Revenge of A Nerd

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Revenge of a Nerd
I know the proper term today is Geek; but let's face it; a nerd is still a nerd. I should know because I am a nerd. My name is Riley and I live in Boston with my parents. At twenty I am in my second year at MIT with a major in Biomedical Engineering; and yes I have straight A's and I am a full ride scholarship.
Just so you know, I'm also a virgin and yes I live in my parents basement; so suck my dick. It really isn't a bad arrangement. Dad converted most of the downstairs into a self sustained apartment for me. I have my own kitchen, bedroom and living room. Frankly I can go days and not see my parents. I use the back kitchen door that leads to the stairs, so I rarely come through the front of the house.
Yes, I like my video games; but I also spend a fair amount of time on my Peloton. Just because I'm a nerd doesn't mean I don't like staying in shape. Honestly I'm still a virgin as much through choice as I am through personality. The empty headed blondes most jocks go to just aren't my thing, they never were.
Frankly sex never really rated that high on my agenda, until recently. And if you want to poke fun at that, don't forget that by the time I'm thirty, I'll be making twice the money in salary you ever dreamed of. I just figured there would always be time for that later, once I got my life together.
What started my interest in sex was something so unplanned; I never saw it coming. It started when a guy named Frank visited the house. It wasn't Frank himself that got me hormonally charged, sorry guys I don't swing that way. It was what Frank was doing that so caught me off guard. Frank was fucking the living shit, out of my mom.
I think I better set the rest of the story here, if you know what I mean. My mom Carol is a college professor; no slouch herself. Honestly I never really knew what mom's body looked like, until that day. She always was dressed in mid length skirts and loose tops; which pretty much hid what I saw spread out on her bed that afternoon.
My dad is a chemist at one of the large pharmaceutical companies; and no his name is NOT Frank; it's David. He kind of fits the nerd image a bit more than me; he's smart, very smart, but he's also buried in his work. For me that wasn't a bad deal; he paid my bills and pretty much left me on my own; which fit my twenty year old lifestyle just perfect.
Apparently that hands off approach did not translate well for mom. Because beneath that proper professor image; was a pure bred slut. Let me explain.
I had come home from class a bit early on a Friday. I knew dad would be working late, he had mentioned it at dinner the night before. I parked in the driveway and immediately headed around the house to the kitchen door.
I changed into my gym shorts and spent about thirty minutes running a routine on my Peloton; and had decided to cool off with a drink and some game time on the computer; before mom had dinner. The only problem was, I hadn't gone shopping yet, and while water is fine I really wanted a cold beer. Yeah I know; twenty-one to drink; the nice thing about living with parents who hardly noticed you, was you could drink what you wanted.
I headed up to the kitchen, figuring I would pilfer a couple of beers from the folks fridge. I had my shorts on and a towel around my shoulders as I pulled two cold ones out and set them on the counter. I was just about to twist the top off when I heard my mother's voice.
"Come on baby, we don't have much time" I heard her say.
I glanced at the clock, it was only three-thirty; she was home damned early. I started to call out to her I was home; when I slammed my mouth shut at the next voice.
"Is someone horny" I heard a male voice chuckle.
The only words I caught from mom as the pair headed for the stairs was "cock and "fuck hard". I stood there shocked, was this really my staid proper mother? Was I in the wrong house?
I decided to give them a minute so I headed back downstairs and stashed the two cold brews in my own fridge; and then I headed back up. I crossed through the kitchen and into the main hallway where the stairs were.
The first thing I found was mom's blouse lying on the stairs, and that was followed by a shirt I didn't recognize. By the time I had climbed the stairs and gone down the hall to the master bedroom door, I encountered almost every article of clothing she had been wearing. God, she was stripping as they went, I was numb.
Worse was bending down to pick up her discarded panties right outside her bedroom door. Just holding them in my hand told me how damp they were, and the pungent odor of her sex wafted to my nose. I started to raise them to my face, when mom's voice broke through the silence.
"Oh fuck yes, eat me baby" I heard her through the door.
I dropped the panties where I had found them, and slowly turned the knob, easing the door open just a couple of inches. I peeked around the corner of the cracked door and into the room. Mom and dad had their bed positioned so the foot faced the door, thank God for my luck.
What I saw; well let me just say this twenty year old who had never been interested in sex before, went from limp to rock hard in less than three seconds.
Mom was stretched out on her back on the bed; her knees bent and spread wide open. Lying between her spread thighs, was a young guy no more than my age; with his face buried between her firm thighs.
And I do mean firm; I was entranced as I saw my mother nude for the first time. She had long tapered legs that led to full firm thighs, which were currently wrapped around the guys head. Her breasts jutted straight up; I mentally calculated they were probably a nice set of 36 C's or D's.
She was squeezing her breasts with both hands, making her rock hard nipples stand up like two pencil erasers. I could hear the slurping and sucking as the guy feasted on her. I couldn't see much else because the guys head was in the way.
"Oh fuck…don't stop…close…" I heard mom moan.
They guy named Frank did exactly what she told him too, he didn't stop. It only took a few moments and I saw her thighs start to quiver.
"Oh God…here it comes…" she moaned. "Yes…YES…YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" Mom wailed.
I could actually hear the guy swallow as mom exploded into his mouth. I had the sudden urge to reach down for my throbbing cock in my shorts; but I kept watching.
Mom shook and trembled through her orgasm; and then the guy raised his head from her heaving body. I watched as he slid up her still shaking body. Now propped on his arms; her legs splayed wide open; I could just see under him. I saw her soaking wet lips as he reached down and pressed the head of his cock at her entrance.
"Time for the main event" Frank rumbled.
"Fuck me…oh God fuck me" I heard mom moan.
"Nnnnggggggggggg" Mom moaned.
I watched what had to be eight or nine inches of hard cock slice through her like a hot knife through butter. She was so fucking wet there was almost no resistance.
I wasn't getting much of a view for the first few strokes, and then mom brought her legs up, wrapping them around his waist, locking her ankles.
"Fuck me…fuck me…she chanted.
Now my view was better, and I could see the white froth of her excitement as the guy pounded her hungry pussy.
"Need this…Oh God yes…don't stop…fuck me" Mom babbled.
I admit it, by this time my shorts were at my knees, my hand was wrapped around my cock; and I was stroking away. My hand matched Frank's hips as I thought of sinking my own nine inches of meat into her.
"Oh shit" the guy grunted.
"Fuck yes" Mom panted
I suppressed my own groan.
"Going to cum" he told her.
"Inside, fill me" Mom granted him permission.
I felt my balls pulse with the thought.
"Awww shittttttt" I heard Frank moan
"Yesssssssssssssss" Mom cooed
I blew every fucking drop my balls had all over her bedroom door. How I didn't scream out as I emptied I don't know; but I managed to keep quiet. Realizing what I had done, I pulled the towel from around my neck and tried to wipe away the evidence.
I staggered back down the hall, downstairs and to the kitchen. I grabbed a cold bottle of water and took a big swig to wet my parched throat. Christ they must have banged and then bought it, because it wasn't five minutes or more and I heard them in the living room.
"How about next week?" I heard him ask.
"We'll see" God she suddenly sounded so flat. It was as if she had gotten what she wanted and couldn't get him out of the house fast enough.
I heard him mumble something about a second round; and then mom cut him off.
"Look Frank" her voice was clipped. "You're a good student; and a good fuck." She told him. "Let's just keep it that way."
I heard him try to say something else, but the closing front door cut him off. Mom was heading towards the kitchen when I heard her sigh.
"I've had better" her voice seemed sad.
I scrambled for the stairs leading down to my apartment. For the rest of the afternoon I hid downstairs; and then realized I needed to make an appearance as if I had gotten home. I slipped back upstairs and opened then closed the back door loud.
"Riley?" I heard mom from the living room.
"Hey mom" I called back.
"Dinner will be in an hour" mom yelled at me.
I acknowledged her and headed to my room. All the way through dinner I couldn't help but watch her. This woman who I had always seen as my staid simple mom had been transformed. Now, she was a cheating, two-timing slut.
I spent my night trying to think of how I was going to tell dad. I mean how do you say to your father; oh by the way, your wife is a whore who fucks her students? I was screwed, and I knew it.
I watched mom closely over the next three days; I figured if I could get her in the act again, and maybe this time remember my cell phone; at least I would have some evidence. Mom didn't fail me.
I had been cutting the last class of the day, and let's be real; I knew the material; class was an excuse to get out of the house. I aced my quiz the following Friday and beat a fast path home.
Sure enough, I wasn't home half an hour and I heard the front door. Glancing at the clock I saw once again it was about three-thirty. I gave them about fifteen minutes and grabbed my cell phone and then headed upstairs.
This time I was dressed in my workout pants since I had been waiting for her. I slipped my phone into my pocket and crept down the hallway to the master bedroom door. I hadn't encountered any discarded clothing this time, so I was a bit worried. I didn't need to be. As I eased the door open and peeked inside, the first thing I saw was mom's dress, shoes and panties scattered on the floor. The next thing absolutely floored me.
Mom was kneeling on the bed, and God help me she was sideways staring into the mirror from her dresser. Behind her knelt a sandy haired guy who I knew wasn't much older than me.
"Come on Tony, fuck me" mom growled.
"Jesus you're a slut" the guy behind her groaned.
"Then FUCK me like one" mom hissed.
I stared as his cock slid in and out of her, I could see her white froth coating his shaft. Her ass cheeks shook every time he slammed into her; and she moaned with every thrust.
For the first time I got a clear view of her breasts as they swung under her. God they were fantastic. They had to be 36 D's at the least I thought. They were heavy and full and swayed as the guy pounded into her. They were capped with swollen hard nipples that just begged to be sucked.
Unlike Frank, poor Tony didn't seem to be as aggressive, and this seemed to be frustrating mom.
"Come on baby, fuck me harder" she told him.
For one thing, I suddenly realized that where Frank was probably eight or so inches, Tony was maybe seven; just a bit smaller. I wondered if that had anything to do with it.
I watched mom bunch the sheets in her fists, and slam her ass back hard, nearly toppling the poor guy backwards.
"FUCK ME" she yelled.
That seemed to perk the guy up and he started really hammering at her.
"Oh fuck yes…use that cunt…" mom moaned.
Tony was so focused on fucking her all he could get out was soft grunts as he drove into her ass. In a way I felt sorry for the guy, mom was much more woman that he apparently could handle.
"Oh shit…fuck…" the guy suddenly moaned.
"Not yet baby…I'm not…" mom started to tell him.
"Fuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" Tony moaned and I watched his body spasm.
"Shit" I heard a soft explosion from mom.
"God that was fantastic" Tony sighed as he slowed down.
"Yeah baby" I could see the frustration and disgust on mom's face.
I quietly slipped away and headed back to my apartment. Remembering every vision, I began to get a new vision of mom. I thought carefully of dad, and how he might be in the bedroom.
I sat down at my computer and pulled up google. For the next hour I surfed the net and studied female behavior. What I read surprised me, but also gave me a logical explaination for what I was seeing.
Mom and dad had been married for over twenty years. My father really was your typical nerd; quiet and soft spoken. What some psychologist theorized, was that when some women hit menopause; their sex drive accelerated.
This would explain why mom was suddenly so into sex and not dad. It was also researched how many women fantasized about being the total opposite of what they really were. For mom, it had been a life of quiet normalcy. What she had sought was what she had never been, a total slut.
That explained why the reaction to Frank's aggression, and her disgust as Tony blew his load too soon. She wanted to be used in ways life had never let her be used.
As I read the studies, a thought began to form in my mind. Here was an opportunity, for both mom and me. For her to have the experience to become that which she had never been; and a chance for me to prove I wasn't the nerd everyone thought I was.
I had seven days to prepare, I realized. Mom seemed to stick to the Friday pattern. Dad worked late, I had late class; and she had access to boy toys. That meant if she kept to her pattern, she would show up at home next Friday, with another student in tow.
This time, I had other plans. Plans that would satisfy her so she wouldn't keep looking outside the house; and plans to end my twenty years of virginity.
I spent the next four days watching porn, and I mean watching not jerking off to it. I quickly learned there was a huge difference between a slut and a whore. My mother wanted to be a slut, but she was not a whore. There was also a difference between control and dominance; she wanted a man in control; but tying her up and whipping her was definitely not in the picture.
I watched film after film how men seduced and took control of their women. I watched clip after clip of ways a man could fuck a woman. God, I never realized there were so many positions until that week.
By Thursday I had soaked up everything I could, it was time to take everything I had learned, and see where this would go. I knew that last Friday's little adventure with Tony had left mom frustrated. That meant she would be especially needy tomorrow.
When dad once again mentioned he would be working late tomorrow, I saw mom's eyes light up. Yeah right bitch, I thought; go ahead and think you'll be having some student of yours banging your box.
The next day I cut both my last two classes and headed back home. It was just a little before two so I had plenty of time. I headed downstairs and threw on my workout shorts. I skipped my shirt and underwear, I wanted to be ready.
I ran a forty minute routine on the Peloton to make sure I had worked up a good sweat. Everything I had read about pheromones was about to be tested, I figured.
At three I hit the kitchen upstairs, pulling out a bottle of water from the fridge. I just stood at the kitchen counter, dripping sweat down my chest, and waited.
Sure enough just about three-thirty and I heard the front door. I waited for about thirty seconds, and then walked through the kitchen door into the living room.
"We don't have much time" I heard mom say. What, was that her tag line I almost laughed.
"Hey mom" I said, surprised at how calm my voice was.
"Riley" mom's head whipped around and she stared at me.
Sure as shit, there was number three standing behind her, a shocked expression on his face. It wasn't Frank or Tony; and quite frankly at that point I didn't give a shit what his name was. Calmly I walked over and stood inches from my mother.
"You…can go home now" I said to the young man.
Mom's mouth worked but no sound came out. The guy looked between me and mom for a moment.
"She said..," he started to complain.
"I know what she said" I tried to keep my voice icy calm. "There won't be any pussy for you today junior…go home." I stared at him.
"Riley" mom gasped beside me.
Her eyes grew wider as she spoke, just the act of speaking had caused her to take a deep breath, and I saw the scent of my sweat covered body hit her nostrils.
I just stared the kid down for a moment, and then he finally sighed and headed out the door. Once the door was closed, I turned on mom.
"Let's go" I said as I gripped her wrist.
Mom was so stunned she actually let me lead her to the stairs before she finally started to gather her wits.
"Riley, what are you doing" she asked.
"Just say I know everything" I told her as we hit the top of the stairs.
"Riley…" I cut her off this time.
"Shouldn't you be stripping by now…slut" I said.
"Riley" her eyes grew wide again. "I'm your mother, you can't…" I stopped her cold. It was time to see if truly being controlling worked; time to see if the psychology papers about sexual mindset had any truth to them.
"You're not my mother right now" I looked into her eyes. "You're my slut."
Before she could react I leaned down and mashed my lips to hers, quickly sliding my tongue into her hot mouth, exploring.
"Mmmmmmmm" I heard a soft moan. Oh yes, this really was working.
I steered her down the hall without removing my lips, backing her into her bedroom. By the time I separated my mouth from hers, she looked around dazed.
"Take off the dress" I told her.
"You can't be serious" she whispered.
She was wearing a mid length dress that buttoned in the front, so I decided to a little show on control was in order. I reached out and gripped the front of her dress. With a quick jerk buttons went flying across the bedroom. Her dress gaped open showing her white laced bra.
"Is that serious enough?" I asked.
"Oh God" mom moaned.
"Either you take it off, or I'll rip it off, and you can explain to my father" I told her.
Mom shrugged her shoulders and tugged the top of her dress the rest of the way off. As it fell to the floor at her feet, I finally got the chance to appreciate the view up close.
My mother is forty-six years old; and her body put half the porn models I had seen to shame. Her bra barely held in the globes of her breasts; full firm flesh that threatened to spill out at any moment. I could see her nipples through the lace fabric, and I swore they were already hard. Her matching lace panties were pulled up tight into an almost wedge against the swollen lips of her pussy; and there was no mistaking the dark stain of her juices on the white cloth.
"Such a horny little slut" I told her, seeing her eyes flash.
I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed down, it didn't take much for her to understand as she slowly lowered to her knees in front of me. Her eyes locked to the obvious bulge in my shorts, and I knew I had her.
"Go ahead, take it out" I told her. "Find out what you're dealing with" I chuckled.
"This is wrong" I heard her whisper. Yet her trembling hands rose and found the elastic waist of my shorts and began to slide them downward.

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