Rocky Face Cocky | Beep Stories

Grin and bare it smile Life’s cruel
Hot and dripping he lit my fuel

69 fuckers necklace.He bites her neck.

Beatnik beaded Goth heart Rolling Stones

sounds. He shifted so close desirable

( tasty mounds) what a poke.

The stranger Billy don’t B Joelly joke.

Dark-love complicated Damn it Choke her.

Just fuck her!!

to blame rocky divorce sucked so many times


electrocuted noises seated.He begged

“Oh! FUCK ME” pleated.

The last time 2-B with her killer sex toys she sued.

She got jinxed He was Moonstruck

crazy and read so erotically blue

What nerve Rocky eye punched. What

a wicked smile nymphomanic got bitched.

She the Goth dark horse of course?

Look at her picture please no lecture.

Trembling Rocking horror Hannibal Chair.

She’s rocking and speaking loser pair?

Elevated body wedding dress Hey little sister

What have you done? Rocky Horror show clone.

Blood was dripping he got leaky? Killer smile

She neighed @ race track rocky train

Longer than life white dress chalked

You were being watched eye’s stalked

Webs cock stuck her nibs the spider sucked

Being followed face last puff lighter

Loud drips from the sink discolored

Wrinkled Hand’s Slime green colored

Horror long neck tricksy named Stacy

So sex graphic racy

Emerald city erotic eye’s melt

Dorothy surrender vagina poppy,

“Rocky Horror Show” boobs submissive

Stand up comedy. Sadistic droopy

He’s no lover of mine rocky he made his bed

With her smile, I will always love you dead