Ruchi The Cheater Wife – I

Hi friends, here I am narrating my agony and expect that you all will help me in deciding the future of my marriage. First let me introduce myself, I am Ravi and married for last 16 years. I would have said happily married had I not known about my cheater wife. We have a son and I love him. I have strictly observed monogamy even though I have been a regular H.D reader and have played out my fantasies with my wife Ruchi.
Till the D day I thought Ruchi to be a conventional housewife with average sexual desires. She has never sucked my cock and in these 16 years we have tried only missonary and sidewise position only. My repeated request for new position were politely turned down and honestly I did’nt mind at all and was pretty satisfied and accepted her choice of things.
As our son grew up she became more and more engrossed with our son’s studies giving me less and less time. Our frequency of having sex dropped from daily to weekly once these days. But I did’nt complain and again accepted the things. Last year I received a phone call from a lady who identified herself as wife of a collegue of my wife.
She informed me that her husband and my my wife Ruchi are having extramaritial affair. Initially, I thought that somebody is playing joke and politely told her that I have full faith on my wife and lectured her about mutual trust in marriage. Before disconnecting the line that lady said whatever she heard about me is correct. I could not understand what she meant and soon I was busy with my life and did’nt discuss it with my wife.
Then about 2 to 3 month after this incident I had to go out of station for a week. When I returned back that lady called again and asked for a meeting. I declined to meet her but she insisted and said she has a point to prove and she would come down to my office if I refuse. I reluctantly agreed. That day I went out to a restaurant for lunch.
A beautiful lady in salwar suit greeted me and introduced herself. I ordered lunch and asked her to explain her accusations. She said before accusing her husband and my wife she has done thorough soul searching and now the things have gone to physical levels. I was getting frustrated and warned her to not speak lightly about my wife.
In response she opened her bag and said ” Mr. Ravi you wear Jockey brand of underwear “. I laughed and said so does so many males. She then said but her husband does’nt as they cannot afford it. I could not get at what she was pointing and kept mum. She then asked me who does the laundry in our household. I said a person comes and collects all these every third day and washes.
She then produced a jockey and gave it me. It was same color same size but nothing to prove it was mine. I spoke the same thing to which she suggested that I should check with my jockey back home there has to be one less. I was a bit confused and said I don’t remember how many jockey’s I have and if this was what she thought of proof then she is living in fool’s paradise.
Her eyes moistened and she said ” Mr Ravi, I envy Ruchi for getting a person like you as husband and now it is up to you as I cannot do anything single handedly and require your help.” I was confused and felt pity over the lady for not trusting her husband but in order to console her I said I would certainly look into the matter.
She held my hands and said her husband now sometimes stays out during night and returns at dawn, last week he did’nt sleep in house. That subconciously hit me hard as last week I was out of station for whole week. I kept my calm and we had our lunch and she kept on informing me about her husband’s misdeeds. To tell the truth after lunch I was disturbed.
That night I demanded sex and tried to notice any changes. I felt she did’nt shower kisses as she used to do earlier. As I played with her curvaceous body she just mumbled to get over it quickly. I tried to make her horny and sucked her nipples and fingered her. Usually she used to get wet only by sucking of nipples but she did’nt respond fully.
I managed to stay erect without her cooperation and winded up one sided affair. Now seeds of suspicion were sown in my mind. For next few days I followed her to her office but nothing came out. I then declared one day on returning home that I have to go out of station for two days. I left that night and called that lady to know if her husband was there or not.
She said her husband is in house only. I felt deep guilt for suspecting my wife and cursed myself. I returned back promising myself that I would not fall prey to all these things and I loved her more.
Then on her b’day I gave an impression that I have forgotten. She also did’nt say anything and left for her office. I took leave that day and bought a diamond ring for her. I came back by noon and as there is one servant entry door (which is always closed as we use servant room as store room ) I entered the house, then opened the servant entry door and relocked the main door and re entered the house.
Satisfied with my work I decided to wait for my son who comes back by 3 p.m. I was thinking of taking rest and then to decorate living room to surprise my wife. Just then I heard sound of gate and I peeped out to find my wife has returned. I like a teenager hid myself behind the massive almirah of bedroom waiting for her. Soon, she was inside the house talking with somebody and laughing.
Those words hit me hard. She said ” oh sweetie, you have only 2 hours so don’t bother me with gifts I have plenty of those, just come fast “. She started humming sexy song and switched on a.c and then undressed and went to bathroom. She came out all nude and applied perfume. Then she poured it on her hands and vigorously rubbed on her breast, tweaking her nipples and making them erect.
She then wore blue chiffon saree but strangely she did’nt wear the blouse. She kept on playing with her boobs and must have adjusted her saree hundred times before finally getting satisfied with just inches above her trimmed pubic hairs. I heard again someone at our main gate. She hurriedly wore the blouse and left. Soon she was back with a man she was adressing as Sumit.
Sumit had held her from waist and and was showering kisses over her neck. Ruchi was giggling and saying Sumit just behave and take bath you smell awful. Sumit kept on kissing her and in between kisses mumbled out meri jaan tumhe dekh kar pehele apni pyaas bujhaun ki nahau. He then hugged her and kissed her lips and the mild slurping sound seemed like coming out of 500 watt pmpo to me.
I strangely had gained massive erection and controlled my anger to come out and kill both of them. All my love for Ruchi evaporated within seconds. I felt something inside me snapped and all because of this silly lady. It was not possible for me to peep out as they would have seen me so I kept on hearing slurping sound like a impotent person who could not control his wife.
I then heard Ruchi saying hato naa please pura mehak rahe ho. Sumit replied Ruchi nakhre mat karo ek bar chod lene do phir naha bhi lunga. I heard mild thud and presumed they have landed on bed and again peeped out. Indeed both were on bed and sumit was licking cleavage of Ruchi. Sumit had held both the hands of Ruchi and was licking her making lot of sound.
Ruchi again said uffffffffff sumit main kahan mana kar rahi hu and sumit got up and undressed. I don’t know why but I was happy to see that his cock was smaller than my 6″, it was strange feeling of having lost my wife but still drawing solace out of nothing. I thought he would go to bathroom but instead he grabbed Ruchi from hairs and pulled her.
Ruchi let out a mild shriek and sumit said chal choos mere lund ko. He then rubbed his cock on her lips and said Ruchi mera dimaag garam hai chupchaap choos varna teri khair nahi. Ruchi opened her mouth and his cock disappeared inside his mouth. I envied him as Ruchi has never sucked my cock. She kept on sucking and licking his cock amidst abuses of sumit.
Sumit then hissed tatto ko kya apni maa ke liye chod de rahi hai. Ruchi immediately started licking his balls. Sumit moaned aaaaahhhhhh rruuchi tuuu maaastttttt haaaiiiii uffff haaaaannn puraaaa uppar takk chaaat haaaaannnn aisayyyyyy meriiiiii raaaandddd. I was amazed at the dedication with which Ruchi was sucking his cock. Sumit then ordered chal choostay choostay apne kapde utaar.
Before she could do anything sumit tore her blouse and her boobs sprang out, with another action he removed her saree and peticot and Ruchi was stark naked. He pounced on Ruchi and started sucking her nipples. Ruchi moaned aaaaahhhhhh oooohh uffffffffff oooohhhhhh suuumiiiittttttt. Sumit gradually went down and played a lot with her navel.
Ruchi kept on resisting but he overcame all her resistance. Ruchi after some time put up a fierce resistance when he went down to her vagina saying nahi nahi sumit nahi please nahi uffffff pppleeeeassseeee ohhhhhh aaaahhh and sumit started sucking her.
Gradually her nahi nahi fully changed into escatic moans ummmmm aaaahhhhhggghhhh uffff oooooooohhhhh goddddddddd yeeeeees issssss uffffffffffff ymmmmm aaahhhhhh oooohhhhhh eeeeeeoooohhhh ammmmmmmm youuuuu makeeeeeee meeeee feeeeeeellll liiiikkkkeeeeeeee womaaaannnn oooogggggghhhhhhhh aaahhhhh eeeeeeeiiiissssshhhhhh. I saw her boobs falling up and down with her heavy breathing.
Sumit then got up and rubbed his cock over her vagina. Ruchi too got up and from side drawer pulled out a condom and quickly rolled it over his cock. She then again kissed and sucked his cock, I knew it was strawberry flavored. Sumit fell over Ruchi crushing her and sucked her nipples and from one hand positioned his cock. Ruchi jerked up her ass greedily like a whore and sumit penetrated her and started pumping her furiously.
Her boobs kept on bouncing with every thrust and there was unstoppable escatic moans of Ruchi and sumit talking dirty. I was again surprised to see when in between sumit asked her to take doggy position. Ruchi again protested to which sumit forcefully turned her around saying saali raand sab kartiii hai par pehele manaa karegi. He then started pumping her madly and milked her boobs.
Ruchi grinded her ass swinging wildly and kept on moaning uuuuuuummmm aaaahhh uffffffff ieeeeessshhhhh hhhhmmmmmmm. Then sumit held her ass and started to ram her and thaap thaap thaaap sound filled the room. I realised that I had hardest erection of my life, strangely seeing my loving wife getting banged. I was jerking my cock seeing my own wife getting fucked but at that moment lust had upperhand and I ejaculated on almirah only.
Both of them continued fucking and then sumit collapsed grunting ooooh oooh aaah aaah. But it seemed Ruchi was not done. It was a revelation to me and I was forced to think that all these years she had been faking orgasm with me. As sumit collapsed Ruchi sarcastically said bussss ho gaya ufffffff busssss yehi haiii terii mardagni.
I saw sumit’s cock loosing erection at rapid pace and within a minute it was limp. Ruchi like a wounded tigress got hold of his limp cock and jerked violently. Sumit was panting and blurted saali raaaanddd kitnaaaa pelaaaa par tujhe jhaaaad nahi payaaaa agliiii barrr, Ruchi interupted him and said tum mard sab ek jaise ho bus apni hi sochte ho.
Sumit tried to finger her to which she reacted violently and said with lot of authority haato apna haath agar ungli hi karni hoti toh 16 saal bad ghar ke bahar kyon jaati chup chaap kapde pehno aur niklo yahan se. Sumit became nasty and said saali randi and Ruchi slapped him and spoke with venom bastard sex se pehele jab randi bol raha tha toh isliye chup rahi ki shayad meri aag tu bujha de
and blouse aur peticot phad ke aur randi bol ke agar koi mard ban jaata toh duniya mein sab mard hote you are a pervert and I thought that you could satisfy me sexually for that reason I have tolerated you, so keep your mouth shut or else I would tell your fans how big mard you are. Sumit said aacha apni chudai ki kahani sunayegi office mein, badnaam toh tu hi hogi.
Ruchi, I must admit, confidently said bastard you were my 38 th b’day gift from my friends and my husband knows about it, so don’t ever try to get over me or you will be thrown out of job for spoiling my reputation. I could’nt believe my ears, and when Sumit started begging and said Ruchi this is first time only and I promise that next time I will satisfy all your needs, I smiled.
Ruchi immediately said chal abhi khada kar agar you are able to do it now then I will continue or else don’t waste your and my time. I was really amazed at how Ruchi turned a so called mard into a docile man within minutes and still lying nude with him and not allowing him to touch her.
Their babbling continued for quite some time and I finally saw Ruchi getting up from bed and throwing his clothes to him and majestically swinging her ass walked to bathroom instructing sumit to go away before she comes out. I pitied the person who fucked my wife as he dressed up and quietly went out. I remained there in my position behind almirah.
Ruchi came out and went out to check for sumit. She came back within minutes and started to get ready. She dialled a number and put it in loudspeaker mode. A female voice asked ho gaya. Ruchi laughed and said haan. That female voice again asked majaa aaya toh, Ruchi shrugged her shoulders and said had he lasted for 5 to 6 min more
toh puraa majaa aata anyways thank you par yaar dar lag raha hai agar Ravi ko kabhi malum pad gaya toh kya hoga. That lady consoled her saying kuch nahi hoga tu bas normal rah aur ab dekh tera sex life kaise spice up hota hai. Soon the conversation ended and Ruchi went out and after some time I heard her locking the door.
I came out from my hiding space. I was having mixed feeling of betrayal, sympathy, and horny too. I repeated the process and came out of the house as well and re entered. I waited for my son with heavy heart not able to digest the fact.
Varun was excited to see me and said dad I knew you will give mom a surprise. Somewhere I felt my boy loves his mom so much how to tell him that his mom is a whore who has betrayed my trust. I carried on just for his sake.
( To be continued)