Romantic Massage With My Aunty

 am working in a MNC Company. I was transferred to Bangalore. I was quite happy because there were lot many good plus points. I was staying in one of the post apartment of Bangalore. I was staying as a temporary bachelor all alone in a posh flat.

I became friendly with an Early Forties couple. Both Uncle & Aunty was also staying in the same apartment. They were a small family husband & wife of mid 40’s & their children were settled out of town.
I had hi, hello kind of relation & occasional tea or coffee at their place. Although uncle, aunty both insisted me many time for any kind of help if at all I needed.
It happened one day I was not feeling well. I casually went for tea at uncle’s place, since uncle was out I was chatting in general with Aunty. Aunty had lots of question to ask. After chatting for around couple of hrs., I asked what does uncle do (as a profession), aunty told me in a low voice Uncle is not working, but he has made some kind of arrangements that every month he gets some decent amount which helps them for their daily living. But due to some reasons, the money was not coming for the last 2-3 mths. & it may take couple months more to get sorted out.
During our conversation, I had also told aunty I am looking for a servant for my household work, so aunty immediately told me, she would do the household work temporarily. She said since I was alone, so there won’t be much of work also, & she would be able to manage it.
I was feeling quite uncomfortable with her suggestion, but she insisted a lot & finally I said ok, you can do it according to your convenience. She felt mentally relaxed.
She had my house keys, she used to come in morning for cleaning the house & then use to come around 7.00 pm to make hot food for me. I saw her working quite sincerely. She used to work regularly without getting tired. I used to praise her, the stamina she had for doing continuous work. (I said to myself, how much stamina she must be having during night that she must be having sex so many times.)
Although I had very much normal thinking about her & never thought anything wrong or had bad intentions about her. She was not very attractive too, little plump, saggy round breasts & had a dusky skin, bit muscular body also.
One day she was not feeling well, she had little fever & back ache. And same time uncle was also out of town, he had gone to for some his financial issues.
In spite of aunty not well, she still was coming to do household work; she cleaned my entire house & also came in evening to cook my food. I saw her looking quite weak & tired. I told her to take rest & instead of not to do work today. But she had almost finished cooking food for me. I told her that she should have her food at my place & take medicines from me. She agreed, after finishing her food I gave her medicine & told her to relax for a while at my place.
She felt better after 20-25 mns. then I said I would apply some ointment on your back, you would feel all the more better, but she was quite reluctant. I told her since you are all alone, & uncle would come after 2-3 dys. You would spoil your health all the more, I said its ok you can rest in other room, I would apply ointment on your back. After insisting 4-5 times she finally said half ok.
I told her to go & lie down in the other room; I came with ointment & hot water. I told her to make herself relax & remove her saree & be only in her blouse & petticoat & lay on her stomach. But she said I would not remove & adjust like that only.
It became very awkard for me to do it in that fashion, but I somehow started. I first gave mild sponge with hot water which she liked, she felt little comfortable, but then little water started spreading every where, & her saree & blouse started getting little wet, then she herself adjusted & removed her saree. When she was removing, she also lowered her petticoat a little, so as to it should not get wet.
I was doing it slowly & slowly, to adjust my position I came on top of her. I saw her back & her breasts coming out of blouse little bit & her body was giving a disky glow with the wetness. I asked her should I apply ointment, she just nodded her head.
I took some ointment on my fingers, and just rolled them on her back; I was quite thrilled & got excited with her soft body. I moved my hands up & down from her upper back to deep lower. I did this for 15-20 mns., after a while I was going lower & lower close to her bum’s. Even I was having great feeling. I kept doing this & occasionally saw her eyes. She had kept her eyes closed. And she was lying just silent.
I then removed some more ointment & applied on her back, we both were silent & occasionally talking to each other, we both just seemed to be enjoying the momentum. I massaged her for another 15-20 mns., & her eyes were still closed, & she was breathing heavily. Her breasts were going up & down due to deep breaths. And same time my dick was getting harder & harder, & hotter & hotter I was getting hell of an amazing feeling.
I asked her how she is feeling; she just grinned & said good. I understood, & then said to keep her body loose & told her would give second massage after 10-15 mns. I sat next to her & occasionally moved my hands on her smooth back & her shoulders. I was having a great feeling & my dick was rock hard. She just kept her eyes closed. After 10 mns. I said her should I give you a second massage, she just nodded.
I again brought hot water & started giving her a hot sponge. I had put mild shampoo & cleaned the entire oily ointment & her back was clean & shining like as if, she had come from her bath. This time again her clothes got little more wet. She didn’t realize & I trying my best not to make her clothes wet, I told her to lower her petticoat little more, she didn’t say anything but made her body loose, I started getting her signs. 
I moved it little down close to bottom crack. She didn’t object, I said her that her blouse is also getting wet & moved it little top from behind. But it didn’t work out anything much. I told her to make it little loose, so that I will move little upward. She still kept her eyes closed, just raised her back opened one of her blouse hook, but in a hurry she didn’t realize that, she opened her two hooks, her blouse became loose & I moved it on top. She was in her own sweet mood, she was enjoying like anything, I slowly & slowly moved it completely on top, close to her neck. I was just amazed to see her semi nude body; she was too lovely & just amazing in that position. I cleaned her body couple of times & was looking at her white marble like body.
I was getting in a fix what to do next. But since she had still kept her eyes closed, I realized that she was enjoying like anything. I said her I would apply a nice udi-cologne.
I switched off the main light & switched on the dim light & took nice cologne. I couldn’t control myself for long, I thought enough of all this & lets begin something. I took little perfumed cream in my hands applied on her entire back & made environment nice & romantic with dim light. I applied with both hands from bottom to top. Since her blouse was loose, I slowly moved my hands to her side upper curves. I just casually moved my hands through them, her body had a little shiver & she used to close her eyes tightly when I used to move my hands close to her curves. Her body too was getting hotter & hotter. I also moved my hands to her ass curves.
I did this 4-5 times, every time I moved my hand, I took it more inside, I saw her body getting hotter & hotter, & her legs were trembling, I came to know that she is also enjoying like anything. I slowly came on top of her, came close to her ears & asked her how you are feeling. Are you enjoying? She just smiled & said yes.
I kissed her entire back slowly & slowly. She was pressing her palms against the pillows, and was softly murmuring ssssshhhhh aaaaahhhhh hhhhhmmmm. I slowly made her turn towards me, she kept her eyes closed & her hands were catching mine. I was trying to kiss her & she was saying no no no no, pls no……, this is not right, pls don’t do this. I removed her blouse & bra. I started kissing her & started pressing her breasts. She kept saying no & directly kissed her on her lips & I sucked her lower lip. And I started massaging her other breast same time. I then started sucking her other breast. Her nipples had become hard & long like grapes, & I was started sucking grape juice of hers. She started moaning & making lot of sounds. She was moving her hands in my hair & was pressing head. And time and again she was shouting aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh.
Initially she was just moaning, then she started moaning harder & harder, sometimes she was holding my bed sheet tighter, with both her hands. And her grip was getting tighter & tighter. And then finally she started moving her fingers in my hair, she said aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh. She slowly said its wonderful, pls take my other breast, I am enjoying like anything. When I took the other breast, she was pressing my face harder & harder, & kept shouting aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh. She started reciprocating & started moving her hands towards my back & her legs started rubbing & moving on my legs. I started feeling her aggression.
She was so aggressive that she moved her hand inside my underwear & hold my penis & I was just amazed the way she slid her hand in pants & hold in just no time. Her palm was soft & hot. She said me; she wants to see my penis. I was amazed by that question. I removed my trouser & showed her, she just kept looking at it & slowly moved her hand on top of it 2-3 times in all directions. I was getting hell of a different sensations in my body, and one I had a shiver the way she hold & pressed in her hands.
Then she said it’s so soft & hard with all veins visible. She said uncle’s penis was very slim & small size. Her palm were quiet warm & soft, it was giving wonderful feelings. I told her to take in her mouth, which she was confused, she refused. She has she never done all such stuff. I said its ok, everything has a beginning, initially she was hesitant, but she said I would do it only for you. She took it in her mouth, but not for more than 30 secs & she said she is feeling quiet odd. When she took in her mouth, she licked it like a hot chocolate. She really didn’t knew, but I was surprised she took it in her mouth completely. She told her to do it to & for. And once again told to take in her mouth completely & then told to move her tongue. That feeling was just awesome. I was out of that world for few seconds.
Then aunty said, pls put it inside me. I am not able to control. I said not so easily. I said I want to give you some more pleasure, I moved down licked her tummy, her thighs & then moved to her pussy, her pussy lips were rosy pink. They were soft as if petals of rose. I started licking from the curves of her pussy, and took one petal in my mouth and then sucked the second one, I was able to see her pussy was flowing with mild perfume liquid in just few seconds, a good perfumed smell spread all in the room. And she just couldn’t stop moaning, she was shouting ssssshhhhhh ssssshhhhhh aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh, typical aunty style. She kept pressing my head on her pussy lips & kept raising her buttocks, she started shouting aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh, aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh, am coming am coming, & kept coming & coming for almost more than 10 secs.
All my lips were full of her sperms. She just lay quiet. I lied down next to her for 2 mnns. After 2 mns. I casually was caressing her breasts & nipples. I moved my finger tips on her tummy & then back to her breasts, & in not more than 3-4 mns. her nipples got erect.
I took them in my mouth & she again started pressing them hard. She then took my penis with her other hand, started moving up & down. I said now I will give you the pleasure ride. I continued fondling & sucking her for couple of mns., then gave her a hot smooch & fingered her, she was again restless. She said now put it in, I want more. I got on top of her, kissed her lips & slowly entered my penis inside. She was not doubt little tight, she shouted a little slowly slowly. Its paining a little. I gave her couple of small jerks. And my penis went almost inside. I kissed her & smooched her once again. She then held my back, and was nailing me. She was rubbing her hands vigorously & was scratching my back. She locked her legs on my back & started moving her hips up & down.
I was amazed with her response, I then started fucking her & my speed increased slowly & slowly. I later took her legs on my shoulder & started pumping. It was going deep inside, every push of penis was making a wet noise. I pumped her hard, the same time I was also pressing her breasts. She was just enjoying every bit of it. I then said I would come any moment, she said she is also going to come. I started pumping her harder & harder, her breasts were going up & down. I started shouting baby I am coming coming aaahhh aaahhh aaahhh aaahhh, & then she reciprocated me by pressing my back & shouted aaauuuhhhh aaauuuhhhh aaauuuhhhh aaauuuhhhh, aaaaauuuuccccccccchhhh come soon come soon, & at the same time I flooded my sperms in her vagina. Her vagina was full of sperms, I kept on coming for few seconds. She also trembled & holded me very tight from my back & waist. We both felt the hot liquid inside each other. We both were lying down & after couple of mns. she started kissing me & said you maid me realize my young days. I feel you have made me feel younger by almost 10-15 yrs. She said never leave me & go.