my flat stomach and then plunged my fingers inside of me imagining Chris fucking a baby right into me. My mind drifted to having a fat belly and Chris pounding me again and again as I screamed at him to go harder.
Finally letting myself get off again, I passed out. The next day I was up and trying to act normal, but I knew that in the early afternoon my pussy was about to get stuffed with a young hard cock again and then pumped full of young, eager male swimmers. I watched Tom get in his car and head to his job knowing that it was part-time and I only had about two hours alone with Chris before Tom would come home.
Showering and prepping myself I was careful to make sure my body was in pristine condition for a hard fuck. I sprayed enough perfume on my body that a guy could smell me in a rain storm. My pussy got shaved again making it look young and ready for a hard fucking too. I took care to make it also smell like fresh roses before my petals were soaked in sex juices of sex.
The two hours of freedom was up, and I had yet to put on clothes. I put on my sheer bra that supported nothing and was pretty much see-through for any set of eyes that wanted to see my nipples. My stockings were on, but I left off the panties and then just put a robe on to cover myself. I was ready to bare it all and let him shove that hard cock of his deep in me so I could make sure his warm seed had a good head start to do its job.
When I heard the doorbell, I looked at the mirror again to see that my hair and makeup was set. I strolled to the door opening it with a big smile as I saw him looking at me with his eyes wide open. "Hi there…come on in."
Chris walked in quickly as I shut the door. "You look beautiful."
I smiled at him and could see that he was anxious, still not realizing that he was mine. I then took his hand already taking him to the bedroom. "Ohhh you are so sweet. I just know you are going to have scores of girls at college."
"You think so," he said as I could hear the nervousness in his tone and wondered what he was so nervous about. I knew I needed to break him in hard now.
"Trust me."
As we got to the bedroom, I guided him to the bed and then pushed him down so he was sitting. "Some girls like to be in control, and you need to let them. Remember, you do what I say, and you will enjoy yourself."
He nodded his head, and I flashed another smile at him. "Good. Now, strip and get up on the bed."
As he pulled down his jeans, I saw his limp member flop to the side and my heart raced knowing that it was going to be fully erect and pumping dangerously fertile sperm deep in me. I saw his ball sack and my mind instantly knew that they needed to be drained and then drained again.
"Now, I am going to suck it for a bit and then get on top of you again."
I was still wearing my robe not showing him the prize of my body as I moved towards his soft member. Opening my mouth, I took him and quickly. I was cupping his heavy balls holding them like they were needing to be cared for. My mouth moved up and down fast needing him to get erect.
As I felt his cock gain life, I moved faster letting my saliva drool down his shaft only to lick it up when I moved my mouth over it. I loved a good sloppy wet blowjob and the sounds of me slurping on him now filled the room. Up and down I went on his tent pole, making sure my spit was covering the spear point and shaft.
Just as his cock throbbed, I knew I needed it in me. I stood back up and revealed my form to him. My nipples poking through the bra and my harmless young looking pussy was already wet enough for multiple hard fucks.
"Ohhhdammm," he moaned as I then positioned myself over him.
With his slick member in my hands, I guided it towards my needy sex and then dropped my weight on him so his cock impaled me. "Ohhhhhhhyessss," I moaned out the moment I felt his young erection push into me and claim my hungry cunt.
"Ohhh GOD," his mouth moaned softly.
I needed it bad and was not going to play around. I instantly ground hard and deep on his waist wanting his cock so far in me that I could be split in two. My brain was now cloudy as my needs took over. I knew that I was not thinking at all and just giving into my carnal needs. They were not desires but needs as I felt it. I needed his hard cock to fuck me silly and leave me with his young creamy seed looking for an egg in me.
I gyrated and ground on him more, going fast and not wasting any time. I glared at him too. "You feel my pussy?"
"Good, cause you are going to lick it clean after you are done. Your mouth belongs on my cunt," I moaned out making it sound authoritarian. I could feel his erection at full power in me and knew that I was weak to it though.
He nodded as I unclasped my bra showing off my tits to his wide expression and then leaned forward for him to suck on my nipples. I lifted up with my legs then and slammed down hard on his waist, fucking myself with his cock. I was not going slow either as I pushed down hard when I dropped on his waist. I could feel his hard manhood spear into my pussy as my sex muscles massaged it in ecstasy.
I continued fucking myself on his prick, feeling his length bury itself inside me with every slam down my body gave. His mouth was sucking on my nipples hard as my body slammed home again and again. I needed more though. I needed to be fucked senseless in the most taboo way possible though.
"Suck on those tits…fucking suck on them like you needed to be fed. Bite them," I groaned out, still slamming down again and again, wanting his member to go deeper and fuck me harder.
His mouth suckled now as if he was nursing before his teeth bit on my nipple sending erotic chills throughout my body. The sound of my body slamming down was music to my ears as I knew I was fucking his prick the way I wanted it. It wasn't enough though, I wanted to be fucked and held down, forced to be pumped with sperm.
I got off of him and then got on my knees. "Fuck me from behind."
Chris said nothing and positioned himself behind me. My cunt was sloppy wet so I knew I could be pounded easily, and he would slide in. I knew any sized cock could slide in me I was so wet. I then felt his length push in as if I were being injected with a drug to calm me.
"Ohhhyessss..that's it. Now fuck me hard. Really hard. I need you to really pound my pussy hard. Girls like a good hard fucking," I commanded him, knowing that my pussy needed it bad.
His hands were on my hips as he began. He rocked against me at first sending his male spear deep in me like I was an animal to be hunted. He wasbanging me with his length, sending it far into my cunt hole.
The sensation of his cock piercing into me felt like I was an animal being hunted and killed. Again and again he rocked making my pussy muscles contract around his pulsating tool. Before long he was not rocking but slamming against my ass. My ass bone digging into him as I felt his body slam each time. His rock hard erection was now doing its job and fucking me.
"That's it…fuck it. Fuck that pussy hard. Ohhhyesss. Fuck it," I cried out feeling his cock pound me the way I wanted it now. His body was slamming deep each time, sending his length deeper than ever before.
Each slam against my body was making me feel my sex muscles clamp around his member. Each time I climaxed I thought I was going to push him out too, but he kept pushing in me like a champ. I could feel the wetness in my pussy just being expelled too as he fucked me, knowing I was covering his shaft with all of my carnal girl cum.
"I am going to cum," he moaned as I felt the telltale expansion of his dick signaling that he was ready to blow his precious baby making load into me.
I turned to look at him wanting more but also wanting to feel his young fertile load do its job in me. "In me. Push deep when you do it," I demanded, giving him a serious look.
"Ohh…ohhh..ohhhhh GODDDDD," he moaned as I helped him out by pushing back against his body, making sure I felt his throbbing cock in me.
When I felt it pulse inside of me, I let go with a climax as I wished his swimmers well in their hunt for something to inseminate inside of me. "Mmmmmmm," I moaned softly, holding back as I felt another pulse too.
I needed to make sure I could guilt him into more and letting him know I climaxed would not help my cause. The sensation of his cock expanding in my tight pussy was the most surreal thing too as I could feel his cock literally pumping inside of me. I was so wet that I didn't feel the warmth, but the feeling of his member throbbing gave me my climax I needed.
Moving on my back, I opened my legs looking at him. "It wasn't deep enough. You need to clean it and do it again."
He looked at me confused. "I came hard though. I was all the way in you."
"A secret girls have. They climax only when you are really,really deep in them. The further you cum in them and the more you cum, the more they climax. Girls are naturally wired to think about getting pregnant and nature makes us climax when we feel sperm all the way in us."
I knew I was telling him a bunch of bullshit and hoped he would buy it. Chris was not dumb, but I knew he was not good at biology either as he was going to study history in college. It was just a matter of him believing the line I just fed him though.
"Really?" His head tilted looking confused.
"Yeah. Now I want you to clean my pussy out and try again. I want it really deep next time and for you to really shoot your load in me deep. I don't want any of cum to leak out either. I have to go out and I don't want your sperm to be making a mess in my panties."
"Go down on you again?" he said as he moved off the bed. I smiled knowing he was being trained perfectly and was already preparing himself to eat his fresh hot load out of my cunt.
Giving him a smile, I knew I needed some oral attention as my clit was engorged with need. "Yeah baby. Clean me up and then fuck me again."
Not saying a word, I moved closer as I lifted my legs and bent them at the knees. He shocked me when he moved me closer to the edge of the bed and then knelt down on the floor so he could get into a better position to lick all of me.
"Ohhh," I cooed as I felt his tongue hit my clit right away. It took Joe a week before he would eat his own cum and now Chris had taken to it like a duck to water.
His tongue lapped around my clit and then dug right into my wet messy love slit like he was a miner looking for gold. The sensation of his tongue digging out his sperm sent my pussy muscles into overtime as I clenched and let go a quick orgasm.
"Ahhhhyess, baby. Eat that cum. Clean my pussy," I moaned out encouragement for him. His tongue was licking fast too as I knew he was getting out all of his load too. I could feel it leak out only to be licked just where I felt it dribble out.
"Mmmmm, yessss," I softly moaned, giving into the sensation of my pussy being eaten out and cleaned. His tongue was lapping at my entrance but also giving my clit the attention it needed.
My body gave a bit of a spasm as I had a small climax from it. It was not a big one, but good enough to tide me over for a bigger one. I could come from oral easy and knew that if I gave him more time, he could have made me cum hard, but I wanted cock in me more.
I moved him away and then opened my legs, holding them up like I was some dirty slut ready to be had. "Fuck me now."
He got onto the bed and ahold of my ass as I watched him hold his member and guided it right into me. He moved closer and then leaned in as I felt his large rod pierce deep into me, giving me my needed satisfaction. It was just as hard as before as his youthful vigor was just what I needed in a fuck toy too.
"Mmmm, yesss. Now fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can," I urged him on.
Chris wasted no time proving to me that he could fuck me. His body slammed down on me sending his young hard member deep in me each time. I grabbed his hard muscular ass hard, digging my nails in his flesh as he did it. I wanted to hold onto his nice ass as he tried to fuck a baby in me. I needed to grasp him hard as he pounded downward into me with such force that I truly felt like I was being taken now.
"Ohhhthat's it….fuck it. Fuck my pussy baby. You're doing it…yesss," I moaned loud, finally feeling my sex muscles spasm to a climax.
My pussy was constricting hard and yet his power pushing through my squeezing love muscles gave me that sense I was being fucked. As my pussy spasmed and tried to push him out, I felt powerless to his length and size as it speared in me like he was on a mission to fuck my orgasm out of me. It was just what I needed as I climaxed just right.
No leaving well enough alone, I reached down to rub my engorged clit to make myself have an explosive finish. I rubbed hard on the side as I felt his length side in and out of me like a piston in an engine. He was pummeling my cunt hole for all his worth too. I rubbed hard holding my breath as I knew I was building to a wet finish.
"Oh, fuck, oh fuck. Fucking yes…fuck yessss!" I moaned loud and hard as I felt the building up of a massive explosion of pleasure.
My muscles in my body tensed and then my sex pushed out what I knew was my wet climax. I don't squirt often, but if I am worked up enough, I will squirt. To me it feels like taking a pee and feeling an orgasm at the same time. I know it's not my pee but it feels the same and I love doing it when it happens. My wet pissy climax was ripping through me as I knew I was covering his pelvic region in my girl liquids, but he pushed through it as the sound of his cock sloshing through my sex tunnel now took over.
My sex high was at its full peak now as I was in heaven as his hard cock glided through my overly wet cunt muscles. There was no stopping him and that was turning me on. He seemed like he was taking me just like I wanted and now I wanted him to tell me that he was fucking me senseless.
"You gonna cum in me?" I asked as his body was not rocking against me but slamming now.
He nodded as I knew he was like an animal fucking me. I gripped his ass again digging in. "Do it deep enough to get me pregnant. Fucking cum deep in my pussy baby. I want to feel your cum knock me up."
He gave me the look of fear as I had to pull him towards me, making sure he didn't stop as he slowed down once I said it. I then glared back at him. "Don't stop, don't fucking stop. Keep fucking me."
As he continued, I finally let go of gripping his ass and closed my eyes giving into another climax about to happen. The wet sound of sloppy sex was still filling the room. I could not feel his cock expand or pulse as I was just feeling it pound into me. The sensation of being fucked like some cheap whore or fuck toy now came to me and I was loving it.
I could feel his thrusts get faster and shorter as I knew he had to be close. My pussy felt sore and wonderful from it as I just let go and gave into the quivering pleasure of a big orgasm. I then felt him push hard and hold it as I knew he was finally ejaculating his fertile worth into me.
My body felt weak and yet energized at the same time. Chris's fuck stick was still in me as I smiled knowing that his balls were draining baby makers into my womb and he had no idea that I was noton birth control either. I wanted to say something kinky but just gave a whimpering moan as I got what I needed from him and knew his seed was in me hopefully trying to take hold of something. He pulled out just as quick as I finally opened my eyes to see him sweating and panting as if he ran a mile.
"Did you cum good?" I asked while I was breathing heavy too.
He nodded his head and then sat at the edge of the bed seemingly exhausted before looking at me with worry. "Are you really going to get pregnant?"
I knew I had to calm him as I still wanted his cock to fuck me again. I figured a good lie would help ease his worry. "Nooo. Girls like to be told that the man fucking them is capable of doing it though. We get off on knowing that our body was made for it. It's nature telling us to enjoy it. You would have to be a girl to understand. But you did good."
The lie sounded bad, but good enough for him. He then stared at my tits as I knew the sight of a naked body was a turn on for him; although I had no expectations for him to get erect again. I did wonder if he could though as another hard fuck would be a wonderful end.
"Do I need to clean up again?"
"You did good. Can you get hard again though? Sometimes a third fuck is what a girl needs."
His face looked kind of dejected as I knew he couldn't. "I can try."
I sat up just as tired as he was. I could see his half-hearted attempt at trying to get hard too. I figured that I would have to rub it out again later if I wanted more relief. "It's okay. You don't have to try. You did good today, going to make some girl very happy."
I looked down at my pussy and saw it was a mess of fluids too. It was mostly mine, but I did have a small spurt of his essence though when I reached down to feel the damage his fucking gave my pussy. I pulled my hand back after feeling sperm inside of me.
"You don't have to. I think you did the job. We can try again another day if you want."
He nodded his head. "Is Friday good?"
"I will let you know Thursday night," I answered as I knew Tom might be home. I didn't want to have Tom home and possibly get caught.
As Chris left, I felt the need for a good nap. My body felt enough satisfaction that I only needed to rub my clit to a single orgasm to get to sleep. I did know that his seed was still in me as I wiped myself and almost nothing came out. I figured he came really deep or he didn't cum enough or most of it leaked out on the bed right after he fucked me. I didn't want to think about it just leaking out and lifted off to sleep, imagining I was sleeping with his fertile swimmers finding something to inseminate.
I woke up to Tom making a ruckus in the kitchen and saw that my sleep lasted longer than it should have. He was probably hungry and attempting to make something to eat. I put my robe on forgoing anything else and strolled downstairs to see him in the kitchen making dinner.
His shirt was off as I figured he was working out as I also saw some sweat on him. He looked like an Adonis as his muscles on his chest bulged. His biceps looked powerful and his abs were like a washboard. He looked like he could fuck a hundred women and keep going. My brain just imagined him on top of me, pounding his cock into me like a ravished animal bent on making sure my belly was fat with his child.
Never once had I ever seen him in such a way and now I could not unseen it. My plan of getting railed by Chris again now felt flawed as I stared at my son thinking that he was much more capable of giving me a fuck of a lifetime. I tried to not think about such incestuous things. It was wrong and yet it felt right. My pussy was wet and convulsing slightly as my mind pictured his cock sliding in and out of me.

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