Riding Lesson With My Maid

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A newbie writer here with the purpose to make life more spicer for the readers and self. This is also my first submission and look forward to the feedback after many years of this incident finally got the time to pen my memoirs. The work presented here is mostly true & real life. However situations, places, names have been moderated to protect identities of the people involved. Generously have added spice where required.
As a country we are sexually opressed hence the reason for our craving to have more sex. All the time being opressed there is a certain charm in having discreet relations. My school life was largely uneventful being in an only boys school. This made me shy from talking to girls or women. This is something that happened after i finished my standard 10 board exams. My father was posted about 200 kms away at a city from where we lived. 
Being vaccation i decided to spend time with my dad in that city (you could call it a village as it had a population of fewer than 5,000). The motivation to go there was my love for bikes. My dad had a bike and he had promised to teach me once I would complete my board exams. I had not attained legal age to ride bikes on the orad and hence it was possible at a smaller village where kids of my age would learn to ride.
My dad used to work for a large MNC in a senior role. He had a company car to his disposal and the bike was more of a passion for him. He was alloted huge nice company quarters which were at some distance from the manufacturing unit he was heading. Being a senior management professional, in a small village and for the kinds of person he is the respect he had was huge. This had a rub off effect. 
Whenever I would visit the place his assitants, the workers etc everyone would kind of try and be sweet to me. It was a princely feeling. Those days that is about 2 decades ago there was no Cable TV, frequent power cuts, no mobiles, no internet, nothing ! Activities were going for a swim in the river, trekking the nearby mountains or going to the video parlour. I know any of you who can relate to the story will have a raised eye brow. 
Video Parlours were the hot spots X rated movies would be shown for about 3 bucks. Regular movies at a buck the X rated movies would mostly have local villagers, workers, farmers from nearby smaller villages. It was housefull mostly. Well the video parlours were not my first introduction to the enchanting world of pleasure. We had learnt to observe the nice shapely boobs of our English Teacher a litle earlier. Being known who I was I carried a risk of visiting these parlours. 
I would sneak in mostly after the shows started and leave before the show got over for the fear of my dad coming to know what I am up to. The house where my father stayed was a comfortable place. It was large, spacious and well furnished. It had 2 bedrooms, a living area, kitchen, bath and balcony. The apartment was serviced by a part time Maid. She was the wife of my dad’s driver. Her routine was to come to the apartment after dad left. 
Her duties included washing clothes, cleaning, cooking etc all. She had a key to the house. To describe sheela she would have been in here late 30’s. Short in height, with average looking and small boobs. She was on the skinner side (optimistically can call it size 0) dark Complexioned. Well with my arrival she had an extra regimen to follow. Prepare Breakfast for me, provide afternoon meals and be available in case I needed something more and maids did not carry mobile phones then. 
There were none, the first few days of my vaccation were largely uneventful. I would get up late, go for a swim in the river with the kids in the complex, have lunch and sneak for a nice X rated movie. I would have to walk for about a kilometer and half to get an State Transport Bus and then travel to the village for about 8 Kms. Watch the movie and come back before Dad Came from office. Hence I missed observing Sheela.
A power cut had been announced for more hours for the next few days. Hence the video parlour would start only in the evenings now. Hence i knew i am not going to get a chance to watch the movies and get my daily dose. This got me really annoyed. My irritation had increased as Dad’s trusted assitant who had to teach me to ride the bike prolonged his unscheduled leave. 
By the next day since exams were over the other kids also had left for their native places. Swmming alone was no fun. No Movies and No Bike. I was all alone at home and maybe destiny had all this planned for me. Sheela came in as usual and carried on with her work. I was devouring the archies, tinkle and hardy boy’s books that I had. The balcony opened from the living room. We had the clothes line in the balcony and I was slouching on the sofa with my comics. 
I don’t know why I did not have a pair of shorts but would sleep wearing one of my dad’s lungis.  So with my lungi and tee reading about Betty or Veronica or thinking about the movies i was really getting horny. Sheela had completed washing the clothes and finisihing the rest of the work it was time for her to dry the clothes. She walked in the balcony and started drying the clothes. She would wear a saree as she was short in height she would use a stick to dry the clothes. 
My eyes gleaned over to her. For every piece of cloth that she had to put for drying she would have to bend, pick it up from the bucket, rinse it well, wave and air dry to remove any excess water, fold it in a manner so the same can be hoisted on the clothes line using a stick, then arrange it on the clothes line well.  Now these manifold steps would be accompanied by her body movements. 
Every time she would bend I got a chance to see her well rounded butt with her saree at times going inside the crack at times when she would bend from the front her pallu which was fastened to her peti coat would give me a view of her small melons hanging. The rinse action would firm up her breasts and accentuate them. The wave hard in air would give me a side view. 
The hoisting step would give me a view from her blouse down to her navel for the first time I was in proximity of a real woman all alone. Vividly the scenes from the video parlour came to my mind and i started appreciating the sexiness that sheela had. I was horny like hell. I wanted to touch her, feel her. I was too scared how to make that happen. However she was an ace at her work and finished drying in very little time. 
She checked with me if I wanted anything or she could leave. I had nothing and she left. I spent the day dreaming and replaying each of those scenes of Sheela.  The next day same thing of clothes drying I was waiting for it. I positioned myself on the sofa in such a manner to get the best view of the action. I took a story book and lay on my stomach to pretend that I was reading a book. I had a hard on already. She went about her routine 
I think she caught me in the corner of my eye that I observing her. We lost eye contact as I was scared that she would know. I guess she understood my motive. She started now playing with me and teasing me. Her actions became slower. She would bend for longer, rinse longer and take more effort and time to dry each piece of cloth. Finally all the clothes had dried and one left. That was the double bed sheet. 
She was finding it difficult to hoist the same and put it on the clothes line. Somehow either she was distracted or had a ploy in mind.  Under the sheet that i had covered my self, I was stroking myself at the sight of her body movements. Unable to succeed in her endavours I gathered courage in an attempt to make a conversation and offered her help. I suggested to her why she not uses the ladder to dry that. 
She giggled and exclaimed! How can a small lady like her lift the ladder alone, bring it to the balcony. She is not young and strong like me. I was happy to hear the words of appreciation. I sprang out of the sofa and offered to help a lady in need. I said why dont we bring it to the balcony together. She readily agreed. We lifted the heavy ladder from the store room and got it to the balcony. We realised that the hinges were broken and the ladder was not self standing. 
Now that was a new problem. I offered to hold the ladder firmly while she goes up and dries the sheet. She said she was afraid of falling down. After some amount of assurance that i will ensure she does not fall she agreed. She got on the ladder, and while on the second step she seemed to loose balance and placed her hand on my shoulder to avoid a fall. My natural reflexes extended my hand to hold her by her leg. She gathered herself. 
We looked at each other and smiled I signalled its ok and shes safe and she can clmib further. I was still holding her leg now. It was my first touch of a female body and she continued to hold my shoulder and attempted to lift her other leg to a higher step on the ladder. She could manage that. I knew now I had to leave her leg to let her climb further up my mind said that and my heart said no.
However I only loosened my grip and accompanied my hand on her leg to the step up. She did not seem to mind my hand holding her. In the higher step she took she had her legs bare as she had worn the saree a little higher to scale the ladder. My hand toched her bare skin it seemed warm. Finally she was at reasonable height to dry the sheet. She did manage to do half of it. 
She could not however straighten it fully as her short hands did not reach far and wide. Not happy with the way the sheets were put I offered her to climb the ladder and dry it. She came down and I stood closely to the ladder and she walked down the ladder into my arms as she came down, she missed the last step and put her body weight on the ladder the ladder lost balance and tilted behind. I was holding the ladder and got pulled by the force. 
She was in between, now the ladder was having a free falland she was on the ladder locked in between the falling ladder and my arms. Thankfully we did not have an accident as about a foot to the rear was a wall where the ladder rested and supported at the edge of the balcony by the other wall. I was on her my chest was pressing her boobs and my dick near her cunt and rubbing it. However all this happend too fast
I gathered myself and got up and helped her to get up I said sorry. She got up and apologized for missing the step and making me fall. I asked her if she got hurt and she replied thankfully she did not, but she enjoyed the fall with a grin on her face. She mentioned not to tell dad about this as it would cost her job. Neither of us could get any bolder
We put the ladder back where it was and she had finished work and it was time for her to go. She mentioned to me that I have not had my bath and I should have it before I have lunch and would she like me to heat water on the cooking gas stove as there was no electicity for the gyser. A warm water bath always does well and I readily agreed. She warmed water in the kitchen and delivered two piped hot steaming buckets in the bathroom. 
She quizzed do I need any more help mischievously I replied yes bathe me and she smiled, did not say anything, her looks were approving but she did not agreed and chuckled, chided me to have lunch on time and be a good boy and she will see me tomorrow. The wait till the next day was killing the next day went on with the same routine. She had worn her pallu a little loose giving me a nice view of her clevage and a bit of her boobs. 
Now this was turning me on we could now make eye contact and every time she would give a smile. She had finished her work and asked me if I needed warm water. I said I want it only if you are going to bathe me and she laughed at it and said that I am very naughty and said No. My heart sank and she went over and put water for heating on the cooking gas stove. I was determined to seduce her and I lacked the experience to do that effectively and it’s rightly said that ncessity is the mother of invention.  
I quickly fast many complicated and tight knots to my lungi while she waited in the kitchen to warm water I went up to her and said I need her help as the knots on the lungi are messed up and I need her help to auntie them and she started examining the knots and made an attempt to untie them. I had put on real complicated knots or she was now playing in is not known but it was taking her effort and she was reasonably unsuccessful. 
I had a hard on and due to the knots my lungi was reasonably low and she seemed to get a little irritated at the level of difficulty to untie the knots. She had to bend and watch from close how the knots were tied with her hands up in the air she was not able to untie it and she knew she had to sit down and untie it from the underneath. She sat down on the ground in a kneeling position.
Now her hands were rubbing my dick as she tried to untie the same. It took her a couple of mins to untie the knots and I knew my ruse was over. She dutifully put the water in the bathroom and readied to leave she mentioned that I should go for the bath. I had lost all interest to bath and angrily replied that I don’t want to have a bath.  Halfway from her exit she asked me Baba, are you angry? 
I said, ‘No and she persisted then why you dont want to have bath the water will become cold. I replied I don’t want to have a bath as I wanted you to give me a bath. But since you have said no, you should not be bothered. She said, she has to go back home and if she gives me a bath she will become wet. I persisted, that’s an excuse. I am not using the shower and its bucket bath and how can you get wet if you rinse my head and hair scrub my back?
She said, you are a grown up boy and she was embarassed to see such a big boy without clothes. I said, these are all excuses I said she can give me a bath with me wearing my lungi. She had run out of options. She knew she had to say yes and she said ok but make it quick as it’s nearing lunch time and she has to rush home. I was happy with joybI sat down in the bathroom on the small stool she tied her pallu and adjusted her saree as to avoid getting wet.
She checked with me if the temprature of the water was fine I confirmed as I sat on the stool facing the large mirror in front on me she was behind me she started pouring water over me standing at a distance she inched closer to shampoo my hair and scrub my scalp ohh this was heavenly as she would bend I could see her clevage and feel her warm body at a very close distance the scrubbing moved to the back with a soap. 
The aromas were getting us excited more I think she was also enjoying every bit of it now and she made the bold move to scrub my chest as well her hands slipped in from under my arms and moved over my chest it was so much fun. She scrubbed vigorously from left to right and from top to bottom my bare chest and I was enjoying. My dick was throbbing and she however was now very close to me her boobs were inches away from my back.
I attempted to move back once or twice but for the fear of getting wet she moved back in quick reflex. Finally I got the courage to hold her hands and guide to where I wanted to be scrubbed on my chest and she was vigorously moving it and I held it firmly and guided it from under the lungi which was already loose to scrub and hold my dick. She attempted to withdraw it but now I was in control she made a half hearted attempt I pulled it firmly and she exlaimed “what are you doing baba!
I asked her if she was enjoying it and she replied I am, but I am scared of loosing my job. If your dad comes to know of this ill be banned from the village I said he will only know if you tell having that assurance she guided in her hands to my dick she was now very close and her boobs were touching my back it was superb fun. Finally we reaised two buckets of water can last a few minutes only and very little water remained.
I needed to complete the rest of the bath myself by removing the lungi to remove the soap. I knew that was not enough to clean me well and she walked out of the bathroom I attempted to clean myself and realising that I was still soapy I needed to use the shower. The cold water shower got me even hornier. I wanted to jerk off somehow I was keen to get out quickly before she would leave. I gave her a shout to bring the towel for me. 
She had tided up herself and got the towel I wiped myself partly and came out quickly and she was still there, she said I am still a kid as I don’t know how to wipe myself properly to which I replied why don’t you do it for me then! She said ok, now I was standing in front of her with the towel on and she said she will get another towel to wipe me and she returned empty handed and said there is no other dry towel. 
I said not to worry and removed my towel instantaneously and said this one is still dry use that now I had taken the bold step of doing the full montyshe looked at me in awe and avoided eye contact and she took the towel from my hand and started wiping me she wiped me dry including my dick and my back side. I felt very erotic being inexperienced I did not know the next move.
I was wiped dry and she offered me a pair of clothes I wore them and she said she wanted to leave. I was feeling very irritated as to not knowing to move further and she left again my heart sank I was feeling very dejected and I heard the knock on the door again. She came in and said chote seth, please don’t tell this to your father. I said you already told me and i have assured you I think she wanted to stay and say something. 
She asked me something like do I want anything else and naturally it occured to me yes you” as a reply. She walked in and closed the door behind and said “Yes. I want you too. We embraced like lovers and started kissing each other our smooch was so nice. My hands felt her boobs and it was sheer pleasure. She dropped the pallu and her melons seemed to be want to get out of her tight blouse it took me a while to undo 
The buttons (my first time) and she helped me to get rid of it she also undid my tee. Now she was bare she did not wear any bra her erect nipples were looking pinkish compared to the rest of her dark complexion and she guided my head lower to indicate me to suck her and I think she taught me the art of sucking. I sucked as if there was no tomorrow and also gave her enough and more love bites. The next natural thing for her was to stroke me.
I was enjoying it we wer doing all this in a standing position my hands now started to remove her saree which was done quite quickly she removed her peti coat and had undone my shorts and undies by then. She bent down and took most of my cock at one go in her mouth the blow job that she gave was amazing. She was an amazing sucker. I was to explod in her mouth but she could control my nerves very well with her teeth, tongue, suck and blow process.
Two decades later this blow job still features in the top10 blow jobs I have had till date so far. We lay in missionary position on the floor in the living room my hands exploring her bare body every inch of it and she doing the same and she now guided my dick into her warm wet pussy. I was enjoying the foreplay more than the fuck but the sensation, the feeling was good. 
I later realised after many experiences of the difference between a tight and a loose pussy and the art that women have to flex their vaginal muscles to give their men lasting pleasure. It was my first time and trial and error was the way forward it was fun to do it on the floor. I think I was quite horny, excited I was getting my learners license for riding rode her for a while and did cum in a few hard strokes and she too was excited. 
We both came together and I shot my cum load into her most of the juices over flowed and dripped on the floor. I had lost my virginity to the maid but it was like a trophy won. I lay on her for a few seconds and then got up to clean me and her too cleaned heself, cleaned the place, got ready and left. I ate my lunch and slept for the rest of the afternoon. I was unable to talk properly to dad in the evening and he wondered if I was unwell. 
His assitant had sent a tele gram stating that he would take a few more days to return. Dad suggested that i could go back and then come back to him once his assitant returns as there is no light, no good movie VCR tapes, no friends and no bike. I had no fun or reason to stay here and rather enjoy my vaccation with my friends in town. I wanted to say no, but did not have a reason to prolong my stay so he said that he would arrange for a car tomorrow to drop me back hom.  
I was so very looking forward to more fun with Sheela and here my entire plan was watered at the same time suspiscion entered my mind, what if dad knows about what I did and hence is packing me off. Did Sheela tell her husband or complain to dad? I did not get good sleep that night. I slept quite late and got up by noon I had thought that dad wuld be around and the car waiting for me to take me back home, however to my pleasant surprise Sheela was going about her chores and dad was not around. 
I asked her where is dad. She said Dad had some urgent work at the plant as some officials from head office had come due to Puja yesterday of the new plant and were leaving in the afternoon. Hence his husband, dad’s driver was going to take me back home by afternoon. I was happy to be alone and close with Sheela again my mind wandered with the thoughts of exploring more of Sheela’s body I expected to do it once more today.
She went about drying clothes as usual and warmed the water everything was so predicable now. However I had run out of luck I think as I readied myself for a bath, we could hear the honk of my dad’s car. Sheela went to the balcony, it was dad’s driver asking her to come down quickly as he was waiting to fetch her and have lunch. Sheela left in a hurry no bath. 
Nothing it was a big no show I was packed off in the evening back home throughout the way my mind wandered of many more things I wanted to try after about two weeks dad called and said his assistant has come back and I could now come to learn riding the bike. I jumped with joy to go back and have some hot steamy riding sessions with Sheela the driver arrived to pick me up. I had small talk with him and enquired about his family wanting to know about Sheela.
He said that sheela had to go to her native place as someone in he family was seriously ill and she would come back in two weeks I felt like jumping out of the car or at the least ask him to drive me back home and we had reached half way and more by the time I discovered this point of no return. He said that Sheela had to go to her native place as someone in his family was or at the least ask him to drive me back home.
We had reached half way and more by the time I discovered this point of no return. I reached and slept. Dad thought I must be tired of the drive thankfully luck had different and better plans for me to my delight as I woke up I saw a nice sexy voluptuous figure of an 18-19 years girl drying clothes that was our maids daughter! She was as a replacement to her mother. Did I seduce her or get seduced by her?