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Hi, guys, I’m Krish from Bangalore. This is my second sex story which I took a revenge on a girl who cheated me with fraud business. Coming to the story, I’m a horny person who is looking for a real-time sex, but it’s not an easy task to find real friends with benefits. I found a new app know as Qeep and started using it. In the nearby block, I found a profile with her WhatsApp number saying that hiring for a call boy.

I got an idea and texted her in WhatsApp. Her name was Nikki and she asked me if I was interested in call boy. I asked for process and she explained me everything and said I should pay 2500 through Paytm. I got a doubt and I took some time and said I’ll pay when I get my next salary. I use to chat her some time, most of the time she uses to be online and always says I’m dealing with clients and members.

Finally, I got my salary and paid the registration fee. She said she will arrange the meeting with her client on the next day and said the client will pay 10000 if I satisfy her. Later, next morning, I got a text and asked my location and pic. I sent it and she took some time and said a client is ready in my surroundings and I need to pay 2600. 2500 for security deposit and 100 for protection. I was soo horny and didn’t think of money. I paid online thinking that I can earn back.

The moment I made the payment, she blocked me. I was completely dumbstruck for being cheated. I sat for a while and thought of doing something. I installed parallel space on the phone and used my second WhatsApp. I started getting information with her without getting any doubt and went to my office and requested my friend to trace her number.

I found that she was near Koramangala on her GPS. Later I went to Koramangala and searched everywhere but finally found her in forum mall. She came for shopping with the money I transferred and she was looking hot and sexy. Her figure was 34-28-34

I followed her till evening and she had a flat next to the mall. When she went inside I went to the nearest medical store and took a condom. I knocked the door, she was alone in her flat. She was shocked to see me and recognized in a few seconds. I locked the door and caught hold of her mouth. She was struggling with breathing. I took her to the bedroom and thrown her on the bed. I asked where are the clients? She started saying she doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

I slapped her and asked again. She started crying and pleaded me not to do anything. I was completely in rage and jumped on her like a hungry beast. She said she will return my money and begged me to leave her. I was in no mood to listen to her words. I tore her top and pulled down her jeans. Now she was semi-nude. She tried to escape many times but I always caught her and pinned back on the bed.

I took a rope which I brought with me and tied her to four corners of the bed. Now she was helpless. I sat next to her for few minutes and observing her beauty. She was in black bra and panty. I was going crazy just by watching her. I said her that I’m a call boy not and she is the client and should pay me for sex. She said no. I blackmailed her saying that I would take the nude pics and video of her rape and post it on the net. She agreed for that.

I slowly got nude and went near her. She was tied up helpless and I sat on her boobs. She gave a scared look, I took my dick and trusted it into her mouth. She started a resistance. I forced her to suck it. She didn’t have any choice but to give up. She started sucking my dick in a professional way. I caught her hair and trusted fast. I came in her mouth. She was like a dead body. I removed her bra and squeezed her boobs. She closed her eyes and tried to hide her pleasure. I came down to her pussy and found that she was wet.

I sucked her pussy over her panty. She started moaning heavily. I have a small bite over her pussy, she went crazy and trembling in pleasure she came in her panty with my bites and sucking over her pussy. I asked that how was it? She gave a node of acceptance. Now I pulled down her panty and started fingering her with 2 fingers. She went crazy and begged me to stop it. I got the G-spot and gently rubbed it. She said not to stop. I slowly increased my speed and she came in no time. She was exhausted.

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I went and whispered in her ears that the fun is about to start. I took a condom and rolled over my monster. I removed the rope that tied her legs and put her legs on my shoulder and tried to insert into her pussy. It was not going in and she started to cry. I got angry and applied full force and it went inside in no time. She shouted a lot I hold her mouth and I was lucky that no one heard it. She was crying like her husband was dead.

I saw down and blood was coming. I came to know that she was virgin. I was happy that I got a virgin girl to have fun with. I went wild and fucked her till I cum. She came 3 times before I reached climax. She was completely exhausted. I went to kitchen and found red bull Tina in fridge. I drank one and brought one to her. Her hands were still tied and asked me to free her. I said not yet and fed her some drink.

Her lips were red and a sip of red bull made her look sexy with those drops on her lips. I got a crazy idea and said her to hold the drink in her mouth and not to drink. I gave her some drink and kissed her and tried to suck from her mouth. I enjoyed a lot on biting her soft lips. I poured the during over her boobs and licked like a hungry dog. I got hard in few minutes and Said get Ready for next level.

She said she want some time to rest. But I was in no mood to listen. I removed the rope and turned her on bed and rolled another condom on my dick and guided in her ass. She started screaming. I didn’t listen to her and started ramming from behind. She cried for a while and started enjoying later. After some time I took her butt up a fucked her ass an came in her. I was collapsed on her with my dick burried in her ass.

I got a call from home saying my parents are going to native and manage my food for night. I was excited and said I’m gonna give full night service. She gave a terrified look I tied her again with rope and went out and brought some biryani for both. She looked better after the dinner and Said sry for cheating me and she will return the money back. I got anger and caught her hair and said how difficult it is for earning money and slapped her for doing fraud business.

I got an idea and downloaded a Kamasutra 3D book from online and tried all postures whole night. I ran out of condom in last but my list didn’t fulfill. I was horny by seeing her body. The last session I fucked her brain off without any condom and found much pleasure then all the other sessions. I paused for a while when I was about to cum in last session to enjoy maximum.

I came to doggy style and fucked her hard and I couldn’t control anymore and bummed inside her. We both were like dead bodies and and I slept hugging her with my dick burried in her pussy. I woke up noon by a call from cab to go to office. She woke up with me and took bath together with another session without condom.

While leaving, she paid me 15k and I left to the office. Sorry for mistakes and kindly share your feedback about the sex story. Any girls, bhabhis or aunties in Bangalore looking for a wild pleasure candidate mail me to [email protected] Your security and secret is safe with me.

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