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"I swear, if I see another dang Deadpool, I'm chucking him into the sea."
The four of us all gave a hearty, exhausted chuckle as we crashed bodily into the hotel room. It was day three of the Emerald City Comic-Con, and our group, myself, my husband, and our friends Felix and Zach, had spent the past seventy-two hours sharing a table in Artists' Alley.
I didn't mind the Deadpool cosplayers, personally, though they did have a tendency to ignore the designated photo areas and clog the walkways.
"Man! I…long for home. Real food. Our cats. I miss our cats. Not as much as I miss not paying twelve bucks for a hot dog, but still." Ian said, flopping down on our bed. I sat down next to him and started rubbing his shoulders.
"Ohhhhhh, thank you, Pip," he groaned. I just chuckled kissed the back of his neck. Poor guy. At least we were in it together.
We'd been married for three years or so when we decided to start our webcomic. It was a silly little thing at first. Just a little story about anthropomorphic vegetables in a fantasy world. Ian always just doodled funny little vegetables on grocery lists and things like that, so one day I decided to make up a little story for them. Two years later and, to the continued surprise of both of us, we had a few thousand regular readers and had made a little book that we could sell at conventions.
It was at one of these conventions that we became friends with Felix and Zach. They were the husband-and-husband team behind a slice of life drama strip, and, even though they had been in the game a few years longer than us, were around our age. When we started going to conventions, it seemed like most of the crowd was either in their early twenties, and would go out for drinks and partying after the shows in a way we couldn't keep up with, or were older comics professionals who could talk your ear off about the good old days before this all became so commercialized, but maybe weren't super relatable. Finding another mid-thirties, kid-less couple was a godsend for our convention season socializing. We'd struck up a conversation after seeing them at a couple of different cons, and, eventually, we became pretty close. So much so that, when Emerald City came around, we decided to just share a table.
"So, how'd we all do?" Felix asked. Leave it to him to still have any sort of brain left in the tank to talk about bookkeeping. He had a way of assuming a sort of natural group leader or mentor role. In fact, he'd helped us out when it came to setting up the Kickstarter campaign for our first book. Which was great, because, while I could write some adorable little tomatoes and Ian could draw pretty pictures while having a great butt, we were both kinda disasters when it came to…like…Business Things.
"Not too bad," I relied, checking the notes I'd made on my phone. "Lots of people bought books, those stickers sold like hotcakes. I mean, Seattle is always a beast in terms of cost, but it looks like we made a nice little profit this year."
"Not bad, Penningtons, not bad," Felix nodded in approval.
"Plus, there's always one benefit to making the trek out to the Pacific Northwest," Zach added, holding up the small bag of little chocolate marijuana edibles he'd bought on our way back to the hotel. "You guys want any?"
"Yes, please," I said, holding my hand up.
Ian raised his as well. "Thanks, man. How much do you need for 'em?"
"Nah, dude, don't worry about it. We're doing alright," he flashed a charming smile at us that had just the barest hint of braggadocio.
"And how did the Garcias do on this particular con?"
The two guys exchanged a conspiratorial glance. "Oh, you know…" Felix teased. "…triple." He mimed shining his knuckles on his shirt for effect.
"No way!" Ian exclaimed.
"Three times cost?!" I added.
"What can I say!" Felix shrugged. "That plush, man. That duck plush really did it!"
That fucking duck. I mean, fine, there was nothing wrong with the duck. It was a really cute character design and it was integrated into the strip well, but fuck was it hard not to get jealous of all the attention that thing got. It wasn't fair! Our whole cast was cute things! So we couldn't add a cute mascot character. That's gilding the cute lily!
"I thought you said the margins on the plush were terrible."
"They are," Zach said, popping the edible into his mouth before tossing us each one. "But it gets people to come by the booth. Then my boy here charms them, and bam, we've got a sale."
Felix downed his edible. "Next year, we'll have enough strips to put out a whole book of just duck comics. You watch; that shit'll buy us a car. Like, a shitty car, because it's webcomic money, but a car nonetheless."
"Fair, fair," Ian conceded.
I grabbed the TV remote and surfed channels until I found that apparently a Psych marathon was on. Yes, good. That would be quality resting high times.
"I'm hitting the showers," Zach said from the other side of the room. "Gonna try to get the con funk out."
"Ooh, solid plan," Felix chimed in. "I've got next."
"Ditto," said Ian.
"Yeah, I think we all could use a go," I admitted. Hygiene aside, just a nice warm shower to relax and decompress sounded like heaven.
By the time the other three had their turns, we were already one episode into the marathon and I was starting to feel the effects of the chocolate. I was kind of spacing out when Ian came back into the room.
"You're up, Pip."
I stared at him for a bit, just kinda lost in how handsome my husband was. He had a very unassuming charm about him. So utterly dreamy, and yet with this peaceful air that just made me feel so safe and comfortable with him. A huge grin spread across my face.
"What?" he chuckled, having obviously noticed.
"Oh, I'm just being all lovey at you," I sighed.
"Oh, is that all?" he laughed, leaning down to kiss me. "I'm a damn lucky guy, you know that?"
"Hee…" I contentedly chuckled, before climbing out of the bed and making my wobbly way toward the bathroom.
"Aww, look at these two, Zach. Aren't they the cutest?" Felix called after me.
"So cute," Zach replied.
"You two are cute, too!" I insisted. It seemed very important in the moment. "We do not have the cute monopoly. The cuteopoly, if you will."
"I will," Zach agreed.
"Heh," I chortled, pausing for a moment before ducking into the bathroom, then quickly shooting back out of the bathroom, digging for my comfy clothes in our suitcase, then going back in.
Yep, definitely high. This would be a good shower.
Once I got in, I quickly shucked all my clothes off, because, honestly, who has time for all that nonsense? While the water heated up, I took a furtive glance around the room, even though the door was shut and nobody else was in there. Now was as good a time as any for me and Ian's little…side hobby.
Taking my phone in one hand, I placed my foot up on the edge of the tub, reaching between my legs and starting to softly tease myself with my fingers. After a few seconds of this, I was sure I'd built up enough excitement for my purposes. I opened up the camera app on my phone, and, doing my best to aim properly, took a few shots of myself. A few more indulgent seconds of touching myself later, I remembered that I couldn't spend forever in here and took a look at the photos.
Some were completely unusable, but others were exactly what I was going for. You could see my pussy on full display, with just enough visible excitement to be enticing. One crop later and all that was visible of my face was my mouth, slightly open in pleasure.
Reddit was going to eat this up.
Ian and I had been making a habit lately of posting some…rather explicit photos. One steamy evening, after a lovely teasing session and a few bottles of wine, I had confessed to him that the idea of showing off to strangers had always been a fantasy of mine. I had been somewhat of a vanilla girl through most of my early adulthood, and it was only in the past couple of years or so that I had the self confidence to start exploring my own sexuality. That…just happened to be an idea that really drove me wild. Maybe it was because I was so unassuming in my day to day life, but something about posting anonymous nudes really enticed me. So we started taking a few pictures here and there. At first, pretty tame. I was somewhat shy about my body. Lots of people say they like curves, but I was more than just Hollywood curvy. But the response had been so good that things had gotten more and more daring. No faces, for obvious reasons, but we'd worked our way up from teasing to full body pictures to shots of Ian and I fucking. It was kind of my favorite thing at the moment, so I was pleased that these quick shots turned out as well as they did.
Before hopping in the shower, I switched over to my messenger app and shot the best of the photos over to Ian. Hopefully he'd get a little thrill from it.
The shower was an excellent idea. I got in just as the edible was really hitting, and oh, ho ho ho…so good. The water rushed over me and I let myself just kind of…fade away for a bit. Sadly, I had to leave, eventually.
"Was I in there for a million or more years?" I yelled to the group as I dried off, my dirty blonde hair a frazzled mess. I managed to mostly tame it, though.
"Nah, you're just stoned!" Ian shouted back.
"Cool, cool." I threw on my relaxation uniform of a one-size-too big shirt and exercise shorts. Considerably less a little ball of tension than I was pre-shower, I stepped back out into the room. Everyone was fully laid out in the beds, either watching the show, or, somehow, in the case of Felix, sitting up and drawing in his sketchbook. The guy never took a break!
But there were more important matters at hand. "I didn't miss the Cary Elwes episode, did I?" I asked.
"No, no, you're good," Zach replied.
I exhaled a sigh and quickly darted across the room, not wanting to obstruct the TV. The side-effects of me running reminded me of something I wanted to warn the group about.
"Oh, also, bras are dumb and I flat out refuse to wear one anymore. I hope everyone can deal with that."
Felix just nodded, sagely. "I get it. I paid good money to not have to wear bras anymore. No judgement here."
Good. Slipping under the covers, I closed my eyes and just kinda wiggled for a bit, enjoying the sensation of being all bundled up despite the less than ideal hotel sheets. Ian moved closer and cuddled up next to me.
"Hey, you," he said, pulling me close. I loved the feeling of him pressed up against me from behind. Even more so when I was high.
"Hey…" I said, and kinda melted for a few seconds. I did want to watch the show, though, so eventually I had to sit up a bit, one arm propping up my head with one leg also up.
"Oh hey, that's a good pose," Felix said. "Do you mind staying like that while I do a quick study?"
I looked down and noticed that I had indeed been inadvertently striking a very kind of regal, statuesque pose. Truth be told, it was mostly to dry off my inner thighs from the shower to avoid that chub rub, but, hey, why spoil the effect.
"Sure," I told Felix, and turned my attention back to the screen. The scratching of Felix's pencil against the paper was definitely taking up a lot of space in my brain, and I was feeling not a little bit self-conscious. But, still, fellow artist courtesy overruled that, and I tried to stay as still as I could.
Eventually, the weed-induced hyper-focus took over. Psych continued to play on, and I definitely got lost in how hot Lasseter was. Like, they didn't put him in cute clothes, and, obviously, like, fuck cops. But there was definitely potential there.
I felt Ian shift on the bed, getting closer to me. He leaned in an whispered in my ear. "Thank you for that picture you sent me."
My face flushed with heat. Because the shower was a million years ago, the racy pic had completely slipped my mind. "Thaaaanks," I quietly replied.
I could feel his fingers slowly tracing down my spine. Even over the shirt, it sent a lovely tingle through me. With each pass, he drifted lower and lower, and before I knew it he was softly yet forcefully kneading my ass.
"You're so fucking hot, Pip," he whispered. I shuddered involuntarily, trying my best to keep still. "Pay attention to the show."
I did just that, making sure to try to keep a cool, cucumber-esque exterior despite Ian's best efforts. I could see in the corner of my eye that he was doing the same, his face still and unmoving despite the attention he was still paying to my rear under the covers.
Then! The cheeky fucker had to go and escalate things.
My tiny shorts, lack of underwear, and the position I was in, with one leg propped up, created the perfect access point for my wonderful bastard of a husband. He stopped grabbing my butt and drifted lower, his fingers starting to lightly drift across my entrance. I had to stop myself from gasping, as light bursts of pleasure began to go off, aided by the high.
"Stay still," he whispered.
I could try. It felt so nice though, and I could feel myself starting to become wet with excitement. Ian must have noticed as, with a deliberateness that was so aggravating and so fulfilling, he slowly slipped a finger into me.
I bit my cheek to stop myself from making noise as I started to feel my heartbeat quicken. Okay, wow. We weren't just teasing now. We were full-on having sex. With our friends right there!
I didn't want to admit it, but…Iiiiiiiii…didn't want him to stop.
It was rude, definitely. But we were careful people. And as long as we were careful, it was…probably fine. Would I have felt the same way if I hadn't had the edible? Maybe not. But we were living in this world. Where I had. So right now, all I wanted was for him to keep doing that.
Trying to send a message, I did my kegel best and squeezed on his finger. It seemed to do the trick, as I felt him add a second digit and begin slowly fucking me. The best part of being married is that you find someone who knows all your spots, and goddamn did Ian know me. I had to resist the urge to buck my hips back against him in return as he worked his magic inside my needy cunt.
For a moment, I jumped out of my body, trying to take stock of how obvious we were being. So far, so in the clear, at least it seemed. Ian was just very subtly making small circles along my inner walls. Just enough to send little pulses of pleasure though me. He could keep doing that forever, as far as I was concerned. It felt so damn nice. But it was a manageable nice.
We continued like that for a moment. I tried my best to keep my eyes focused on the TV, but I could tell I was getting lost in what Ian was doing to me. Gradually, the sensation was increasing, and I could feel myself getting warmer, my breathing quickening. In theory, I was still holding it together, but when I glanced toward Felix I noticed he had one eyebrow raised.
"Hey, Piiiiiiiip," Felix teased, a sly grin creeping across his face as his pen continued to move across the paper. "Whatcha doin'?"
"N…nothing…" I stammered out, doing my best to keep it cool. "I am simply enjoying this fine programming that…we are watching."
My efforts were soon sabotaged as Ian slipped a third finger into me. Bastard knew me too well. Knew that when I was high I craved fullness. Something about that sensation was just catnip to me when I was gone. Catch me on a normal day and I'm Philippa Normalsex, but get me stoned and suddenly I'm begging for my husband's fist inside me.
At least, that's my excuse for why I, involuntarily, wiggled my hips back, ruining the whole "small, discreet movements" thing and causing a tiny wet squelching sound that, sadly, was definitely audible even on the other side of the room.
"Ah," I said. "Oops." It was all I could say, now completely mortified with embarrassment.
Ian delicately removed his fingers from me and addressed our friends. "Sorry about that guys."
I scrunched up my face in a remorseful grimace. "Yeaaah, sorry about that. We got kinda carried away. The weed and everything."
"What were they doing?" Zach asked, sitting up and looking our way for the first time.
"I'm pretty sure they were getting saucy," Felix replied, nodding back our way.
"There was sauce?"
"Yep, quite sauceful."
He looked at his husband, and they exchanged a glance I couldn't quite interpret. Felix shrugged, and turned back to me.
"You don't…have to stop, you know."
"Oh…" I squeaked. My heart was going a mile a minute as the idea floated through my head. I mean, it's not like I wanted Ian to stop. And, I mean…I was more than a little bit of an exhibitionist. Plus, like…Zach and Felix were hot, alright. It's not something I tried to think about a lot because they were friends and whatnot but…just a couple of babes.
"You're sure you don't mind?"
Felix just shrugged. "Like I said. You two are cuties."
"Should I keep going?" Ian asked me. I turned to him, nodding my head. He smirked at me, as he slid his fingers back into me. Instantly, the need for him, the need to cum, reawakened in me.
Freed from having to contain myself, I let out a long moan. "Ohhhhhh…fuck."
A look of mock exasperation came over Zach's face. "Wow! Language, Philippa."
"Don't care," I gasped, now fully moving in concert with Ian, driving his fingers further into me. "Yes, fuck, Ian."
"You like that? You like our friends watching as you fuck my fingers?"
"Yesss, I do. Fuck, I like it."
"So needy," Felix commented, biting his lip and staring at me.
"You should probably move that blanket," Zach suggested, pointing. "You know, don't want to get too warm."
"Ah-" before a cogent thought could form in my head, Ian had swept the covers away. The dual sensation spikes of sudden awareness of my exposure and my excitement about that fact dueled in my chest. A breeze of cool air tickled my pussy, and the scent of my lust wafted through the room.
"Oh my god," Felix gasped. "You two are so fucking hot."
Okay, yeah, the audience was definitely doing something for me. Knowing that I had forever changed in their view. That this side of me, this slutty, wanton side that craved heat and sweat and fullness was on full display. There was no doubt. They could see how my warm cunt flushed with need and soaked my husband's fingers.
Speaking of which…
I tapped Ian's arm. "Hold up just a second." I whimpered just a little bit as he slipped out of me, before grabbing the tiny workout shorts and scooting them off me. "These just seem kind of unnecessary at this point."
"When in Rome," Ian said, taking off his shirt. I took a moment to admire his broad shoulders and just…really excellent arms. Dang. My hubby. Quite the hunk.
I slipped my shirt off as well, now completely nude, I instinctively held my arms close to my body before relaxing into a performative relaxed facsimile of my previous pose. Just to cap off the awkwardness of the situation, I gave a couple of finger guns toward the other couple.
"Ayyyy…" regaining my composure. "So? It was like this? This is more of what you guys were looking for?"
"Mmm-hmm," Felix nodded, biting his lip and shifting his legs. He was sitting on the edge of the bed now, eyes fixed on me as his pencil continued to move across the page.
"This won't-AH!" my cool one-liner was cut off as Ian's fingers found their mark. Now that we were out in the open, he could get a better angle, rubbing up against my inner walls while stimulating my clit with his thumb. I tried to continue. "This won't mess up your drawing? I mean, I had the blanket before."
Felix just laughed. "Nah, I'm good." Zach moved in behind him, started to grab his husband's ass, then looked at the photo and chuckled.

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