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Ever since they were kids, Natalie was always bossing her little sister Rose around. Being the four years age difference, Natalie acted like she was the chosen one, and Rose had to suffer the indignities of being the kid sister. Natalie was always telling her what to do, ordering Rose like she was a fucking servant for the chosen one. She was always flouncing around, nose in the air, bragging about her virginity, and proclaiming how no one except some Prince Charming would take it on some future wedding night. Rose was sick of her sister’s attitude, Rose had given up her virginity just after her 15th birthday, and good riddance to it.
Her daddy’s business partner, Mr. Fields, had done the honors. Mr. Fields was married, him and his wife had enjoyed a healthy sex life until two years ago, when she had gone nutty religious, deemed sex sinful and immoral, and cut him off from any sexual activity. He got off the built up loads by masturbation, but there was nothing like good, solid fucking with a hot and willing partner. His frustration at being denied the pleasures that the used to enjoy so freely, it weighed heavily. He didn’t want to start an affair, or use some hooker, he had to protect his reputation. He was also terrified of picking up some deadly sexually transmitted disease.
When Rose turned 14, puberty kicked in, giving her a more nubile shape, filling out her body, plumping her boobs up from tiny little bumps to a healthy 34C. She noticed that whenever she was around Mr. Fields, he’d check out her developing body, and sometimes he had to disguise the fact that he had a hot, stiff erection. Knowing that she was making him hot made her hot, her nightly masturbation fantasies had him driving his hard cock deep inside, plucking her cherry, riding her until she climaxed to the imagined rush of his hot seed spraying deep inside her.
When she turned 15, she took the bull by the horns. She got herself on the pill, when it was in effect, she sent Mr. Fields an e-mail, with very explicit pictures of her nude body. Her suggestion to come and see or better yet, touch her in person, she knew that she would be in the house alone Friday afternoon, and she said she hoped that he would take her invitation. He wasted no opportunity, and Rose knew that he was there to collect, and she intended to deliver. A suggestion that they go up to her bedroom, and get comfortable, and she enjoyed giving him a private strip show, watching his pants tenting way up as he fattened his eyes with the sight of a very horny, very eager 15 year old. His eyes were everywhere, from her 34C chest, her perky nipples, stiff, erect and achy with need, and his eyes were wide and staring as he drank in the sight of her bare, shaved mons, and he was quickly naked.
Rose saw his cock, 8 inches of hard, horny male flesh, she savored the idea. Looking at the hard instrument of her deflowering had really ramped her up, her pussy wanted it, NOW.
She had purred, “Come and fuck me Mr. Fields, I’m all tight and virgin for you, you’ll be the first man to fill up my tight little pussy!”
Her legs spread, she watched with wide eyes as Mr. Fields was quickly in position. He ran his cockhead up and down her lips, bringing the juices bubbling up, and he coated his cockhead in that hot lube. He wanted to be well lubed up, he wanted her first time to be something she could look back on with pleasure and fond remembrance. He nudged his cockhead against her, ready for the plunge.
“Are you ready sweet Rose? This may hurt a bit.”
Rose had felt the wild excitement, she nodded, and she felt him press into her. She grunted as she felt him against her cherry, he pushed harder, she arced up to meet him, gritting her teeth, then she felt her cherry surrender and she gasped, flinched and made a pained cry as Mr. Fields’ cock breeched her virginity. He paused, but Rose grabbed his ass, pulling hard against him, and growled, “Don’t stop, keep going, all the way!” letting out another small cry as his cock surged past her torn hymen, and as Mr. Fields buried his cock, she gave out a choked cry of mixed pain and pleasure, one last hard thrust as he completed her deflowering, his balls smacking against her ass.
At Rose’s urging, he started to ride her, oh god that felt good. The first few thrusts were a bit abrasive, but after the first few thrusts, it got much better. Her pussy was getting stretched out, accommodating this most welcome intrusion, she felt the rush of her juices, bathing his cock, and he let out a loud grunt of pleasure as he felt the acceptance, and the hot juices surrounding his cock, as he savored the hot, liquid depths of her pussy.
Rose cooed, “Yes, oh yes, feels so good. My first fuck, and it feels like heaven. Keep fucking me Mr. Fields, make me cum!”
Mr. Fields felt the wild rush of lust, he was fucking a 15 year old, the daughter of his business partner no less. The virgin tight grip was a milking, sucking vortex, beyond anything he had enjoyed. She was a real little hot fuck, her body writhing beneath him, smacking her hips up against his, to get every last bit of his cock buried, urging him on. Holy shit, she was a virgin, he could knock her up.
He stopped in mid stroke, Rose opened her eyes, and he said, “Rose, are you…are you protected?”
She purred, “No worries lover, my baby chamber is pill protected, It’s not gonna get knocked up until I want it to be. I want every drop of your hot sperm inside my protected womb!”
Mr. Fields felt the rush of relief, and he growled back, “You are one hot piece of ass baby, I’m gonna blow a gusher into your tight virgin cunt!”
Rose moaned, “Oh yeah… fuck me… fuck me hard and deep! Do it hard…harder…yes, yes, oh yes, ream out my tight little pussy, then cream my tight little hole with its first load of hot sperm!”
Rose felt a rush of lust, hearing her pussy being called a cunt, god, that was so hot, umm, he sure knew how to fuck her. He was 40, and Rose had heard that older guys knew how to fuck better, they could last longer, and make sure that she exploded before he blew his load inside her. Mr. Fields was exactly what she imagined an older guy could do for her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, ummm, even better, she felt his cockhead deep inside, she imagined it ready to explode, his big balls swollen with a huge load of hot sperm to pour into her. That did it, and she felt the burning tingles down deep, ready to sweep up and grab her.
“Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, so fucking hard, flood my pussy, yes, cream MEEEEEE!”
As her voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure, she heard him growl, “Oh fuck yeah, cumming, fuck, FUCK!” Her orgasm surged into her, just as she felt his cock buried deep one last time, the pulsing of her walls milking at him, she felt the hot, wet rush of his creamy explosion. Oh god, that felt so good, his cum was splattering against her cervix, the hungry milking ripples pulling it deep into her womb, as he continued to pump long, thick spurts, until his big balls were finally drained. Ummm, that had been just the fuck she had been dreaming of.
Rose was eager for more, and her suggestion that they do this regularly had been eagerly accepted. Mr. Fields was a strong and virile 40, and Rose was happy to offer her pussy, her mouth and her ass for his fucking pleasure. They were now seeing each other 3-4 times a week, and Mr. Fields was more than ready to make up for lost time. The first time they’d done anal, Rose felt like she’d been split open, but she was determined to stay with it. She wanted all three of her hot, horny holes for fun and games, they had used plenty of lube, and after a while, the pain faded, and the pleasure as she got her asshole virginity removed was crazy hot. She was masturbating furiously, eager to cum while she was being ass fucked, and the tightening down of her ass as she orgasmed took Mr. Fields over, he roared like a bull as his cock exploded, pumping thick hard spurts, saturating her bowels with a flood of hot cum.
Sometimes they would be in his big Cadillac parked at the end of an abandoned county road. When they got to the road, they would fuck like teens in the back seat until both of them were writhing and shuddering in orgasmic ecstasy, Rose savoring the feeling of his iron hard cock pumping a rich flood of his cream deep inside her.
Sometimes, she’d stop by the office, ostensibly to visit her daddy, then her and her lover would slip unnoticed into a small conference room. As Mr. Fields locked the door, Rose would smilingly strip naked so he enjoy the view of her 15 year old nudity while she serviced his cock. Rose loved being on her knees in the classic subservient cocksucker position, and she would take that big beauty into her mouth, and give Mr. Fields a hot, wet toe tingling blow job. She had taught herself how to be a first class cocksucker, and once she was into her blowjob rhythm, it didn’t take long before Mr. Fields was caressing her blonde hair, and letting loose with an explosion of creamy goodness for her to swallow.
A couple of weekends, she was able to get her girlfriend to cover for her, and Mr. Fields would take her out to the big beachside home that was his home away from home. It didn’t take long before Rose was naked as the day she was born, playing happily in the surf, her body glistening with the ocean water dripping off her body. When she was back inside, Mr. Fields took her to bed, and she got the best. He lavished a long, lingering session of foreplay on her, she was panting and gasping as he skillfully worked his way down her body, and when he went after her soaking box, she came with a force, pushing her dripping snatch against his face and howling with pleasure as she crested. When he rose up, Rose could see the iron hardness ready to fill her.
“Fuck me lover, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Rose cried out, desperate to have his hard cock plundering her.
Rose guided the thick tip of his cock against her wet, hot lips, the feel of Rose’s fiery cunt gripping at his cock applied the spurs, and the breath was smacked out of her body as Mr. Fields, driven by his lust, took her hard, his body coming down on top of hers, his cock driving deeper and deeper into the steaming heat, stretching her walls open as his cock nudged hard against her cervix, and Rose howled with pleasure as he went balls deep all within that first animalistic driven in stroke.
“Ohhhhh……fuck, god, fuck me, fuck me, I love it, make me cum lover!” Rose cried out as she felt his cock stuffing her to the max.
She looked down between their bodes, eager to watch the length of his cock pull back, wet and glistening with her juices, then the feel of her pussy being stuffed again as he drove back in with a fierce fucking rhythm. Her pussy was stretched wide around his cock, she felt her lover’s heavy, sperm-bloated balls swing down, smacking flat against her bare pussy. She imagined all that hot, sizzling sperm that would soon be spewed deep inside her pussy, splattering her cervix, filling her womb, moans issuing from her lips as she was ridden.
Mr. Fields drove into her with jackhammer regularity, fucking her rapidly. Rose was like a sexual godsend, he’d been scared that he might just lose his ability, since his bitch of a wife had cut him off. Rose’s open eager desire. the hungry, sexual driven way she offered her body to him, wanting his cock as much for her fucking pleasure as his, had really boosted his vitality, and his sexual appetite was running hot and fast. The sight of the bliss playing across her face as he rammed into her, again and again, on each body shaking charge, really fired his lust up.
Rose’s brain was filled with the effect of sexual totality, her mind pictured her body, her nipples puckered up tight with sexual desire, Mr. Fields’ body covering hers, his throbbing spear arrowing into her, her lover’s swollen, sperm filled balls, smacking against her nakedly bald pussy, building up a huge load of sizzling sperm to flood her quivering pink hole. Her imaginings took her, and she felt the burning tingles, oh fuck, she was going to explode.
“Oh fuck, yes, yes, CREAM MEEEEEE!”
Her shriek rose up, and she was tumbling, howling with pleasure, oh fuck, it was too good, she flew into a second orgasm, just as Mr. Fields roared, she felt the bucking and pulsing of his rampant hardness, then the hot bloom splattering against her womb, another orgasm grabbed her, and she was sailing through a misty rush of pleasure as she felt Mr. Fields cock deliver a full load, hosing her down deep inside.
The weekends were the best, she’d get his hot lovemaking many times before the weekend was over, god, his wife must be a boneheaded cold fish to turn down his desires. Rose was happy to take over for her, and she was determined to satisfy her lover’s needs as many times as she could.
Rose started to think about her bitchy sister, and how she thought she was going to keep her saintly cunt unfucked. Rose had an idea about that, and she smiled as she thought about it.