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Salacious women of the family
Hi, my name is Ramsha & I'm 28 years of age. I got married right after the completion of my masters in English at the age of 24. My husband Suhail was in the construction business. His parents died in an accident when my hubby and his two-year elder Sister Tania was only 20. He carried on his father's business after the graduation.
They both didn't ask for any family member's help and decided to live on their own. Tania forced Suhail to marry first and she got married after our marriage. She was really a buxom beauty and very nice as well. First three years of my marriage were great and living happily in our 3 BHK luxury apartment near Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai, but then suddenly problems started to rise. First Suhail started to loose contracts and we had to cut down our expenses, secondly Tania Aapi's (Respectfully called for elder sister) husband divorced her and we took her with us. Both of us were having some common problem in getting pregnancy and were still childless. We both were living like very good friends and were so close to each other. Even we shared our private lives and sexual fantasies with each other openly.
Recently, Suhail got a new contract but faced some problems in its execution. His Principal, who was an Arab from Dubai, was here in Mumbai for the finalization. One evening we all were watching TV and Suhail was sipping his glass of wine very quietly and worriedly. I asked about the situation of the contract. He told us that he had no idea what's going on, the contract was in haphazard situation and only one day was left in its validity. We asked him how much commission he'd get, if he managed to secure the contract.
He replied quietly, "almost a hundred thousand US dollars." "Wowwwww" was our reply. Suddenly the phone rang and I attended the phone. It was his principal Mr. Rashid Al-Saad was on the other side of phone. We exchanged some greetings and he asked for Suhail. Suhail had a short word with him and told us that Rashid wants to go out for dinner and asked him to company him. So he left his peg right there & went to the Hotel to accompany his principal.
After he left Aapi took the glass and started sipping the wine. She looked at me, smiled and took another glass from the table, made another peg and handed over to me. (Let me tell you, we both were not regular boozers but took liquor occasionally on parties or sometimes at home.) So we started drinking and discussed the situation.
Suddenly Tania Aapi said with a spark in her eyes, "Yaar Rimi (Dear Rimi),…………… Why don't we ask Suhail to bring Rashid here for the drinks and the Dinner?"
"Wow………… Cool idea may be we could motivate him in getting the conclusion." I replied by reading her mind.
"Yeah, He might come to any decision in our company?" She said erotically.
"Should I call Suhail?" I asked Aapi.
"No, I'll ask him to bring him here." She replied.
She called Suhail over his mobile phone and gave him the suggestion. He asked Rashid about our proposal, who took the mobile from Suhail and talked with Aapi. She invited him for drinks & dinner and he accepted her invitation straight away.
We immediately placed the order for the food to a restaurant and rushed to our rooms, took a bath, put on a light make-up and when we returned to the sitting room and saw each other we gushed out laughing because we both were wearing see through dresses with quite low necks, from where our cleavage was quite visible. We came to the living room, took our glasses and again started sipping our wine, while waiting for our guest of honor.
After fifteen minutes of waiting, Suhail brought him over to join us. He was about 37 and quite a handsome man. He was a good laugh to be with and we quickly became friends with him. Something clicked between us right from the start and I could tell he fancied us. We decided to have dinner first coz every body was starving to death. We started to set the dinning table and he joined us to help us too.
Every time we passed him he gave our bodies especially Appi's body the once over glance with his eyes. While my husband went out to bring hot bread from market he told us that we had lovely figures and paid us other compliments, some of them were quite naughty but nice. He also sensed that we fancied him too and took full advantage of it.
The truth was that I had always had a fancy for Arab men; they somehow make me feel very sexy and flirtatious. I liked the idea of teasing an Arab guy until he couldn't control himself and simply had to push me to the floor and fuck me in a frenzy of lust. Or sometimes I'd dream about having a long dick Arabian fucker. It may sound a bit odd but when I told Tania Aapi about this, she told me that she also fantasied about big cocks too.
During the dinner his eyes were stuck in our cleavages and were finding more from there. We were quite aware of that, even Suhail also noticed that his wife and elder sister were teasing his guest and his fortune man. After the dinner, we invited Rashid for the drink.
When we came to the living room we got seated and Aapi brought the bottle of 'CHIVAS REGAL' and four wineglasses. His eyes were stuck in her shirt as she bent down to put the tray on table. Her large 36D breasts were feasting his eyes. She made the pegs and served us and when she served Rashid, he insisted her to sit closer to him. First we were chatting lightly but after a couple of pegs we all started to feel a bit high. We were having laughs and within half an hour of talking Rashid were not a stranger to us. During this I noticed Aapi intentionally brushed her boobs with his arm even once pressed into it. It seemed he really enjoyed that.
He then suddenly commented on our beauty and said to Suhail, "Suhail you are very lucky that you are living with not only one but with two gorgeous ladies."
First Suhail stunned for a moment then started laughing. On his open mindedness Rashid put his arm around Aapi and said something in her ear. She laughed on his comment and replied something in his ear in the same manner while again pressed her breasts in his arm.
As Suhail saw this he stopped laughing and started to figure out the situation. Rashid noticed his uneasiness and said, "Well, Suhail, I think I better inform you that I have decided to award the contract to you. Please go to the car and bring my briefcase, so that we could sign the documents right now."
As he heard this he jumped out of his seat with joy and rushed down stairs to bring his briefcase from the car. As he left the room he turned his face towards Aapi and said 'may I sign now' and planted a kiss on her lips. Seeing this I stood up went straight to him and said, "What about these docs" and offered my lips for a kiss too.
When Suhail entered the room with the briefcase he saw both of us seated beside him. At that time, he didn't startle but smiled and placed the briefcase in front of him. After signing different documents, he asked him to fax those documents to Dubai, so that the head office should be intimated by the contract. When all the paper work and the telecommunication were done, he asked for the music.
We put some nice slow records on … and that's how it all started. Rashid started to dance with Tania Aapi and we were sitting down on the sofa. As we watched them dancing so close, Suhail prompted me to come with him. We left them dancing and he brought me to the kitchen. I congratulate him and asked him about the matter?
He said, "Yaar, what is this happening? He is getting so close to both of you. I'm feeling very uneasy. She's my elder sister yaar."
"What makes you upset honey? She's killing two birds with one stone." I answered him
"What you mean by that?"
"She'll get a stud & you'll get the contract." I replied.
"Oh………… Yeah, you are right, she must be missing sex. But I'm sure he'll fuck her right in front of us." He said anxiously but with a bit heavy breath.
"Yeah, if he couldn't control himself then we must see them and we have to be present there." I said with a wicked smile on my face.
"Tell me Janoo (Darling) honestly, are you feeling Itchy? I asked again
"No, but strange, no, something erotic . . " He said enthusiastically.
"Yes very precisely, I know you can't feel jealous because you always love to be a sexy man. And what's harm in it if you watch your own sister having sex in front of you?" I said to him by making his mind clear and encouraging him.
He looked deep in my eyes strangely & said, "Yes you are right Aapi is a woman too."
"We can also join them, what you think? I said wickedly and without waiting his answer I took his hand and brought him to the living room. What we saw was unbelievable, Rashid was kissing Aapi's neck while cupping her large breasts from behind and Aapi was grinding her hips against Rashid's dick with her eyes closed.
I looked at my husband, whose eyes were fixed on them. I could easily imagine what was in his mind and then looked down at his bulging trousers for the confirmation. Suddenly an Idea struck to my mind, I walked to them and joined them dancing by rubbing my body with Rashid and Aapi. They came out of the Trans, smiled and Rashid said, "Wow, let's do some hot dancing."
We immediately took our shirts off, played a hot number of J-LO and started to dance wildly. We saw Suhail still standing there staring at us. Aapi looked into my eyes, we exchanged lewd smiles and Aapi brought her brother to the dance floor. Rashid smiled at her move and whispered in my ear, "You two are very foxy ladies." Aapi unbuttoned Suhail's shirt & I took Rashid's shirt off. Soon Suhail started to mix up & we all resumed dancing.
As I danced with Suhail, my husband unhooked my lacy Bra, making my 36C breasts free and said, "Have you ever seen a Paki girl's gorgeous tits before, Rashid?" Rashid shook his head and my husband invited him to feel it, which he did. After pressing and pinching my nipples & breasts Rashid went back to Aapi, unhooked her Bra and said by exposing her huge Tits, "Have you ever dreamt off these, Suhail?"
Suhail feasted his eyes and said, "You were right I really am lucky to have two gorgeous ladies in my home." We all started to wooooo at his remarks and suddenly Aapi started to dance like a stripper, acted sexy, came near to him put her sexy hand on Suhail's shoulders and rubbed her Tits in his chest. That was a very bold move from her, not for Suhail but even for me & Rashid.
A short while later my husband went to the loo, so we danced with Rashid. When my husband came back, Richard was kissing me and his hand was between my legs with my Shalwar pulled down to the knees. We both knew my husband would catch us but we just didn't care – and thankfully, neither did he. In fact, he joined us and encouraged us, so we just carried on.
While Appi was helping me in taking my Shalwar off, Suhail came behind Appi and pushed her Shalwar down too. Appi turned, looked at Suhail and invited him to feel her tits. He gently cupped them and planted a kiss. I then pushed Rashid on the sofa and began undoing his trousers.
Appi helped me in pulling his trousers off. His Huge cock was making tent in his briefs. We both immediately removed his briefs too. Honestly, Rashid had an enormous erection, the biggest we had ever seen, even in blue movies. The rest of him wasn't bad either. It was almost nine inches long & six inches thick in diameter.
We both dropped to our knees in front of him and confronted the huge, aching length of his prick. I realized that I was breathing very hard, and that I could feel my heartbeat in my pussy better even than I could feel it in my chest. We both felt as if we'd lost all controls of ourselves, as if it was no longer possible to distinguish between what we were really doing now and what we might have dreamed about. We couldn't believe that we were actually going to shove his huge cock down our throats and swallow his spewing cum in front of my husband & Aapi's brother.
Aapi wrapped her long nail polished fingers tightly around his throbbing cock, sliding her fist to the root. She stared intently at the rosy, puffy cock knob for several seconds, seeing how the whole fat crown glistened with sticky spunk. The wanton bitch lowered her head, pressed her lips to his piss hole. She thrust out her tongue, eagerly licking the tasty cock juice from the tingling tip of his prick.
"Unnggh! That feels good, Tania!" Rashid writhed on the edge of the sofa, holding her head with both hands. "Put it in your mouth, Luv! Suck it! Unggh, suck it good!"
Aapi shut her eyes, trying to block out the knowledge that she was giving blowjobs to a stranger in the presence of her brother as Suhail sat near to us watching us closely holding his prick in his hand. Gradually she let her lips slide onto his pulsing fuck organ, slurping in inch after inch of his giant, throbbing cock. She stopped when she'd inhaled over one third of it, when she would have choked herself if she'd tried to swallow any more of his cock meat.
Then Aapi looked at me smilingly and offered me to taste his huge cock too. I took his drenched cock with my sister in law's salvia in my mouth and started sucking the prick extremely hard, keeping my eyes closed as I nursed contentedly on the aching stiffness of his hard-on. I sucked the tasty cock harder and harder, shocking myself with my eagerness to mouth and slurp. I forced my face closer to his hairy crotch base, gagging myself, dying to swallow all of his cock meat in one swallow. The huge prick responded to my hard, wet sucking by growing even bigger and stiffer. The cock knob puffed up obscenely, pulsating on the roof of my gullet.
"Ummlllppp," I gurgled. My lewd, slurping sounds of cock sucking contentment had become very loud too, filling up the living room. I started bobbing my head up and down, fucking my mouth with Rashid's big prick. My fingers tightened on the root of his cock. Then I furiously started jacking his prick as I sucked the tip, swirling and basting my tongue around the mushroom-shaped crown. As Appi saw this she started to tongue his prick & balls. In this process our tongues met numerously.
Aapi left me sucking his cock, stood up and asked. "You like My big tits, don't you, Rashid?" Aapi ran her hands up her slim waist, cupping the giant, spongy tits and kneading them lasciviously. The nipples capping the creamy double D-cuppers were very wide and red, with stiff, protuberant tips. Aapi made room between Rashid & Suhail on the Sofa.
"You can go ahead and suck my titties now, Rashid. I suppose you've been thinking about that when you saw me first."
Rashid just nodded. He started filing his hands with her gigantic, firm tits. Hungrily he kneaded and squeezed the tremendous tits, rolling them, and fanning his thumbs across the nipples. Appi shuddered as the pleasure of the tit massage went straight into her cunt.
"You — you can suck them if you like," she panted.
Rashid opened his mouth wide to engulf one straining nipple. Feverishly he started slurping on Aapi's enormous tit, sucking and puckering his cheek. Aapi whimpered, the need in her pussy growing stronger by the second. She tenderly cradled her lover's head, encouraging him to suck her tits as much as he liked.
"You — you can touch my pussy now," she whispered. I suppose you want to do that too."?
Rashid slid his hand down, moving it between her thighs to press his finger against her pussy. Then he stopped tit sucking and looked triumphantly into her eyes first then at Suhail.
"Man, She's really dripping!"
Aapi blushed. She'd known her pussy was wet, but she didn't know it was so wet that even her inner thighs were slick with her oozing pussy oils. Rashid seemed fascinated by her hot, creamy pussy. Rashid spread her thighs apart, staring at the wet, throbbing pussy and said to Suhail. "Don't U wanna feel your hot sister's creamy cunt, she is like a bitch in a heat."
That all was happening over my head, I never let his dick slip out of my mouth while I watched them playing. Then I saw Suhail's finger caressed Tania Aapi's cunt and slipping his middle finger into her cunt. She let out a low moan.
"Yes, you are right she is too hot." Suhail said to Rashid and pulled his finger out.
Rashid gave him a smile and stopped us, stood up and pushed Aapi back onto the Sofa and he spread her legs. And then he sprawled between her long, healthy legs, pushing up her thighs to give his mouth better access to her throbbing, tasty cuntslit. It took bitchy Tania Aapi a minute to even understand that her Arab lover to suck her pussy. Then she shuddered, biting her lip as she felt the first pressure of his tongue sluicing tentatively between the fragrant folds of her cunt.
"Ungggh! Oh, Rashid! What … what are you doing to me? Unggh! Unnggh!"
Rashid was too busy licking to reply. He obviously loved the taste of my sister-in-law's pussy, loved the way it felt to move his tongue busily up and down her pink, juice-glistening cunt. Tania instantly seemed afraid of how she might act now in the presence of her brother. She'd been horny enough before Rashid went down on her. She didn't know how outlandishly she might behave if he made her already aching cunt even wetter and itchier with his tongue.
He held Tania Aapi's pussy lips open with his fingers, allowing him to thrust his tongue deeper into her wet, fragrant hole. The fuck cream kept running out of her cuntal depths, and her clit was very fat and swollen, protruding at the top of her fur-fringed cuntslit.
Suhail got closer, watched Rashid moved his tongue higher, proving his skill as a pussy licker as he began swabbing his sister's clit from side to side. The naked sister of his squealed clutched his head with both hands. Then she urgently started thrusting and fucking her hips off the sofa, urgently fucking her wet pussy onto his face.
"Yes, Rashid," she cried hoarsely. "Unngggh! I need sucking now!
I need your tongue badly! Unggh! Lick my clitty, Rashid! Oh, suck it, suck it good, make your bitch cum!"
Rashid kept licking and kissing, pausing to rub his face on her silky, smooth, light brown mound. Now he straightened his fingers, pushing them into the narrow, clinging interior of his lover's pussy channel. Tania Aapi shuddered as her Arab stud started jacking off her throbbing cunt, licking directly on her clit at the same time.
"Suck it, Rashid! Oh, please!"
I went around her, took her breast in my hand and started to suck her hard nipples. I looked at Suhail with inviting looks as sucked on her nipple, he came behind me and started to lick my wet cunt.
Rashid took her clit between his lips. He sucked it gently but forcefully, slurping on it, at the same time pumping his fingers rapidly in and out of her cunt. Every body felt the cum welling up deep inside of her, making her nipples and asshole tingle as the pre-orgasmic sensations violently pleasured her whole body. Then she was cumming, cumming uncontrollably, while we all sucked her cunt and nipples.
"Eat it, Rashid! Unnggh! Lick it, lick your slut! Cumming, cuummiinngg!"
Her throbbing pussy spasmed and spewed, giving her lover a mouthful of pussy juice to lick and suck up. Rashid kept sucking her clit and jacking her off, guiding her through the peak of her orgasm. It was nearly a minute before the spasms subsided. By then, Tania Aapi had an aching need deep, deep inside her pussy that she'd never felt before. She desperately needed to feel her lover's fat, meaty prick pounding into her cunt as fast as he could shove it in.
She was really wet and just aching to feel his huge Arabian rod inside her. My husband sitting beside his sister, strongly holding her head in his hands and forcing her to suck his dick while Rashid plunged in and out of Aapi's cunt like a steam hammer.

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