Sacred Ritual

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Kartik is one of my best friends; he was different from all of us in sexual behavior. He never pays any heed to college girls no matter how sexy they were, or to porn stars even when they are totally naked. First we thought he was gay but he hadn’t shown such symptoms but he was the key of my pleasure before our summer break he came to me asked in a very serious tone. 
Alok do you consider me your brother, tell me honestly, this is important. I said, ofcourse you are like a brother to me, He said, I going to reveal a secret about myself, but I want your words, you will never reveal this to any one. I promised him never to reveal anything. He asked me to come to his village for a week; there he wants to show me something. I said ok and came with him; he never spoke a word about his secret till we reached his village.
We went to kartik’s house. It was huge like a palace and was at least 100 years old. Kartik showed me a room and said not to leave this room, or it could be dangerous, for any of needs just ring the bell house maid will take care of it afternoon went quiet smoothly, I took a nap and now was fresh for some action but was totally bored, as Kartik for bided me ton go anywhere later I guess about 8 o’ clock I heard Kartik arguing with some woman, may be his mother.
Kartik: mom, he is like a brother to me and I want him to attend this ritual.
Woman: like a brother means nothing, it’s about true blood relation.this is must for the ritual and is not going to change for you.
Kartik: mom, please he is still virgin and he is appropriate age for this ritual, try to understand.
Women: this ritual is for you, for centauries true successor of jawars do this you know that, then why you are stepping back now.
Kartik: because I am no longer a virgin, I lost my virginity to our maid servant. He is the best that you can have. I could not hold myself any longer and without understanding what they are talking about jumped into the conversation.
Me: sorry for inconvenience aunty, I did want to make any difference between you guys.
I will leave tomorrow. Forgive kartik.
Woman: you two seemed to be really close to each other.
Me: well Kartik is like a brother to me and I will do anything it takes.
Woman: if kartik is like your brother, then it means I will be your mother.
Me: yes, absolutely.
Woman thought for a moment then told me in a very serious tone.
Woman: do you know why kartik brought you here?
Me: no madam.
Woman: don’t call me madam; call me mom like kartik calls me.
Me: mother
Woman: yes, like that Kartik brought you here for sacred rituals which we jawars used to do for centauries long time ago there was a war going on between our kingdom and our enemies. All men of our kingdom were gone for the war and only underage children and women were left in village and our ancestors ruled this village in war time queen used to rule this village and with her prince Kanishka. Queen has very high sexual desires but king was gone for war.
She could not get het needs satisfied and she organized a orgy in which all women, girls and boys of village was invited in that orgy she seduced her own son kanishka and had sex with him .and every women of village had incest relationship with their son and daughter every year we repeat the same ritual in this time of year but Kartik was not told about this ritual before and he had a sexual relationship with maid of our house. So he is no longer virgin and I want to you to take his place in ritual. I will you do the favor for us?
Me: that will be a honor for me madam mom.
Woman: go to room your sisters will be coming to prepare you for rituals.
Me: sisters?
Woman: yes, they are important part of rituals; they will prepare you for ritual, wait in your room. I went to my room my heart was racing like wild horse, I was waiting in darkness, and then I heard giggles of three girls. All were about 21 year old and all of them were of them has big boobs I guess 36 B and other two got a very nice piece of ass. 
I was taken aback for a moment, didn’t know what to do for a minute but all went smoothly. One them slowly caught my hand and pulled me to herself. She gave me a deep French kiss and tasted like honey. Yes it was honey indeed. Other two girls were massaging me with their soft hands. It felt like haven. One girl said hello little brother, I seems like you are substitute for sacred ritual today. My name is lakshmi and these are my sisters, Jaya and Sonali.
Me: hi (Stammering)
Jaya : don’t be shy little bro, I can assure you ,you gonna enjoy this a lot.
Sonali: but real fun is inside with mother. She is really good at bed.
Lakshi: lets she your beautiful cock, kartik told us it’s huge and she pulled my pants suddenly.
Jaya: yeah, it’s big. Unfortunately we can only suck this piece of meat.
Sonali and jaya applied some honey on my cock and then started sucking it like hell. It was awesome and something that can’t be expressed in words. It was like dream for me two sexy chicks suck my cock like hungry whore. I never imagined this even in my dreams after few minutes I came in there month after all how much my virgin cock can take.
Lakshi: don’t worry there will much fun in ritual I promise. When you will be done with our mother you can fuck us too.
Jaya: I must tell you I like to be fucked in my ass, so don’t let your cock get tired so soon.
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