Road to the Sun Ch. 08

tagIncest/TabooRoad to the Sun Ch. 08

This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older. This is an incest story. If it is not your cup of tea, please move on.
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Road to the Sun Chapter:08
Claire gets more than she bargained for.
Snow-covered mountains and a bitter breeze met James as he walked back to his pickup. He could have had one of his sisters come with him and bring back the SUV at the same time, but hearing them still laughing he decided to do it all on his own.
'The Walk of Shame' back to the cabin earlier that day had caused, for what seemed like forever, the Cromwell siblings to bust out in laughter. It was funny, he supposed, but also embarrassing for James. He didn't think that the laughter had even stopped while he went to bring the pickup back because it seemed to get even more irritating.
He had a few things on his mind and the peace and quiet helped him focus. Well, that's what he hoped would happen. Reality was the chilly wind biting at his face and ears, just a small part of the problem with trying to think straight. His mind started humming a tune on its own about Jack Frost nipping at his nose. Which in turn brought up the fact that the holidays were fast approaching. Which also meant that Claire's birthday would be soon, just after Thanksgiving.
'Winter!' he thought. Just what they needed. He had already picked up the stuff to winterize the vehicles and he knew it had to be done today, no putting off! He'd do it after he warmed up. As for Claire's birthday present? He needed to get started on making something nice for her as well. Not going to be easy hiding it from her while he worked on it, one room cabin and all. But, he would find a way.
Another thing that ran through his mind was that he had met Mariah's twin sister Tess. Meeting another set of twins was a bit of a surprise, but a nice one. Very lovely brown eyes and an ample chest if her tight fitting sweater was to be believed. She seemed to be flirting with him, but he wasn't sure.
He froze in place as his hand reached for the door handle of his truck when the thought of fucking two sets of twins at the same time crossed his mind. He had never even thought of having sex with Mariah or Tess till that moment. He tried to shake the idea from his head and then climbed in and headed back to the cabin. It was an idea that wouldn't shake loose.
"What-ya thinking about?" Claire asked him as he seemed to be zoning off.
"About how all this…" he motioned with his hand to seemingly indicate the entire cabin, "came about."
She had a confused look on her face when she asked, "With Mom and Dad dying?"
"In a roundabout way… yeah."
"Roundabout way?" Melody asked.
"Yeah… if I hadn't had nightmares about Mom, y'all wouldn't have been sleeping in my bed with me, and I wouldn't have fallen out."
"What does that have to do with us being here?" Cindy inquired.
"And what does anything have to do with you falling out of bed?" Melody added.
He sat down on the mattress and let out a drawn-out sigh, "I didn't mean being here, as in here in Montana or the cabin. I meant here as in a sexual relationship with each other."
"What do falling out of bed and sex have to do with each other?" Cindy inquired.
"Who did you have sex with and when did it happen?" Melody's stern glare made it quite evident that she wasn't happy at the thought. He knew that look well. How could he not? Eighteen years of his life he had spent with his sisters; his entire life up to that moment, a life that might end soon unless he was careful.
"Nothing like that Mel," he said with his hands up in surrender.
When a smile crossed her face, he continued. "You remember when I fell out of bed back in Georgia?"
"Yeah." She smiled brightly.
"When I stood up and saw the three of you laying in my bed, that was the first time I knew what true beauty looked like."
He heard the twins sigh and his oldest sister's "Aw". When he met their eyes they blushed. His heart started to beat a little harder.
"It was also the first time that I-I got aroused." Now he was a bit embarrassed. "When I saw you three in the kitchen."
"Is that why you ran off? You got hard?" Cindy asked.
"No, I… don't really know why I ran," he hung his head and shook it. He felt three hands touch him at the same time; one on each shoulder and one on his thigh.
He looked at the hand on his thigh and followed the arm up to Claire's face. Her hair color he really didn't know what it would be called except for black. She had blonde stands here and there along with other colors like red and brown. Her sky blue eyes were soft and caring. He felt like he could just look into her eyes for the rest of his life and be happy. "I think things are different now."
Claire touched his face with her other hand and gave it a gentle touch. "Things are different and have been for a while." She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips, then sat back and waited for him to continue.
He licked his bottom lip and sighed, then looked at his other sisters. "I've been… doing a good bit of thinking while at work this past week." It got deathly quiet in the cabin. Even the fire seemed to hold its popping and crackling waiting for the other shoe to drop. "Mostly been thinking about you and me, Mel." He looked at her and watched as she bit her upper lip and seemed to be nervous. "Part of me wanted to grab you and kiss you when I got home, then rip your clothes off and throw you on the bed." She smiled and blushed at that part but was still showing a touch of nervousness mixed with the desire sparkling in her eyes.
"But…," he could sense the tension in the cabin rise, "we are brother and sister. And it is still illegal." The shoe dropped and he watched Melody's eyes moisten. As her tears began to fall he took her by the shoulders. "But, I don't care. I love you! I'm in love with you! It might be wrong and people will condemn us for it, but they can all go to hell! I don't want to lose what we have! I don't want to lose you!"
James didn't get the chance to finish as he was tackled by Melody and kissed fiercely. When she was done, she raised herself up by pushing against his chest. Looked him in the eyes and then punched him in the chest!
"Ouch! What the hell, Mel?!"
"Don't you EVER do that to me again!"
"What did I do?"
"It sounded like you were breaking up with me!"
He grabbed her and pulled her tight against his chest and kissed the top of her head. "I'll never break up with you! You're family and family comes first!" He kissed the top of her head again.
She kissed his chest and moved to look him in the eyes again. "Next time, you better think of how you say something and not just what you want to say, buster!" She kissed his lips once more then sat up straight and wiped her tears away.
He sat up and looked at Cindy and Claire. He didn't know what to say and took a few moments to organize his thoughts.
Claire then asked: "Have you thought about us?"
"Sort of."
"Sort of?"
"Before I answer, let me just finish my original thought."
"Go on."
"Like I said, I was thinking more of Melody. And how our relationship would work out with all of us living here. It's not like we have any privacy, like our own rooms. And I didn't want to hurt either you or Cindy. But Saturday kind of threw everything out the window for me. I…"
Melody interrupted: "James, I think I know where you're going with this. I wouldn't agree with sneaking around behind everyone's back. That's why I brought Cindy into the mix Saturday and why I seduced Claire."
Claire interrupted this time, "I haven't had real sex in over seven months. And… well…"
It was apparently Cindy's turn, "You're one lucky son-of-a-bitch, James!"
He looked towards her and raised an eyebrow out of confusion.
She continued; "You — have — a — Harem! Three women; all sisters. A pair of twins; every man's dream. And to top it all off, we're your sisters!"
Melody added, "Guess he didn't pay attention last night when I told him he had three women to take care of now!" She giggled.
He shook his head and replied, "That's why I said everything went out the window last night."
All three of his sisters leaned forward and placed their hands on the mattress and started to crawl towards him when he held up his hands to stop them. "Whoa, I have a few questions."
The lusty hunger in each of their eyes dimmed a bit and they sat back.
"Don't you want all three of us?" Melody asked a bit nervously.
"I do, but I'm not sure how this 'harem' thing works."
"Are you serious? Or are you pulling our leg?" Claire asked.
"I just told you all about my experience when it comes to sex. Before you, I didn't have any. I'm not sure I know what to expect."
Cindy giggled, then said, "A harem is a group of three or more women who are available for you to fuck."
Claire added, "The wives, concubines, female relatives, and servants dedicated to one man."
"If you want to get technical it also means a room or structure that houses the women," Melody stated.
A loud pop came from the fireplace and sent a hot ember flying across the room that landed behind the girls. Cindy was quick to put it out.
"We really need to get a screen," Claire stated.
The twins both said "Right" at the same time, then giggled.
"Any more questions?" Melody asked.
"Well, I already knew what a harem was, but how does this work?"
"How does it work?" Melody asked.
"Yeah, I mean do we all have to have sex at the same time or can I have sex with one of you at a time?"
"Both," the twins answered.
Claire went on to say that if he wanted personal time with one of them that the other two would give it to them, but with how they lived right now, that at night, it would mostly be a group thing. No real choice since they were all in the same room, and no one could expect them to just lie back, pull a blanket over her head and pretend nothing was happening. Melody went on to clarify that it would also work that way for the girls.
James realized that the girls had been talking while he was getting gas for the SUV. "Um, what type of 'harem' do you consider us?"
"Definitely family members," Melody replied. "And only family members. I also consider this permanent!"
He looked at Cindy and then Claire and asked, "And you two?"
Claire looked him straight in the eyes with a hunger that he had seen several times the last month. "James, all I can think about is having sex with you. Ever since I read those cursed letters."
He was going to ask about what letters when Cindy answered him, "I agree with Mel."
Claire continued, "I want you to be my lover forever, James. I need you to be my lover."
"Wow! I… ah… hmm…," he was floored. With his mind reeling he closed his eyes and tried to get his thoughts organized. He had far too many questions running rampant and blurring one into another.
"James, we want you to understand that no matter what happens, we're family first and foremost. We love you with all our heart and can't afford to lose each other. We've lost too much," Melody added.
Cindy pitched in, "I can tell you have a lot of questions. I can also tell that you have no idea what to say or ask. So, I'm going to tell you why I'm all for this and maybe it will help. I've dated a few guys. Most of them just wanted in my pants. Well, I should say, they all just wanted in my pants! When we would talk, all they talked about is themselves and what they wanted. They expected me to just back them up and do what they wanted. They didn't care what I wanted. All they wanted from me was a place to stick their cock."
"I got to know their families; their sisters always told me that their brothers never did anything for them like what you have done for me. Well, for us. You might think they are just little insignificant things… but, that meant a lot to me. You go out of your way to do special things, too. You put our needs first and often do without things that you need so we can have a few extras. You've always been like that.
"When Mom and Dad died, you did what you've always done. A little more aggressively, perhaps, but you still took on far more than any of us could have. Not only that, but you did it and never ever complained. I know it wasn't easy. You never put anything off until the last moment and often will drop what you're doing to help us.
"You've won my heart, James. I'm yours, body and soul. Forever. And I do mean FOREVER."
He felt like crying, but he didn't. What he did do was to reach over and gently touched her chin then leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. His forehead then rested against hers and he said, "I love you too," very softly. When he sat back, Claire spoke.
"I've dated several guys, even had a few 'one-night stands'. Not one of them has made me so 'hot and bothered' like you do. I know I sound like a bitch in heat, maybe I am. Maybe I'm a whore or a slut…" James grabbed her head with both hands and looked her in the eyes with a fierce glare and said, "DON'T EVER CALL YOURSELF A WHORE OR A SLUT! AND DON'T LET ANYONE ELSE CALL YOU THAT! IF THEY DO, TELL ME AND I'LL BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM!" Then he said a good bit more quietly, "Sorry to yell, sis."
She kissed him lightly and giggled briefly before she continued. "James, my dear brother, I want to be one for you! I want to do so many things with you it will make your head spin! I want you to call me a whore and a slut when we do them. It gets me hot!"
"I don't know if I could do that, but we'll see." Her statement threw him for a loop, but he didn't want to upset her. If it made her happy he'd at least give it a try.
"I guess I should tell you why I'm in love you," Claire continued. "When I was with my last boyfriend, I found several letters. They were love letters. They went into great detail about how they felt for each other and why they fell in love. They also went into great detail about the sex they had. They were lovely letters. You could feel their love and it hit me hard. I wanted what they had."
"The more I read the more I wanted that type of love. It turned out that they were between a brother and his sister. Well, between my boyfriend and his sister. Then he called me by his sister's name later that night while we were having sex. When he realized what he had done, he took me back to the dorms, dropped out of school and moved. He never said a thing to me, just dropped me like a hot potato.
"Those letters changed me. They were beautiful and described something I wanted more than anything else. The more I thought about them being a brother and a sister, the more I realized that you and I had the same things going on between us. Well, except for the sex part.
"It didn't take long to start dreaming of you in that way. I fantasized about you when I played with myself. Then it turned into a need to have you like that. It drove me so crazy that I had to have sex. I hooked up with an ex and all I could think about is that it was you who was fucking me. I know it wasn't right to use him as a proxy, but I needed to be fucked! By you! If I can't be with you I know I'll go mad!" When she said that she started to cry.
If there was one thing he couldn't stand it was to see a woman cry. It broke his heart. What made it worse was that the woman crying happened to be his sister. He grabbed her with a tight hug and held her. "Shh, everything will be alright, baby. No need to cry. It explains a lot. If I knew how you felt then I would never have turned you down. I love you, Claire. I always will."
When he heard more crying to his left he saw Melody crying too. He reached out to her and brought her into the hug. He looked over at Cindy, saw that she was in tears as well and pulled her into the group hug.
"I've never been in love before, never had a girlfriend. I don't know what I'm going to do with three," he laughed.
"You'll figure it out," Cindy softly stated through her tears.
"Claire? I'm sorry! I've been such a bitch towards you. I didn't know. I'm really sorry for the way that I have treated you. Please forgive me," Melody asked.
Claire hugged Melody and said, "Nothing to forgive, sis. You didn't know. I should've told you."
The siblings held onto one another in relative silence, save the occasional sniffle, for a good while. Every now and then a grunt due to a little harder squeeze would cause them to giggle. During a giggle was when James noticed the time. It was past two in the afternoon.
"I hate to break up our hug, but I need to winterize our cars."
Needless to say, that created three very disappointed women. They pleaded and begged him to do it next weekend. He told them that yesterday had thrown his plans into disarray and due to the way the weather had been, he needed to get it done sooner rather than later to protect them all.
He kissed all of them lovingly on the lips and told each of them that he loved them and how he wished he didn't need to fool with the vehicles. When they finally let him go, they all sighed and told him not to take too long.
He gave them all one last look and blew them a kiss before he went out the door.
Mr. White sat in the office of the lodge and watched Tess dance around the store on the monitor. He could tell she was giddy. Hell, anyone who saw her could tell. When he noticed the time he leaned back in the office chair and put his feet up on the corner of the desk; reached for the phone and called Grams.
"Hi, Grams!"
"Hey, Charles! How are you doing sweetie?"
"Doing okay. You?"
"Doing fine, sweetie. So, to what do I owe this honor?"
"It seems the kids are here."
"How do you know?"
"He came in this morning to get gas."
"So, he met Tess?"
"Yep, and she has been like a sky spirit dancing on flower petals all morning."
"Well… I did not expect that to happen so soon."
"Really? I thought the spirits told you everything?"
"No, sweetie. They tell me just what I need to know."
"The spirits do like their secrets I guess."
"That they do sweetie. Do you know if Mariah met him yet?"
"She must have. When he came in he thought Tess was Mariah."
"Interesting. That must have happened yesterday."
"Why do you say that?"
"When she came home yesterday she dragged Tess into their bedroom. She seemed really excited."
"Do you know where they are at?"
"Unfortunately, no."
"Hmm, they're not at the house?"
"No, Grams, they're not."
The line was quiet for a few seconds. "Ah, I see. Sly Fox, you need to send the Red-head to find them."
"Rachel? Do you think that's wise? She's an outsider."
"Yes, sweetie. The spirits just told me."
"Will do, Grams. Anything else?"
"Keep them all safe honey and let nature take its course."
"As you wish Grams. Love you!"
"Love you too, sweetie! Bye now."
He stood up and stretched for a moment and checked the monitor. When he was satisfied that the store was safe he walked outside and cast his eyes towards the sky and prayed. "Oh. Old Man! Please watch over them all. Keep them all safe, don't let this time turn out to be like the others! Please, I beg you!" Tears fell from his eyes.
Geraldine could hardly believe it had been almost 150 years since the last time the 'Great Event' took place. Then it had involved her great-grandparents. The time before that was almost 300 years prior. She couldn't even guess how long ago the time before that was. But every time 'Two always die'. It was a sickening thought. The last two to die were her great-great-aunts; twins, sisters of their brother, her great-grandfather. They died during 'The Trial', whatever the blazes that was.

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