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By PO469 What will ten-year-old Sally do to get a bicycle?

Her tits were not much more than mosquito bites and she only had a few fine, golden pubic hairs on her tight little mound, but even though Sally was not quite eleven yet, she was an accomplished slut.

Her sex life started just after her tenth birthday. She, very much, wanted a bicycle, but her parents could not afford one for her. One day Ron, her older brother came to her, while their parents were out, and told her that his friend had a girl’s bike. Ron was then fourteen and had outgrown his old bike. He had worked around the neighborhood in order to get himself another used one that was the size he now needed.

“Steve will trade the girl’s bike for my old one, and I will give it to you.”

Sally’s eyes light up and a smile comes to her face.

“There is one thing you have to agree to, before I will get it for you.”


“Steve and I talked about it. That is a pretty big gift. You have to agree to give us blowjobs any time we want.”

“What’s a blowjob?”

“You saw my dick a couple weeks ago when you had to go to the bathroom while I was in the shower. You have to put my dick in your mouth and suck on it while you move your mouth up and down the length of it, or I push it in and out of your mouth.”

“That’s sex. Mom told me about sex. I can’t do that.”

“OK, fine, but you won’t get the bike.” Ron went to his room, and Sally sat in the living room, thinking.

About a half hour later, Sally walked into her brother’s room. “I want the bike. How many times do I have to do it? Do I have to do it to Steve, too?”

“Yes, both of us. Maybe three times for each of us. Then we’ll talk about it some more. You don’t get the bike till you have done it all three times, to both of us.”

“Can I do it with you one time before I decide?”

“OK.” Ron promptly got up off his bed and pulled his pants down. His five and a half cock was already hard and stood straight out. The thickness was about like a broom handle.

“Now? I’m not sure. I want to think about it some more.”

“If you want the bike, come over here, get on your knees and suck my dick.”

Sally looked at her brother’s hard cock and thought about her riding her bike to school. She walked over to Ron and dropped to her knees in front of him. His cock looked so much bigger, that close, in front of her face.

“Do it.”

Ten-year-old Sally, who was 4’10” tall and weighed 97 pounds, looked at her brother, and then opened her mouth and leaned forward. The end of his cock was wet, but as she took the first inch in her mouth, there was no taste. It was warm, and both soft and hard at the same time. Her mouth took in another inch. Ron moaned and put his hand on the back of his sister’s head.

“Suck hard on it, like you are drinking a milkshake thru a straw, and make all of it go in and out of your mouth, real fast.”

Sally pushed her face forward, but Ron’s cockhead touched the back of her mouth and she gagged. She almost lost her breakfast. “OK, not quite that deep, but almost.” He pulled on her head till she took him in her mouth again. “Yes, up and down fast, and suck hard.”

It turned out that Sally was a natural. Soon, she was given her brother as good of a blowjob as you would expect from someone who had done it dozens of times. Her cheeks were pulled in, and all but about a half inch of her brother’s cock was going in and out of her face as she bobbed up and down on it. She thought to herself that this was actually fun to do, and an easy way to get her bike.

Suddenly, after only about a minute, Ron groaned and jerked, and his prick started shooting his cum in his sister’s mouth. Sally gagged again and tried to pull away, but Ron held her head. “Swallow it. Drink it all.” This was only Ron’s third blowjob, and the first time that he was going to make sure his cum load was swallowed. He held Sally’s head in place, till no more came out of his cock.

Sally swallowed her brother’s spunk. It was warm and thick and slimy and tasted salty. When he let her go, she ran to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth. It had been strange but not gross.

When she came back from the bathroom, Ron already had his dick back in his pants.

Sally said, “That’s one time.”

“No. That was just training, to show you what you will have to do. You still have to do it three times, and three times to Steve.”

“But that should count as one time.”

“Nope. It doesn’t count. Do you want the bike?”

“Yes. Can we do it again now, for one time that counts?”

“Not now. I have to go tell Steve that you have agreed.”

“Can I start riding the bike now?”

“No, not till you are finished giving us our blowjobs.”

“When can we do it again?” Sally wanted to get it over with and get her bike.

“I’ll bring Steve back in about an hour.”

Sally actually thought that having her brother’s cock in her mouth, and sucking on it was kind of fun, until he shot his stuff in her mouth. That was an unexpected surprise, but the more she thought about it, the more she thought it was pretty cool.

Almost exactly an hour later, Ron came back, and Steve was with him. Steve had a big grin on his face. Within five minutes, they were in Ron’s bedroom. “OK, everyone get naked.”

Sally said no, but the guys insisted. “If you don’t take your clothes off, we’re done, and you don’t get the bike.” The boys were removing their clothes as they said this. Sally relented and soon all three of them stood there, naked. Sally looked at the two boys. Steve was a year older than Ron and had a much bigger cock.

“I don’t think I can get Steve’s thing in my mouth. It won’t fit.”

“Sure it will. Now, get on your knees.”

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Sally dropped to her knees. She did Ron first. Again, he only lasted a minute. She was ready for it this time. As soon as he came, he moved away, and Steve put his bigger cock to her lips.

Steve’s cock was more than an inch longer than Ron’s and was much thicker, but they were right that it fit in her mouth. She had to stretch her mouth pretty wide and be careful not to scratch him with her teeth, but she was able to suck Steve’s cock. He lasted a lot longer than her brother, probably more than three minutes, and her jaw was getting sore when he finally pushed deep and shot his load straight down her throat. She hardly tasted it, till he pulled back and the last of his cum drained onto her tongue. Sally did not rush to the bathroom this time. “That’s one time for each of you.”

It was a couple days before they found themselves alone again. Ron called Steve and he was there in only a couple minutes. This time Sally was more enthusiastic. Each guy lasted longer, and Sally was happy when she had gotten them both off. “That’s two. One more and I get my bike.”

Mom and Dad were home but in the middle of the night, Ron got up to pee. On his way back to his room, he passed Sally’s room. He was horny, so he quietly opened her door and walked in. Sally was sleeping on her side facing him. Ron got out of his PJ bottoms and stroked himself as he watched his sister sleep. He walked over to the side of the bed and touched his cockhead to his sleeping sister’s lips. She woke with a start but did not yell.

Sally looked at Ron, smiled and opened her mouth. Ron held her head, and more than getting a blowjob, it was like he fucked her face. He made her gag several times, till she got her reward of a mouthful of jizz. Ron left the room with his jamma bottoms in his hand. As he went out the door, Sally said, “That’s three for you, brother.” Actually, it was really four, if you counted the first one, that Ron said didn’t count.

The next day, Steve called and said that his parents were gone and that they should come over to his house. Ron started to take her and go to Steve’s. In a teasing tone of voice, Sally said, “You’ve had all of your turns. I’ll go alone. You can stay home and play with yourself.”

Sally walked the two blocks to Steve’s house, and he let her in. Steve led Sally to his bedroom and they both stripped. They got on the bed, with Steve on his back. Sally leaned over him and stretched her lips over his large manhood. She started giving him his third blowjob, knowing that she would then get her bike.

Suddenly, Steve grabbed her and rolled her over. Then he got between her legs. She struggled and told him to get off of her, but he was much bigger and stronger than her, so he had no trouble holding her down. She started to cry, knowing what he planned to do. First, he sucked on her little tits. Next, he put his hand between her legs. He was surprised and happy to find that she was wet. He put one, and then two fingers in her tight hole and finger fucked her. He could feel the blockage of her hymen. As she continued to struggle and beg, Steve took his cock in his hand and found the opening to Sally’s cunt. One shove and he ripped thru her cherry and was buried full depth in her. She screamed as she was deflowered and then cried as he fucked in and out of her. When the pain stopped, she still cried, but started realizing that it was feeling good.

Then he froze, deep in her. He groaned and she felt his shaft pulse several, and felt her belly being filled with his warm wet cream. It felt nice, but she had had her first two periods and knew that it was possible for her to get pregnant. That worried her.

When Steve got off of her, she quickly got up and put her clothes on. “You’re an asshole, Steve. Now give me my bike and let me go home.” Steve took her to the garage and gave her the bike. Sally rode home with cum and blood running down her leg.

When she got home, Sally went straight to the bathroom and showered. Then she went to her room, lay on the bed and cried. Ron had seen that she looked upset, when she came home, so he went in to talk to her. Sally told Ron that Steve had raped her. He asked if she was OK, and she said that she would be. Ron said that because Steve was much bigger than him, he could not beat Steve up, but that he would think of some way to fix him for what he had done. Sally told him not to do anything, but that neither of them could ever touch her again. Ron left her alone.

Two weeks later, their mother and father were going out. Ron had told Steve off, and they had not hung out together after that. Sally sat on the couch, next to her brother. She gently put her hand in his lap and in a soft voice, said, “Would you like to ask Steve to come over, and we can all have some fun together.”

Now Sally is eleven, about to turn twelve in a few days. She is 5’2” and weighs 110 pounds. Her tits are now a tight fit in a B-cup bra. She has sucked off and fucked more guys than she could keep track of. Ron fucks her the most. Yesterday, her father came home unexpectedly and caught them fucking. Right now, he is between his daughter’s legs, with his seven inches sliding in and out of her little cunt, while she is moaning and rolling her head back and forth as she comes on his hard cock.

I have only put one photo with this story. I wanted to show you a girl that I think is really beautiful, and her tits are just the size and firmness that really turns me on.

12/23. PO469. If you want to see a full list of my other stories, click on my username link at the top of this story. Any photos with my stories are of people who are 18 or older, and come from my friends or from a website that allows sharing. Photo credit and thanks to

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