Ryhan Enjoying Sex With Filipino Babe Nancy

Hi readers, as many of you I am also a regular reader on HumanDigest. So I thought I would also share some of my experiences with all of you and comments are most welcome. My Name is Ryhan, aged 34 and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and work for an IT company in a senior post.

This is one of my first encounter in office which still hold a special place in my memories. This happened in 2015. We were hiring for our back office operations, and was looking for female staffs to fill the position. Lot of candidates has applied and were screened for interview with me. And in comes our girl, her name is nancy and she is a Filipino aged 23 and was beautiful.

Milky skin, cute face, chubby and most interesting part was she has huge boobs and that is one of my weaknesses. She was fresher in UAE, but had 3 -4 yrs experience in her country. She was one of the short listed candidates for 5 days training period and she was asked to come the next day to start the training.

To my surprise, she didn’t showup for the training next day and I was bit disappointed. The rest 3 girls started training. After a week, our receptionist informed me that nancy has come to start training, I was surprised again, but I told our receptionist to tell nancy that we cannot give her the chance as she has not shown up for the training days which were assigned to her.

The receptionist went out and informed her and came back and said that nancy wants to see me and she is requesting for a change. I told to send her in. After a min nancy came in and she was looking beautiful as always and her huge boobs were projected and I felt they were inviting me.

I asked her what she wants and she said she wanted to start the training if the position is still available, I told her the position is still open but we cannot allow her as she didn’t show up for the training. She apologized and said that she went with her cousin to Dubai, and as she was new she doesn’t know how to come back alone and her cousin returned only after a week and she was helpless.

I told her that she could have informed us & she admitted that she was afraid to ask and thought she can come back and explain directly. She was requesting again and again. After a while I said ok, that I will give her a chance and this will be the last. She was so happy and thanked me and said “sir you will never regret this favor “and smiled. She said she will be back tomorrow to start.

A week passed after that and she was very good at the training so was selected and all her visa process started. During that time she used to come to me to get instructions and submit reports. Most of the time I stare at her lovely boobs and she notices that and give me a smile.

One day she came to me with some reports and we were discussing on it, she was standing beside me and I was asking her the clarifications on the output. At one point while she leaned forward to mark one line in the report, her breast brushed my shoulders and I felt so good and I commented “it’s so soft, I thought it might be bit harder”.

She asked me “about what sir”, I said “nothing”, she asked again “what are you referring to sir”, I asked her “how is it so big”, she blushed and said “ genetic sir”, I took courage and asked her “ can I touch it”, she just smiled, and I took it as an YES and I place my hand on her lovely boobs. Ohh man, it was so soft and big. I started to squeeze them slowly, and she was smiling.

I got up from my chair and we started to kiss, her lips were so soft & juicy. And the smooch was soo good that my dick started to feel it. We were kissing and I was playing with her boobs. We broke the kiss and I started to kiss her neck. I was keeping a watch on the CCTV monitor to make sure no one was coming towards my room.

She was wearing a white shirt with jacket and jeans on that day. While kissing her neck I started to unbutton her shirt and she was already enjoying it. 3 were unbuttons and I saw her milky boobs struggling in her designer bra. I squeezed her naked boobs and took one out of her bra.

She had small brown nipples and was so sexy, I kissed her nipples and started to lick them in circle. She was feeling so good and started playing with my hair.. I started to suck her nipples and she was pressing my head hard towards her breast. I was squeezing the other breast as I was sucking the other.

My dick was hard already and was struggling inside my pants. I stood up and she saw my tent and started to run her hands over my pants, we started to kiss again. Then she kneeled down and opened my zipper and took my dick out. My dick is a little above 5” and she kissed the tip.

And then she started to take it slowly in her mouth..her mouth was so warm and she was sucking my dick like a candy. I was in heaven, and she was licking my tip and sucking my cock as she hadn’t had any for long time. I was playing with her hair and bend a bit to reach her boobs and started to squeeze them.

After sometime I was about to cum and I told her to stop, but she objected with her hand was sucking me harder and faster. I was at the verge of cumming and I hold her head hard and she understood and increased her speed, within minutes I shot my cum in her mouth and she swallowed it full and then she licked my tip and cleaned my dick.

She got up and said, “I wanted to taste you cum, so didn’t stop and I liked it very much”. I said thank you and kissed her. And I felt her pussy over her jeans. She told me that’s for next time as it has been a while and someone might come. She said she needs to go to washroom as she is already wet down there and need to relax.

We kissed again and she left.

To be continued…

Hope everyone like my experience, this is an actual incident and not a made up story. Will share more of my experience based on the feedback to this.

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