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I want to tell you about the time, back in the 1970s, that I first watched my wife Kate being fucked by another man, and had the pleasure of fucking her straight after he had cum inside her, while he watched. It was a memorable occasion, and I recall it very vividly, and I've been thinking about it more and more in recent years.
Kate and I were at still at university then, living in a residential college. We had become boyfriend-and-girlfriend about a year before the night I'm about to describe, and were already a committed couple. A few years later we were married, and we've stayed together ever since. We had a large, loose but quite close-knit group of friends in college – the kind that you fall into naturally when you are at university – with whom we spent a lot of time, and did a lot of partying.
One evening after a college dinner a few of us, maybe a dozen to start with, found ourselves in the rooms of one of these friends, Marion. We had all had quite a lot to drink, not drunk but very mellow and keen to party. We went to her place because she had more room than the rest of us – a study/sitting room and a separate, tiny bedroom. Marion turned the main lights off as we all settled ourselves in her sitting room, leaving only two low table lamps on. It was kind of atmospheric, but there was enough light to see what was going on, and what unfolded later. She put on some music and we all danced for a while. We filled the room so everyone was dancing close, and we all paired up rather randomly, dancing with whomever of the opposite sex we found themselves alongside, and swapping dance partners from time to time.
By tacit agreement Kate and I didn't stick together, and we both danced with a succession of other people. Things become a bit more smoochy as some slower songs came on, with boys and girls cuddling as they danced and kissing a little. I saw Kate gently snogging several of the boys, and I was doing the same with some of the girls. This kind of thing was not that unusual. It had happened before in our group – quite sexy but rather innocent too, and there was no reason to expect it to lead to anything.
So time passed and it got late, and eventually the party started to break up as people drifted away until there were just five of us left. Kate and me, Marion, and two other guys, Rod and John. As I've said we were all close friends, but Kate and I were the only couple in this little group. We'd all stopped dancing and had subsided onto the couch and chairs, but the music was still playing and the smoochy mood continued. As the dancing finished Kate had been partnered with Rod and they had been snogging a little. Now they were sitting on the couch together. Well, to be more precise, she was sitting on his knee. They had continued cuddling kind of affectionately, as they had been doing whole they danced, but after a while they began really kissing. They were clinging tight to one another, their tongues were deep in one another's mouths as their lips mashed together.
But I wasn't paying much attention to what Kate was doing because, a few feet across the room from them, I was sitting with Marion on my knee. She was a superb raven-haired girl, willowy and pale. We too had been dancing and nuzzling one another and cuddling as we swayed around the room, and our lips had brushed and lingered several times. Now we had subsided into a chair, her on my knee, and we too were now kissing deeply. I'd never gone this far with Marion before, and I sensed that she was getting pretty aroused. I certainly was. As I held her I could feel her firm, slender, supple body through the thin silk shirt she wore, and as my hands roamed across her back I was aware that she was not wearing a bra. She had small, high, pert breasts and could easily leave them free without attracting undue attention to them, and earlier in the evening I had enjoyed watching her nipples move seductively under the fabric.
So, what with the wine and the kissing and the low light and the presence of her body I found myself succumbing to the obvious temptation. As we kissed I slipped a hand around to her front and slowly moved it up to cup her breast through her shirt. This was definitely further than I'd ever gone with her before, and I wondered how she'd react. She didn't leave me wondering for long. As my fingers brushed her nipple she moaned gently into my mouth. She arched her back to press her breast into my hand, and squirmed on my lap. She liked it, and wanted more.
I'll never know why, out of countless undergraduate nights of partying and flirting, this was the night that things happened. And I'll never know whether they would have happened had I not reached around to fondle Marion's breast through her silk shirt. But at any rate this was the move that nudged our night into magical new territory.
Thus encouraged, I tweaked a button on her shirt, and then another. Now her shirt hung open at the top and I could slide my hand inside her shirt and caress her bare breast, teasing her hard little nipple. Her moans deepened. Then I felt her hands move between us, and I realised to my delight that she was undoing the remaining buttons in her shirt. In a few seconds it hung right open. I pushed the two front panels aside and bent down to kiss and lick her gorgeous little breasts as they appeared before me. She clutched my head to her breast and let out a loud guttural sigh. Across the room I sensed, rather than saw, Kate look up. Later she told me that it was Marion's sighing as I kissed her breasts that alerted her to what was going on – that the evening had taken a new turn. She said that she and Rod had both paused to look, drinking in the sight of Marion's beautiful bare breasts and me nuzzling away at them.
And so of course had John, who was sitting by himself at the other end of the couch. Three guys and two girls meant that one of us as guys was spare, and at this moment it was John. He was not a shy or retiring type, and after looking on enviously at Marion and me, he said, not specifically to anyone but to the room at large, "Hey. I'm being left out here! Can I take a turn?" I looked up to see what would happen. We all liked John a lot and I was pretty sure that one of the girls would heed his cry. I wondered if Kate would swap from Rob to John. But she stayed where she was, and it was Marion who moved. With a quick peck and a tight hug she stood up off my lap and stepped across the room towards John, her open shirt fluttering around her bare torso and her breasts proudly on display. She sat herself on John's knee and started kissing him. He slid her shirt off so she was now naked from the waist up, and began to fondle and kiss her breasts as I had been doing. She showed every sign of enjoying his attentions just as much as she'd enjoyed mine.
But I didn't pay that much attention to Marion and John just then. Now I was the guy sitting and watching and waiting his turn, while two couples were making out on the couch opposite me, and one of those couples was my Kate and this other guy, Rod. Emboldened by Marion and I, Rod had begun to stoke Kate's breasts through her top, and she was responding appreciatively, mewing and squirming in a very sexy way. Then, as Marion moved across the room and sat down on John's knee, Rod and Kate pushed things up a notch.
This is a moment I remember very clearly. Kate was sitting upright on Rod's knee. She was wearing a soft knitted top. He reached down and slid his hand under her top and up to her breasts, squeezing then gently. Kate shimmied with pleasure and, reaching down, she grasped the lower edge of her top in both hands pulled it up over her head, then threw it off and tossed it onto the floor. Now she was sitting on Rod's knee in her bright white lacy bra. Then she reached behind her back and undid her bra. Her breasts swung into view. All this was no surprise really. Kate was quite competitive in her way, especially sexually, and she would have been eager to show off her breasts once Marion's were on display.
I was mesmerised by this scene, and even more when Kate did that thing that women do that I love so much – she cradled her tits in her hands and presented them to Rod. Her breasts are quite large on her small frame, and the sight of her hefting their weight and lifting them towards his open mouth was riveting. He dived onto them and started kissing and licking and caressing. Kate was sitting sideways across his knees so I could see Rod's hands and his mouth and tongue all over her, and watch Kate's face as she began to succumb to her arousal. I could see just how much she was enjoying this – not just the man kissing her tits and nibbling her nipples but the whole situation with Marion and John doing the same right in front of her. When her eyes were not closed in pleasure and lust they were wide open, as she gazed at John kissing Marion's breasts just a couple of feet away from her.
And I knew now that things would have to go further. Kate just loved to have her breasts kissed like that. She used to say that any man who got this far with her was sure to go all the way and fuck her, so I knew that she was now going to be eager for more.
After a little while she glanced over to me and kind of smiled at me as if to say, not 'Are you OK with this?' because I don't think she was giving me a choice, but 'Enjoy this….'
She had good reason to believe that I would. In fact she knew I'd be beside myself with eager lust, because she knew how I felt about her fucking other boys. She was a very promiscuous young lady when we met. Although she presented as a very prim and proper young lady, she had fucked (she claimed, and I believed her) about 50 guys before me. She slowed down a little after we became a steady couple, but she was still happy to fuck any half-way good-looking boy whenever the chance offered. And I encouraged her to do so, because I found I was very turned on by it.
From early in our relationship she'd tell me in great detail what she'd done with other guys, and sometimes she had come to my bed straight from fucking another guy, with her pussy still full of his cum, and I'd fuck her like that. Up to this time, however, I'd never seen her with another guy, but we had talked about it and she knew I was very turned on by the idea of actually watching her being fucked.
So I returned her smile, and gave a kind of dazed nod, as if to say 'Go for it.' Then she turned her attention back to Rod.
Things moved pretty quickly from there, but before going on I need to pause to describe how indescribably sexy it was to watch those first moves – they stick in my mind just as much as the more carnal and graphic images that were to come. Watching Rod reach up under Kate's top, her reaching round and arching her back as she undid her bra, letting it fall away and her tits springing into view and her hands cradling them for him and him leaning forward and his tongue coming out and licking her nipples and her expression on her face as her lust mounted and his expression as he nuzzled and fondled her and he realised that things were going to go further and that he'd probably get to fuck her, and that little smile she gave me… how many times have I replayed those images in my mind as I've masturbated in some hotel room somewhere, or as I've kissed and licked Kate's breasts myself or while I've slid my cock in and out of her cunt.
And the other thing I ought to mention before going on is to explain a bit about Rod and Kate's attitude to him. As I said at the start, he was one of our circle of close friends, but within that circle he was not one of our closest friends. We both liked him OK and got on with him well, but we weren't really close. He was not especially handsome or attractive. He has ok-looking, and well-built, fit and nicely muscled, but not someone Kate or other girls raved about. Nor was Kate especially keen on him as a personality. If anything she was a little cool towards him. But none of that mattered that night.
So, to return to the scene on the couch. Kate and Marion were both naked from the waist up, Kate sitting on Rod's knee and Marion sitting on John's. Each guy was licking and nibbling and fondling the breasts of the girl on his knee, alternating with deep tongue-twirling kisses. I was sitting in an armchair opposite the couch – though not far from it, just six or eight feet maybe. Both girls were wearing skirts, the quite full, flouncy below-knee-length skirts that were the fashion then. It was warm weather and neither of the girls was wearing pantyhose, so their legs were bare under their skirts. I'm not sure how long it took to move to the next level, but not long. Once the girl's shirts were off and their breasts were bare and presented to the hands and mouths of the guys, it seemed I think inevitable that their skirts would come off too and they would both end up opening their thighs and presenting their pussies and being fucked.
Kate was certainly, to my experienced eye, ready to move that way. I knew the signs. Almost as soon as she'd offered Rod her tits to kiss and suck I could tell by the way she squirmed and moaned on his lap and the way her legs were falling open and she was rocking her hips that she wanted him to put his hand up her skirt, and was inviting him to do so. She had unbuttoned Rod's shirt and pulled it open and was running her hands over his body as he ran his hands over hers.
But it was John who made the next big move. My attention, which had been riveted on Kate and Rod, switched to Marion and John when I saw John slide one hand from Marion's waist down her leg over her skirt till his hand rested on her bare calf below the hem. Then he slowly but relentlessly drew his hand back up her leg, pushing the hem of her skirt up with it. I watched entranced as his hand reached her knee and kept going, exposing Marion's long, shapely thigh as her skirt was pushed further and further up her leg towards her pussy. As he did this with one hand, John's mouth was busy sucking one of Marion's nipples, while his other hand caressed her other breast. Marion had her arms around John's head holding him into her breasts, so her face was clear for me to see above John's head. She had a look of complete lustful abandonment.
As John's hand pushed up past her knee, Marion gently, subtly but unmistakably eased herself back from him, pulling her breast away from his mouth, and at the same time opening her thighs and pushing her pelvis forward to meet his questing hand. He glanced up at her and they looked one another in the eye as his hand traversed the last few inches of her thigh and pushed her skirt right up to her waist, exposing her panties. Then I watched as Marion parted her thighs a little more, and then a little more still, exposing the place where the fabric of her panties was stretched tight over her pussy. I watched as John rather timidly brushed the back of his hand once, twice, three times gently against the gusset of her panties, pressing the soft folds of her pussy beneath it.
Marion moaned softly and pushed her thighs further apart still, so they were now spread wide, presenting an unmistakable invitation to John touch her down there. John hooked a finger around the elastic of Marion's panties and pulled the fabric to one side. As she'd opened her legs, Marion had swung round a slightly so she was now facing a little towards me, offering me a clear view of John's hand on her pussy. I could see her puffy pink lips and her thick bush of pubic hair, and I watched as John eased his fingers between her lips and began to slither them up and down her moist slit, and then, after a few moments, pushed one of his fingers into her cunt.
Meanwhile, just a couple of feet away, Kate and Rod were heading in very much the same direction. But they were more direct about it. They'd broken off their kissing, though Rod was still fondling Kate's tits, as they, like me, watched John's hand moving up Marion's leg and into her panties. The girls were facing one another as they sat on their guy's knees, so Kate and Rod had even better view than I had of what was happening. As John's finger slid into Marion's vagina, Rod simply thrust his hand up Kate's skirt between her thighs towards her pussy. This was not hard. Her thighs were already far apart, and Rod could simply reach straight up to find her panties. I couldn't see what he did once he got there because Kate's skirt still covered her thighs, but it was obvious for the way his hand moved and the way Kate's hips rocked in response, that he'd just reached straight for her pussy, pulling her panties to one side, and began to finger her slit and push his fingers up into her cunt just as John had done with Marion.
This was quite a sight for me in my chair on the other side of the room. Two beautiful sexy young women squirming and moaning as they sat on these guys' knees having their cunts fingered. But again, this stage didn't last long, and predictably it was Kate who moved things along. She was always a bit impatient with the business of being fondled and fingered while being half-clothed. By the time things got to this point she liked to be naked. And also, in a situation like this, her exhibitionist streak came out. She was, I'm sure, eager to get naked not just to let thing progress with Rod, but to show her naked body off to Marion and John. Rod's hand had only been up her skirt for a few moments when she stood up off his lap and, unbuttoning the waistband, dropped her skirt, stepped out of it and threw it over to land on the carpet near my feet. Then she quickly shed her panties and threw them over towards me too. Now she stood there naked for a second or two, enjoying I'm sure the sensation that we were all looking at her. She looked so gorgeous, standing there in the warm glow of the lamp. Then she lay down on the carpet in front of the couch and, taking Rod's hand, pulled him off the couch and down onto the carpet with her.
As he lay down with Kate, half beside her and half on top of her, they began to kiss deeply again. Kate took Rod's hand and guided it down between her thighs, where her gorgeous lush triangle of pubic hair marked the entrance to her body. Her legs were spread wide now and I watched as Rod's fingers parted her pussy lips. She thrust her hips back and forth urgently in response as Rod's fingers alternately slid up and down the moist folds of her pussy and pushed into and out of her vagina. Kate reached out and ran her hand over the long bulge in the front of Rod's pants where his cock was obviously hard and straining at his fly. She started to fumble with his pants button to get his fly open, but wasn't making much progress, so Rod took matters into his own hands. With a series of swift, fluid motions he broke away from Kate, stood up, kicked off his shoes, threw off his shirt, wrenched open his pants and pushed them and his underpants down and off.
This was a very interesting moment for me. Remember this was the 1970s, long before internet porn meant that everything to do with sex was there to be seen online. So I had never seen an erect adult penis before, except my own. And now here, right in front of me, was one of my friends with his cock fully, flagrantly, proudly, defiantly erect as he stood over my naked girlfriend, who was sprawled naked and eager and panting for him on the floor before him.
I'll confess I gazed at his erection with something like awe, and not just because it was the first time I'd seen a mature man's cock standing up proud like that. It was not really an especially notable cock, just average size and girth, but it looked big as it reared out from his belly. And there were three things that really caught my attention. First, it rose from Rod's thick nest of pubic hair in a sharp upward curve that made it look, well, potent and even a little dangerous. Like a sword I guess. My cock has a bit of the same kind of curve, but Rod's was much more pronounced. I asked Kate about it later and she said she liked it a lot – liked the look of it and liked the way it felt inside her. Second, the head of his cock [he was circumcised] was a deep purple with a very flared lip around the edge, and it struck me, as it never had looking at my own cock, how clearly this organ was made for the specific purpose of penetration – of penetrating a woman's body. Looking at the head of Rod's cock I couldn't help but think that this bit of him was perfectly designed to do what I knew it was very soon going to be doing – pushing apart the lips of my girlfriend's pussy and entering her vagina and thrusting into her body.

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