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Hi … This is nikunj again with another incident of my friend chitra I’d like to share with your all….

I (chitra) was busy cleaning the house. It was raining heavily and was quite dark at half past 5 in the evening. The little murky light showing up in the sky from what’s left of the day added to the romantic effect of the whole setting. Together, the sound of the rain and the beautiful old song playing in the radio reminded me of my husband. I stopped cleaning the hall for a moment, walked over to the window and gazed out. Two more days were to go before my husband returned. He had gone on a business trip for a week and 5days had already passed. I missed him the most now, the last 2 days. I picked up the fallen broom from the floor and was walking back to the place the door bell rang.

I walked quickly to the door hoping that it was my husband who returned early. But it was a figure I could hardly make out standing at the door totally drenched. The young man shouted to make himself heard… “Are you interested in our product madam??” and held a plastic box with a picture of a woman in bra and panties. I couldn’t resist myself laughing. I felt sorry for him and motioned him to come in. He smiled at me as he came in. I asked him what he was doing, trying to sell stuff in the mad rain. He said that he lived 3 stations away and was done for the day. He was walking towards the station to catch his train and wanted to try his luck in our place, on the way. I told him to stay inside for some time as it was raining heavily.

He was dripping wet and his hair was clinging to his head. He said “Thank you madam” and was standing in the corner of the veranda. I caught him staring at my thighs, and then realized that I was still in my cleaning costume! My saree bunched up and tucked at my waist. He looked away quickly. I adjusted my saree quickly, told him to wait, went inside and brought a towel for him to dry himself. I told him to come inside and stand under the fan. He did so, thanking me profusely. He was drying his hair for a few minutes while I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea for him. He thanked once again and gulped the first couple of sips. I told him to sit on the wooden chair as his clothes were still wet. He sat at the edge of the chair. I looked at him now, for the first time in detail .He was quite well built and would have been in his early twenties. He looked at me in anticipation. Then, I remembered the purpose of his coming to our house. “Oh, about that stuff… I am not interested… (then I thought… May be he has some special variety that looks sexy and could surprise my husband when he is back…), So I said,”ok I will look at these … But you will have to wait since I am in the middle of cleaning the house…, “Is that OK?” He nodded as he had nothing better to do.

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I got up to go to the bathroom to pick up the mop and saw him taking a peek through my saree at my deep fleshy navel. I am 34 year old and have a pretty good structure. 36C, 30 and 38 and 5 ft 7″ tall. When at home I normally wear saree during the day and if I don’t have plans to go out, I don’t bother wearing panties or bra. The intense thought of my husband and untimely arrival of this sales person started driving my hormones crazy.

I decided to tease him a little. I tucked my saree to my waist, just above my knees and lowered my saree a bit more too below hip and secured the pallu in position and came in to the hall with the mop to clean. I could see his instant reaction. His eyes almost popped out. “Wait until I finish cleaning this hall OK?” With that, I started mopping, without waiting for his reply. I could notice that he wasn’t wasting any chance and was eyeing at my exposed legs as discretely as possible while he pretended to turn pages of the newspaper. I was quite aware of his peeking glances all over me. This was turning me on too, quite a bit. I was done with mopping the hall and took the mop back to the bathroom. “you are almost dry now “, was my passing comment while leaving the hall. The disappointment in his face was apparent a he was thinking that my little show had come to an end, but I had other plans for him and decide to tease him some more. I came back to the hall with a dirty cloth and a stool. I told him that I needed to clean the fan as it is quite dirty too and switched off the fan, Placed the stool underneath the ceiling fan. I climbed over the stool and told him to fetch the dirty cloth as I forgot to pick up before mounting on the stool. He eagerly fetched the cloth and stood by my side grinning like he is waiting for the next command. I told him what he liked to hear… “Please hold the stool, will you? “ He nodded, “yes madam, the floor is wet. I shall hold it”. He bent down a bit and held the edge of the stool. I lifted my hands to clean the fan while he was holding the stool. I had left the pallu free flowing over my shoulder on purpose, so within seconds my pallu gave way and moved a bit in the mid rib section exposing my bare tummy completely. I continued cleaning and looked down to see him get a great view of my navel. His face was actually only inches away and I could feel the hot air from his breath brush the base of my belly. I reacted to it, tucked my belly inwards a bit.

I had to stretch my hand wide, away from me and part my legs wider too, when I started cleaning the first blade of the fan in order to reach till the tip. I noticed him dropping his pen (purposefully I guess) and left the hold of the stool briefly, and then bend down to pick up the pen. I was suddenly very conscious of my nudity underneath the saree and saw him lift his head up from his position below, getting an unhindered view of my shaven, now glistening pussy. He seemed mesmerized for few seconds which seemed to be a lifetime for me.

I shifted uncomfortably and brought my thighs together. He recovered, held the stool with his hands, and got up all the while, eyes riveted inside my saree until he was UP beyond that point and once again, stood at my waist level. My left breast was completely off the pallu now and the sweaty blouse could hardly contain the pointed fully erect nipple. He was treated with a wonderful view of my bra-free breast juggling while I was cleaning the second blade.

Armed with the knowledge that I am devoid of any undergarments and my body had already given its approval via the erect nipples and glistening thatch below, he made the next move. He shook the stool gently and quickly said …”Madam, the base of the stool is not good. I shall hold you along with the stool to be safe…” With that his left hand was on my foot. The room was so much charged with sex at that moment, the silence from me, was taken to be a roaring approval. He was looking up at the fan. I was trying to concentrate. And muttered an aimless “Thanks” to him, tried to clean further… The last blade of the fan. Within a few seconds, I felt his hand creep up a bit. This sent shivers through me. I felt his hand creep up on my bare leg and rest on the knee for a while… Warning bells were ringing in my head. One side of my brain was screaming to warn that I am at the ‘point of no return’ while the other half was already lulled and taken over by needs and desire. In this brief conflict, the needs overtook the reason and I continued to clean the blade while was enjoying the feeling of his hand on my thigh.

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His hand was soft but firm and was creeping up inch by inch. It now reached the base of my petticoat resting squarely at my creamy white thigh. His index finger started drawing some weird circles on my thigh with some pressure, while his face was innocently looking at the fan. That was a very different sensation and I had never felt that with my husband ever before. I gasped and stopped cleaning and looked down into his eyes. I could see a glint of fire in his eyes. He continued to perform the circular motion and let his hand travel further upwards… While still looking at my face. His lips were parted only slightly. He released his other hand from the stool, and rested it lightly on my bare hip. Our eyes were still locked as his hand went for my navel while his other hand at the mid thigh region drew circles advancing closer to my pussy. His hand reached my deep navel and he placed his index finger inside, and simultaneously he placed the palm of his ‘killer’ hand right on my pussy.

I closed my eyes and sighed out aloud. He wasted no time in caressing my pussy lips and applied pressure with his middle finger in an attempt to insert. I parted my thighs wider involuntarily enjoying the tickling sensation as a result of his fingers playing on, in and around and all over my navel. He inserted his finger inside my now totally moist pussy and it went in completely. He rocked it in and out slowly while applying pressure on my clit using his thumb. I jerked a bit. He took his finger out and bunched the saree and petticoat and pushed it over my hip and calmly admired my pussy in the light for a few seconds. I was ashamed but overwhelmed with excitement. He drew his face eagerly, closer to my mound and planted a deep kiss on it. I felt his hot breath on my pussy. He grabbed my breast while his tongue went for my pussy. He pressed my breast with such a force as if he was kneading the dough for roti. The brut force felt good too and strangely made me feel wilder. He pinched my erect nipple over the blouse. I held his hair tight, partly because I was still standing over the stool and needed balance and partly because I was seriously enjoying it. His tongue first explored the outer walls and then dived deeper. He had a rough and long tongue. I felt as if his tongue took over the “Drawing circles” thing from his hand. He went round and round with his tongue inside me. My knees felt weak and I was shaking. He let go of the hand that was holding my saree and took it behind me to caress my buttocks. It was just too much for me to take it all… One hand caressing and drawing lines along my butt crevice up and down…kneading the butt cheeks roughly and caressing along the hole softly from time to time .. While at the same time his unbelievably long tongue was doing stuff that was beyond words to express while his other hand, was busy pinching my nipple and massaging my breast.

Ooooooh… It was all a bit tooooo much for me… And I let out a loud scream…. I could sense a very strong orgasm building up inside me. I was all in flames… The stool was shaking for real now. I was shouting sounds that I had made never before… Oooooh and aaaaah… With my eyes shut and all other senses wide open… I was having the moments of my life. The climax was building up by the second in me and sensing this from the more urgent gasps and sounds I make he continued the pattern and increased the pace. I could hear the noise his tongue made while he licked me. It went like “cluck … Cluck… Schluk…cluck “He was rubbing over my clit with his nose while his tongue was deep inside. That broke the dam…….. Ooooooooooo ….I gripped his hair very tight and released myself as I jolted. I felt that my juices were flowing out endless, and after what seemed like a lifetime I went limp and stood panting for breath.

He lowered me down from the stool and walked me to the sofa. He made me lie down. Before I could come to senses, he started undressing me. He loosened, unwrapped and removed my saree off me. Then, deftly untied the petticoat and removed it off me as I lifted me waist a bit. He took it off my legs and now placed his hands on the blouse hooks. Thy were all unhooked 1,2,3,4 … And off… In a few seconds I was down to my birthday suit. He was feasting his eyes. He caressed me all over. His fingers traveled along the contour of my body stopping for a good amount of time at all the crucial spots.

He then stood up, unzipped and lowered his pant. I was wondering how come I failed to notice such a huge hard on hidden behind those pants all the while. He wasted no time and pulled down his boxers in one flash and his huger shaft was rock hard. He took off his shirt in a whiff and slowly came close to me. He then sat by the side of me in the sofa and parted my legs. He inserted his thick long member in me slowly inch by inch. I was beginning to doubt midway through, if I could take it in fully. In one final forceful motion he inserted it inside completely. I felt like It made all the way up to the base of my womb. He held my wide hip with his hands for the grip and started rocking back and forth slowly. His hands crawled over to play with my erect nipples and pinch them gently. I was beginning to get turned on again and I started gyrating my hip in tandem. After a few minutes of moving his cock in and out… He increased the tempo. He started doing it faster now… And faster. He bent forward to cup my now juggling tits. They were juggling due to his fast and strong movements. He held them softly and sucked my left nipple. I felt that I was amalgamated to him and moved my hip along with his to a high degree of accuracy. He sucked my pencil shaped light brown nipples left to right and right to left . Back and forth pinching and sucking… He bit on one of them gently with his teeth making me go berserk with pleasure. I brought my hands and ran along his hairy chest and caressed his nipples.

They were nice to feel too… He was now emitting a low aaah aaah aaah… Aaah in a constant rhythm. And me an eeerh…. Aaaaarh…. Eeeeekh in a shriller pitch. I caressed his back and felt his tight butts. Pinched, slapped and kneaded the tight muscles in the area. This made me g crazy as it was one of my favorite things. I could feel him go stiff right at the same time I was running my hand along his butt crevice and he was biting with some force on one of my nipples at the same time. He was sucking at it real hard and I was beginning to build up at the same time. His body stiffened totally and after a few strokes he let out a loud aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaah aaaaaaaaaah… And I could feel him cumming all the way inside me. Within a few more seconds I came once again too… This one was better than the previous. I lay there by his side on the sofa in a pool of sweat completely drained out. After a few minutes he kissed me passionately on my lips… It was a long one with his tongue finding mine (I could smell my own juices…) And my tongue explored his lips which were surprisingly tender… I tasted it a bit longer. I was feeling relieved to think that I was taking birth control pills that month.

I released myself away from him and found his eyes still ogling at my naked body… Stood up and ran to the bathroom to wash myself real quick. When I came back, wrapped in a towel… He was fully dressed by then and was standing in the hall with his sales box in his hand facing me. “May be you need buy some of our products madam”… And came close to me. And lifted my towel and mockingly looked underneath and said “say… Our panties. You seemed to be not wearing one!” My face became red and I brushed his hand away quickly. I said “I guess it has stopped raining now?”. He smiled … Nodded and said “Thank you’re for everything madam … See you next time”… And went for the door. Opened it .turned around. Smiled and waved good bye and left. The enormity and implications of his “see you next time” stuck me just then and I stood there at the middle of the hall frozen… Thinking” What have I done?

Well how was it? I hope u all like it. Friends ur appreciation r my tools to write some new stories… Keep in touch with me on [email protected] and aunty comments welcome